Nike Air Max Mirabella 3 Wh/Purple Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I do not recommend this shoes. My daughter used it for one month (plays 2 or 3 days a week) and it torn in the front. She has a wide feet so she loves the shoes but they do not not hold up well.
From: Mimi, 7/12

Comments: I can not recommend these shoes either. I play once to twice a week and I had the same problem with the tearing of the outside by the Nike emblem. Unfortunately, I have had this happen twice. First time, I got some wear out of them before the tearing started, though it might be an isolated case, but ordered another pair, and the same thing happened but sooner. I really liked these shoes since I have a wide foot and this is a rare Nike shoe with an above average toe box area. Like the fit, but they just don't last.
From: Charla, 7/12

Comments: The colors are great and the fit was true to size, but they made my feet look like boats! They were so wide on the sides. They also felt rather heavy and stiff compared to the other Nike's I bought at the same time to try. Sadly, they will be returned.
From: Leslie, 6/12

Comments: As adorable as these shoes are, I can not recommend them. I wore them exactly 3 times on hard court and the mesh on the sides of both shoes stretched right out and then ripped. They are now completely useless and they offer zero support. They fit good, are light-weight, are true to size, are very cute, but don't plan to do anything more than walk around in these shoes.
From: Sonja, 4/12

Comments: I love these shoes! They are very comfortable. They are very stylish and I like the mesh that lets air in and easy on the feet.
From: Brandy, 12/11

Comments: Positives are that these shoes are extremely comfortable, have great cushioning and don't require any break-in. The negatives are that the mesh started tearing after about 2 months, and the shoes don't offer much support. Disappointing, because I really thought I would love these shoes.
From: Patty, 11/11

Comments: I really like the wider fit of these shoes; first time I've ever been able to wear Nike. The durability - not so much. Like a lot of other commenters, after a couple months of playing an average of 4 times/week, the mesh started to tear. At 4 months, they were so stretched out, I had to start wearing 2 pairs of socks just to get a snug fit. Just starting the 5th month and I have to replace them. Wish I could find a pair that fits like these but wears like my old New Balance shoes.
From: Missy. 10/11

Comments: I would not recommend this shoe. I only wore them for about 2-3 weeks before the mesh started ripping.
From: Anon, 10/11

Comments: Great fitting but the side mesh has been torn by the Nike logo and I only had these shoes for 2 weeks! I do not recommend!
From: Anon, 10/11

Comments: I would recommend not buying these shoes. The air pockets tore on the left shoe and they are starting to tear! I think it is a very bad design! They lasted only 3 months or less for me.
From: Melamia, 10/11

Comments: These shoes didn't last me long at all. They began getting holes in the front and the mesh on the side is torn. Don't support your feet well either. Not happy with these shoes, not going with Nike shoes from now on.
From: Andrea, 10/11

Comments: Bummer, I wore this shoes for about 3-4 months before the mesh on the sides and the inside started ripping. I was actually thinking of getting a new pair because I was slipping a lot on the court and saw the mesh on both sides of both shoes under the Swoosh torn.
From: JMH, 9/11

Comments: These were the first pair of Nike shoes that fit great, a little wider in the toe box. But I have already loved them to death. They are ripping apart down by the Nike logo. I now have to replace them, much sooner than I had to replace my old Prince shoes.
From: Eileen, 8/11

Comments: My 12-year-old daughter also tore the mesh sides. On the bright side, at least it lasted 8 months before tearing.
From: Dennis, 8/11

Comments: I'll never buy these shoes again. These shoes have been worn by a 15 year old high school player and the mesh sides tore within a month of use. On top of that, I found out today that Nike does not offer a warranty on them.
From: Dale, 8/11

Comments: I love this shoe but the mesh on the side started tearing within the second month of play. It doesn't affect the way the shoe fits but just looks bad.
From: Iris, 8/11

Comments: These shoes were very comfortable for the first couple months but then they stretched out on the inside. Unfortunately, they didn't hold up as I would have hoped.
From: Lori, 7/11

