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Comments: Knowing that Tinker Hatfield designed these shoes assured me that the new Vapors were going to be the best ones yet. And boy they were. The Vapor 9's are pretty much the Rolls Royce of shoes. Honestly, they're the best shoes you will ever see so far overall. It carries on with the Vapor tradition of lightweight and comfortable aspects. This shoe basically feels like a pillow that wraps perfectly around your feet with the new Nike Adaptable Fit system, with the finger like straps contouring the laces along your feet while moving, which gives fantastic support. The only downside is the durability, like the previous Vapor's. It's expected that such a light shoe would have average durability, but it's decent enough. I would get a pair for practice and one for match play. It's a bit pricey, but it's worth the price.
From: James, 8/12

Comments: These shoes cannot be described with just words but I shall try my best. The shoes are so comfortable, just like a running shoe. If your running for a drop shot, the shoes have enough stability to stop you from running into the net. The finger-like lacing system is quite lovely; if your feet feel a little tight you can adjust the shoe to a better comfy fit. Also, its a pretty cool looking shoe. However, compared to the vapor 8's, it tops everything except durability. Durability on these shoes have decreased slightly but if you have the money, get these shoes.
From: Dave, 8/12

Comments: Hands down, these are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever wore. There is absolutely no break in period. They are light weight, and feel like you're gliding across the court. The downside of this shoe is the durability. Don't expect to play a ton of intense matches in these. If you're a casual player, these shoes are perfect. If you're really aggressive, you will love the how light these are, but will despise the durability.
From: Dalton, 8/12

Comments: For many years I've played in Nike Breathe's. Recently I thought I'd do something different. I saw the Vapor 9's and fell in love with the look. It's a great looking shoe with all the color ways. Anyway, if you've ever heard of 'plantars fasciitis', you know it is a painful foot ailment/inflammation that takes rest and time to heal. It didn't take but 3 times out in the Vapor 9's and I was in a mess of pain. This is the first time (and hopefully the last) I've had this sort of foot problem. For me, going from the Breathe's to the Vapor's was a huge mistake. They had very different foot support system seems to be the problem. I complained directly to Nike, hoping that they would help a struggling tennis player to offset a $260.00 (2 pair) investment, but no luck. Very dissapointing. Anyway, I'm back to the Breathe's and my feet seem to be getting a little better. I'm like a lot of old tennis players, I play through pain all of the time. By the way, Tennis Warehouse helped me a little with offering a discounted price for my next pair of Breathe's. Thank you. Again, NIKE was no help. My opinion, if you've been happy with another type of shoe, stay away from the Vapor 9. It's not for everyone.
From: Ray, 7/12

Comments: Worst Nike Lunar edition in a long time. Horrific ventilation. I've never gotten so many massive blisters from a tennis shoe.
From: Felix, 7/12

Comments: Good so far. It's comfortable for a tennis shoe, light, good-looking, and good traction. I really hope these hold up longer than a month.
From: Will, 7/12

Comments: Amazing shoe, I've tried them all and no shoe comes even close to the comfort and performance of these. Absolutely weightless and seamless experience. It flexes with my foot, supports it everywhere and absorbs as much court pressure as I could throw at it without giving up any stability or causing any pain. The fit is generous in the forefoot so my size 9, E feet fit in perfectly (while in most other shoes my forefoot aches for more space). Low durability, 90's styling and insane standard price are downsides to consider, but in comparison, other shoes feel like obsolete, clunky devices you've tolerated for too long.
From: Anton, 7/12

Comments: I have a pair of the Nike Vapor Tour 8, and while I like how they feel, the white synthetic leather has turned a yellowish-white from the sun I'm guessing. It's too bad Nike can't come up with a color-safe material, especially because they charge so much money for them. I hope this newer addition doesn't have the same problem. They look great new.
From: Chuck, 7/12

Comments: Great looking shoe, great feeling shoe, but for $130 they don't last long enough. I play 1-2 times per week and 3 months later I'm already seeing right through the forefoot. I'm wishing they had a durability guarantee.
From: Jason, 7/12

Comments: Just came in the mail, and I put them on and they feel very very comfortable! I can't wait to try them out on the courts. I have a new 2nd pair of Breathe's and just tried them on, and they were very stiff..the 1st Breathes took a very long time to break in on the sides. The Vapor 9 looks great too!
From: Ross, 7/12

