Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour Black/Purple Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: They wear through quick but they are very comfortable, especially if you have wide feet. They ran a little small as I had to get size 11 when I usually wear 10.5. Great lateral support and very light. I'm a big guy and the shoes never feel flimsy. Great shoe overall.
From: Ed, 1/13

Comments: I bought these shoes about 3 months ago and really love the feel. They are light and extremely comfortable, almost like a sock. The thing is however that I have seriously twisted my ankle twice in 3 weeks wearing these shoes, so I wonder if this is because of the shoes. I am rather heavily built but run a lot on the court. I don't know if there are other people who had the same problem with these shoes. If so, I might have to go back to the traditional and more heavy sturdy shoes.
From: Kurt, 1/13

Comments: The fit on these shoes is comfortable, but the soles wear out very quickly. Mine are almost to the point were I can't wear them, and I haven't even owned them for three months.
From: Kris, 12/12

Comments: I'm returning to tennis after a 10 year hiatus, as I started playing again in late 2008. I have worn Roger Federer's shoes religiously starting with the Vapor 4 shoes. I have owned and played in every version since and would have to say this is the best Vapor shoe I have ever worn on court. The only downside is that the soles wear out quickly. My only wish would be for a 6 month outsole warranty.
From: Ralph, 12/12

Comments: First off, I like to say thank you Nike for an awesome shoe in the Nike Vapor 9. It's low to the ground, giving the shoe great ground control. It improves your speed due to the running shoe last, and it being lightweight. The support is excellent. The upper is light and well designed, as Chris from TW said, it custom fits to your feet. Awesome. The downside is the durability of the outer sole is not great. And the plastic that connects the forefoot and heel outer sole causes slippage. You can watch on YouTube of Berdych and Federer, two of the players with arguably the best footwork, slip and fall in transition. But for the rest of us mere mortals, the club players, and weekend warriors, this shoe is four stars if not five.
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: For the over 55 year old tennis players, this may not be the men's shoe for you. As I have aged my arches on my feet have flattened out, requiring me buy a wider fitting shoe (it happens to us all eventually). Still, I bought these shoes in my normal size but could not wear them as there was no give in the width of the shoe. They are neat looking shoes but I believe the toe box is too narrow for older players, unless you have narrow feet to begin with. So, I have purchased from Tennis Warehouse the Asics Gel Game 3 men's shoes in the recommended one half size larger and they fit my widening and aging feet perfectly. As a side note, the personal recommendations by the Tennis Warehouse staff are, to me, usually spot on. Indeed, if they recommend a size smaller or larger in a shoe you should listen to their opinion.
From: Jack, 12/12

Comments: This shoe is so awesome! I like it way more than the Court Ballistec 4.3.
From: Zackary,12/12

Comments: Hey, let's make a $130.00 shoe, not include a 6 month warranty, and make the soles of these shoes as least durable as possible. This shoe is the most comfortable tennis shoe I have ever played in. However, the durability of the outsole is lacking. If you're a baller and can afford new kicks every few weeks (granted you're an actual tennis player and hit 2+ hours a day), then this is your shoe of choice. If you're ballin' on a budget, give Adidas a try.
From: T, 12/12

Comments: I wore 8 pairs of the Court Ballistecs 4.3, and never had a problem, I was going for my 9th pair and I didn't like the colors available, so I bought the Vapor 9 Tour. They are very comfortable and really flexible. I was happy, but within 2 weeks I developed pain in my left heel. I'm going back to the Ballistecs as soon as new colors arrive.
From: Al, 9/12

Comments: These are great shoes for me. I have 6 pairs, and I had plantar fascitis, but with insoles they work great. I love them.
From: Guillermo, 9/12

Comments: This is an extremely comfortable shoe, as I only had light aching feet after my first session in these, but that was probably due to my orthotics and the adjustment in wearing them in these shoes for the first time. I have had a few more sessions since and I get no pain at all. Just amazing comfort. They are extremely easy to wear apart from the minor aching problem as they now fit amazing, with the lacing system allowing you to fit it like a glove to you feet. It's a light shoe giving you plenty of speed, but also very stable. Finally, the white/navy/blue color scheme is pretty sick too. I can't comment on durability yet but I will update. Recommended.
From: Tom, 9/12

