Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour Atomic Red/Grey Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: These are the first shoes I've ever ordered online, so I was initially apprehensive. But they fit exactly to size (I'm a 10) and have zero break-in with no slippage. I wore Ballistics before and always jammed my toes in the end. Those days of broken, purple toenails are behind me!
From: Fred, 11/13

Comments: Like everyone else posting about these shoes, they are good quality and fit perfectly out of the box. (I wear a size: 10.5 men). I almost bought the Air Max Cages and then stumbled across these comments. It will be another month before I wear them on a court, but I can tell they are what I wanted. Beautiful, I couldn't be more pleased!
From: Lee, 10/13

Comments: Awesome shoes. Very comfortable and lightweight. The fit like a glove. I was looking for a replacement for the adidas Barricades because I was tired of getting a black toe from my foot sliding inside the shoe and my toes slamming into the top of the shoe. My foot stays in place with these shoes. I am impressed with the durability from adidas and am unsure about durability of these Nike shoes. In my opinion they are pricey, but worthwhile. I'm going to pick up another pair.
From: Mike, 10/13

Comments: Comfortable, but they wore out fast and the mesh got dirty. Also, there is no arch support, not worth it! I'm switching to Asics.
From: Pete, 9/13

Comments: I am not at all happy with these shoes. The heal is built way up off the ground, so it feels like you can't plant your feet well. This model of Nikes also makes it hard, if not impossible, to use your entire foot for balance and weight transition. Really not happy with this shoe.
From: R, 9/13

Comments: The best shoes I have used -- comfortable, lightweight and good traction. Currently, with about 20 hours of play, I love them.
From: JD, 9/13

Comments: Probably the best tennis shoes I've ever worn in my life. Super comfortable like the Gel Resolutions, but light like the Speeds. I wear a 10.5 in the Courtballistecs, but I got an 11 in these because I have a wider foot, and they fit fine with that "Adaptive Fit" that they have on these kicks. Best shoes ever.
From: Will, 9/13

Comments: These are my 2nd pair in a row! I've tried adidas and some others and these Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tours are the best by far. They feel great out of the box with no break-in period. They wont last too long but they are totally worth it. Best feel/performance ever. Your happy feet will thank you and your game will improve!
From: Eduardo, 9/13

Comments: Like everyone else, I like that these are lightweight and have virtually zero break in. They fit nearly perfect on my feet which is no small matter. I'm only saddened that rumors and speculation seem to indicate that the design will be changing in the future, which if that is the case, I will buy as many pairs of the Vapor 9s as I can.
From: Kin, 9/13

Comments: Excellent shoes -- trendy, super comfortable and light. Right out of the box, this shoe performed as intended. After playing 3 hours with these shoes, my feet were the only part of my body that felt fresh and not hurting at all. The color is certainly a distraction to the opponent, since although advertised as red, is more of a very bright orange/pinkish color that will not go unnoticed. At first it was a bit too much for me. However, after getting the courage to wear to the club and playing with them for a few minutes, I realized the way they were helping me improve my footwork. After playing with them 2 days in a row, I can care less about the hue on them. It is truly a super shoe!
From: Gaston, 9/13

Comments: I love this shoe, it's super comfortable and nice.
From: Keith, 8/13

Comments: The first thing I noticed when I got my shoes in the mail was the color. The shoe is advertised as a red but I was disappointed to find that it is more of a neon pink/orange combination. These shoes practically glow in the dark. Aside from the color I have no complaints. I have had the Vapor Tour 9s for awhile and it is the most comfortable shoe I have ever had, also I find my movement and footwork is effortless (very easy to slide with too). This shoe is the one you want to have.
From: Alex, 8/13

Comments: I was looking for a shoe to replace my Barricade V (which were incredibly comfortable) and I found a great replacement in the Vapor Tour 9. I tried several other popular shoes, but they didn't fit as well -- my heel slipped in Barricade 8, experienced ankle bone discomfort in the Barricade 7, the toe box was too large in the Asics Resolution Gel 5. The lacing system on the Vapor 9 ensures a great fit. My only complaint is that I would have preferred a black colorway version of this shoe.
From: Ken, 8/13