Comments: These shoes are just amazing, very lightweight and very comfortable a great product. It's definitely worth the price. I would recommend anybody to buy these.
From: Josh, 6/12

Comments: These shoes are great for serious, non-serious and weekend hacks which means all of these alleged high school players. Shoes are wider in forefoot, but not too wide, Zoom Air in heel takes all shock out of the equation and is way better than prior versions with the lunar nonsense in the heel. Shoe is great, I will replace every six months as I've got the bling to do so.
From: Cotton, 6/12

Comments: This is a great shoe! I bought size nine and used them on the court right away. No problems whatsoever. I use a thick adidas sock and the shoe gave me no problems. The shoe is very stylish and well made. I recommend this shoe if you want something comfortable, stylish and very impressive when compared to other shoes. I give the shoe 3.9 out of 4 stars. I play tennis 3 times a week and there is no sign of wear in the sole of the shoe. Give it a try!
From: David, 6/12

Comments: This is a great shoe. I was curious as to why it did not have a guaranteed durability, but I soon realized why. After about two months of play I have no grip left on the shoe, and no sole at all in several places.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: Extreme comfort, looks very cool, and fits wide/flat feet well. But, it doesn't hold your foot in place like the Lunar Vapor 8 Tour did. The nines were my first pair on Nike tennis shoes, and the outsole was horrid. It lasted a month's worth of hard tennis. I have since bought two pairs of lunar vapor 8 tours and they have been much better to me. For some reason their outsole is more durable and also I sprained my ankle playing in the Vapor 9s. I would not recommend these shoes to any serious tennis player. I am still suffering from the sprain and will NOT be buying another pair. At least tennis warehouse made my mistake $25 less costly. I am in high school and I play between 3-6 hours of tennis daily in the summer.
From: Jackson, 5/12

Comments: This is by far the most comfortable shoe I've ever played in (20+ years) but the outsole was gone in 3-4 weeks of play (3 times a week). This is a great shoe if you have an unlimited tennis budget. I hope the durability of the outsole will be improved.
From: E.T, 5/12

Comments: My favorite Nike tennis shoes by far. Great feel and fit but my one problem is the outsole is thin so if your playing/teaching everyday, they burn out!
From: Alex, 5/12

Comments: Best tennis shoes ever. I've worn this shoes for 2 months and it feels so comfortable. The new adaptive fit creates more flexibility for the shoes to be fit in. Overall very recommended, though still waiting to see if it's durable.
From: Aryo Wicaksono, 5/12

Comments: Got these shoes about a month ago. I played with them only on hard courts so far. Love the fit, the shoes are definitely lighter than the 8's (I've had every version since the 6's). I feel like moving around the court the 9's were better than the 8's, but I think the 8's feel a little more stable than these do, especially stopping hard after hitting a shot on the run or closing in on the net after drop shots. The only issues I have with the 9's are that the mark they leave on the court is a little annoying, but it does wash off, and I would have liked to have seen these with a clay court outsole as well, going into summer I'll be playing a lot on har-tru. Other than that, awesome shoe, killer look, and I'll definitely be getting another pair when these ones are done to save for later.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: I just got these shoes yesterday. I love the fit and how they come up higher on your ankle.
From: Robin, 4/12

Comments: Having worn Nike Court Ballistecs and enduring excruciating forefoot pain, I have to say I have found, finally found the shoe for me. Simply put, out of the box these shoes felt great! No break-in required. Simply put a pair of thin SuperFeets in them and they were dialed in. I played 4 hours in them and still no discomfort whatsoever. I'm not going to type an essay, but in the end, I loved them so much I ordered another pair when I got home! Mind you this is my very 1st pair of Vapors that I have tried. Great Job Nike.
From: Johnny, 4/12

Comments: When I put on this shoe, it was the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. I only had the shoe for about 3 weeks and it is holding up fine.
From: Matthew, 4/12

Comments: Like many people say, these shoes are like running shoes. The "design" is made by the shoe designer for Air Jordans, if you read in the description box for this shoe. This shoe is great for low arch/flat foot, much more than Court Ballistecs 4.3. They can fit your feet perfectly, they look amazing, and the durability is not bad. Surely the Court Ballistecs Dragon X2 material in the toe part of the shoe is like a rock and very durable, if you're not crazy stomping all over the place/sliding like crazy these shoes are durable, at least more than ur average tennis shoe! Best tennis shoes EVER!
From: Dean, 4/12

