Tecnifibre NRG2 17 String 660' Reels Customer feedback

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Comments: I have this string in my Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 2017 racquets and all I can say is that the combination of Pure Strike 16x19 and Tecnifibre NRG2 is really a perfect one! For a couple of weeks I played with RPM Blast 17 string in my Pure Strike but due some upcoming elbow problems I switched to the NRG2. The NRG2 provides me some extra power in comparison to the RPM Blast, but the feel and control are at least the same or even better. My elbow problems seems to be history now and I can place the bal everywhere I want from the baseline and also with my volleys. Durability so far is really good; after playing many hours of hard hitting no signs of wear or displacement of strings are visible. For me, NRG2 is the best overall string I have ever used and despite the fact that it is not one of the cheapest strings on the market I will go on with this lovely string.
From: Jan, 10/16

Comments: This string works well on my Wilson Juice Spin Racquet with good feel and very good control. I usually get the racquets strung at around 59-60 lbs. The main problem with using this string on an 'open' pattern spin racquet is that durability is horrible. Strings break after about 3 sessions of play. It is good for someone who doesn't mind stringing often but otherwise durability is lacking. I'm a 4.0-4.5 primarily doubles player;
From: Bob, 9/15

Comments: Very happy with this string. It doesn't generate as much spin as polys but more than makes up for it with superior feel and comfort. I string my racquets loose so it generates plenty of pace. I'm a 4.0 player.
From: Gordon, 3/15

Comments: I tried the 17 gauge version this string on my Wilson BLX Tour 90 and Wilson Six One 95 (16x18), both at 51 lbs. tension (full bed). This string has the best feel, playability and tension retention in a multifilament. I have tried almost all major brand multifilament strings over the years in these rackets and none comes close. Durability is also better than other multifilament strings. Wilson Sensation 17 had acceptable feel but not as good as NRG2 17 and durability was very poor. NRG2 17 also provides excellent ball pocketing. Going forward this is my string of choice. I am a 4.0 senior player with mostly flat shots with some spin on serves and a single handed backhand. This string provides plenty of spin for my game when I need it.
From: Dushyant, 9/14

Comments: I have been using these strings in a Wilson Juice L strung at 45 lbs. Loved the feel initially -- nice combo of softness and control. Unfortunately, after about 8 to 10 hours of play they either snapped or locked up and felt totally dead. Think I will keep shopping for a more durable string.
From: Sandy, 7/14

Comments: After hearing all of the positive reviews on this string, I decided to give it a shot. Since I string my own racquets, I like to buy different strings and try them out. I am a 4.5 player and played some college tennis at a small university. These strings played well and were very arm friendly. Unfortunately for me though, they broke after only one session of tennis. By far the least durable string I have tried. I gave the X-One Biphase a shot as well and they broke prematurely too. Maybe I just happened to get a few bad packages of Tecnifibre string. I have been playing for 20 years am a professionally trained stringer and have been stringing my own racquets for the last 10 years, so I don't think it was 'user error' on my part. Was pretty bummed because these strings should be right up my alley since am prone to arm pain and don't mind paying a little extra for a premium string.
From: Brock, 6/14

Comments: These strings are phenomenal! I am primarily a flat hitter and these strings are perfect for me. I use a KBlade 98 18x20 string pattern 57lbs; very dense and suitable for my hitting. The strings are very soft and hold tension pretty well. Only downside that many have said before me, the durability is lacking. These strings will fray just like gut, but man will these puppies break. I will go through an 6 hour session and i will notice the strings about to snap. I'd give it 10 hours max depending on your hitting style and power; maybe even shorter as some have said. What's great is the feel. I can't express the softness and beauty of these strings. Technifibre really did their research and put lots of time into these strings. I wish they were cheaper because i can no longer afford to restring my racquet ever 1/2 days. Other poly strings are great, but once you find what you love, it's hard to like anything else. Give these a go, it's a good try/investment.
From: Patrick, 3/14

Comments: Best strings I've ever used. I have used these for years, then had some elbow problems (using a stiff racquet), and switched to Technifibre Multifeel. It was easier on the elbow, but I finally realized I'm not 35 anymore, and don't/can't hit the ball through a player as often as I used to. I switched this year to a Babalot Overdrive 105, and although the racquet specs are similar to my old Head, it plays much softer, and is easier on the elbow. Because of this, I have switched back to the NRG2 17, and I'm back in tennis heaven again. I can play 2-3 hour matches with no arm problems whatsoever. Will never play with anything besides Technifibre strings. I am a 4.0 baseliner.
From: Alan, 11/13

