Nike Max Breathe Free II Blue/Wh Women's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I just discovered this shoe this past spring through a friend. I just love it! I've had problems with losing toenails from my foot moving inside my previous shoes during play, but not with this shoe. My foot stays snug and feels great! I love the extra room in the front. At first wearing they were very comfortable and have stayed comfortable. I heard these may be discontinued. That stresses me since I had hoped to buy these as my court shoe from here on. I play 4.0 singles/doubles several times a week.
From: Sandra, 10/12

Comments: This shoe is very comfortable. Second time I wore them they felt great. They have very good lateral support, but as other people said it does run a little wide in the forefoot. I am medium width and may have to wear 2 pair of socks after they stretch a bit. The tongue helps keep your foot back in the heel though, because it is totally connected. You have to push your foot into the shoe but once you are in it feels great.
From: Janet, 7/12

Comments: I would not recommend this shoe at all. I wore it out in a month. My foot moves a lot in them and I broke my toe nail. This shoe doesn't give you a lot of support because it is very soft, but it is very light.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: I finally set aside enough money to purchase these shoes and they were definitely worth the wait. The are more comfortable than just about any tennis shoe I can remember playing in a very long time. I had been wearing (and desperately trying to wear out) a pair of Asics Gel Challenger 7's, which were simply horrible. The only thing I'd like to see is a better selection of colors for this shoe, maybe a navy or royal blue, black, or red, and no pink!
From: CJ, 9/11

Comments: I love these shoes. I have a tendency for achilles tendinitis, but never in these shoes. Too bad Nike doesn't come up with more color combinations.
From: Eva, 9/11

Comments: I love this shoe. It is flexible, gives good support & provides a lot of stability. It feels solid on your foot! I had a pair of Asics and did not like them at all!
From: Cindy. 06/11

Comments: Having not worn Nike for many many years, this purchase is a pleasant surprise. Ankle support of the shoe is very good. While the forefoot is still a bit roomy for my feet, which means potential blisters, I found that wearing double socks solves a large part of the issue. Cushioning and therefore comfort is quite good. Grip on hard courts is decent and allows me to glide nicely around shots. Compared to the too grippy current season Adidas Adizero shoes, this is actually an improvement.
From: L. 5/11

Comments: My daughter plays junior tennis and these are her favorite shoe. She has worn them for about five years. She plays tennis about 20 hours per week and tournaments often. Only one time has the soles only lasted four months over the summer and she was doing about 40 hours of tennis a week. We have experience the yellowing after she had them for about 6 months.
From: Cheryl, Mokena, IL USA, 3/11

Comments: I have worn this shoe for 6 years...back when they made them in different colors, and love it. Why is Nike discontinuing them if they are listed as the "best seller?"
From: Robin, Silver Spring, MD, USA, 03/11

Comments: I don't know why Nike makes any other tennis shoe; they reached perfection with these. I have high arches and a wide forefoot, and these shoes work great for me. They're comfortable right out of the box, but also very supportive. I tend to turn my right ankle if I'm not careful with my footwork, but have NEVER done so in these shoes. WHY do they only come in plain white??!! And WHY aren't they EVER on sale? Oh right, because everyone wears them, so none of the stores need to put them on sale. I do agree with the reviewer who said they yellow quickly. I don't care as much about that as performance, but should probably try cleaning my next pair regularly to see if it helps.
From: Heather, Sacramento, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: These shoes are extremely comfortable, but very thin. Also I haven't seen anyone mention that the color of the front "cage" yellows very badly!!! So ugly I couldn't wear them after the second time. Everyone else's seem to yellow just as much as mine, I noticed at my club. Doesn't it bother anyone else but me?!! The front part is made of a rubbery plastic, whereas the heel part is a bit harder, like faux leather. It's a shame because the shoe is overall very nice. The color turning should not happen on a shoe of this price!
From: Anon, New Jersey. 10/10

Comments: I thought these shoes were just decent until I got an adidas pair, adidas Court adilibria Wh/Yellow, which seemed great at first. The adidas pair turned out to be terrible; they hurt my feet and legs. I went back to the Nike pair and have not had problems. However they were not as good as my pair of Asics Gel Challengers (the first model).
From: Alexandra, Hamilton, NY, USA, 09/10

Comments: The best shoes ever! My life would be so misery without them. I wish they are available in more color choices.
From: Nina, Garden Grove, CA, USA. 07/10

