Nike Air Court Ballistec 3.3 Blue/White Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: This shoe is very narrow.
From: Chris, 11/12

Comments: I have used these shoes for one season of tennis and two summers of hitting. These shoes have stability that no other shoes have come close to matching. These shoes give you complete control over your footwork because of their superior stability and traction. The traction allows for the perfect amount of forgiveness. However, I do have very narrow feet so these shoes are perfect for me. I could see how a person with wide feet would struggle to find these shoes practical for game play. The only other problem I have is with the poor design of the lacing system. The eyelets on both pairs of my shoes have ripped and rendered these shoes useless, however this was after about a year of using 2 different pairs. I would suggest Nike try to incorporate Flywire to engage the same level of stability, and allow for longer durability. I have switched to Nike Air Max Challenge shoes for the winter session, but may go to the CB 4.3's in the spring.
From: Jameson, 11/12

Comments: Overall, this is a great shoe with one major problem: the lacing system. I wore these shoes only on tennis courts. I always carried them in my tennis bag's shoe compartment and put them on and took them off on very clean, well-maintained tennis courts. I never wore them anywhere else. So, while there was still a lot of tread left on the soles, the fabric loop on one of the shoes that the laces run through snapped. I now have a clean, great looking shoe that I can't wear anymore. Bummer!
From: J, 10/12

Comments: I got the 4.3 first because they were the newest ones, but my foot is narrow which puts a crease in them due to the insole pressing against the inside. So I called Tennis Warehouse where they help me exchange and find a fit that would work, so I went with the 3.3 and they fit perfect. There's no crease and I am pleased. So for my narrow foot the 3.3 is better than the 4.3.
From: Jose, 9/12

Comments: This is a really good shoe durability wise on the bottom, but the top near the laces doesn't do so well. I've had them for a few months and the binding that hold the laces in are ripping, and soon I won't be able to tie the shoe. They are very good as far as wear goes on the bottom and toe though.
From: Tommy, 9/12

Comments: These shoes are surprisingly awesome! They require only a few minutes of breaking into. Don't be fooled, it looks heavy and clunky, but they're actually pretty light. Durability looks promising as well!
From: Kevin, 3/12

Comments: It's taken a little bit of adjustment, but I've finally figured out how to enjoy this shoe, which in my normal size 9 was always too tight on the sides for me and had the tendency to smash my toenails when chasing down drop shots (didn't happen in the same size CB 2.3s). So I went up to a size 9.5, which was so much more comfortable, it was a tad roomy in the toebox, but the shoe conformed to my foot in no time, and I felt planted in the shoe (no more smashed toenails as a plus!). However, I think the shoe was meant for someone with bigger feet because the inner sides of the upper began to dig into my ankle as the insoles started to become more compacted, so my solution was to swap in my trusty polysorb insoles (which have a beefy heel+cheap+work for hi/med arch feet). This is a heavy combo...but my feet and joints feel great, so I'm OK not chasing down every shot :P I switched to the CB line for the stability and Max Air in the heel to keep me protected, and it has performed as hoped.
From: Anon. 1/12

Comments: This is a great shoe if you don't have wide feet! If only it wasn't so tight around the forefoot I would love this shoe very much. I tried switching to a thinner aftermarket insole but still to tight and hurting my feet. Then I figure I just needed to break them in but after a month of playing they still feel tight. That's too bad because I love everything else about the shoe.
From: Joe, 1/12

