Nike Vapor Court Black/White Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: An update from two months ago -- I did replace the insoles with Sofsole inserts with medium arch. Now they are very comfortable.
From: Teetertotter, 4/15

Comments: I started off not liking this shoe but after I replaced the insole, I'm very happy with it. I play about 3 times a week and they've been holding up. I am not a toe dragger so I don't have issues there. The stitching around the toe is lasting. I'm about to order another pair. Plus I can wear the old ones as casual shoes.
From: Charles, 4/15

Comments: Buy these shoes only if you intend them for casual wear. They look pretty cool although the finish on these are not the best. They are light and fit well although I had to go one size bigger. They do feel fragile as well. Not surprised that they got torn apart when used for some grueling hard court play. These are shoes for show (since they look similar to the Vapors), not for play.
From: VJ, 4/14

Comments: Please don't waste money on these shoes! I bought them thinking they were a steal, being only $50 and Nike, but I was sadly mistaken. Within just under a month, at about 5 hours of play a week tops on a hard court, these shoes have absolutely no tread left at all. The soles are completely flat! You pay for what you get so invest $40 more and get a pair of Barricades or something, plus with those that have a guarantee, it's basically 2 pairs for the price of one.
From: Treston, 3/15

Comments: I bought this for my son 4-5 months ago. After 3 months of usage, the toes are completely out. Very poor quality from Nike.
From: Sharmila, 2/15

Comments: Haven't had any issues with this shoe other than the fact that it has a wide fit. My foot slips around and I have developed blisters on the ball of the foot. I have put in new insoles for more cushion and I was hoping to solve the sliding issue but it didn't. I just have a narrow foot. I really like the look too.
From: Tomas, 2/15

Comments: I bought a size 13 in White/Volt. There is plenty of room to wear a heavy athletic sock, which I wear all the time. There is roominess for my feet. This shoe is the most comfortable right out of the box and they look good too. I like the looks of them looking from the sides, the sole is flat from back to front, giving the appearance of a flat one piece sole. That is, no separation in the heel from the front sole looking at the shoe from the side. I bought this shoe because of its appearance and price. I wear them for everyday use and for off hand rifle shooting. Thank you Tennis Warehouse for the great price and fast shipping!
From: Teetertotter, 2/15

Comments: I thought that these seemed very narrow.
From: Just, 1/15

Comments: Took me 12 hours of play and the stitching of the toe came undone on these. I don't recommend them.
From: Gustavo, 12/14

Comments: I am on my second pair of these shoes. In my hands these shoes are lightweight and feel like they would not be durable or supportive but as a 200 lb player and after hours and hours of practice and play they have held up for me surprisingly well for a 60 dollar pair of shoes (now even cheaper). They provide good cushioning and a wide, natural feeling toe box that flexes well. Excellent traction too. I did take out the glued insole after awhile to put another prefered one in but they kept feeling good after that and doing what a good tennis shoe should do. For 60 bucks, even with no 6 month guarantee, I am buying additional pairs because it makes as much economic sense as 100+ dollar shoes.
From: Scott, 12/14

Comments: Pretty junky. Toe is all torn up and falling apart after maybe 10 hours of pretty light use (although I am a toe dragger). Theyre very comfortable for my foot though. These would be better suited for post-match wear.
From: Rob, 11/14

Comments: Left toe stitching seam failed on my shoes after about 6 uses. The sole is holding up so far, but then again I haven't worn them much. These shoes are not only average as far as comfort, but they have very bare bones, a somewhat cardboard kind of feel when putting them to the test in a singles matches. Not the worst shoes I've tried by any means, but not an outstanding shoe either. I would rate them about a 6 for overall comfort. I will keep looking for a reasonably priced comfortable tennis shoe.
From: Roger, 10/14

Comments: I have purchased two pairs of these shoes. Both have ripped in the seem at the end of the left toe.
From: Mark, 9/14