Comments: This is the most comfortable tennis shoe I've ever had, but after 3 weeks of D1 college tennis they have no tread left. Typical Nike durability, but wonderful if you don't care about burning though shoes.
From: Bogdan, 9/12

Comments: Extremely great shoes. I have had them for about a month now and they are not tearing at all. I play everyday and tournaments on weekends and they are still holding up. The lace system is pretty cool and actually works. Again, these are great shoes. If you are thinking about getting them, I would definitely recommend it.
From: Evan, 9/12

Comments: I bought my first pair and immediately ordered two more pairs right afterward! I love this shoe!
From: Kevin, 9/12

Comments: I played in these fresh out of the box and they felt great, as well as performed great. I forgot about my feet during the match, except when I remembered I had on a new pair of shoes and remarked to myself how good they felt. They are very nimble feeling, too. My footwork benefitted, as moving back and jumping for overheads was a joy. I highly recommend these shoes. My old Wilson's don't compare, plus they made my Achilles' tendon ache. I've had no problem with these Nikes.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: Not comfortable at all. They caused me extreme left heel pain and blisters on both feet. I've gone back to my old shoe. Good money down the drain.
From: Paul, 9/12

Comments: I just came off the court for the second time. They are easily the most comfortable Nike Tennis shoes I have ever worn. Super light with an incredible fit. Not to mention they look cool as well.
From: Cali, 8/12

Comments: This is a great shoe, and I've already bought 3 pairs for my tennis season. But really can we just add the durability guarantee? It would make sense since the shoe doesn't last long for heavy toe draggers and baseline grinders who go for every possible shot. I'd rather these than the Court Ballistec's since it has no break-in required! It's a great shoe overall, just add some warranty to it.
From: Ian, 8/12

Comments: One word of warning...Obsidian = Navy Blue, NOT Black. Do not make the same mistake I did!!
From: Jamie, 8/12

Comments: Knowing that Tinker Hatfield designed these shoes assured me that the new Vapors were going to be the best ones yet. And boy they were. The Vapor 9's are pretty much the Rolls Royce of shoes. Honestly, they're the best shoes you will ever see so far overall. It carries on with the Vapor tradition of lightweight and comfortable aspects. This shoe basically feels like a pillow that wraps perfectly around your feet with the new Nike Adaptable Fit system, with the finger like straps contouring the laces along your feet while moving, which gives fantastic support. The only downside is the durability, like the previous Vapor's. It's expected that such a light shoe would have average durability, but it's decent enough. I would get a pair for practice and one for match play. It's a bit pricey, but it's worth the price.
From: James, 8/12

Comments: Very fast shoes! Faster than the Asics GelRes4, but slower than the Nike Oscillate. I miss them! TW please, If you can make Wilson PS 6.0 Original happen, try to make the Nike Oscillates happen too! I will pay $200 for one pair. They are the best shoes ever!!!
From: Jan, 8/12

Comments: These shoes cannot be described with just words but I shall try my best. The shoes are so comfortable, just like a running shoe. If your running for a drop shot, the shoes have enough stability to stop you from running into the net. The finger-like lacing system is quite lovely; if your feet feel a little tight you can adjust the shoe to a better comfy fit. Also, its a pretty cool looking shoe. However, compared to the vapor 8's, it tops everything except durability. Durability on these shoes have decreased slightly but if you have the money, get these shoes.
From: Dave, 8/12

Comments: Hands down, these are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever wore. There is absolutely no break in period. They are light weight, and feel like you're gliding across the court. The downside of this shoe is the durability. Don't expect to play a ton of intense matches in these. If you're a casual player, these shoes are perfect. If you're really aggressive, you will love the how light these are, but will despise the durability.
From: Dalton, 8/12

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