Comments: I think I like this string better than gut. I have had some shoulder problems and was restringing all my racquets to gut so that I would give my arm the best possible chance to survive. Yet, I left 2 frames with NRG2 and one with BiPhase cause I was tired of stringing. After about a couple of months of hitting with the gut (Babolat Tonic and Klip) I kept coming back to the racquets with the NRG2 in them. I feel I can really take a rip at the ball and the control is just supurb. The Biphase has a little more pop but the NRG2 just feels like I can put the ball about anywhere I want and the strings seem to hold the ball even longer than the gut. And it seems a little easier on the arm than BiPhase. Although I am going to keep a close watch on how my arm feels, I'm going to string up a few more racquets with NRG2. Lastly when I'm banging the racquets off each others strings I think to myself that these guts feel so much better -- then I get on the court and it's back to the racquets with NRG2 in them. It's like the people at Technifibre said we want to make a string that feels as good as Tonic+ but deaden it just a tad like a poly so you can take a rip at it and it will land in. Still my favorite string NRG2 in almost any frame.
From: Ian, 8/13

Comments: Best string I have ever played with. I used to use 515 back in the day and this reminds me of them. I've tried many other brands and always keep coming back to these.
From: Lambert, 5/13

Comments: Great string! Excellent feel and ball pocketing, and has the pride to snap before it goes too far south in terms of playability from loss of tension. That said, it isn't the most durable string at all. But, I like that it kind of lets you know it's going to break before it breaks (fraying) without it affecting playability too much. I wish it were half the money, because I go through it pretty quickly, but it's a great string that worked well in my 18x20 BLX Blade 98 strung at 58lbs.
From: Mike, 5/13

Comments: I strung it as a cross string with BB Ace in the mains. I used it on Tuesday and I have to say it felt great. It has a cushioned feel, increased power and touch shots were working very well. I played a 2 hour singles match, followed by about 3 hours doubles over 2 days, and the string snapped within 10 minutes of hitting. It started to fray after the singles match. I'm a fairly heavy hitter with moderate spin, but as nice as it felt, I still need much better durability than 3-4 days. I now have the joy of re-stringing my racquet again. Try Isospeed Professional Classic as an alternative, as it's somewhat stiffer, but lasts a lot longer.
From: Jonathan, 12/12

Comments: Wow, do I like this stuff! Good power, good feel, good spin, good control, easy to string. I was always an MSV guy but this string plays much better and is now my new favorite string.
From: Jethro, 8/12

Comments: Soft buttery feel but with power to spare and spin on demand. Holds tension well, even when it is fraying and looking a little rough, it remains durable and still plays great. Good control for a multi and even better on a tighter string pattern. Highly recommended. Excellent for arm issues. (Volkl PB10 @ 55)
From: Jay, 6/12

Comments: I just tried this instead of my usual Wilson NXT Tour 17. Had it strung at 60 lbs in my Wilson BLX Juice 100. It played great (feel, power, control) but frayed very badly within two weeks. The NXT usually last 6 - 8 weeks before fraying.
From: Jeff, 4/12

Comments: I have been using this NRG2 string exclusively for the past 8 years or so. I love playing with it and the durability has been pretty good until the last year or so. Now I'm going through strings in 3-4 weeks, whereas it used to be 5-6 weeks (playing 3-4x per week). I am getting fed up with the cost and bother of restringing all the time, so am now looking to find something with more durability.
From: VICTOR, 2/12

Comments: This is a very good string in a full bed or in the mains with another string in cross like Wilson NXT 16. I have strung it at 51 lbs in my Head Youtek Extreme MP and I got great feeling, power, comfort and spin. The NRG2 is crisp but it offers also a good ball pocketing. Not too soft and not too stiff. Just perfect balance and it keeps very well the tension as multifilament string. It will last on my open pattern 16 x 19 for maximum of 8 hours but there is a compromise for quality, it is the price. I invite you to check the learning center of Tennis Warehouse on data comparison of string and you will learn a lot about different string.
From: Gilles, 11/11

Comments: I like this string as a hybrid with it in the crosses and Gamma Live Wire 17 gauge in the mains. What a feeling, like gut all the way around. String it 2 lbs more to keep the tension, you will be surprised the combo of this set up.
From: Patty, 9/11

Comments: I can describe this string in one word: wow. I have some tennis elbow and I barely feel any stress or pain in my joints now. The strings have a nice pop to it, really good with spin, and has loads of feel. If you like synthetic, try this. If you like natural gut, try this. If you like to hybrid with poly, try this. There's a reason why these strings were named best strings in 1999, hats off.
From: Rohit, 8/11

Comments: I've been hooked on this string for nearly two years and am reluctant to try anything else. The combination of power, comfort, and control is worth the trade-of in durability. I'm a 4.0 and play about 8 hours a week and these strings will start to fray after about two weeks. At 60 lbs. tension, these strings offer the perfect combination of pop and spin in my Dunlop 200 g XL. If you want better longevity, I suggest the 16g, but there's a surprising trade-off in feel and responsiveness. For some reason the 16 at the same tension just doesn't feel as lively.
From: Hugh, 8/11

