Nike Lunar Ballistec Atomic Orange/Black Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I am an aggressive 4.0 player and have mixed feelings about this shoe. The price is way too high, I got them for $99 on sale, which is still a lot knowing Rafa does not even wear these shoes. Durability is not very good, but I am extremely rough on my shoes. I really like the outsole because it allows me to slide into my shots better on hard courts so I can recover faster without the extra step. The shoe does run a half a size big, and I cannot find a size 12.5 so I had to go with a 13. Tip -- wear two pairs of socks for a better fit, I also use two pairs for the extra cushioning for when that comes in handy when sliding. Sometimes I find myself sliding after I try to change direction after the split step. I got these shoes 3 weeks ago and they are already flat underneath my big toes.
From: Anon, 8/14

Comments: Best shoe I have ever worn, hands down. It is light, comfortable and durable enough. If they weren't so expensive, I would have a different pair for everyday of the week!
From: Wesley, 8/14

Comments: Positives: The Lunar cushion is awesome, they lace up real snug, and they are lower to the ground. Negatives: The price is too high, toe box is too narrow (I'm getting sores on my little toes), they have next to no ventilation (which my wife does not appreciate when I air these things out at home), and cosmetics and colors are outright goofy. I am probably going to look at Asics. Nike should have stuck with the Breathe 2k12 line and just improved it -- oh well.
From: Anon, 7/14

Comments: I am a fan of the new Lunar Ballistec. I am an aggressive high school player at about a 5.0 level. The shoe is much more comfortable than the Court Ballistecs and also gives the foot a more glove like feel where your foot is wrapped within the shoe. The only downside to the shoe is the durability. It is not as durable as the Court Ballistecs and the Air Max Cages, but still has decent durability. Also the price is too high. But the shoe is definitely more comfortable.
From: Ryan, 6/14

Comments: I got this shoe this time and never again! I have only negative feedback -- the price is ridiculous, the support and stability is bad, the cushioning is terrible, and the upper front part is harder and less flexible than the 4.3. I played in them twice and am in process of returning them. Now I know why Nadal doesn't use them. I have been Nike Court Ballistec customer for years, but I am switching to Yonex.
From: Nebojsa, 6/14

Comments: Nike missed the mark on these big time. I'm an aggressive 4.0 all court player. They do not have the same level of stability and support as the previous 4.3s. There is less support as well in the mid sole causing my arch to hurt badly after only one set of tennis. Very disappointed. Oh and the price is outrageously expensive! I got ripped off. Unfortunately I will use them to cut my lawn in.
From: Ken, 6/14

Comments: I really don't understand why Nike insists on these horrible cleat-like-looking shoes. Would it be the World-Cup effect, or just the steep $165 price? Not even Rafael Nadal wears them. Horrible shoes. Maybe it is time to revisit the old Balistec?
From: Marcos, 6/14

Comments: Not as good as previous models in cushioning and stability. And more expensive.
From: AA, 6/14

Comments: If you go half a size down, the fit is perfect. Ventilation and traction aren't great, but there is very good comfort, support, and stability. I can already tell that, even after just 10 sets and a few hours of play time, I'm a third of the way done with the outsole. If there wasn't a 6 month guarantee, these would be a complete rip-off. It actually is kind of a rip off already, given the poor durability. I probably won't be buying them again, and that's a shame because they perform very well on the court.
From: Brian, 5/14

Comments: I wanted to try these out since the Ballistec 4.3 has been discontinued. As others have indicated, I had to get a 9.5 instead of my usual size 10. After lacing them up, I thought the overall fit seemed adequate. Not as snug as the 4.3 in the toe box, but the heel support seemed okay. Definitely lower to the ground than I'm used. Unfortunately, when I actually wore them on court to play, the balls of my feet became sore. The heel didn't seem as stable either. I didn't enjoy the less flexible material in the toe upper. The Lunars simply don't provide the support and snug fit that I prefer in my tennis shoe. Big disappointment.
From: Joel, 5/14

Comments: This shoe doesn't provide the durability and support that the previous Ballistecs did. If you are a bigger guy (>190 lbs), these shoes won't give you enough support. The Air Max cushioning is better than the Lunarlon in the heel. These shoes are made for skinny 150 pound tennis players -- no wonder Nadal refuses to wear them.
From: Mike, 5/14

Comments: Two thumbs down. They are not as good as the previous 4.3 in all categories. Please bring back the Court Ballistec 4.3! I am an aggressive 4.0 all court player.
From: Sam, 5/14

Comments: These looked great and felt awesome on my feet for a week and then they gave me plantar fasciitis. I agree with the previous comments regarding the outsole feeling not as supportive after short usage. I really wanted to like these shoes, but the previous generation is a better overall choice in my opinion.
From: EBRP, 5/14

Comments: Awesome shoes! Only possible knock on them is durability. They're not as sturdy as the CB 4.3s. I went from the 4.3s to these and I love them. They are lighter, comfier, and lower to the ground. They are narrower than both the CB 4.3 and Air Max Cage. So if you have a narrow foot, give these a try.
From: Kevin, 4/14