Comments: I need to first mention that I have loyally been wearing Nike shoes (Breathe Free and Cage) for probably the past 6 or 8 years. When the Cage 2,s finally ran out of stock at Tennis Warehouse I had to switch to Nike's only shoe line with warranty. This was the Court Ballistec 3.3. I can honestly say that these are the most uncomfortable tennis shoes I have ever worn. My feet are literally in pain within 20-30 minutes of play. I think I have figured out the cause of much of the pain and it is due to how the laces cinch up the shoe when tied tightly. If you look close up at the pictures of the shoe you can see that the lace holes are little yellow loops. Well these loops continue down all the way to the sole of the shoe and effectively form 4 narrow straps that put tremendous pressure on your feet. These 4 straps are the only thing that get tighter when you tighten the laces. These straps are independent of the upper of the shoe. The upper of the shoe just sort of floats above these straps. In a normal shoe, the eyelets for lacing are connected right to the upper of the shoe so that when you tie them up all the pressure from tightening is evenly distributed along the entire upper and subsequently your foot. I am not sure if any of this has been mentioned by other posters but this is my reasoning behind my discomfort.
From: John, 12/11

Comments: This shoe looks great but is too heavy for me. I didn't think it would be such an issue but I wish I would have gotten a lighter shoe. Not to bad for comfortable wise but I don't think it is worth it.
From: Nate, 12/11

Comments: The shoe has a really cheap lacing system that breaks easily if you routinely tighten your shoes before your play.
From: Chuck, 12/11

Comments:First off, I have been wearing adidas Barricade's since the IV edition, decided to try the 3.3 Court Ballistecs. Since everyone was commenting on the 'tightness' of the forefoot area, I decided to go up a full size. Truth be told, this fit my feet really well after 30 mins of walking around and then I gave it a test drive on the tennis courts. I really like the shoe, it is comfortable, light, and stable. I can't comment on durability though. I want to add wearing this with jeans also is a hit. Thanks Tennis Warehouse!
From: Praetorian, 12/11

Comments: I want to love then, really. I love the colors, but they just hurt way too much. While I have a wide foot, I've not had problems with the Breathe or Lunars. Kept waiting for them to beak in, but they haven't. Sadly, you really need a narrow foot for the shoes to work.
From: Paul, 12/11

Comments: For me the Nike Court Ballistic 3.3 are the best tennis shoes in the market. It's got a great design and extremely comfortable. I'd been having knee problems for the past year with the adidas Barricade range. The cushioning on the 3.3s is great! I haven't had a problem at all since and I've had Court Ballistics for the past 2 years. The only thing is getting use to the shoe, at the beginning the shoe hurt the soles of my feet because the width of the shoe was slightly tight on me but it soon molded to my foot and the other thing is the weight of the shoe which is heavier than the regular tennis shoe because of all the cushioning and the Air Max technology. But for me without a doubt this is the best tennis shoe in the market!
From: Albert, 12/11

Comments: For those of you who are having trouble adjusting to this shoe, and loved the 2.3's more, I have the perfect solution. The 3.3's make you feel higher off the ground, whereas the 2.3's make you feel like you're more grounded. To fix this, simply switch the insoles of the shoes. When you do you'll notice that the 3.3's insoles are much thicker than the ones placed in the 2.3's. And once you slip the 2.3's in the 3.3's, you'll feel like the shoe is lighter, and more grounded. I hope this helped!
From: Isriz, 12/11

Comments: I've been playing with Nike shoes for the last 9 years - my favorite being the Breath 2, the old Federer shoe. The new 3.3 is the best shoe I have found since the Breath 2. I see most people don't like them. I have fairly narrow feet, so that's why they are probably good for me. They are stiff and tricky to get on the first couple times, but after walking around in them once or twice they felt fantastic on court! Great comfort, extremely solid, didn't feel heavy at all - the best comment I could say is, I didn't have to think about my shoes for a second while playing, they did exactly what I wanted to do with great comfort and speed. I've only played with them a few times, but I don't know how they could somehow stop being good. If you have narrowish feet, give these a try!
From: Terry, 12/11

Comments: Stiff, tight fitting shoe that's not as durable as it makes out to be. The grip of the shoe wears out and if not that the lacing system breaks and the shoe is stuffed anyway. I was a big Nike fan but their shoes have just gone to water, Nike never again.
From: Sam, 11/11