Comments: I have tried quite a few strings in the last couple months and this is my favorite string ever! I started with a couple different 17ga. poly strings. I was getting a ton of spin but my shoulder started getting sore. After reading posts on a zillion different strings I had this put in my Volkl Power Bridge 9 @ 54 lbs. I am getting at least as much spin, the feel is perfectly crisp with little to no vibration. It has the right amount of power and my shoulder has completely stopped hurting. What else can I say.
From: CJ. 5/11

Comments: Really like this string (17g NRG2). I still play with 2 Head Prestige Classics (93 sq inch headsize) and have one strung with X-One Biphase 17g and one with NRG2 - both strung @48 lbs. I like the way both play - and to my mind they both play pretty similarly - though if pressed, I'd say that the racquet strung with X-One Biphase may be just a smidge more lively. Hard to say really - as the small difference could be due to the frames as they are the same racquet but not "matched" and one is a year or 2 older than the other. In any event, when I re-string I may switch the string in the 2 frames in order to try to isolate the very slight difference in the way the 2 racquets play.
From: Anon. 4/11

Comments: This is my string of choice. I fell in love at first hit. If you prefer multifilament strings (as I do) it really doesn't get any better than this. I must say if comfort is your number one goal then maybe X-1 biphase is a better choice, That being said I string tight and like some pop from the string bed and this string gives my the blend of comfort and pop without the mushy feeling of Biphase or stiffer feeling of Klips excelerator, Both are great strings but not what I was looking for. Durability is average for a multi but the playability more than makes up for it. You really can't go wrong with this string if you're looking for any of the properties mentioned. 5 star A+++ stings Becker Delta Core Legend @62lbs
From: Dallas, Sonoma, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: I bought a reel of the NRG2 17 because it was recommended to me. I use this for my son who is 9 yrs old. He plays about 3 to 4 hours a day. During vacation time he plays about 6 to 8 hours a day. I like to use the NRG2 for the crosses because of the feel. But I too had found that the tension is lost after approx. 16 hrs of play. He's a pretty hard hitter for his age. I did find in the reel that I bought had about 20ft. of defective string which I had to cut off. Over all, using the NRG2 myself and with my son, On a scale of 10. I would give it a 8 for feel and control and a 6 on durability. Remember, you can't have everything in a string.
From: C. Park, Bakersfield, CA U.S.A. 5/10

Comments: This is the best string I've used to date (and I've gone through plenty). The string has great feel and pop. It does have the tendency to fray but it's not that big of a problem. I string my Babolat Pure Drive GT with it at 62 lbs and it seems to last a decent length. Going to try and use it as a hybrid to see if I can get a cheaper string set up cause I don't want to pass up this string.
From: Neil, San Antonio, TX, USA. 11/09

Comments: Great string for the price. Feels like natural gut w/o taking a loan out. For players that does their own stringing, this is the best string for the money PERIOD!!! The one drawback is that it loses it's tension quickly (after playing 4-5 matches). You will love the feel after a string job.
From: Ben, Buffalo, NY USA 08/09

Comments: Great as a cross to Signum Pro 17.
From: Paul, Murrieta, CA USA 07/09

Comments: This is by far the best string i have ever used. I used to be a big believer in Wilson but decided to string this in my Prince Rebel 95 and it was the best decision I have ever made. This string provides great spin and you can really wail the ball. It has a lot of pop and is very soft. A++++++ from me.
From: Brandon, East Lansing, MI, USA. 3/09

Comments: I thought the string held tension well and durability was fine at least for me. Lasts less than a month which is lower than some polys like Unique Big Hitter. String wasn't too soft or firm. It will start to fray but it held up well. Worth trying out.
From: Lk. 1/09

Comments: I love to play this string, but I hate that it doesn't last long.
From: Sidney, Ontario, Canada. 8/08 <

Comments: I'm a believer! What a great string! I have been using Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex 16 for years. I recently purchased a new racquet with Tecnifibre NGR2 17 in it. I bumped up the tension 2 lbs, and wow! I can't believe how this string feels. I used it for 1 hour on a ball machine to break it in, and then played a 1.5 hour singles match. Tension has stabilized and shows no sign of dropping further. Spin is fantastic, and is a bit more powerful than the Prince Synthetic Gut. The power is deceiving because of the increase in spin, thus keeping the (heavier) ball in play. Durability has yet to be determined. After 2.5 hours of play, they show no signs of threading or biting. The string is much more comfortable now that it is broken in. It's not as soft as the Prince string, but gives better feedback. I will be looking forward to getting a reel and making a permanent change in the next few weeks.
From: Ned, Vienna, VA, USA. 1/08

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