Comments: I've been wearing this brand for few years. Very comfortable and no break in time needed. I just tried the newer version at the same size. Too narrow for my toe area. I had to return it. Only wish this one have different color as before!
From: Huan, New York, NY, USA, 06/10

Comments: I love this shoe. It's really comfortable although when it starts to wear out it rubs the ankle a little bit. I stuck with it for about a year until I got the blue and green Nikes. Love them both.
From: Charlotte, Annapolis, Maryland. 6/10

Comments: Love this shoe, fits like a glove, no need to break in. I recently tried the newer version and didn't like them, the support in the arch wasn't as good and they weren't comfortable. I am a USTA player and club player.
From: Brigitte, San Angelo, TX USA. 4/10

Comments: Great shoe for support of feet and legs. Have not had them long but overall very satisfied with the shoe.
From: Leslie, Atlanta, GA, USA. 2/10

Comments: These are the most comfortable tennis shoes I have ever worn. I have long, narrow feet. I was able to order these shoes in my normal size and have plenty of room through the toe box area. I went from the heavy Adidas Barricade V to these lightweight shoes that feel like running shoes. If you like to run for every ball on the court, then these are the shoes to go with.
From: Holly, Orlando, Florida 01/10

Comments: I've been purchasing this shoes years and years for my kids. Only problem is sole goes bad in one month. It'll be eaten by court very quickly. So you just have to keep buying it every month.
From: Tamaki, Pembroke Pines, FL US 01/10

Comments: I have not purchased new tennis shoes for 3 years, I would try shoes on and nothing felt comfortable. My tried and true Adidas have finally officially worn out...not a bump left on the sole...they are slick and too dangerous to keep wearing. I went to a "tennis store' and tried on at least 10 pair of shoes...these were the "least" uncomfortable so I purchased them. Today I played tennis for the first time in a year, well my feet feel wonderful..the shoes were light on the feet, no pressure points and overall very comfortable!!
From: Kate, Palm Desert, CA 12/09

Comments: I ordered these shoes for my daughter after reading all the great comments, but I really didn't expect to keep them. She has an extremely difficult time finding comfortable shoes when trying them on in person. BUT she absolutely loved these shoes from the moment she put them on! She has very long toes and a long, narrow foot and heel, and these fit her perfectly! I'll definitely continue ordering them for her, as long as she's playing tennis!
From: Renee, Mount Juliet, TN, USA. 10/09

Comments: These shoes are very nice, comfortable and very light weight. This pair of shoes I've been using in my practice and tournament. I wish Nike would make different colors.
From: Adrianne, Bergenfield, NJ, USA, 10/09

Comments: My daughter loves these shoes. They fit her narrow, flat feet very well. No break in time needed. I hope Nike never stops making these shoes.
From: Catherine, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 10/09

Comments: I DO NOT LIKE THESE SHOES AT ALL! I have NOT worn the shoes to play in because I am returning them so I cannot say how they feel after I play. Although I wear a medium size shoe with a medium arch, there was too much room in the toe area. There was no cushioning (or least I could not feel any) in the heal or bottom part of the shoe. I could immediately feel a place where the shoe would be rubbing on top of my foot near my toes. The only thing I liked was the "snugness" of the shoe because my Prince shoes stretched out after a while.
From: Debbie Williamson, Poplarville, MS, United States 10/09

Comments: These shoes kills my feet! The arch of my foot is aching by the time I am done playing. I train 2-3 hours a day, and these shoes have been some of the worst I have tried.
From: Tiffany, Tennessee 09/09

Comments: Lightweight and comfortable, but wore out the quickest of any Nike tennis shoe I've ever tried. Breathe Free III was better for wear, but unfortunately discontinued by Nike.
From: Kay, NJ, USA 07/09

Comments: I loved these shoes a couple of years ago when they had the cool pink and blue colors. I stopped wearing them, but decided to try them again. It took about a week to break them in; the first couple days my feet and legs were killing me. Once they got broken in they are nice. They are very breathable, so my feet don't get too hot and comfortable. I play about 6 times a week, 3 hours a day and they have held up nicely so far. I would recommend them if you have time to break them in.
From: mo, colorado. 7/09

Comments: I loved these shoes when I first wore them then my feet started KILLING me! My toes went completely numb. Too expensive to be disappointed.
From: Debi, North Caldwell, NJ, USA, 06/09