Comments: Great looking shoe, but after 2 weeks of play they are just too tight in the fore-foot. It has been a painful 2 weeks. Today I skipped the first two eyelets lacing up the shoes. It looks a little funny, but I am now pain free. Give this a try, your wide feet will thank me.
From: Mike, 11/11

Comments: I bought these shoes and used them about 3 months. It is very heavy shoes, but good cushioning and comfort. The biggest problem is the holders of laces. After 2 months of using the shoe, they were broken.
From: Anon, 11/11

Comments: This shoe looks great and it started out sort of tight. I think it will be pretty durable and help your footwork/speed with the Drag technology. Yay!
From: Andrew, 11/11

Comments: Owned a pair of these for a while now and wanted to love them. Unfortunately these took about two weeks of constant play to break in and they still don't feel comfortable. Now months into owning this shoe, my right arch hurts like I've never felt after playing. I've developed some back issues over the last 2 months and am staring to wonder now if there is any connection. Used to wear Lunar 8's with no problem. Not the most durable shoe, but certainly lighter and more comfortable than this shoe. On a positive note, durability is a plus. Comfort is at the other end of the spectrum for me however. Conclusion: Going back to the Lunars until they come out with something that provides equal comfort to durability.
From: Anon, 11/11

Comments: These shoes, I agree, are one of the most durable shoes you'll play with. With the extra durability comes the extra weight coming at 17.48 oz, which is over a pound on your foot when you're running on the court. They feel like blocks on your feet, a bit narrow in the toe box, and they also have a weird arch, but I broke that in and the rest of the shoe after a little bit of time. Overall, a great shoe for people with strong legs or those that wear out shoes in a short period of time.
From: Josh, 11/11

Comments: Best shoe I've ever worn in terms of performance. Hands down. I play 9.0 mixed doubles, and never slipped while split stepping or changing direction. Also, the stability in these shoes is incredible. My ankle felt stable whenever I was sliding on court. That's where the positives end for this shoe. After using these shoes for a while, I started having pain in my arches. They are very narrow shoes. The 2.3s fit perfectly in terms of width, but the 3.3s were much too tight. Even as a soccer player who likes very tight shoes, these were unbearable. If you have a narrow foot, I highly recommend this shoe. I wish I did, so I could continue to use these. They lasted me 5 months of infrequent match play. My ratings: Performance (running, stopping, etc): 4.7, Stability/Ankle Support: 4.8, Arch Support: 3.4, Traction: 4.7, Comfort: 3.0, Durability: 4.0, Weight: 4.0, and Overall: 4.0.
From: Anon, 11/11

Comments: These shoes are great! They give me a lot of support and comfort. The shoes did need a lot of break in though it took me about 3-4 outings to break-in to them as my feet are very wide. But after breaking in to them they felt terrific, I would highly recommend these shoes to anyone even people with wide feet because all you have to do is break in to them.
From: Ray, 10/11

Comments: Everybody says these shoes don't fit well and hurt, but I have a thin foot and they fit me perfectly and are extremely stable. I never even think about turning an ankle. For me, they also work very well for changing direction. I like these way better then Nike Vapor's, adidas Barricade's, or the Nike Court Ballistec 1.3's and 2.3's.
From: Fritz, 10/11

Comments: I bought my son the Nike Air Max Court Ballistic 3.3 shoes. It took a week or two to break in. He really likes these shoes. My son used to wear the Nike Lunar Vapor 8 Tour for speed but he was going through them pretty quickly. He was also getting on and off knee pains. Since he switched to the Nike Air Max Court Ballistic 3.3, he hasn't had any knee pain. I just bought another pair of Nike Air Max Court Ballistic 3.3 so he alternate his shoes.
From: Susana, 10/11

Comments: I have been wearing these shoes regularly (not on the court) just to stretch them out and they still felt kind of tight on court. After switching to thinner socks the shoes felt much much better. If you don't enjoy painful breaking in periods then I would suggest a different shoe. I hope that helps with most everyone's "tight" issue.
From: Chris, 10/11

