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Comments: This an underrated and under the radar racquet. It offers the most bang for your buck. I have only played with 90 to 95 square inch racquets all my life and now I'm getting slower due to age and small injuries here and there. I was a 4.5 USTA and slowly progressed to a low 4.0. I decided to search for a racquet with a bigger sweet spot and providing me more power. I tested all Wilson and Babolat racquets ranging from 104 to 115 square inches, from HL to HH. I narrowed down my search to the Babolat Drive Max 110 after playing with it as a demo for almost a month using it 4 times a week. Then one day, I looked under TW sale racquets and found this Wilson Envy for $59 and it has a similar spec like the Babolat Max Drive, except it has 10 pts HH and 9.2 ounces (TW stated 13 pts HH) vs. the Babolat with 2 pts HH and 9.7 ounces. I bought the Envy 110 UL at my local shop just for the heck of it and modified the balance by changing to leather grip and add some lead tapes at the handle. My Wilson Envy 110 after modification is 4 pts HH and 9.9 ounces. I played two 3 sets doubles by alternating between the Envy and the Max Dive using one model per set. My opponents complained that my shots had more spin and penetration when I was using the Envy. For serve and volley, I had much much more power and accuracy with the Wilson than the Babolat. This one is a winner in performance and a double winner in price ($59 vs $99). I may improve my level to a high 4.0 with this stick.
From: Restonian, 2/15

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