Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Violet/White Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I ordered these shoes and they came two days later, so it was a very quick process. I always wear the Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour because it gives me comfort and stability. I play tennis 20-25 hours a week, training for tournaments. These shoes usually last around a month for me.
From: Alexandra, 11/16

Comments: Bought this for my girlfriend after she complained about her toes getting jammed in the Barricade 2015. She says they're so comfy, she wants to walk around everywhere in them! Another happy tennis couple, thanks TW!
From: Dan, 11/16

Comments: I continuously have 4 pairs of these shoes which I consistently rotate. I have been wearing them since they arrived on the scene and absolutely love them. They require no break-in time and are lightweight and fast. I play 3-4 times a week and play both singles and doubles. I like the way they support my feet especially when I play singles. I wear them with elastic laces since I like a loose but secure fit. I'm hoping Nike continues to offer these as a style option. I think I would start crying if I had to buy a different style!
From: Kay, 10/16

Comments: Almost, but not quite. The right length, but a little too wide in the toe box (would cause slipping) and also slips in the heel. For context, my foot is a little narrow -- especially in the heel, but not super skinny (I never buy "narrow" shoes).
From: Theresa, 8/16

Comments: Prior to buying these shoes, I was pretty solid on the adidas Ubersonics. However I was fed up with the amount of durability (or lack there of). I know that I only buy light weight shoes, so I don't expect a lot of wear out of them but with the Ubersonics, I only got a month!! And in my opinion, once you buy lightweight shoes, it's kind of hard to go heavier. Anyway, I switched to the Nike Vapors praying maybe these would last a little longer. I have had them for two months and have seen very little wear. Lightweight and durable. I love them! I have them in the Volt color and get so many compliments, plus they are just comfortable. The only downside I will say is that they seem to be really losing their shape and getting quite loose lately (4 hours on the court 6 days a week.) but that is to be expected. I'm in love with these!
From: Ashley, 5/16

Comments: I've had 4 pairs of these (all different colors) in the past few years and absolutely love them. In the past Nike ran much too narrow for my medium foot, but these are perfect. Very little break in period - one or two hits. I just hope Nike doesn't discontinue them like most manufactures do after a few years.
From: Janet, 2/16

Comments: Bought the white ones which Maria wore at the Aussie Open. They are light and no break- in needed. They hurt my feet (I'm flat footed) and changed into orthotics. Checked with my doctor and was diagnosed with plantar fascia. After 6 months. (I play on the weekends but inconsistently) the front part of the sole was ready to open up. Not getting these again. Will probably switch to Asics as recommended by my Chiro.
From: Cha, 1/16

Comments: Love them!
From: Anita, 8/15

Comments: I'm a 4.0-4.5 college player who plays with an all-court style for singles and serve and volley for doubles. I love to sprint and am quick with side to side coverage. I jump for high volleys and on first serves. Good shoes are a must. It's been roughly 6 months and I loved these shoes when I first got them. They looked so gorgeous, fit like a glove but as the season turned hotter, I quickly regretted purchasing them. They ran hot and absorbed a lot of heat. Great for night matches but definitely not for spring/summer day matches. Prepare multiple socks, flip flops and possibly shoe deodorizers. As tennis shoes, the only downside was they are a lot heavier than my previous shoe so I end up "squeaking" on the court -- never had that before I could be wrong on this association. Also, I had to put insoles in because they didn't have enough support for my flat feet, but that's minor. Excellent support, true to size and extremely comfy. I'd buy them again in a different color.
From: Mia, 4/15

Comments: Favorite shoes ever! I tried Asics, Babolat and NB in the past and I keep coming back to Vapor 9.5 -- they are lightweight, low to the ground and your foot feels like it's in a glove. The shoe just shapes around your foot and creates a perfect feel. No break-in time required. I have 4 pairs of this model and will keep buying it in the future.
From: Tennisova, 3/15

Comments: Great shoe. Bought these as a replacement for the discontinued Nike Air Max Breathe Free II. I found the Zoom Vapor 9.5 to be a closer substitute than the Air Max cage. I'm liking them better than the Breathe Free II because of the way they have quickly molded to my foot and fit like a glove. I play 4.0 tennis 3+ times/per week. There was no break in time. Plus, these shoes feel low to the ground even with custom orthotics in place. It's been less than a month, so not sure of the durability yet.
From: Aimee, 1/15

Comments: My favorite tennis shoes by far. Lightweight, fit like a glove, and low profile. I play 4.0 tennis 4+ times a week on both clay and hard courts and get good wear out of the soles. I have skinny heels but a wider toe box and these seem to be perfectly made for my feet. I use orthodic arch supports as the arch support in these are minimal (however I wear arch supports in all my athletic shoes as I have a higher arch). I order true to size and that works for me. I hope they never stop making these!
From: Ali, 12/14

Comments: My favorite pair of tennis shoes by far! These shoes are lightweight but give me all the support I need to play 4.0 tennis three days a week. No break-in required. I normally can't wait to take my shoes off after a match, but not with these! I did order a half size up and got the perfect fit. Will be ordering several more in different colors.
From: Debbie, 12/14

Comments: Love these shoes! A wider fit than the Nike Vapor 9.0 I am ordering another pair of the 9.5s before Nike changes them again.
From: AA, 9/14

Comments: My last pair of shoes were Nike and I loved them, so I thought I'd try again. Mistake, as this shoe runs smaller and hurts my toes. It is frustrating that you can't count on ordering the same size from the manufacturer and be guaranteed it will fit properly. I'd like to return them.
From: Rosa, 9/14

Comments: Very good shoe. Light, stable and fits like a glove. This shoe stands above all others. Very happy with my purchase. Good job Nike! Very pleased with Tennis Warehouse's service.
From: Karen, 8/14

Comments: I have avoided Nike shoes in the past because they tended to run narrow, but not the case with these shoes. I am a size 8.5 medium in pretty much every shoe I own. Ordered these in 8.5 and was tempted to return them for a size 9 because they have a glove like fit. I'm so glad I didn't! They stretched out a bit only in the places that were snug. Now they have molded to my feet and feel great. Have only worn them 4 times so I can't attest to the wear factor, but they look like they will really last on hard courts.
From: JJ, 4/14

Comments: Love these shoes after 2 days old (one game and one private practice lesson, so even more movement than a singles match). Entire feel of shoe interior was a completely new luxury experience for me -- super smooth. I had to wear slightly thinner socks for optimal fit (I wear cotton socks). I wear orthotics in my tennis shoes, and that was easy to do and they stay in place with these shoes. These are the first tennis shoes I've had that I've worn without a single adjustment (usually I'm constantly pulling tongues) during my match and practice lesson. First shoe I've ever had where I did not think about the shoe once.
From: Jackie, 2/14

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