Nike Vapor Court 4E White/Grey Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Bought these shoes on 4/4/16. Used them to play 2-3x a week. On 7/4/16, just 90 days later, one of the little zig/zag straps of leather that holds the laces completely ripped off. I called and found that neither Nike nor Tennis Warehouse offered any warranty on the shoe. This means that neither company is willing to stand behind their product.
From: Steve, 7/16

Comments: I bought my first pair of these in early 2014. I could not find any tennis shoes that were available in extra wide and were decent looking too. After a few weeks, I bought another pair just in case Nike stopped selling these. I have really wide feet (the normal wide shoes are tight for me) and these fit perfectly fine. During July/August 2014, I started developing plantar fasciitis and my first thought was the shoes are causing this. However, after a couple of weeks of rest to my foot (not playing at all), I was back in the game and have not stopped since. I play twice a week and do singles 80% of the time at a 3.5-4.0 level. So I burn quite a bit of rubber on these but they are still holding up good. Still using my first pair. The thing about shoes is that it totally depends on your body type, feet shape and arch and playing style and running motion, etc. Luckily, for me these are working out just fine. Planning to buy my third pair (out of fear that Nike will stop selling these and plus because they are cheap). I would recommend these to you if you have extra wide like me.
From: Raj, 1/16

Comments: The toes are exposed due to a ripped front in the toe box. I'm 200 lbs and serve and volley so there is a lot of impact, but 2 weeks? No way any tennis player playing more than a few times a month should buy these. Won't last.
From: Ian, 9/15

Comments: The loops that hold laces in place are not very sturdy and the tongue will not stay in the center of the shoe. Not recommended.
From: Anon, 8/15

Comments: Good shoes for the first couple of months. Mine started to rip and the toes of the shoes ripped up exposing my toes. Not a very good quality shoe. I know a lot of people with these same shoes and they are all facing the same problem. I would recommend not purchasing these shoes.
From: Matthew, 7/15

Comments: My son wore these for high school beginning tennis and the toes on both shoes started to rip out in the first two weeks. He continued wearing them and soon after the whole front of each shoe was ripped out. We called Nike and they told us to send them in. We paid $15 in shipping only to have them tell us it was "normal wear and tear." I grew up in Nikes and will never buy another Nike product. They don't stand behind their shoes. Horrible craftsmanship.
From: Melinda, 6/15

Comments: Buy these shoes only if you intend them for casual wear. They look pretty cool although the finish on these are not the best. They are light and fit well although I had to go one size bigger. They do feel fragile as well. Not surprised that they got torn apart when used for some grueling hard court play. These are shoes for show (since they look similar to the Vapors), not for play.
From: VJ, 4/14

Comments: Please don't waste money on these shoes! I bought them thinking they were a steal, being only $50 and Nike, but I was sadly mistaken. Within just under a month, at about 5 hours of play a week tops on a hard court, these shoes have absolutely no tread left at all. The soles are completely flat! You pay for what you get so invest $40 more and get a pair of Barricades or something, plus with those that have a guarantee, it's basically 2 pairs for the price of one.
From: Treston, 3/15

Comments: I bought a size 13 in White/Volt. There is plenty of room to wear a heavy athletic sock, which I wear all the time. There is roominess for my feet. This shoe is the most comfortable right out of the box and they look good too. I like the looks of them looking from the sides, the sole is flat from back to front, giving the appearance of a flat one piece sole. That is, no separation in the heel from the front sole looking at the shoe from the side. I bought this shoe because of its appearance and price. I wear them for everyday use and for off hand rifle shooting. Thank you Tennis Warehouse for the great price and fast shipping!
From: Teetertotter, 2/15

Comments: At first i didn't know what to expect from these shoes when I first put them on. They were alright, a very snug fit until the second day. These are about the worst tennis shoes I've ever worn! I'm not even comfortable about calling them a "tennis" shoes. I strongly suggest that you don't get these shoes! Also, durability doesn't exist with these shoes, they lasted at most 2 weeks before i saw my own toes through the shoes!
From: Zach, 1/15

Comments: This is not really a tennis shoe. This is something that I maybe grabbed at Costco for $14.95.This shoe is so light that it has no support. The sole is so thin that you might as well be playing barefoot. A total disappointment. Do not buy this shoe if you play serious tennis.
From: John, 11/14

Comments: Pretty junky. Toe is all torn up and falling apart after maybe 10 hours of pretty light use (although I am a toe dragger). Theyre very comfortable for my foot though. These would be better suited for post-match wear.
From: Rob, 11/14

Comments: I really wanted to like this shoe because of the design and price, but Nike failed me once again. Just like the Nike City Court VII 4E, the Nike Vapor Court 4E has a wide fit near the toes, but a narrow fit near the arch support. If you have wide feet, I highly recommend any pair of New Balance 4E shoes over this one.
From: Jessie, 7/14

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