Comments: I LOVE this Nike tennis shoe! It is lightweight, feminine, and low to the ground, so you don't have to worry about ankle problems. I have had about 10 pairs of this specific shoe. My only problem is the color! Nike needs to bring back the pretty purple, pink, blue versions of this shoe from a couple years ago!!
From: Audrey, Georgia, USA. 2/09

Comments: I usually don't comment, but these shoes really are great. I have long toes, a narrow foot, a narrow ankle, and require a wide toe box. These shoes are comfortable out of the box. I'm on my fifth or sixth pair (lost count) and always keep a new pair in reserve in case Nike stops making them.
From: Julia, Lexington, KY. 2/09

Comments: I love this shoe! It is very lightweight and you don't have to break them in. I have never rolled my ankle in this shoe. A great shoe overall. It does wear out a little too fast but you just can't beat the shoe for performance and comfort.
From: Julie, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 2/09

Comments: This shoe fit comfortably from the moment I put it on. I wore it around the house and on the elliptical machine for several hours before hitting the courts. I've played in it twice, playing two sets each time, and have not experienced any negatives. It's lightweight and is very easy to move around the court without catching on the shoe edges. I hope Nike continues to make this shoe, I think it'll be my tennis shoe of choice for a long time to come!
From: Pam, San Leandro, CA. 2/09

Comments: This is the most comfortable tennis shoe I have ever had!! I wish Nike made them in more color combination's to match all of my outfits! Fits and feels like a sock! Great traction on the court. I used to roll my ankle all the time, but not in these. I feel so in control with these shoes. Hopefully, Nike will keep making these!
From: Beryl, Slidell, LA, USA. 9/08

Comments: This is my 8th pair. I absolutely LOVE these shoes. You don't have to break them in, but they don't last that long. I train 4 -5 hours a day and they last me 1 - 1.5 months. They also don't look that big. An overall good buy!
From: Tanya. 9/08

Comments: Yikes! I felt compelled to share a different review, after so many glowing ones. These shoes, although lightweight, absolutely KILL my feet. My toes and insteps go to sleep each time I try and play in them. They seem roomy enough, but obviously something is not right. Just don't seem to have good luck with Nike. I so wanted them to work, but definitely not for me! Money down the drain!
From: Sandi, Dallas, TX, USA. 9/08

Comments: I love this shoe. I used to wear these K-Swiss shoes that weighed a TON. I didn't know any better - it's what some guy sold me when I first started playing. I'd get these awful cramps in my instep. These shoes feel like I am playing on air, and they fit my feet like a glove. They DO break down faster it seems - I thought I was crazy when at about 4 months, they felt a bit less supportive. It's now about 5.5 months and I think it's time for a new pair but I don't care because it has been a WONDERFUL 5.5 months. My shoe is no longer holding me back.
From: Erin, Seattle, WA. 7/08

Comments: I blew through these soles in 4 weeks playing 3-4 times weekly. I also developed shin splints and returned to my Prince T-10s for now. Very disappointed with the lack of support and poor sole lifespan. On the plus side, they are so lightweight and breathe well. I am very disappointed in Nike shoes lack of quality and do not plan to buy from them again- what a pity.
From: Linda, Elkhart, IN, USA, 06/08

Comments: This is the best shoe ever! I recommend everybody to get them. They might wear out a little fast but I think it's worth it! Get this shoe I have had another Nike and they weren't as good!
From: annie, texarkana, texas, usa. 6/08

Comments: I have flat feet and had a hard time finding shoes that I was comfortable in but this shoe is GREAT! I wore them for the first time when playing in a tournament and forgot I had new shoes on. No break in is required.
From: April, Atlanta, GA. 6/08

Comments: I love these shoes. I loved my first pair so much that I wore a hole in them.
From: Jocel, Atlanta, GA, USA. 5/08

Comments: I just purchased these shoes. They felt great on my feet and compared to others, not as bulky. I've been told Nike no longer honors the 6-month outsole guarantee, but this site is showing that they do. Will Nike honor this regardless of where I purchased them or only from this site (similar site)? Thanks!
From: Campos, Chicago, IL
Contact Nike Consumer Affairs at 1-800-344-6453.