Comments: I found the part near the ankle has a plastic part which is bad designed. It caused pain on my ankle. I thought the Nike Court Ballistec 2.3 is way more comfortable.
From: Jackson, 10/11

Comments: This shoe is great. I play everyday on hot Texan hard courts about 4 hours a day (4.0-4.5) and they lasted me 5 months. I played extensively to get me free shoes but these shoes are extremely comfortable and the arch hits me perfectly. They did require a bit of break in at first but now they are the most comfortable shoe I have worn. They look great too. I am a big dragger and the DragOn 2x really helped me out as these were the only shoes that haven't burned a hole. This is the best shoe!
From: Salvador, 10/11

Comments: Huge fan of the 2.3s but these just don't fit the same. Surprisingly how much a shoe can change from one generation to the next. I'm 23 a solid 4.5 player with an all around game and play about 4-5x a week. My feet are relatively wide and I've been wearing Nikes for who knows how long and for all other sports. The 3.3 in a size 10(my normal size) feels abnormally long and really tight around the mid foot; while the 2.3 had a true to length fit and normal width. The first time playing in these I had to stop midway and take them off b/c my feet were cramping due to the tightness. Took me about 2 weeks to break them in and even then it still runs long and my feet moves from time to time. I tried on a pair of 9.5 and they were way too small. The sizing for this shoe is just off. As you can probably tell, I'm not too happy with the shoe. Pretty durable I must say, but it's just not worth it if I can't run and stop at full speed w/o potentially hurt myself. comfort:1/10 durability: 8/10
From: WR, 10/11

Comments: I have these shoes and I find them very durable and very effective for quick movements people often mistake them for the the Kobe's (basketball shoe).
From: John, 10/11

Comments: Contrary to many other reviews, I felt these shoes needed no break in. As soon as I slipped them on they felt great. After an hour and a half of playing, my feet still were fine with no pains.
From: Ryan, 10/11

Comments: My first pair of these shoes were good after one or two sessions on the court, but 10 months later, now on my 4th pair, I've realized my arch has gotten significantly lower. I loved these shoes and how durable they were compared to the Babolat Propulse 3's. I'd love to keep using these shoes, so if you could help me, what's a good insert for someone with a low arch?
From: Ryan, 10/11
(Ryan, the Superfeet Premium Insoles in Blue or Black would be a good option for players with low arches. ~Brittany, TW)

Comments: Great feeling shoes but the shoelace eyelets break after about 2 months. They just rot out and break. I have two pairs that are useless now even though the soles are fine. Poor design on the lace system! The older versions did not have this problem.
From: Randy, 10/11

Comments:The shoes I wanted were discontinued (New Balance MC900). Against my better judgement, I tried these Nike's and I was surprised to find a great pair of shoes. Good looking, high performance, and comfortable. No break-in required. After a month of play almost daily (4.0+), I am quite happy to recommend them for their high level of performance. No regrets here. Everyone seems to comment on what great looking shoes they are. I am a size 10, narrow/medium width feet, pronator, high arch with plantar fasciitis sensitivity.
From: David, 10/11

Comments: It's a fantastic shoe. Everything is great about it except the break-in and the toe durability. Nike should bulk up the toe area more for the toe draggers. Its a awesome shoe at an awesome deal. The 6 month warranty is a good deal too.
From: Brian, 9/11

Comments: I have been playing in the 3.3's for about a month now. They are finally breaking in. Playing a couple of times a week I was hoping to break them in faster. One of my only complaints is that the shoe is too narrow for my foot causing pain and slight blistering. The rubber on the front of the toe is also wearing pretty fast. They do offer great traction and stability however.
From: Brandon, 9/11

Comments: These are the worst shoes I've ever gotten. The reinforced upper is so extremely stiff that they dig in to my ankles, causing severe bruises.
From: Joe, 9/11

Comments: These are very, very good shoes! They are really comfortable from the inside. Personally, I didn't need a break-in period and I am enjoying the performance and style of the 3.3
From: Lien, 9/11