Comments: I don't get why everyone says that they do not like these shoes, they are easily the best tennis shoes I've ever worn! The comfort level of these shoes are out of this world and the support is just as good as my previous Barricade 7s. The traction is very good in my opinion. It is good enough so that it wont slip all over the court, but you can slide if you need too. I've had them for over two months and the soles are still great even though I play almost every day if I could, I would get them again and again.
From: Jonathan, 4/14

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable but my only problem is that in one week the outsole is like a pancake. The Courtballistec 4.3s were a much better shoe in my opinion. It seems now that all the new Nike shoes wear out very fast.
From: Diego, 4/14

Comments: Don't know about you guys, but the insole broke within 4 days. For the three days it worked, it was good though!
From: Jeffrey, 4/14

Comments: Awful shoe! I've had them for two weeks and they have already worn through. Not nearly as comfortable or as durable as the 4.3. Certainly not worth the money.
From: Tim, 4/14

Comments: I have no idea what some of the people below are talking about. Nothing is awesome about this shoe. Nothing. Doesn't anyone wonder why Nadal won't even wear this shoe? If they want to increase the price, then it better be for a good reason and not just to take advantage of loyal followers while brainwashing them with a giant oversized swoosh. As if we didn't know the shoes were made by Nike before? Why the extra $30? Karen below said it best. Worst version ever. The material bends awkwardly in the front because it's cheap plastic. Re-release the 4.3 so I don't have to stock up on as many pairs as humanly possible. Thank you and that is the truth about this shoe. My rant is over.
From: Al, 4/14

Comments: These are great shoes! Regarding the fit, I ordered half a size smaller than my usual 10.5 feet (got size 10) and they fit great and provide me with the same room that I love. The fact that I can adjust the shoe too provides me with a great fit and breathability. Regarding the performance of the shoes, it's honestly beautiful. The traction is great so I can stop on a dime, and they're lightning quick. I've never been faster in other tennis shoes. They provide me with a midway to the ground feeling (I'm not too close as I was with my Propulses or too high off as with my Ballistec 4.3s). I got some support but not as much as with the Ballistecs (those shoes were bulky). Can't speak about the durability since it's only been a week, but nothing's happened to them yet, and they still look great. I'm sure it won't be a problem, these great shoes have a 6 month durability guarantee anyway. The cosmetics of the shoe are great too, everybody's loved them in school and it's made me happy as they didn't like the look of the Ballistecs much. They're also so comfortable! Better than the Propulses, and I never get tired of wearing them. It's great and theres little to no break in period. Compared to the Ballistecs, they feel a lot better. I hated them but had to deal with those slow clunky shoes for a year. I mean the durability was great but I wasn't quick on the court at all and they were a bit too lose for me. They also got dirty because of the white mesh in the front. Again I can't speak about durability, but the toe part of the shoe is my only concern as it doesn't have the same "guard" as the Courtballistecs did. Otherwise they're great shoes, you really won't regret the purchase.
From: Matt, 3/14

Comments: These shoes are softer than the Air Max Cages and only lasted half as long. They only lasted two months from playing 4 days a week. Although there is a warranty, two months is ridiculous!
From: Nick, 3/14

Comments: I have mixed feelings about these shoes. They are a lot more comfortable than the pervious version, however, I have encountered a few problems. The first problem was when I first purchased these shoes, the insoles in both of my shoes kept riding up to the top of my shoe, which as a result made my heel hurt a lot. It's an easy fix, all you have to do is buy a pair of insoles. The other problem I had with these shoes was I was always slipping. Now I'm a player that knows how to and slides on hard courts, but it was the unwanted slipping that really bothered me. Overall, it's a good shoe but it isn't worth $165.
From: Jon, 3/14

Comments: I want to amend my previous review from 2/14. Still love the shoes, but future purchases will be made 1/2 size down. For some reason, they seem to be the same length wise as the 4.3s, but just seem to be bigger.
From: RC, 3/14

Comments: These shoes are pretty pricey, but they are so worth it! They are really comfortable and stylish. They're lightweight so you can really move to the ball quickly and still recover fast. I got a 1/2 size smaller than my normal size and they fit perfect. Love these shoes!
From: Austin, 3/14

Comments: Awesome shoe. Really comfortable and is nice on the court. It's lighter than then 4.3s but it doesn't have as much heel cushioning because no AirMax.
From: Hank, 3/14

Comments: Worst tennis shoe ever! My son plays in the 16s and has been competing for seven years. These are deplorable and a crime for the money they cost. Inner soles slide and get bunched up by the toe. Replaced shoe laces twice. They get shredded while he plays. Never seen anything like this!
From: Karen, 3/14

Comments: Great shoe overall. Plays a lot faster than the last model and feels just as supportive. I didn't have to 1/2 size down like others suggested. Only problem is that it's not as durable as the 4.3. Never had a problem with wearing through my 4.3 toe, but I'm already through it on this shoe. Wouldn't normally mind, but was told that the 6 month guarantee only applies to the outer sole and the wear is right above the base of the shoe and this part is considered the upper. Even when I wore Vapors, I never wore out a toe.
From: Matt, 2/14

