Nike Lunar Speed 3 White/Seaweed Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I have ridiculously flat feet and even though this shoe has a medium arch, I found it to be the most comfortable Nike shoe (I've tried the Breathe Free II, and the Courtlite 2). I can also say that since the shoe itself is so flexible, it sort of molds to my flat feet. There aren't any bulges where my arch should be. I do however have to remove the Ortholite insole to find the most comfort. These shoes last forever (I play 15.5 hours a week), but the only setback I had was that the mesh on the side started ripping very early since my feet pronate so much. I was able to tape the tears up from the inside and it slowed down a little. All in all, I will definitely buy this shoe again!
From: Kate, 10/12

Comments: Don't knock it, I'm a guy, and I needed a pair of court shoes for a match, so I borrowed some friends shoes, and these are actually pretty decent shoes. I usually use the barricade 6.0, but these are a bit lighter, these could be worn for mens because they dont look that feminine (the red, that is).
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: This shoe needs breaking in before they start to feel comfortable. The first time I wore them, my feet hurt within 15 minutes especially the outside of my feet. After a couple more times, they are feeling good. The light weight is nice. My foot width is medium. The fore foot of the shoe feels comfortable but the heel is a bit roomy. I've threaded the laces a bit differently to tighten up the heel area and that seems to help. Also, once I start to play and my feet get warm, the heel feels fine.
From: Sarah, 5/12

Comments: My boyfriend bought me a pair as a present 4.5UK size. They were too big, we went to the shop and I tried on a size 4UK and exchanged them. I cannot get used to them, they feel very bulky and big and they ARE too long!! Very weird and huge disappointment Nike! And they are not cheap. On the good side they feel very light and stable, but I cannot get the size right. I do not recommend them.
From: Marilena, 4/12

Comments: Everyone else has good comments but these are the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever had. I tried breaking them in for 4 hours and they wouldn't budge
From: Mel, 4/12

Comments: This is a very light weight shoe that manages to feel very stable. I have a wide fore foot and an average size heel and these fit me perfectly. I'm not in love with the colors, but with two ankle surgeries, fit and comfort are way more important. I play on hard courts and my first pair have held up well. I plan on buying several more.
From: Susan, 12/11

Comments: I ordered these shoes last week in yellow without trying them. I usually don't buy shoes I haven't at least tried, but I loved the look of these so much that I bought them anyway. I wore them to practice on Monday and they felt pretty stiff. They loosened up after a while, but they hurt my feet/ankles/legs a lot. I then changed the insoles to a pair with extra cushioning I had bought and they were great. They didn't hurt at all with my insoles. Also, I had no problem with them being too wide or narrow. They fit very well. I love them because they are very light and stylish, and breathable too. Just make sure you don't tie them too tightly because they will hurt your feet if they are too tight. I can't wait for new colors to come out because I will definitely be purchasing again!
From: Sarah, 12/11

Comments: The shoes were very comfortable even though I have a very narrow foot. I made it tighter and it was a really good fit. Plus, i love the colors.
From: Angelina, 11/11

Comments: This shoe was uncomfortable from the beginning, and started to wear within a week! They're almost wore out after three weeks! Would not recommend.
From: Jenna, 10/11

Comments: I did not like this shoe at all. I normally wear a 9.5 in Nike (ever since the original Cage) and had to go down a 1/2 size. The outside of the shoe is plastic-y and the toebox is way too wide. I also felt like the shoe forced my foot to roll inward (I already overpronate). These shoe felt very awkward to walk in, let alone run in.
From: Jackie, 8/11

Comments: I am sad because I loved this shoe. Nike Lunar Speeds always had the best colors and it made it so easy to buy new tennis shoes Now with the new design I cannot buy them because they do not fit my feet any more. They are too wide on the top.
From: Anon, 8/11

Comments: When I tried them on they were okay at first fit, so I thought what the heck, and bought them. WOW. Yes, they are big. So I put in insoles and tied them tightly. I've been playing with them for two weeks and they are fine. They are so light for being pretty big, and they look AMAZING.
From: Lizzie. 08/11

Comments: I have loved the past two versions of this shoe. This version 3 is all wrong - too long, too wide in the heel. They are awful - I am so sad! They look great, but after trying to wear them thinking maybe they just needed breaking in (neither of the two previous versions did), I have given up. They made my feet so so sore - I will not be wearing them ever again.
From: Christina. 6/11

Comments: These shoes are very bulky and run big. I loved my lunarlite's, but these fit nothing like that. I would not recommend these shoes.
From: Natalie. 5/11

Comments: This shoe is WIDE not narrow! I never would have bothered to try them, but a friend had them and I tried it on. I've never been able to wear a Nike tennis shoe because most of them do run narrow! They run a little wider across the ball of the foot than the Barricades ... similar to the Barricade 5.0 wide.
From: Anon. 4/11

Comments: I always buy the lunar series; I love the lightweight and shape. The new pink ones however are sized differently because no longer do they fit securely on my feet. This is the 6th or 7th pair I have had. They look clumsy and feel too big
From: Michele, Danbury, CT, USA, 03/11

Comments: Bought this shoe for my 12-year daughter. She's a junior player and plays 4-5 days per week on both hard and clay courts. The junior players love the style and colors of the shoe. Unfortunately, after 7 weeks, she has worn a hole in the sole of this VERY expensive shoe. This is a huge disappointment for us. Nike has the most stylish shoes for the junior players but has very little durability!
From: Genia, Huntersville, NC, USA, 02/11

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