Comments: Great looking shoe but poorly designed lace system! I have two pairs of 3.3's that are useless after a few months. The cloth shoelace eyelets are a weak link in this shoe and break very easily! They basically rot out and snap. I have 3 pairs of 2.3's and wore them into the ground with no complaints.
From: Randy, 9/11

Comments: I have had my Nike Air Court Ballistec 3.3's for a few days and I really like them. They are the best shoes I've had. I especially like the feel and how light they are on the court.
From: Sam, 8/11

Comments: I've had the Court Ballistec 3.3's for 3 days now and they are one of the most comfortable and stylish tennis shoes I've bought to date. Reading all the negative reviews made me a bit nervous but I had nothing to worry about. Maybe I have the right foot ergonomics for these shoes but they fit me just right. Even though I've only hit the courts with them just once I've used them to run some errands and they had a relatively fast break-in. These for me work just fine. True to size as well. The only knock I can find is that they are a bit on the heavy side but that's nothing I can't get used to. I come from using the Babolat Team All Court Reverse and the 3.3's are in a totally different league. I would definitely buy again.
From: Cris, 8/11

Comments: I'm on my third pair of 3.3's. I am 6'3 and 190 pounds. I've tried a number of other brands and other Nike sneakers as well. Being tall and at 190 pounds puts a lot of jarring on my knees especially playing on hard courts most of the time but with the 3.3's my knee problems are very minimal. They absorb impact very well, which is my favorite part about these sneakers. It didn't take long to break in for me and for my money, the 6 month durability guarantee is awesome. When it comes time to sending them in, Nike responds very quickly with a retail voucher for you to buy another pair if you were to wear them out prior to 6 months.
From: Rick, 8/11

Comments: Nike has finally managed to get all the stability a tennis player could ever hope for and all in the wrong spots! The forefoot is completely locked into the shoe; so locked in that a nice numb and tingling sensation can be felt from the moment you sink your feet into these. In addition to that comfortably constricting feeling, this shoe quickly begins to heat the foot up. Along with this perfectly constructed plastic wrapping is the newest in Nike technology, the slide-heel. Yes you're locked into the front of the shoe, but the heel is most definitely not. Additionally, the cushioning of this sleek shoe is spot on if compared to running on pavement with bare feet. You won't even feel it being there! The rubber sole wears down at an astonishing rate. So if you like spending money at an alarming rate, it's your lucky day, because you'll get to dish out more dough in no time!
From: Ryan. 8/11

Comments: Before this 3.3 I was using the Nike Zoom Breathe 2k10 and they were great. Then I bought this shoes. At first they were hurting me but the break-in period was over (very long time), they were GREAT, just perfect. Very light, just amazing.
From: Nacho. 8/11

Comments: These shoes had the longest break-in period. If you can get past the break-in, you will enjoy playing in them, but it may take a while. I recommend these shoes if you have narrow feet. I have wide feet and they were pinching in all the wrong places early on, but I now like them just as I liked the 2.3's. They are extremely durable and will probably outlast the 6 month durability guarantee unless you take a belt sander to the outsole.
From: John, 8/11

Comments: The reviews are right. It takes forever for this shoe to break in and the break-in period is not comfortable. I love how they snug they fit though, almost similar to the fit of the Nike Breathe Cage II. The durability is horrible though. I mostly teach in them and they've already worn through the toe area of my left shoe. I've only had these for a month and I'm almost ready to send them back. The durability of the Cages and the 2.3's is definitely better than the 3.3.
From: Patrick, 8/11

Comments: These are great shoes. It didn't take that long for the shoes to break in. For me, it took 2 hours of playing. For the first one and a half hours, the shoes were very painful. But after that, they were very comfortable to play in. The shoe is very breathable and the Air Max unit in the heel was great. This shoe is a bit narrow so I ordered a half size bigger. At first it's a bit of an awkward fit, but it will loosen up eventually. The shoe design is really cool. I don't know why people were disappointed by this shoe, to me they're pretty much the same as the 2.3 shoe.
From: Carlos, 8/11