Comments: This shoe has a great fit and light weight. It is like I'm wearing a running shoe. While it more on the expensive side, with its technology I didn't hesitate to buy it.
From: Nollen, 4/12

Comments: I love these shoes however durability of the mesh uppers where the flexpoint of your toes are is terrible! I have 2 pairs of these and on both of mine, that seems to be a venerable spot as far as wear and tear are concerned.
From: GP, 4/12

Comments: These are the most comfortable shoes Nike has developed. I have worn the Vapors for several years and love the shoe. I typically get two-three months wear. With this said,I wore a hole in in 3 weeks! I noticed the beginning of the hole within 1 week.
From: Scott, 4/12

Comments: This shoe is very comfortable and has nice styling.
From: Vic, 4/12

Comments: Light, great fit, breathes well, and wears out faster than a set of strings. I have no expectations of ever wearing a shoe for six months, and these shoes do not have a warranty, however, this is the first pair of shoes I have worn a hole in such a short time. I saw wear patterns right away and only wore them for league matches so they would last longer. If they would last even two months with regular wear, I would continue buying them.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: Incredible comfort, great light weight feel. Terrible durability.
From: Derek, 4/12

Comments: These are by far my favorite tennis shoes I've ever owned. They look great, and feel good on your feet. However the marks left by the shoes were a lot more severe than I thought they would be, and for that reason I will have to return my favorite tennis shoes in recent memory.
From: Ian, 4/12

Comments: Synthetic leather stiffens up the feel of the upper. Mesh versions feel much nicer, slipper-like up top. Vapor 9s seem to me to be the most do-able version of this line for wide feet. Also, the 'transition' from back to front isn't very smooth; it's like you feel the heel - then a space - then the front of the shoe, rather than one smooth feeling transition. Not a bad shoe but Asics Resolution 4s have these beat. Vapors win in the looks department.
From: Chuck, 4/12

Comments: I've been wearing Nike all my life, and these are really nice, and LIGHT tennis shoe. I went back and bought two more pairs after the first ones.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: Amazing update from the 8. Gives a better cushion and smarter weight for your feet. Only downsides are that the durability is not very great (as always). Kamran, 3/12

Comments: Fantastic shoes - very lightweight, cushy, and comfortable but they offer great stability and traction. They do have terrible durability though, but that's all you can really expect from such a lightweight shoe.
From: Carter, 3/12

Comments: I really liked these shoes. I have used the previous version and thought that the update was great. I used to have problems with the old version pinching my toes and this has been sorted out and I used to have my foot role around a bit. This too has been sorted out. The one problem is that after just 4 weeks I had a hole all the way through the shoe. I was down to the midsole after only 2 weeks. I play around 17 hours a week, but still this was way worse than the last model, which used to last me 5 weeks before tearing through the out sole.
From: Rhys, 3/12

Comments: For the life of me I can't figure out why Nike did the underneath of the top lip flap in a felt- like material and in white. It makes the top of the shoe feel hot and of course the white becomes non-white in no time. Otherwise, the shoe performs nicely. At last a tennis shoe that looks as good as all the running shoes out there.
From: David, 3/12

Comments: The shoes overall are pretty comfortable at first. I'm not if it's just me or the shoes but once you've worn them for awhile they're not as comfortable at the first time. The soles wear out pretty fast. It's a pretty decent shoe but I don't think it's worth the price. Looks great though!
From: Vu, 3/12

Comments: NIKE, please continue making the Lunar Vapor 8... This is such a sad day for me. I tried these Vapor 9s the other day, and they have a totally different fit than the Lunar Vapor 8. The forefoot is narrow, vs LV8 forefoot which is wide. That narrow fit hurt my feet. The midfoot and heel doesn't feel as snug as the LV8. And all these separate bands for support in the midfoot are just going to accumulate tons of dirt underneath them when playing on clay. Lastly, the styling, I just can't describe the disappointment I had. Sorry guys. This is a 2 thumbs down for me. Better look elsewhere then...
From: Kamote, 3/12