Comments: Best tennis shoes out there if you count durability out. They fit extremely well right off the box with no break-in required. Light, stable, fast and super comfortable. The only drawback, I have to buy a new pair every 2 months. But, I have very happy feet!
From: Tony, 8/13

Comments: I've played tennis for 26 years and this is the best tennis shoe I have ever worn. Super comfortable, low to the ground and light, so your footwork automatically improves on the court. The stability is good and I love the lacing system, just awesome overall! The durability is not as good as I would like it to be, but they are definitely worth it if you are looking for comfort and performance.
From: Rafael, 8/13

Comments: I bought these shoes after having 2 straight pairs of my usual Courtballistecs have manufacturing defects. The Vapors are extremely comfortable, light, fast feeling and seem to let me feel lighter on my feet as well. I've had them for nearly a week, played at least 10-12 hours on them so far and they don't have any real signs of wearing out on the soles. I'm impressed so far.
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: The first things I noticed with these shoes were the immediate comfort and wide toebox. I realize that having only played in them one time, I can't comment on the durability yet, so I will report back later on. The ankle support seems to be sublime, and the ventilation is great. I used to own the Courtballistec 4.3, however I switched following the too-narrow toebox problems I encountered, as well as bad ankle support and general stiffness. Another benefit of the switch is the lightweight aspect of the Vapor 9s.
From: Oli, 7/13

Comments: Best shoe ever! Light weight, durable, and breathable.
From: Simakov, 6/13

Comments: Just received the Vapor 9 Tours today. Overall, I'm extremely impressed. High quality. Low center of gravity. Very cushioned yet still offers plenty of feel. Fit true to size unlike my Babolat Propulse 3s which need to be ordered 1/2 size larger than normal. The Vapor 9's are very lightweight for a full-fledged tennis shoe. No comments yet on durability of course, however I'm not hard on my shoes. Not sure what kind of abrasive surfaces some of the reviewers play on. Very pleased with the color combos. I would love a set of matching set of laces. Great service from Tennis Warehouse as always. (Still super- pleased with my Babolat Pure Drive Roddick + racquet.) Thanks guys!!
From: Zivko, 6/13

Comments: Super comfortable and low to the ground feel. They are light and flexible which is great for all day comfort. They have a very low arch support and the treads wear out faster than any other shoe I have worn. This is my 4th pair and each lasts me about 2 months before I wear a hole through the soles. The most comfortable shoe ever but extremely expensive for the amount of durability you get with these shoes.
From: SK, 6/13

Comments: It's the obvious choice if you want performance and comfort. I've used both the Ballistics and the Vapors. Ballistics are great for everything, training, tournaments, you name it. I would use the Vapors for training but they don't last very long (and weren't designed to last long). It performs well for a light, stable, fast and comfortable court shoe. The footbox is nice and roomy, and the lacing system is so adaptable to any kind and shape of foot. My only criticism is that in the Court Ballistics the entire length of the tongue is attached to the top of the shoe, so it doesn't shift around and end up on one side or the other. The Vapors tend to shift, so the lacing can end up biting into your feet, if you lace the shoe fairly tight. Another issue is the adaptive lacing, in the Ballistics the webbing that attaches to the laces run on the inside and a bit under the foot arches so that you have support. In the Vapors, it's external and doesn't go under the arches so it is not as supportive. The Vapors are a great shoe, but if you want overall durability and performance, go with the Ballistics.
From: Ryan, 5/13

Comments: Best tennis shoe I have ever owned!
From: Randy, 5/13

Comments: Very good shoes. For one, they're aesthetically pleasing -- the cosmetics are well-designed and nice on the eye. The comfort is great, right out of the box. It's always great to not have to worry about breaking in new shoes. There is sufficient stability, but of course it's not comparable to say the Barricades or Court Ballistecs since these shoes aren't as heavy; they're designed for quickness, so I was expecting only decent stability. I can't say much about durability, but I've played a good 5 hours in them and they've shown very little worn, so I'm hopeful they will last me through summer and early fall (but I doubt it). Awesome shoes!
From: Brian, 5/13