Comments: Do not purchase this shoe! The toe has completely come undone! My son has only had these shoes for a month! The sole still looks brand new but the toe stitching is beyond bad! Honestly his old regular school shoes held up better than this shoe designed for tennis.
From: Holli, 9/14

Comments: Not sure how other people have holes just after hours or even days of playing in these. I've never had a problem with these Nike shoes from here.
From: Matthew, 8/14

Comments: I would advise not buying this shoe. My 12 year old has worn this for about 4 months only on the court and it is coming apart at the toe seam already. He played tennis in it about once a week during the summer so he did not put excessive wear on it. Looks cool, but it is not durable. Very disappointed in the Nike brand.
From: Anon, 8/14

Comments: Horrible shoe. Bought these for my 16 year old son and the leather on top of the toe came unstiched on both shoes after a week of wear. His last Nikes are still in ok shape after a year.
From: Rebecca, 8/14

Comments: My son wore the shoe 4 times and it then split at the seam, on top of the toe. Tried to return to Nike but they refuted the claim and said it was an abrasion that caused the problem. Nike offers a recycling option of the shoes which I thought was a good idea. Unfortunately, because that option was chosen, I didn't have evidence of the issue. I will not purchase Nike shoes in the future. Very disappointing.
From: Valerie, 8/14

Comments: Lightweight and fairly comfortable. They did not take long to wear the sole flat. I have not worn completely through the sole, but the stitching did just come apart at the toe. I'm a bit of a toe dragger. I was going to take the shoe to a shop to get sown back together, but noticed that I probably had one or two practices left before I break through the soles. I coach girls and boys high school tennis and these shoes barely made it through a season for me. I will definitely be purchasing a pair with a sole warranty, probably a pair of Asics.
From: Dan, 8/14

Comments: Great shoe for the money. And guess what? Finally a shoe you can wear around off court with jeans or whatever you like and not look an idiot with bright gaudy colors. The Prince T22 is a better shoe on court for 20 bucks more, but is hideous looking off court (even in black). I use these shoes to pack and keep my bags light when I go to NYC where I am on business every other week. I play a couple mornings per week when I am there before work. Then I can even wear the shoes around town. I have predominately used them on clay courts and a bit on hard. They are holding up fine -- I bought two pairs right away. For heavy competition when at home in Florida or a heavy day of play I will still opt for my Prince T22s which are probably the most comfortable tennis shoes made at a great price.
From: Jeff, 6/14

Comments: Cheap and nice looking shoes. Comfort is average. Duration is bad (after 3 hours, I have a few holes on the front and the side of the shoes_.
From: Lou, 6/14

Comments: Durability isn't great -- I have played tennis maybe 6 times and the toe has already burst through!
From: Rashad, 6/14

Comments: Exceptional shoes for my intense play on the court. The cushioning is exquisite, comfort is incredible and its lightweight and allows for a quick response at the whim of the user. Throughout the time I wore them, I don't recall a single instance in which my feet hurt or felt uncomfortable. A note for self proclaimed "shoe breakers," these shoes will wear down after a month or two of continuous play. Not very high on the durability side but they are incredibly comfortable and lightweight especially considering the price. These were the shoes I was looking for in my price range for tennis and I haven't looked back since.
From: Jeric, 6/14

Comments: Excellent cushioning and feel! Super lightweight and they hug my feet like a glove. Haven't played tennis in them but use them for jogging and high-intensity agility/footwork drills and the support is solid. The lacing system allows for a great customized fit. Also fantastic for just walking around! Highly recommend them.
From: Francesco, 5/14

Comments: This is a great shoe at a great price. I can't comment on the durability as I've only worn them twice but the comfort, stability, performance, and weight are all great.
From: Mike, 5/14

Comments: This shoe is very light and stable. After two weeks of continuous play I have not slipped once. Good cushioning, and the laces stay tight for the entire session. Will fit wider feet. I bought it in white/night factor, and I have received many compliments on the looks. Great shoe at a great price.
From: Alex, 4/14

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