Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Grey/Crimson Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: This shoe is fantastic. It is extremely durable and requires no break-in at all. Having used the adidas Barricade for years, I feel that this shoe is much more comfortable and lightweight, and I would never go back to a Barricade again. Fits true to size.
From: Jim, 1/15

Comments: I found this shoe to run a bit large, maybe a 1/2 size or so. I'm usually a 14 in all Nike from running to trainers and 13s fit perfect in this shoe. I was never a huge fan of Nike tennis shoes due to my narrow foot (adidas fit best) but these are great! They are ready to go right out of the box and to test their claim of being built as light as a running shoe, I went on a run of over 3 miles and no problems. These are great shoes, very comfy and so far have been amazing on the court! I have the Navy and Atomic Orange so far!
From: Matt, 11/14

Comments: Usually Nike's run true to size but I found this model to be a 1/2 size small. The pair just arrived today but myy toe is at the end of the shoe, so they'll have to go back.
From: Andrew, 11/14

Comments: My 14 year old son saved up his money and bought me a pair for my birthday, what a surprise! These don't even look like shoes, they are so gorgeous they look like works of art! I don't want to wear them lest they get dirty! Can't wait to try them. Just putting them on, as others have said they feel like slippers. However, I head these won't last. Well maybe I will just use them as slippers, they really are that beautiful!
From: Anon, 11/14

Comments: Still the best performing shoes in tennis. Comfort, quickness, stability -- it's all there. However, there is still the issue of poor durability. They'll last a few months at most for a 3.5+ player. I estimate mine will run through in a little over two months, and I'm a 4.0 player. I have to save the Vapors for match play only, which I don't really mind because the shoes are just so great on the court. I'm still waiting for the day when Nike releases a Zoom Vapor shoe that performs great but also lasts more than 7 or 8 weeks. That would be the greatest tennis shoe of all time.
From: Brian, 10/14

Comments: I played in Zoom Vapors in the past, my favorite one was the Vapor 9. But for some reason the 9.5 Tour does not fit the same way -- the front part of the toe box is made smaller it seems, therefore the whole shoe feels shorter and is crushing my feet. I've tried two different pairs from this model and it was disappointing after all. Nike please keep the sizing true, so I don't need to look for another brand like I am forced to do so now!
From: Pete, 10/14

Comments: I wore the Vapor 9s and figured I would give a shoe with some durability a shot over the summer. I tried out the Asics Gel Resolution 5. While that shoe is very durable, the second I put my new Vapor 9.5s on and wore them straight onto the court the first time out of the box I realize now that I will never switch shoes again. I don't care about the durability (even though it is better than reported by some people). It probably does wear down for someone who plays singles for 3+ hours a day, 5 days a week. But for me, who plays about 4 hours a week, there is no better shoe on the market. So comfortable, fast, and supportive all while being one of the best looking shoes out there too. Switching shoes has only taught me that once you find a shoe that works, stick with it.
From: Preston, 10/14

Comments: These shoes are so comfortable (even right out of the box) that I forget that I'm wearing them while I'm playing. I've got pretty bad ankles, but they feel pretty secure in these shoes. I don't have any cons whatsoever about these shoes. And with all the comments about durability, I've had these shoes for maybe 2 months, I play maybe 2-3x per week for a few hours, 3.5 level, and there is barely any wear or tear.
From: Albert, 10/14

Comments: Love this shoe. It is appealing to the eye, has a great fit and perfect for a lot of movement.
From: Nikola, 9/14

Comments: Buyer beware, if you are a competitive tourney player, play a higher level of tennis, let's call it 4.5 and up, NTRP, junior tourney play, etc. -- this shoe will fall apart in 6 weeks. I'll be candid, I'm disappointed, and I live 5 miles from Nike HQ! It's a good amount of money for a shoe, and then to have it be so poorly made life expectancy wise. There is no way Fed wears this show for more than two weeks.
From: Chris, 9/14

Comments: I agree with Daniel, the crimson color is more of a neon pink. However, the shoe has very little crimson other than the laces. So you could easily replace the laces with another colour if the bright pink isn't your thing. A very comfortable shoe. I typically get 'runners toenail' for lack of a better term, where my second toe's toenail turns black from banging into the end of shoes, no matter if they fit a little big or small. The Vapors are the first shoe I have worn in years that I haven't had the toenail issue, or any other foot problems for that matter. I'll stick with these as long as possible. Super comfortable.
From: Kev, 9/14

Comments: Have had 5 pair of the Zoom Vapors since there inception. As with all the prior models they require no break in and can go from the box to the court. The only concern I have is that the latest model do not breath at all. If I play for 2 hours the shoes take 1.5 to 2 days to dry out. This issue causes an even worse issue as the shoes take on a bad foot odor from staying the slow drying time. Not sure if Nike has changed the material but seeing that this is all synthetic shoe it does not breath. I have a pair of the latest Ballistics and they are worse as there is no mesh in these shoes.
From: John, 9/14

Comments: The definition of 'crimson' is of a rich deep red colour inclining to purple. Someone at Nike needs a dictionary for Christmas. Beware -- the shoes are Grey and Fluro Pink. This not to say they look bad. But if pink isn't your thing, then this shoe isn't for you.
From: Daniel, 6/14