Comments: By far most comfortable shoe on the market. But they wear out pretty fast, so if you can afford to bay new pair every two weeks. They crack at the upper part after two weeks of use. I was disappointed and bought another pair. Still a great performing shoe, but unfortunately, the same happened again after two weeks.
From: Ivan, 5/13

Comments: I go through shoes within a month of tennis and I have to admit these are by far the best pair I have owned. They fit nice and light. I would recommend these to those who slide even on hard courts. Although I've only had them for a couple of weeks the soles remain intact.
From: Reks, 4/13

Comments: Great shoes, however, I'm disappointed as I saw cracks on both sides of the top of the shoes (outer side around little toe) after 4 months. I play 3 hours a day, twice a week. The sole remains fine. Tennis Warehouse advised to return them for inspection.
From: Mihir, 4/13

Comments: I love this shoe -- great fit and very light. The shoe feels like an extension of my foot. That being said, I'm curious if anyone has found the newest color way (navy/green) to be wider in the toe box?
From: Mark, 4/13

Comments: These are honestly the best tennis shoes that I have ever worn. The lacing system is so convenient. When playing a match, I can adjust the shoe if I want to play an intense match or an easy going match by easily tightening or loosing the laces. The shoe is quite stable in my opinion. Honestly, I kind of dislike the color scheme of the shoes. However, I believe that not all Vapors are the same. My first pair of Vapor 9s (black/grey/volt) were quite difficult to move around for some reason, but the black and pink ones are much more smoother. The durability also seems to be a lot better than my previous Vapors. So to all those who dislike the shoe, I believe you just bought a poorly made version of the shoe and I just got lucky. Give these shoes a try. Also, I have a wide foot and I use a different insole for more comfort.
From: Davis, 4/13

Comments: The most comfortable shoe I have ever owned. I went through many shoes, naming them the quintessential tennis shoe (Barricade 5 and 6, CB 3.3 and 4.3, Zoom 2K12s were all of my former picks) but this was a definite standout. I found this shoe to be like pillows on my feet. Surprisingly, I'm not having any durability issues and that's expected from a player who plays 8 hours plus for high school. My only gripe would be the slippage I get. I found myself slipping probably from that plastic in the middle (somebody else mentioned this as well) but all in all this shoe is a keeper. I'm also getting a lot of compliments as well!
From: Andy, 4/13

Comments: Spectacular shoe. Nike does a great job again in developing a lightweight shoe that provides support and is incredibly good looking. The only problems I encountered are in the arch and durability. I have a high arch and had to use insoles for these shoes, so if you have a high arch, only buy these shoes if you plan on putting insoles in. And the second problem is the durability. As great and amazing as these shoes are, I wore them down in 3 weeks. And I am only playing 4-5 days a week, 2 hours a day usually. But if I could, I would keep buying these shoes and keep wearing them. Highly recommend.
From: Dimitri, 4/13

Comments: Although this shoe provides great comfort, good support and many other good characteristics, the shoe is very disappointing when it comes down to wear. After just a couple of weeks, both shoes started to show cracks at the top front of the shoes. My feet are quite wide but didn't expect these shoes would tear down so fast!
From: Toon, 4/13

Comments: This shoe is the best in terms of comfort, feel, and maneuverability. This is my favorite court shoe by far. Only down side to this shoe is it doesn't last as long as the Courtballistics. I'm still willing to buy these though because they feel and play so great.
From: Scott, 4/13

Comments: This shoe needs a 6 month sole durability refund because the outsole is to thin for it to last like the Courtballistec. Only reason why I won't buy them.
From: Roger, 3/13

Comments: Very light and fast. No need to break them in.
From: Jose, 3/13

Comments: These shoes feel great and are very bright which in my book is always a great thing, however they do not tend to last very long. After about 2 or 3 weeks the wear is very noticeable, but all in all these shoes are fantastic
From: Daniel, 3/13

