Nike Air Max Cage Pink/Wh/Platinum Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: After 4 months of light wear (only wore it to play USTA matches once or twice a week and never outside) this shoe started to split in the top middle. Terrible. I should have known it wasn't the same as the Air Max Cages I bought last year. Just didn't feel the same. And I still have those shoes.
From: Agnes, 7/14

Comments: I hate this shoe. I wore the Air Max for over six years and loved them. This shoe is nothing like the former model. The backs of my heels and tops of my feet hurt with these shoes. The width is slightly wider than it previously was, and with my slightly narrow feet, I cannot keep the shoe tied tightly enough. The outer part of the shoe is puckering because it isn't meant to be tied as tightly as I need it to be. The first pair of tennis shoes I've owned that I will replace before they've worn out and will replace with another brand. I do not recommend these shoes.
From: Tammy, 7/14

Comments: I wore out the traction on the soles of this shoe within a month. It comes with a 6-month warranty, but unfortunately, the loss of traction isn't enough to meet the requirements for a replacement (through the warranty). Eventually I wore through the sole enough to get a voucher from Nike, but it wasn't for another 4 months. I would normally recommend any tennis shoes with a warranty, but this one lost traction well before I qualified for the replacement. Not all bad though. I've worn a lot of Nike shoes in the past and this one still has the same great features as before: good support and a wide base help avoid potential injuries, fashionable color options, breathable (more breathable than previous Nike shoes I've owned).
From: Mary, 4/14

Comments: I bought this shoe less than a month ago, and can't wear them because they irritate the backs of my feet, even with socks on. Nike won't do anything for me because I bought them at a local store, and the local store won't do anything except make a claim to Nike and roll the dice.
From: Beatriz, 4/14

Comments: This does not adequately replace the former Nike Air Max shoes. The sole is flat. The foot hugging sock-like fit is gone. Bad for us with medium high arches and narrow heels. I have been playing in tennis leagues for 40+ years at the 4/4.5 level, and am only now experiencing knee problems that I blame on ill-fitting shoes.
From: Sue, 1/14

Comments: I do not recommend these shoes. The design seems defective -- the mid section of the shoe split within the first week. I purchased two pairs (one as a replacement) and the same thing happened.
From: Lisa, 1/14

Comments: I had to size down a half size in this shoe. I don't know if it was just me, but it took forever to break in. The outsoles lasted only 4 months for me (I play 4-5 times per week). I wouldn't recommend these shoes, they're a big departure from the Breathe Free IIs, which I loved. Once I broke them in (after getting terrible blisters), the shoes were fine. The upper portion did loosen up a bit.
From: Danielle, 10/13

Comments: Love the colors. Feels comfortable and is a decent weight. However, lacks lateral support. Rolled my ankle on my first outing. Will stick with my Prince shoes; just wish they had better colors and weighed a little less.
From: Anon, 9/13

Comments: Very unhappy with this shoe. I loved the original Nike Air Max Breathe Free II and I'm utterly disappointed with the Air Max Cage. Things I don't like about the Cage are: 1) little support (I actually had to buy some Superfeet insoles) to make the shoes wearable for me 2) lack of lateral stability and 3) the tongue of the shoe is not sewn continuously as was the Breathe Free tongue which lets the tongue and laces loosen more easily than I'd like. The things I do like about the Air Max Cage are 1) the cushioning and 2) outsole which looks more durable than the Breathe Free II. Overall, these Air Max Cage shoes feel more like my Air Max running shoes than tennis shoes and I will be buying up as many of the old Air Max Breathe Free II shoes as possible. Wish Nike would bring them back.
From: Debra, 4/13

Comments: I had high hopes for this shoe, because the design is so stylish. Due to previous achilles tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis issues, this shoe is not a good fit for me. Back to the Asics Resolution 4's.
From: TS, 3/13

Comments: I love this shoe! It's dreamy! As soon as I tried it on, I knew I had to have it. I love that it comes with the 6 mo. guarantee, as usually Nike doesn't wear well for me. I'm thrilled with this shoe, and bought two pairs.
From: Lee, 1/13

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