Comments: Love this shoe! But I go though the sole very easily, on third pair this year. Got first pair free from Nike, but will still keep buying them I'd they only last me 5 months at a time.
From: Christina, Center Valley, PA, USA, 01/08

Comments: Every shoe I put on takes three to four wears for them to feel comfortable. A few girls I play with on a weekly basis recommended these shoes to me. I put them on and about an hour later, one of the girls asked how they felt. I completely forgot they were new shoes. They are great! I have worn them for about a month now, and they haven't hurt one bit. I recommend these shoes to anyone.
From: Stephanie, Atlanta, GA. 1/08

Comments: I do not like Nike shoes for anything but tennis. These shoes are extremely comfortable. I actually have a wide foot and a high arch, and they fit great with those "Sole Support" inserts. Highly recommend. The only negative is that I think there should be one more hole for the laces to go through near the ankle.
From: Meredith, Denver, Colorado, USA. 12/07

Comments: The best shoe I've ever worn and I've had some nightmare shoes! I wanted to thank all of you ladies for your reviews. After reading pages and pages of reviews for all different brands of tennis shoes on this site, I picked this one because of all of your reviews. I ordered my normal half size larger as I do when purchasing Nike shoes, as they tend to run narrow and a bit short. When they arrived, they were really roomy in the toe box and even the length was generous. I actually needed my correct size and needed to send these back for a half size smaller but I couldn't stand to take them off my feet, they felt so wonderful!
A half hour after putting them on out of the box, I went to a two-hour clinic. They needed no break in whatsoever. I noticed the increase and ease of my footwork and ease of side to side and up and back movement. I never once even came close to rolling over my ankle, either. And I move pretty hard. I could feel good contact with the court. There is no lag when pushing off the front foot. My feet are the quickest in these shoes.
I ordered a second pair in my actual size this time, instead of adding a half size because Nike tends to run narrow. These are still comfy in the toes box. Now with the proper size, I can stop hard and not slam my toes in to the end of the shoe. Because this shoes is built with the nice roomy toe box, for the first time I've been able to wear a cushioned sock if I choose to. I've never had the room before. Before these shoes, I'd feel fatigue in my feet and legs under an hour on the court. With these shoes I can play three plus hours.
From: Anon, 11/07

Comments: AWESOME for people with narrow, flat feet. They are comfortable and don't slip on your feet. The tongue of the shoe is attached so you don't have to pull it up all the time. They last very long for players who play everyday.
From: Kaylie, Jacksonville, FL, USA, 10/07

Comments: I hated that the shoe tongue was sewn to the shoe. I have a high arch, and I couldn't even get my foot in to check for fit. I loosened the laces and took out the innersole, and still couldn't get it on. I was very disappointed on what I think is a manufacturing shortcut. Have women's sport shoes been made this way for long? I haven't bought a women's sport shoe for some time because I have a long foot and need a wider toe box, and just bought men's shoes. I was looking forward to a lighter weight, less bulky shoe, but alas that sewn in tongue.
From: Nancy, Davis, CA, USA, 09/07

Comments: Best looking tennis shoes by far! Have owned 4 pair! I have a very narrow heel and have found these don't slip. Comfortable, fashionable, but wear out fairly quickly and I don't ever "wear out" any other kind of shoe. All in all, thumbs up!
From: Margo, Jonesboro, AR, USA, 05/07

Comments: I have just received this shoe and wore it for the first time on Monday to play tennis. It was so comfortable; did not need any breaking in. Felt like it was made for my foot. I need toe room and a wide forefoot and it has all that. Fits like it was made for my foot. Wonderful shoe!
From: Barbara, Rogers, AR, USA, 03/07

Comments: I love this shoe! Of the Nike shoes I have worn, this is the most comfortable.
From: Karrie, St. Petersburg, FL, USA, 02/07

Comments: Love the shoe! Great support and rollover control, light and comfy. But, like most great things.. doesn't last at all!
From: Maria, Boca Raton, FL, USA. 1/07

Comments: I really liked these shoes. I never got any blisters or ripped the skin on my feet. But, they do wear out in about a month or so if you play a ton of tennis.
From: Alex, Des Moines, IA, USA, 01/07

Comments: This is my favorite tennis shoe. I have narrow feet and high arches and these fit really well. I am going on my third pair now. My only complaint is that the soles wear out kind of quickly, but it may just be because I play a lot.
From: Ellen, Seattle, WA, USA, 11/06

