Nike Zoom Courtlite 3 Anthracite/Wh Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I recently bought these shoes, and they are one of the most comfortable and best shoes that I have bought so far. I only buy sale shoes because I constantly need to buy new ones, and these are by far the best. They have great support, are extremely comfortable, and they also look really nice. I highly recommend them.
From: Noa, 12/12

Comments: I just got these shoes today and I am in love! They are flexible, cushioned, light and highly breathable. My previous shoes were also Nike's but were all leather, heavy and very hard to break in even though I played at least three times a week. I will definitely buy these again.
From: Dannielle, 11/12

Comments: I love love love the look of these shoes! I'm a major toe-dragger, so durability has always been priority, but I got used to killing a pair of shoes every month or two each time. Now, I've become much more of a casual player, so I was hoping to go with a pair of shoes that would be able to stand occasional dragging. After my first time playing with these, I had scuffed up the front of one shoe, and some of the material was already gone. After the second, it had lost all that white color. I still adore how these shoes look, but they can't stand toe-dragging at all, as the TW review mentioned. Comfort-wise, these shoes are extremely comfortable and cushioned. The only issue I've had there is with the scratching of the tongue of the shoe. I usually wear ankle socks, but these left my ankle red from the moving, so this can be fixed with longer socks or a small band-aid. Inside the shoe, they are by far the best cushioned shoes I've ever owned, and I've gone through a couple pairs of Barricades (and similar Adidas) and Nike City Courts. I found them to run true to size. I ordered a size 9, and they fit perfectly! I have narrow feet, but I ordered these normal. Still perfect! Overall, don't buy these if you toe drag. They appear very durable elsewhere. Some small stitches along the Nike swoosh have come off a bit, but it's just string. No real issues. The look of these shoes is amazing as well. I feared it looking a bit too masculine, but I love them now.
From: Laya, 10/12

Comments: I wore these exact shoes size 9, and had nothing but foot problems and ended up with plantar fascitis. I got a pair of LeBron James court shoes and after two times playing racquetball my foot pain almost magically disappeared. I've never had problems like I encountered with these shoes. I was very disappointed.
From: Aracely, 10/12

Comments: I got these shoes and I played about 2 months straight in tennis tournaments at the highest level for me in my age group, and these shoes had amazing feel and fit! I loved the color as well. Overall, they are a great pair of shoes!
From: Olivia, 10/12

Comments: I'm pigeon toed, and the ball of my foot really hurts from these shoes. I've always been a die hard Nike fan, and have had great luck with all of their shoes, but these shoes absolutely kill the ball of my right foot. I just assume it's because of the pigeon toe. With that being said, the heels of my feet feel great in these.
From: Anon, 10/12

Comments: These shoes are fantastic looking, which is what persuaded me to buy them. However, they are not comfortable for me. Everyone's foot is different and it is unfortunate that you cannot tell how well you will like a shoe until you play in it. The insole of this shoe is essentially flat. If you have an arch that needs support this shoe is not for you, or you'll have to put in a different footbed. The tongue of the shoe is ridiculously short and works its way sideways during play. While the shoe may not be as narrow as some other Nike women's shoes, it is NOT a wide shoe. It feels fairly stiff and I can feel it semi-rubbing on many parts of my foot. I have played for years in Prince T22s, the most comfortable tennis shoe I've ever worn. But I'm bored with that style and wanted something new and eye-catching. While I LOVE the way this shoe looks, it does not work for me on the court.
From: Jean, 9/12

Comments: If you're aggressive on the court then these are not the shoes you want. There is no support on the forefoot, which causes you to sacrifice speed since my foot kept moving around. It's comfortable and does not require a break in period, but not for a singles player who needs to run side to side on the court.
From: Lux, 8/12

Comments: I got these because I wanted a more lightweight option, that was also more breathable and fit more like a running shoe. This shoe meet all of those expectations. I feel like I move so much better in these shoes than my previous shoes (Nike Mirabella), which were very stiff and heavy. I wear an 8 in everyday shoes and usually order a half to full size bigger in athletic shoes, so the 9 fits great. The colors are awesome too, which is always a plus; I got these in the lime green and black and have had several compliments. Great shoe!
From: Leslie, 6/12

Comments: I play tennis x5 a week, 2-3 hours a day. These shoes feel good. They run a little small. I am usually a 8.5 in Nikes and I got these in an 8. I don't like the forefoot (front top) of the shoe. I don't feel like there is enough hard rubber there for stopping. Especially when you need to lunge forward for a short ball or volley. Tread is good. Design is awesome, i love the lime green, my fave color! If you have average to high arches, I recommend adding arch support or a custom orthodic or else the shoe will hurt your foot. There is NO arch support in the shoe at all. Totally FLAT inside.
From: Nisha, 3/12

Comments: I usually wear a 9.5 in Nikes. I ordered as recommended and ordered a half size larger. Way too big...will probably be ordering a half size smaller than I usually do.
From: Abbey, 2/12

Comments: I play year round tennis and I had been skeptical of this shoe from the pictures. Overall so far I am pleased with the support feeling it gives although the weight is a little heavy for my liking. I had previously used the second generation of the shoe and had expected a similar feeling but this was not what I got. This shoe is good for those who like support but may not offer a lightweight feeling on the court.
From: Catherine, 1/12

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