Comments: Great shoes. Think I still prefer the 4.3, as they have a little more cushioning. I did not feel the need to size down as others mentions. If I had sized down, my toes would have been a little smushed. Adding a cadence insole took a little volume, and made them the perfect fit. Love the solid colors!
From: RC, 2/14

Comments: Good looking shoe. They are a little narrow for my foot and the size ran true. I'm not feeling the same comfort as others have mentioned, but I'm hoping they'll loosen up a little and have a quick break-in period even though they're described as "no break-in required." My previous shoes were the Babolat SFX. Great Shoe as well, just got the Nike's to try a different style.
From: JB, 2/14

Comments: Definitely order a 1/2 size smaller than your Nike Air Courtballistec 4.3 shoes. I wear a 9 in the Air Courtballistec 4.3 and I got the Lunar at 8.5 and they feel perfect. I played a little shy today since it was the first time wearing them, but they felt pretty much the same as the 4.3. They are very comfortable and they are more fitted or narrower than the 4.3 but not that much. They have more grip which I dont like that much, but that's because of the more durable outsoles. No break-in required. Overall, a very good shoe and I will probably buy another pair in 3-4 months. Can't actually compare directly with the 4.3 since I returned them for warranty, but they feel strong but flexible enough.
From: Julio, 1/14

Comments: Just got these shoes and it definitely draws a lot of attention not only with the color but the style of the shoe. They are comfortable and very light and cushy. They seem a little bigger, I probably could have gone 1/2 size smaller. I play mostly on hard courts and these shoes were fantastic. I played on har-tru and I slipped at least 3 times in one match and even sprained my thumb on one of my slides. I would not recommend these shoes on clay and I will only use mine on hard courts.
From: Christian, 1/14

Comments: So first impressions, these have the potential to be my new favorite shoes (currently my favorite shoes are the Vapor 9s). Out of the box they were much more comfortable than the Courtballistec 4.3. Almost on par with the Vapor 9 when it came to comfort. The other thing was that they are extremely light. They feel lighter than the Vapor 9s, even though the specs say they're .6 ounces heavier. One thing that I noticed is that the toe box was a bit larger than the Vapor 9s and the previous Courtballistecs. I thought it might annoy me, but I was able to cinch up the laces and the Adaptive Fit took care of it. On the court, I thought they were as comfortable as the Vapor 9s, but with much more support. The heel is slightly higher off the court than the Vapor 9s, but the toe box felt the same. I liked that because I could actually "feel" the court much more than I could with the previous CBs and the Air Max Cages. One of the other things that I noticed is that they were much more "springy" than the Vapor 9s. It might be the Lunar cushioning system. With the Vapors I feel like I somewhat "sink" whenever my foot hits which I like since it cushions the blow, but with the Lunar Ballistecs, I felt like it had a slight trampoline effect when I landed. I kind of liked that too. It cushioned my blow, but it felt like my first step was much quicker. One thing that might be an issue in the summer is that there doesn't seem to be much ventilation. All in all, I think I will really like them. I've been looking for a sturdier shoe that was still light like the Vapor, and this fits the bill. Plus, it has a 6 month outsole durability guarantee so it should last me much longer than my Vapors.
From: Jon, 1/14

Comments: If you are used to the Courtballistec 4.3 you won't really notice a difference when playing with this shoe -- which is a very good thing. What you will notice is that you can really tighten up the whole shoe to perfectly conform to your foot and grip it in a way that was not previously possible because of the different upper, the old one had suspect eyelets so you couldn't really lace them up that tight anyway. It does run bigger than before, but I feel the old one ran small for the size. After I tightened up the shoe, I felt that the toe box was quite a bit roomier, somewhat similar to the toe box of the Barricade V which is really nice because I have a tendency to smash my toes. It does feel lower to the ground and significantly more agile around the court than the previous version and the new tread pattern has tremendous traction. On the downside it doesn't have the same level of shock absorption that the previous one had, but is still quite good, and the ventilation feels a bit less efficient. I like the old shoe better for long hitting sessions and the new shoe for outright performance. This is the fastest and most comfortable durability guaranteed shoe I've worn.
From: Dale, 1/14

Comments: Great shoe, but the cosmetics are not nearly as good as the previous two models.
From: Darren, 1/14

Comments: These are great shoes, but I would highly recommend ordering a full size down. I am always a 12 in Nike and the 12 in these shoes were like boats. 11 was the correct fit. Other than that, comfortable shoes and no real break-in period which is always nice. Also, the red color is very bright. They suit my personality but if you don't want everyone looking at your shoes, I would recommend going with the white.
From: Zach, 1/14

Comments: Awesome shoe! They run very wide and slightly longer then expected. I would personally recommend a size smaller. Great shoe though, and very comfortable!
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: It's a great shoe, I just think the cosmetics are too boastful.
From: Christian, 1/14

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