Comments: After trying a lot of brands and styles, I found that that this shoe was the best of the best. Although they wore out in about two months, they were so comfortable and I don't get any foot pain anymore. I am a club member, playing about 4 days a week and a few tournament a months, so these shoes definitely held up to their ability! I fully recommend them!
From: Elizabeth, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 11/06

Comments: Best tennis shoes on the planet! The tongue-less design is classic and one I hope Nike keeps. It's like wearing a pair of socks that offer total support and confidence when going all out in a game. They're light, comfortable and breathable - even in brutal 90+ degree temps and high humidity. Keep it up, Nike!
From: Mary, Plantation, FL, USA. 11/06

Comments: Well, I guess I am the only one who doesn't like this shoe. The first time I wore them they were a dream. Light and cool, they are very attractive. The second time I wore them my plantar fasciitis flared up which I hadn't had a problem with that in about 5 years. I continued to wear them because they are so expensive (and they match my uniform). Now I have a terrible case of plantars that is keeping me off the courts.
From: Stacey, Tracy, CA, USA. 11/06

Comments: I absolutely LOVE this shoe. I have had no problems with them. Previously, I was using the vapors and I went up a 1/2 size like they said, but my feet were still smashed in the tiny toe box. I felt like there wasn't enough room for my big toe. I actually lost my left big toenail because of it. I am a loyal Nike buyer for both sneakers and sneakers, so I decided to try another pair. These shoes however, have plenty of room for my toes. My toes aren't smashed at all. I can run full speed and suddenly stop and my toes still don't jam into the front of the toe box. They are great for practice and great for play. I don't really have a problem with my soles wearing out like some of the others and I play frequently in the summer and I am still on my first pair. Bottom line.......... THESE SHOES ARE THE BEST SHOES I HAVE PLAYED TENNIS IN.
From: Ashley, Wilmington, DE, USA. 10/06

Comments: As a person with wide feet, it is difficult to find a pair of shoes that are not too tight across the wide part of the foot. Especially in the Nike brand. These are not too tight at all. As a matter of fact they are very forgiving while at the same time supportive. I will buy them again.
From: Michele, Lenexa, KS 08/06

Comments: After I wore these shoes my ankles hurt but I just had to strengthen the ankle muscles and now they are 100 percent better. There is actually nothing wrong with this shoe. So comfortable and breathable for your foot. I never have any problem with my feet and I can move quickly around the court, not to mention they're cute too. Lasts pretty long for me, I am a club player who plays a couple tournaments a month. But remember; wear good, dry socks to avoid blisters.
From: Jane, Georgia 08/06

Comments: I play singles so when I reach for a ball my body is able to move forward because of the soft toe box. No more big toenail pain. I have lost too many big toenails. Unbelievable quickness with this shoe. I called them my magic shoes. Actually I think the shoes lasts as long as any other Nike shoe. I buy 3 pairs at a time cause Nike in the past has always changed styles when you finally found a shoe that works.
From: Sheri, Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. USA 07/06

Comments: I have always been a hardcore Adidas fan but friends told me to get these shoes and tried them out they are very comfortable and I love the uni-tongue fit. I just can't get enough of these shoes durability. Excellent balance, traction and breathability I give these shoes a ten out of ten.
From: David, Bakersfield, CA 06/06

Comments: I LOVE this shoe. The most comfortable shoe I have ever played tennis in. The only bad thing is the soul of the shoe wears out very fast. I play clay and hard court. The shoe lasted me a short time before the area around my big toe on the sole wore out! But still, I will buy my third pair.
From: Margaret 05/06

Comments: This shoe is very cute and comfortable, but the outer sole does wear out pretty fast. My bubble has popped and resulted in a squeaky left shoe. The warranty should replace it. But other than that an awesome shoe!
From: Natasha, Fairfax, Virginia, USA 05/06

Comments: Perhaps this model improved. I have last year's model and it is heavy and hot. These seem lighter, though. In these I blistered easily and at different points of my foot. It feels rather flat and cumbersome. My mid-sole hurts and arches ache after about 1 1/2 hours tough play. They're also not easy to clean. BUT they do give good side to side support, and fast stopping. I don't think they are meant for drills and training. I am going to try a different brand.
From: Monica, Bridgewater NJ Somerset 05/06

Comments: I struggled to find tennis shoes but when I finally found this pair (in light blue - awesome!), they are so comfortable and so easy to break in. Like a pair of slippers.
From: Emmanuelle, Tulsa, OK, USA. 12/05