Comments: These shoes are a pretty good mix between performance and support. I like their weight and the "low to ground" profile. I can move pretty well in this shoe. The breathability is good. I have had a couple of Nike pairs and this one is the best so far in term of ventilation. Fitting is very good for me. I have narrow feet and this shoe fits nicely but is not too tight not too roomy. However, the cushion is somewhat a little too thin. They have to compromise things between performance and protection. It is understandable. I agree with one reviewer about it being "too grippy." I almost rolled overed once. I don't know about durability since I don't care much about it unless they are really below par. Bottom line, it is a good pair. Nike did a good job on this one. However, it still cannot beat the Asics Gel 2.
From: Joe, 3/13

Comments: I have read the reviews and decided to give the Vapor 9 a try as I dont play as often as I used to, so shoe wear was not really an issue for me. The shoe feels great, very light and stable. I normally wear a size 9.5 and that is what I purchased and found them to be a little big. My toe seems to be swimming a good 1/4-1/2 inch at the end of the shoe. My next pair will be a size 9.
From: Peter, 2/13

Comments: Great shoes. Comfy, lightweight, and look great on and off the court. I have no problem with the durability issues like many mentioned. You could tell that Nike has already strengthened the outsole on this retail version as opposed to the ones that Federer actually wears. The shoes get better when you wear them out a bit because they are too grippy on the hard courts just right out of the box.
From: Dan, 2/13

Comments: I love these shoes as I have been playing with the Vapor series now for over a year, but they don't seem to last. I buy a new pair every 4 to 6 weeks as the soles are simply gone and the under-soles are coming out. Maybe the 20 hrs of play per week doesn't help.
From: Reto, 2/13

Comments: As with most Nikes, durability is way below avearage. After one hour of play, I can already see the wear in the toe areas. It is comfortable to put on, but the lateral support (coming from Barricade 7s) is average. It's better suited for soft courts or the artificial turf. For hard courts, go for the B7s.
From: Mark, 1/13

Comments: Best shoe ever. If you drag your toe at all or drag your foot at all on your serve or anything, don't buy these. I would recommend the new Breathe Cage's, as they're amazing! They have the durability of the Ballistecs but the flexibility and comfort of the Vapors!
From: Will, 1/13

Comments: They wear through quick but they are very comfortable, especially if you have wide feet. They ran a little small as I had to get size 11 when I usually wear 10.5. Great lateral support and very light. I'm a big guy and the shoes never feel flimsy. Great shoe overall.
From: Ed, 1/13

Comments: I bought these shoes about 3 months ago and really love the feel. They are light and extremely comfortable, almost like a sock. The thing is however that I have seriously twisted my ankle twice in 3 weeks wearing these shoes, so I wonder if this is because of the shoes. I am rather heavily built but run a lot on the court. I don't know if there are other people who had the same problem with these shoes. If so, I might have to go back to the traditional and more heavy sturdy shoes.
From: Kurt, 1/13

Comments: All I have to say is that I love these shoes. I play tennis 5 days a week on average and these shoes keep my feet from hurting and are just great all around. The light weight of these shoes is great. I know all the other comments say the shoes wear out too quickly. I do agree with that statement, however it is difficult to make a shoe this light and have it still be durable. I think it's worth the money since I bought my pair on sale.
From: Anthony, 1/13

Comments: I am 50. I wear a size 13 and have a slightly narrow foot. I am a bit over 6'3" and weigh around 215 lbs. I play a combination of singles and doubles for about 8 hours a week. These are easily the most comfortable tennis shoes that I have worn. However, for $130, the soles wear much too quickly. I consider this a design defect that Nike will need to address before I consider buying this shoe again.
From: Frank, 1/13

Comments: Awesome shoes, very comfortable and form fitting. The first thing that I noticed when I first tried on the Nike Zoom was how it hugged my feet, and how strong and comfortable it really is. Out on the court it allowed me to move effortlessly, and gave me a very secure feel. I am a 4.5 player and play several times per week, and at the end of a match or sparring session my feet and toes feels great. I am liking them a lot.
From: Maximilian, 1/13