Comments: A good way to break into this shoe is to put it in the drying machine, and as soon as the drying process is over, take them out put them on, they will feel super flexible, walk around with them for a bit while they are still warm; they will be practically broken in. I had these shoes and thought they were great. When I first had the shoe I felt discomfort in the outside part of my shoe, as I broke them in I stopped feeling the discomfort. This is not the most durable shoe, in 2 weeks time the soles were gone. Best thing is that laces don't break when I slide (I slide A LOT) because they are protected by the thick sides.
From: Berny. 08/11

Comments: I have bought two pairs of these and I have to say that I was a little concerned after all of the bad reviews this shoe was getting. I also have two pairs of the 2.3's and I recently got the new Nike Zoom Breathe 2k11's so I have a pretty good feel of the pros/cons of each shoe.

I really have enjoyed my 3.3's and they are a little stiff at first so I just wore the around the house for about 2 days before I played in them, and I really had an easy time wearing them on court--no blisters and my feet felt fine after play. I can't say that I can give a good or bad review for durability yet since I have not had them long enough but these feel a lot more durable than the 2.3's. I loved my 2.3's and still wear them when practicing. The 2.3's slipped on easier and were a tad bit more comfy but I feel that the 3.3's are just a better/more durable shoe. Now I did go down half a size for the 3.3's. I wear a 9.5 in the 2.3's and a 9 in the 3.3's.

So if you were like me and afraid of trying the 3.3's because of all of the negative feedback, I can say that I gave them a shot and love them.
From: Scott, 8/11

Comments: Shoes broke in after around 20 - 24 hours of court use, which is around 4 weeks for me. I experienced discomfort due to the shoes being so narrow as majority of the people have already commented. Since the time shoes broke in, I haven't experienced too much discomfort. I wouldn't have minded enduring the 4 weeks of pain if the shoes were more durable than other shoes I've owned in the past. However, I'm not happy with the durability nor the traction provided by the shoes, even when the shoes were new. I've had the shoes for 2 months now and I've already worn out the grooves in my toe area and outer heal of my right shoe. I've lost a few points during matches because I lost footing while changing directions hard. I never had traction problems with the Barricade 5's I've owned prior with the same amount of mileage. Most likely, I will have burned through the sole by the 3rd month. The good news is that the shoes are covered under the 6 month warranty from Nike. The bad news is I will have to break in the new shoes again when the time comes. On a positive note, I have received compliments from several people (non tennis players) on how the shoes looked while I was wearing them (white/blue).
From: Tae, 8/11

Comments: I think I had similar problems to a few other here. These shoes have fantastic performance but hurt my feet terribly. They also do not break in and if anything, I think feel stiffer and tighter after a few weeks.
From: Dave, 8/11

Comments: An amazing tennis shoe, best I've ever worn. It has good durability, stability and breathability. It looks nice too, modern but not too flash. Break-in took about 4 hours and caused a few blisters and pain to my outer mid sole (plastic shank there I think) until it was complete. Now they fit like a glove even though I have fairly wide feet. Normally an 11.5, I was an 11 in these. For anyone complaining about their heel slipping, that's simply because they aren't broken in. Bend and twist them back on themselves with your hands before the first time you wear them- the slipping is simply due to the sole being very stiff out the box and not a poor fit. This bending combined with 4 hours break will give you the perfect shoe. I have a spare pair sitting in a box in my closet. A tremendous shoe, much improved over the 1.3 and better than the newer 3.3s too in my opinion.
From: Nick, 8/11

Comments: At first these shoes are extremely uncomfortable and they hurt my feet horribly a lot! It hurt almost every part of my feet, but that was only the first day, every day it would feel better and by the week I can say these are the most awesome shoes and best traction in the court! They look amazing! I got the blue ones and they look way better when you put them on!
From: Memo. 08/11