Comments: I LOVE these shoes. Usually I like switching up my shoes after I wear them out, but I have been buying these same shoes for 4 or 5 times. They are so comfortable, light weight, and they don't slow you down while running. It also takes no time to break them in. The only disappointment is that I heard Nike is only going to start making them in all white. Personally I don't like the all white, I like the colors! (Don't worry, there is a light blue color coming in March, 2006 - TW Staff).
From: Anon, 12/05

Comments: These are the most comfortable shoes I've worn in several years. Great job, Nike. They fit very well in the heel and do not slide up and down. I bought the white version as they will go with all of my outfits.
From: Bobbie, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 12/05

Comments: Most comfortable shoe ever, use it during my cross training and my feet never hurt! Love, love, love these!
From: Misty, Fortson, GA, USA. 11/05

Comments: I love that there is no tongue. It makes the shoe even more comfortable. I am on a high school team and we do a lot of running and they are very light and feel great while running.
From: Molly Jo, Tonawanda, NY, USA 11/05

Comments:I absolutely love these shoes. I have been through three pairs, which is a disappointment for such a comfortable shoe, but with Nikes warranty you are able to send them in and get a replacement within a certain period of time. Playing up to 4 hours a day is often hard on your feet, but I have never had any aching or pains after a workout in these. The colors add excitement and variety to the everyday same old same old, white and black tennis shoes. I would recommend these shoes 100%.
From: Mallory, Texas, USA. 10/05

Comments: I'm very sad, because I must say, that these are great and the most comfortable shoes I've ever had, but I broke my cartilago articularis of my toe (sorry, English is not my mother-tongue). These shoes are too soft, and I don't think protect the legs while playing tennis. Perhaps these shoes are OK for young people, but I think seniors should be careful (my age 53). Now, after 2 months I'm trying to start playing again, though my leg is still little bit painful.
From: Riina, 10/05

Comments: Great shoe for fit of narrow feet and narrow heels. My daughter has tried everything to fit, double AA to Triple AAA foot, and this shoe produces the greatest fit. The outer soles do wear down, but warranty helps. She's a tournament player who wears them down in no more than 6 weeks, but we did get a replacement pair from the warranty.
From: Sally, Boston MA, USA. 9/05

Comments: These shoes hurt my feet. I'm so disappointed because they are so cute and match several Nike tennis outfits. One of my teammates had the same experience with same shoe. Both ours are light blue color if that means anything.
From: Cathy, Baton Rouge, LA, USA. 8/05

Comments: Great fit! Well cushioned and very glove-like. Still, roomy toe box. It squeezes the heel so well and nicely (w/o hurting) that I can play all out w/o even tying them. Bad colors. New white one is hot. Thanks Nike! I couldn't find a shoe that fit this well since the Air Zoom Breathe Frees. I tried the Nike Thrive IIs, Prince NFS, Adidas Barricade III, and Nike Vapor Speed S2s and I've never had a shoe his comfy!. I wear it for everything... Don't listen to the critics, GREAT DURABILITY!
From: Emma, Detroit, MI, USA 06/05

Comments: I think Nike should come out with better colors, like all white or white and black. These shoes are pretty and nice and stable and all, but the colors need to change. NIKE! COME OUT WITH BETTER COLORS FOR WOMEN! PLEASE! Otherwise, I love this shoe!
From: Krissy, NJ, USA

Comments: I love the style and colors of this shoe, it is slightly on the heavy side but so comfortable. I am a high school tennis player and play almost every day. For that purpose, the shoe is perfect, although I purchased these in silver and lavender.
From: Jamie, Nashville, TN, USA. 05/05

Comments: Great shoe. The most comfortable I have played in for months!
From: Tricia, Murray, KY, USA. 05/05

Comments: Most amazing shoe Nike has ever made. Light weight on your feet and breathable.
From: Shanquwa, Harlem, NY, USA. 04/05

Comments: I absolutely agree with Marsha & Christine. It's an adorable shoe with great performance. However, after four weeks of intense play the outsole is completely worn through.
From: Val, Sherwood, OR, USA. 03/05

Comments: I agreed with Marsha from Melbourne's comment. The shoe fits well and looks pretty, but lasted only three months. I am a club player.
From: Christine, Seattle, WA. 03/05

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