Comments: I purchased these for my son. It's a comfortable shoe but he wore them for 5 weeks, approximately 20 hours and the shoe developed a hole in the toe. I sent them back to Nike and they said since it wasn't a workmanship flaw, they would not give a refund or replace them. I would not recommend.
From: Sandy, 12/12

Comments: The fit on these shoes is comfortable, but the soles wear out very quickly. Mine are almost to the point were I can't wear them, and I haven't even owned them for three months.
From: Kris, 12/12

Comments: I'm returning to tennis after a 10 year hiatus, as I started playing again in late 2008. I have worn Roger Federer's shoes religiously starting with the Vapor 4 shoes. I have owned and played in every version since and would have to say this is the best Vapor shoe I have ever worn on court. The only downside is that the soles wear out quickly. My only wish would be for a 6 month outsole warranty.
From: Ralph, 12/12

Comments: First off, I like to say thank you Nike for an awesome shoe in the Nike Vapor 9. It's low to the ground, giving the shoe great ground control. It improves your speed due to the running shoe last, and it being lightweight. The support is excellent. The upper is light and well designed, as Chris from TW said, it custom fits to your feet. Awesome. The downside is the durability of the outer sole is not great. And the plastic that connects the forefoot and heel outer sole causes slippage. You can watch on YouTube of Berdych and Federer, two of the players with arguably the best footwork, slip and fall in transition. But for the rest of us mere mortals, the club players, and weekend warriors, this shoe is four stars if not five.
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: For the over 55 year old tennis players, this may not be the men's shoe for you. As I have aged my arches on my feet have flattened out, requiring me buy a wider fitting shoe (it happens to us all eventually). Still, I bought these shoes in my normal size but could not wear them as there was no give in the width of the shoe. They are neat looking shoes but I believe the toe box is too narrow for older players, unless you have narrow feet to begin with. So, I have purchased from Tennis Warehouse the Asics Gel Game 3 men's shoes in the recommended one half size larger and they fit my widening and aging feet perfectly. As a side note, the personal recommendations by the Tennis Warehouse staff are, to me, usually spot on. Indeed, if they recommend a size smaller or larger in a shoe you should listen to their opinion.
From: Jack, 12/12

Comments: This shoe is so awesome! I like it way more than the Court Ballistec 4.3.
From: Zackary,12/12

Comments: Hey, let's make a $130.00 shoe, not include a 6 month warranty, and make the soles of these shoes as least durable as possible. This shoe is the most comfortable tennis shoe I have ever played in. However, the durability of the outsole is lacking. If you're a baller and can afford new kicks every few weeks (granted you're an actual tennis player and hit 2+ hours a day), then this is your shoe of choice. If you're ballin' on a budget, give Adidas a try.
From: T, 12/12

Comments: I have been a Nike Vapor user for several years and have to say that this "complete redesign" is a disappointment. One of the main reasons I like the Vapor is because I have a narrow foot and was able to get a snug fit in the toe box. The new design has a much wider toe box, and if your foot is narrow, you will find it difficult to avoid having unwanted "sliding room" in the front of your foot. In addition, the mesh material used in the upper shoe is not very durable, and I have succeeded in tearing both shoes in about 3 months. With Nike's high price point, the shoe is not a good value. This is all a downer as the old design was really perfect from my standpoint. Apparently, they can never leave well enough alone. I will be looking at other brands for my next pair.
From: Roger, 10/12

Comments: I just bought a pair of the black/fluorescent (model from a few months ago) and am very happy. Looks real cool. Right out of the box comfort. Good support but light enough to be nimble. The toe box is wide and very unlike usual Nikes (I have been a loyal Barricade 5 and 7 fan. Skippped the 6 as toe box too narrow). I don't expect it to last like the B7s, which is a typical Nike drawback, but I got it at 50% discount and thus won't complain even if it doesn't last.
From: Marv, 10/12

Comments: These are great shoes that are very durable, breathable, and lightweight. I highly recommend these shoes. They are great for any surface.
From: Ian, 10/12

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