Comments: Best vapor yet. Comfortable right out of the box. Great job Nike.
From: Glen, 3/12

Comments: I expected a quality shoe with the V9, and overall, it lived up to my expectations! Very nice upgraded design, both comfort wise and looks. Volt green accents add a little extra to the overall appearance. As far as comfort, these are at the top of the spectrum. The nice mesh is biggest asset to these kicks, offering up both breathability and comfort. The lacing system is a strong point of these shoes, offering up a very satisfyingly snug fit. The shoe is slightly less heavy compared to CB3.3/4.3 but the outsole, however, is the shoe's weak point. No where near as beefy as CB, or grip the court as well as they do either, imo. Flat spots in just about a month's time. And the black mark issue has been yet to be addressed, but isn't a huge issue. Break in period is almost non-existent thanks to the lacing system. A great fit & feel right from the box. OVERALL: a very solid shoe that is highly recommended, but only if you have the money to replace every 1-2 months.
From: Ryan, 3/12

Comments: Excellent shoe. I ordered the new Ballistecs and Vapors. I walked around in them for roughly an hour and I have to say, the comfort level in the vapors is slightly better for me than the Ballistecs. I feel there's more ankle stability and just all around comfort for me with the vapors.
From: Nick, 3/12

Comments: I agree, these are great shoes, fit, comfort, weight and style. The problem is, if you play 3 or 4 times a week, they will last about a month. All my buddies who bought these are experiencing tearing of the fabric in the front, where the plastic toe meets the fabric. Very poor design, the fabric used is too lite compared to the plastic. Big design flaw. For $130, you would assume Nike would know better!
From: Richard Kramer

Comments: Wonderfully snug! Feels like running around in a pair of socks. Could not feel and fit better. Just so weird that they leave marks on plexipave.
From: Martin, 3/12

Comments: I continue to think this shoe is the best tennis shoe I have ever worn. They are extremely comfortable, mold to your foot and there is no break in period required. I would also say that if you are playing 3-4 times a week they will last no longer than 4 weeks and they break down. Looking forward to the new color ways throughout the year.
From: Mark, 3/12

Comments: Love the shoes but....I have worn them for 3 WEEKS and already have worked through to the inner sole.
From: Matt, 2/12

Comments: The Nike Vapors are an extremely comfortable and light shoe, though I have had them for only about 2-1/2 weeks and have made an complete hole at the toe. These shoes would be amazing if they had the 6 month warranty or if you had a lot of money to spare.
From: Nate, 2/12

Comments: These shoes left a PERMANENT mark on my court, can't get it off at all. The refund for the shoe is the equivalent of sinking a 50' foot put for triple bogey. Sweet. I did like the shoe better than the vapor 8.
From: Chris, 2/12

Comments: Vapors have always had bedroom-slipper comfort and a light fast feel, but it comes at the price of stability and support. All around a very high quality shoe, although I don't think it's the best choice for big physical players. The Rafa shoe is a much better choice for bigger/heavier guys. My Vapors did not leave any noticeable marks on the court.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: These are by far my favorite tennis shoes I've ever owned. They look great, and feel good on your feet. However the marks left by the shoes were a lot more severe than I thought they would be, and for that reason I will have to return my favorite tennis shoes in recent memory.
From: Ian, 2/12

Comments: Just put these shoes on the other day and wow!!!!! It is by far the best fitting tennis shoe ever. I wore both the vapor 8's and 7's and these are by far the best. But similar to the 7's and 8's I don't have much faith in the durability of the shoe. I see the shoe lasting about 2 months tops as the previous models did. However I was at my local sporting goods store and tried on the new court ballistics which I also must say are greatly improved since the previous models but still no where near the comfort of the new vapor's. I have also tried the new barricades and again the vapors are far better in terms of comfort, but as far as durability I think the ballistics and the barricades are superior.
From: Chris, 2/12

Comments: I've been wearing Vapors for over 6 years and they are by far the highest performing tennis shoe IMHO. The 9's are by far the best fitting and most comfortable vapor ever but I've wore down the sole in less than 3 weeks playing about 3-4 times per week. These are by far the worst wearing Vapors anyone else experiencing the same wear level?
From: Eric, 2/12