Comments: I have had these for 2 months now. I have always been a big fan of the Vapors for their comfort and lightweight and these shoes are the most comfortable tennis shoes I have ever worn. The tongue is thicker than the past versions, so it's more comfortable. I really enjoy how quick I can sprint for drop shots with these shoes and the pattern looks fast and great too! However, there are also downsides to every version of the Vapors. Durability, like the previous versions, is not very good especially on hard courts. I'm a toe dragger so the traction pattern in the toe area is already gone as well as the sides are starting to wear out. Also the top of the lacing system (by my ankle) also seems to peel off the more I move in them or if I scrape that area by accident which leaves the layer underneath showing. Finally, like Jim said, I felt the lateral support isn't very good as I've almost rolled my ankle afew times, maybe because of the soft upper. I also own a pair of Court Ballistic 4.3 and if I don't need the speed and just for casual hitting, I would wear that for lateral support and durability and ration the use of these 9.5s for tournaments only. So in conclusion, do I like these shoe? Very much so for the comfort and speed! Just keep in mind that it's not the most durable and you might want to alternate your shoes.
From: Ken, 5/14

Comments: Great shoe and a nice improvement from the Zoom Vapor 9. Someone on here said the lace color is a salmon pink. When I pulled them out of the box it is clearly a neon red but when wearing them around dusk last night, they truly did look salmon pink. Whatever, I like that. As far as performance they are great. I play 90% on the time on clay and my last pair of zoom vapors I wore out the insert in the shoe before the soles. Highly recommend these.
From: Geoff, 5/14

Comments: Love these shoes. They are ready to go right out of the box, no break-in required unlike the ultra stiff and heavy Barricade 8s. I wear them three times a week and after two months they do not have any sign of wear. Best shoes ever.
From: Jose, 5/14

Comments: I've had these for a couple months now and I have to say, I'm not impressed. The shoes are comfortable for sure, but they slip so much and they are no where near as stable as the Barricades, but, I guess thats the trade off. These were the first pair of Nike tennis shoes Ive bought and I will not purchase again. Ill be trying New Balance next time like I should have bought this time.
From: Orland, 5/14

Comments: I got a pair of these last month and they are great, my only issue is that after a month of playing (three times a week) the toe area is starting to discolor and become stained. I am not sure why this is happening but it seems like the mesh doesn't breathe as well as advertised. The rest of the shoe looks new and performs well. I just dont understand why the stains keep coming. Any thoughts on how to remedy this?
From: Mike, 5/14

Comments: The Crimson color is a brighter, salmon pink color in my opinion. Not the color I thought based on the pictures.
From: Tyler, 4/14

Comments: I play for a tennis academy and go through a pair of shoes in about a month since I play 4 to 5 hours of tennis on an average day -- so that's not half bad for how much tennis I'm playing in them. These shoes have a thicker tread at the bottom and I feel like they didn't wear as fast, and that they felt more durable than the Vapor 9 tours. I've tried the Courtbalistics and I have compared my shoes to other people that I play with that have shoes like the new Lunar Balistics, and the Vapor 9.5s clearly hold up the best. I would definitely recommend these shoes and I will most certainly be getting these in the future -- 10/10.
From: Ryan, 4/14

Comments: Got these shoes 4 months ago and they are probably the most comfortable tennis shoes I've ever worn. I forget that I'm even wearing them when I play, which would be the ultimate goal of any shoe I suppose. On the downside, they don't provide much lateral support whatsoever and I managed to roll my ankle pretty hard after a little jump. After being out for about a month, on the first day back, I popped the heel (which seems to be an issue with the Nikes I've owned). Loved the comfort and lightness of this shoe, but probably never buying another Nike tennis shoe again. I'd recommend this to players who don't beat their shoes up and those who are not susceptible to ankle sprains.
From: Jim, 3/14

Comments: My 14 year old son wears these shoes -- he loves them, but I don't! The durability is horrible. The shoelace holes rip -- the last pair he wore was just for 1 month. I buy a new pair for him every 2 months.
From: Beth, 3/14

Comments: Very comfortable and stable shoes. One of the best I have played with. I have been wearing them for 12 hours and until now, there are no signs of wear.
From: Sanjin, 3/14

Comments: I have been a Zoon Vapor line user for the last years. I have tried at least 6 different versions and by far this is the best pair of shoes I have worn so far. No break-in required, soft but stable, light and comfortable. The lacing system allow you to adjust the shoe to your preferences along your foot. I have heard about durability but I have not seen nothing to be worry about during the month I have been using them. I usually play two times per week, two or three hours per time with a very demanding routine lead by a personal trainer.
From: Miguel, 2/14

Comments: First day wearing them. Analysis: Needed two socks to fully feel snug and movement free in my normal size. Very comfortable cushioned shoe plus the ventilation was excellent. Never once did my feet feel like they were on fire. I know the durability is probably not that great, but I'm happy with my investment. Money well spent.
From: Ari, 2/14

Comments: I moved so well with these shoes, given that they aren't built for endurance, but more for comfort and flexibility. Great shoes if you can afford to buy more than a few pairs each year, since I don't expect them to last very long, if playing several hours a week. Even Federer changes them every match.
From: John, 1/14

Comments: These shoes are incredible. The Vapor 9 Tours were the best shoes I had ever played in. The only complaints were they were a tad soft, and the toungue was a little thin so it moved around. These are just a bit stiffer and the tongue is wider and stays in place. Plus the color looks awesome. Best shoes I've played with and I've played with most the Nikes. 10/10.
From: Brad, 1/14

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