Nike City Court VII White/Black/Red Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I must agree with some of the comments below -- these feel very narrow to me. I have medium width feet, but I did not like these shoes at all. Once I took them off and put my old pair of Cage Courts back on, it was a huge relief. So I would not recommend unless you have narrow feet, or unless you can get these in a wide size. Even then, I found them to be pretty heavy and clunky. I guess you get what you pay for.
From: Duke, 1/14

Comments: Love these shoes. The durability is questionable, though -- they wear out too soon. Still like the fit and performance though.
From: Sandy, 12/13

Comments: These are not a medium fit, maybe only at the heel. At mid fot and fore foot, the fit is narrow. It is questionable if I can brake them in enough for confort in the mid foot. The arch support is not medium, but low. That didn't bother me as I always put my own insoles in all the shoes. I don't have enough heel hold with these, but my heels are narrow, compared to my wider forefoot. Quality seems to be good. Traction is excellent. Bottom line: Buy them only if you have narrow foot and low arch.
From: Boris, 11/13

Comments: These shoes are not that great for people that go and play 20 hours a week. I have gotten knee pain after getting these shoes. I expected more from Nike. The support in the arch is poor, and the fit is quite narrow. It is awkward running straight. But side to side is OK. Great shoes, but should be cheaper.
From: Anon, 11/13

Comments: As Brett said, "Don't waste your money on all the gimmicky Nike shoes that cost a lot and look cool." You get the comfort in this shoe at 1/2 the price. I have 2 pairs.
From: Teetertotter, 11/13

Comments: For my feet, I am able to put these on right out of the box and hit the court. I have narrow feet and the shoe fits nice and snug. They hold very well when I stop and change directions. This is the prime reason I prefer this shoe. The soles hold up well enough and last about 3 months. And I play nearly 7 days a week on hard courts.
From: Wolfman, 4/13

Comments: These shoes actually seem to be cambered inwards, so running a straight line was a little awkward, but side to side motions were okay. I felt that the phylon midsole was a little thick for my liking, however I'm used to the low ride of the Vapor Tour, and prior to that I played in running shoes (Nike Free's) which are quite low by comparison. The Free's also had considerably less support. I also disliked how the heel was a little high compared to the forefoot. This restricted my toe on landing motions, since during tennis I'm usually on my toes. But the lockdown felt inferior to the Vapor 9. I can't really compare this to other tennis shoes like the Ballistec or Barricade since I've not worn those, but I can say that compared to running shoes this shoe had very significantly improved levels of support and cushioning. Lateral movements felt very secure, although again, this felt a little wasted considering I was accustomed to the lightness of wearing running shoes previously.
From: Liang, 3/13

Comments: It's my second time having this shoe, and I like it whenever I'm hitting on the run. They are comfortable and fit my feet. Best buy for its price.
From: A.W.C., 1/13

Comments: Nice shoes, especially when you are running to and fro. Recommended.
From: A.W.C., 1/13

Comments: I just got this shoe recently and I went to play tennis and for the first time in all my years of playing tennis, I totally lost my grip on the ground, totally fell to the court and nearly cracked my head open. The irony is that this is the first day wearing the shoe. I am thinking of returning the shoe. I will not recommend to anyone.
From: A.J., 1/13

Comments: My favorite shoe, ever! However, I have taken the Nike original insole out and inserted a high arch orthodic that in combination I have found extremely comforable at this price point. The EVA outsoles have average wear life. The orthodic has been placed in fully three pairs I have worn over the past two years. I usually will buy several pairs on sale before they end production.
From: Thom, 11/12

Comments: This shoe did not last long enough. Also, the shoe felt uncomfortable at times.
From: Andy, 8/12

Comments: I didn't expect this to be a very good shoe considering the price. But I was surprised to find out that it feels nice to play with, good stability moving side to side, and I think it will have a decent durability with the outsoles. I'm not sure since I haven't played that much with it, but so far no signs of wear and tear on the outsoles.
From: Dan, 8/12

Comments: Great shoe. It is very light if compared to the barricades. I would prefer this shoe because I believe footwork is the most important aspect of the tennis game, and although the barricades provide nice traction, I was lagging around the court a bit. I am also a marathon runner, and for all those runners out there, we like our shoes light! In addition, what's a rally if you can't get to the ball in time. A heavy shoe will hinder one's timing and footwork. I hope this review helps!
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: Great shoe for the average city court. Takes a bit to break in, but never hurts. Wears fantastic. Side to side support is firm. Not to mention, it's at a bargain price.
From: D.O.C., 8/12

Comments: Great shoe. The durability is great, and very, very good comfort.
From: Mateo, 7/12

Comments: Don't waste your money on all the gimmicky Nike shoes that cost alot and look cool. This shoe is the best Nike has to offer for tennis players in terms of comfort for half the price. Durability wise it's just as good as the expensive Vapors or 2k11.
From: Brett, 6/12

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