Nike Zoom Breathe 2K11 Wh/Grey Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Bought these shoes because of the feedback and they looked cute. The truth is, they do look cute, but, they felt a little uncomfortable at the beginning of my hit with them on but when they wore in they didn't feel badly on my feet. Generally, I know when I need a new pair of shoes when my backside starts to ache or I feel problems in my knees or shins. For me it means the shoe is starting to break down even if it doesn't look too bad. I had been experiencing all of the above in this last month and was kinda perplexed because I am not playing more than I usually play (once a day). Since the shoes were new I didn't suspect them to be the problem. In desperation, I put on my old shoes pain. In a couple of days went back to these shoes and within an hour my knees were killing me. I don't think these shoes have enough cushioning in the heel for me, Which is too bad, because I bought two pairs and sending anything back to TW doesn't exactly work for me because I'm in Canada. I have used Barricades in the past. Going to order a K-swiss pair today after doing some online research.
From: Anon, 5/13

Comments: I got these shoes the first week of January. I have a narrow foot and they are very comfortable and offer good support to my high arch. I play a lot, 3 days per week, and now in the middle of march I am in need of a new pair of shoes. The toe area of the sole of the shoe is completely smoothed out. I am really disappointed with the wear of this shoe. I would not buy these again because of that.
From: Chris, 3/13

Comments: Shoes look good but are really uncomfortable especially around the arch.
From: Jen, 6/12

Comments: I bought these for my wife who has always hated the look of tennis-specific shoes. She loves the look of these and has found they have aided her movement around the court. Small heel blister during break-in, but this period lasted only two hours. Grip, stability, ventilation and comfort are top notch. Weight is moderate. Can't go wrong at the price. I highly recommended. 4.5 stars.
From: Nick, 6/12

Comments: I am a 3.5 player and play competitive tennis. I loved this shoe. I normally wait until a shoe is on sale before I purchase. I didn't wait for the sale for this shoe (I should have waited). It was a very comfortable shoe not much break in needed for me. I also like the color and a very nice looking shoe. My only complaint is I wore the shoe less than three months and also have a hole in the toe area. Too bad Nike does not offer the six months guarantee. The shoe looks brand new if only we could patch the hole!
From: Christina, 6/12

Comments: I purchased these shoes at the beginning of my high school tennis season. We have practice for 3 hours Monday- Friday. It does take time to get adjusted to the shoes. It took me about 2 practices before I was completely comfortable in these shoes. Comfort Level: 9 (Extremely comfortable. The Orthro Lite inside the rule makes me want to wear the shoes all the time. The only problem I've had is small blisters when I was trying to break them in.) Durability: 8 (I haven't noticed any big problems with durability so far). Tennis-Wise: 9 ( I feel really low to the ground and I can move from one side of the court to the other in these shoes). Support: 10 ( I have a sprained ankle and my ankle feels so good when I wear these shoes. The support fit that Nike has added on to their shoes helps so much). Size: 9 (At the beginning the shoes seemed too big. After I broke them in, they started to fit my feet. If you get these shoes, don't be discouraged about size at first). Looks (because it's important too!): 10 (Extremely cute and I've have gotten so many comments about them!) Recommend: Yes! Great shoe!
From: Taylor, 3/12

Comments: I purchased these shoes for my daughter, a competitive Junior player. She had a hole in the toe area with less than 2 weeks worth of wear. I admit she is tough on shoes, but a hole in 2 weeks? A Nike rep pointed out that if you are a competitive player, with lots of stops and starts and wear and tear, the only shoes they could guarantee were the ones with a formal6 months guarantee. My daughter and I both love the way they look, and she said they felt great for about 10 days........ then they had a hole in them.
From: Marcia. 10/11

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