Comments: I love these shoes! They are very comfortable and supportive but because I play everyday, I have torn through them. I wish they were more durable because, out of the shoes I've tried, they are the most comfortable. If you are an intense player, do not buy these.
From: Teresa, 7/11

Comments: I bought these shoes for my daughter and they tore up in less than three months! She said they were great in the beginning, but as time went on they fell apart. She plays tennis about 3 to 4 times a week.
From: Undra. 7/11

Comments: I loved these shoes are first, but about 4 weeks into my high school tennis season the toe had completely ripped through and going into state I kept getting weird blisters where I hadn't before. So these shoes look great, but don't perform.
From: Riley. 6/11

Comments: I wore these shoes for about a month during my school tennis, and they got tore apart after a month! They also left my feet with blisters and sore after a lot of my matches.
From: Lauren. 6/11

Comments: Very comfortable right out the box. Have a wider front of the foot, but narrower heel. These shoes actually fit, true to size.First time I've ever found Nike to be comfortable in a tennis shoe.
From: Kara. 5/11

Comments: I have been using the Adidas Barricades for years but now they make them half a sz bigger and I'm a size 5 so can't get anything smaller. I spent months researching other shoes and decided on this shoe based on TW feedbacks. I'm sorry to say that these shoes are horrible. I got blisters where I've never gotten before and my feet still hurt 3 days later. I'm going to try to return it to Nike as I know I cannot return them to TW. Back to the drawing board and start looking for another pair of shoes.
From: Reg. 5/11

Comments: I have had mine for maybe 4 months. I play every day, and my shoes have torn apart, the toes are ripped, soles dead. My shoes are a mess. Do not buy these shoes if you are an intense player and need durable shoes. They don't have side support either so its hard to run side to side.
From: Alyssa, Mystic, CT, USA. 5/11

Comments: Love, love these shoes! Very comfortable right out of the box, no break-in needed.
From: Anna, Washington, DC. 4/11

Comments: Finally, some Nike shoes I can wear again. I used to be able to wear the Breathe Free IIs, but after my third child, I developed a neuroma in my foot and could not wear anything but the Barricades. I need a wide toebox but something that provides some support and a bit more fitted in the arch area. The barricades were so heavy compaerd to the Breathe Free. I tried several shoes, and i=I am so thrilled that these are going to work. They are light like the Breathe Frees, but wider than standard Nike shoes. THANK YOU, Nike, for finally developing a shoe that has a wider toebox!
From: Kristin, Atlanta, GA, US. 4/11

Comments: The Nike Air Max Mirabella III are the best tennis shoes I have worn since I have been playing (the past year and a half). I have wide feet and these shoes fit my wide feet without feeling tight. I was also having knee problems and since I have been wearing these shoes the support has helped with by sore knee problem.
From: Stacey, Washington, DC, USA. 4/11

Comments: I love these shoes. They were extremely comfortable straight out of the box. I chose these shoes in particular because I was slamming my toes in my old shoes (Nike cage something or other, can't remember). I haven't had any toe discomfort in these due to the wider toe box. The shoes are wearing out quickly at the top of the toe box on my right shoe from dragging my foot when I volley, but other than that these shoes are perfect.
From: Cari, Dallas, TX, USA, 03/11

Comments:Up until now, I've only ever gotten Nike Zoom breathe style shoes and have loved them until I tried on the Mirabella III. The Mirabella is the most comfortable tennis shoe I've ever tried on and I absolutely love them! I have wide feet and always needed to break-in the zoom breathe 2k10 but with these, no break-in required! I did however; have to get a 1/2 size larger in these shoes.
From: Tina, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: These shoes are actually really great! I've had loads of Nike tennis shoes before and they've all had weeks of break-in time and wore out so quickly, but I took these out of the box and were perfect already! Great support, very classy look, and they feel awesome.
From: Nina, WY, USA, 01/11

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