Comments: I have wore the Vapor line since like forever. And for years I put up with pain and discomfort almost every year seems like. The only reason I continued to wear them is that they are the fastest shoes on the market and I'm a life long Nike guy!! But this time I truly can't believe that I can actually take a pair of vapors straight out of the box and wear them! They are amazing and I love them.
From: Donnie, 2/12

Comments: It's my first time to wear a Roger Federer endorsed shoes which happens to be a birthday gift from my daughters who ordered from Tennis Warehouse recently. Since I've been always an Adidas Barricade fan for many years, I have never liked Nike's line of tennis shoes until I used them for the first time yesterday and boy I was blown away by the "Lightness" and "Stability" and most of all, "Comfort" right out of the box! Virtually NO BREAK-IN Required!
From: Syl, 2/12

Comments: GREAT shoe I like them way more than the vapor 8. They are wider and they have way more room, unbelievable!!!!
From: Matt, 2/12

Comments: First of all, I am a huge Rodger Federer fan. That was originally why I got these shoes, but that's not the only reason I love them. The shoe fits very snug around my foot and I feel very low to the ground. I love it! I wear an insert in the past, finding a good tennis shoe to wear with my inserts was hard, but with this it's amazing. I am not the fastest player, but because of how light this shoe is, I am able to run down balls I never could before. Overall, these shoes are great and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a light, comfortable, and stable shoe. I love them!
From: Nick. L, 1/12

Comments: This shoe is very comfortable. Even more than the new ballistecs. They feel very light on your feet and also very fast. My only complaints are the durability and the forefoot cushioning is too plush. As a bigger guy ( 225 lbs) I feel the forefoot cushioning bottom out, and the wear in the toe is very noticeable after 3 hours of match play. I will probably go through the toe in 3 or 4 matches, just like the breath free 2k10s.
From: Corey, 1/12

Comments: I have only had these shoes for about three hours, and I already am in love with them. They remind me so much of the Zoom Breathe 2k10's and I loved those shoes. They are really lightweight and fit my foot perfectly. I have a narrow foot at the heel, and then it gets wider as you move more towards my toes. I don't feel in any way like my toes are squished. A great make by Nike.
From: Nick, 1/12

Comments: I love the shoe so far, but it definitely marks on hard courts. I thought it wouldn't be that bad, but it is pretty noticeable. Other than that the shoe is wonderful. Great cushion, great support, and still feels fast. This shoes is GOAT worthy, except for the marking issue and $130 Price tag ($110 would be more like it).
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: Excellent shoes... except for the outsole, which is wearing quickly.
From: Pierre. 1/12

Comments: If you have narrow feet, these are the shoes for you. A great blend of comfort and stability all wrapped in a snug, low to the ground package. A great shoe and better than its previous 2 Vapor predecessors by a long shot!
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: Love these shoes. Very light and stable and really lock the footdown. Very happy nike went back to phylon and zoom air! Awesome shoes!
From: David, 1/12

Comments: Freakin' awesome! Comfortable, quick, decent cushion. I've found my favorite shoe of all time. Wish they weren't $130. That's a little excessive.
From: Tom, 1/12

Comments: This shoe is hands down a very good shoe. You will like the new lacing system an design. I don't think it's a very good looking shoe but the performance out-weights everything else. Fits like a glove and plays extremely well.
From: Ed, 1/12

Comments: I recently bought the new vapor 9 shoes, they where hands down the most comfortable shoe out of the box ever ! However, 10 days later and one tournament weekend the sole has already worn out. Unless you're sponsored by Nike or can afford 130 dollar shoe every two months I would not recommend.
From: Marc, 1/12

Comments: I used to wear the Breathe Free 2k10 before the fit changed and then wore the Vapor 8's but this shoe fits better than all of them. I love the fit and it definitely conforms to your foot after a few wears. It is not meant for cushioning but if you want responsiveness and great traction this shoe is for you. It is perfect for a average width foot and the weight is also great. Bravo Nike...
From: Mark C, 1/12

Comments: I think this is the best quality vapor series. It is more like combined historical technique that Nike has been working on. And yes it is a bit heavier than previous series but it has covered foot protection & guard where it left off previous model. I know some people do not like the looks because people are used to previous tastes but this definitely is for purely performance shoes. Good job nike!!!
From: Sungyong Samuel Ahn, 1/12

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