Nike Vapor Court Mango/White Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Do not get this shoe if you plan on playing competitive tennis. These shoes lasted only a month for me and this is from playing with them about 2-3 times a week and one tournament. I love the way that they feel on the feet and that they are so light but the durability just sucks. Also, when I tried to get a refund/replacement Nike apparently doesn't take shoes back so I am stuck with these beautiful shoes that have a huge hole in the toe where the binding just couldn't stick together. It is very disappointing.
From: Emma, 10/14

Comments: The best tennis shoe I have ever had! It feels like a glove on my feet. Truly a great shoe!
From: Beverly, 9/14

Comments: Poor quality. The seam on the toe ripped within a couple of weeks. Not worth the purchase.
From: Debbie, 8/14

Comments: These were pretty good: comfy, light, and maneuverable. However, not durable at all. Played everyday for a week and the treads already had a considerable amount of wear on them. Also, the seams up on the toes came out. I've been careful not to drag my toes so it hasn't created a hole, however I noticed that since I was more conscious of taking care of my shoes, it was affecting how aggressive i played. Overall, if you aren't very hard on shoes, then these are definitely a must-buy; if you are fairly aggressive,then you'd better look for another shoe, or else you'd had to cough up some more money to buy another pair.
From: Kate, 8/14

Comments: Same complaint as many other reviewers. My daughter wore these less than 10 times and the toes came apart on both shoes!! Will not be ordering same style again. We'll give Nike brand another shot, but it will be the last time if we encounter similar issues with a different style.
From: Elizabeth, 7/14

Comments: These shoes are comfy and look great, but they are not durable. I play 2-3 hours 6 days a week, and these shoes were worn out with holes within a week or two. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will last, I do not recommend these.
From: Susan, 6/14

Comments: They aren't very durable. I have only had them for a month and there are holes in them.
From: Katherine, 6/14

Comments: These have good arch support, which is why I bought them. They are lightweight, which is nice in Arizona where it is hot. I play tennis 2-3 times per week, and these did wear out quickly. They were really too soft to wear in a couple of months. However, they're affordable, and again, I have really high arches, so I bought a second pair today. Will move on to something more expensive and more durable when my budget allows.
From: Misty, 5/14

Comments: My daughter bought these in February, and in less than 3 months the stitching separated near the toes and there is a hole on the top. Will not get these again! Wonder about the quality of Nike shoes.
From: Marsha, 5/14

Comments: I've had these shoes for about a month and a half now. They are amazing! In the past I would go through shoes every 3 weeks with how I dragged my feet across the court. These shoes have yet to tear! They are comfortable and very light weight! A must buy!
From: Anon, 4/14

Comments: These are very light weighted shoes but they are cheaply made. Not comfortable, nor durable. Nothing like the previous model. First time I wore them, my ankles were killing me because of the awful support. Do not buy these shoes. I play everyday 2-3 hours.
From: Kate, 3/14

Comments: My daughter is an aggressive high school player who is on the court 6 days a week. These shoes showed signs of tearing within the first couple of weeks. At one month, a big hole in the toe and the seams are ruptured. Yes, they are comfortable but no durability.
From: Lisa, 3/14

Comments: I'm a DIII tennis player who plays about 2-3 hours per day, 6 days a week. However these shoes showed signs of tearing after just one match (on the first day I wore them). Within a week the toe was completely torn with a hole in it I could fit my finger through. I'm used to eventually wearing out the toe on my shoes but I have never had a pair that lasted less than a week. If you play more than once or twice a week, these shoes are not for you and will not last. They are comfortable but have zero durability.
From: Alyssa, 3/14

Comments: I am a very mobile 3.5 player, and after trying 9 other pairs of shoes, I settled on these. They are very lightweight and incredibly flexible, but they still feel solid enough that I am not going to turn my ankle. I have fairly narrow feet and have found that most shoes recommended for narrow feet do not have enough room in the toe box. These are quite spacious in the front. They are also quite airy, and I know that they will breathe very well once the weather warms up. I can really feel the court in these because of the weight and flexibility.
From: Erica, 2/14

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