Comments: These are the best tennis shoes I've ever worn! They fit me like a glove and give me excellent arch support. Very sturdy, easy to move in, I didn't find them stiff. They're almost like running shoes that have been turned into tennis shoes. I have a narrow foot, a high arch, and over pronate when I run. I wear a 11.5 medium D Nike running shoe and an 11.5 Nike Air Court Ballistic 3.3. I don't think these shoes are for men with wider feet or who over pronate.
From: GV, 7/11

Comments: I found these shoes to have great comfort, support and stability! These were given to me by a friend and they are a nice surprise.
From: Anon, 7/11

Comments: This shoe is a little stiff at first, but after it breaks in it is so comforting on your feet. It is definitely worth the wait. These shoes do slide when used a lot, but overall a great shoe by Nike.
From: Davis, 7/11

Comments: I've had these shoes for about three months and after about month 2, I stopped wearing them. These shoes are very narrow and if you tie your shoes tightly like you should while playing tennis, your feet will hurt very much. I have several pairs of Nikes and none of my other Nikes hurt at all. The shoes don't really break in that much because it's mostly made of PLASTIC.
From: Changseok. 7/11

Comments: The first day I wore these, all I could think of was buying another pair of 2.3s. My feet felt like they were on fire. But I stuck with them. They now feel amazing, but only with two pairs of socks. However, with only one pair the top arch really digs into the ankle and feels weird.
From: Yash, 7/11

Comments: Jason's comments precisely describe my own experience as well. 2.3's fit me perfectly, 3.3's were a big pain to break in (about 2 weeks) but have finally settled in and are comfortable, but the fit is still VERY different. It is definitely more snug in the middle of the foot and there was TOO much support on the outside lateral edges. It could be that my foot is incompatible with this type of high lateral support, but this was the principle source of discomfort during break-in, to the point that I had to walk around in the shoes during the daytime to compress the shoe if I was to have any chance of them being comfortable for a match in the afternoon. That being said, the actual performance of the shoe is remarkably good. I've never felt that my split step has been more responsive than with this shoe, and there is impressive stability while on but there is enough front flexibility for precise walking steps. It seems to be very good at shock reduction as well and has been kind to my joints. Overall, I've been able to be more aggressive with my footwork, and as a result they are wearing out faster in outer front and rear edges of the shoe than I typically wear out a CB 2.3, so it is difficult for me to say if the durability is higher. Overall, despite the terrible break-in, the performance may be enough to keep me wearing this shoe. If the break-in is improved somewhat in the next CB without losing much of the performance this would be a perfect shoe for me.
From: Anon. 07/11

Comments: Coming from a 2.3, I did not like the fit at first. I went half a size bigger and wore thinner socks. Because I needed a pair of tennis shoes that are durable, I decided to go ahead and take the risk. I bended and twisted the shoe multiple times before wearing and it felt broken in within the first half hour. Initially it took a while to get used to the narrower mid section, but the broken in feel isn't that much different from the 2.3s after a while. The outsole is obviously chunkier and more beefed up for increase durability which is a plus. I can see the improvements from 1.3-2.3 series, and am glad it is in the areas I have mentioned before in my other reviews. The uppers felt supportive and actually not bad at all. Cushioning (Air/Lunarlon) is great (when new) as usual and I do hope it will last as my 2.3s did not last long enough and became low responsive. The laces could actually be longer, as I can't double knot it with its current length. For me, I don't slide on the upper of the shoes, so having all that Dragon 2x is actually redundant. Hence, it increases weight(downside) and stiffness to the upper.All in all the 3.3 is a good stable, supportive, durable shoe.
From: Bryan, 7/11

Comments: This is my second pair of 3.3s. I love them and have been playing with them for 7 months now. They are so comfortable and durable. Contrary to previous comments, I actually like them better than the 2.3s.
From: Daniel. 7/11

Comments: Just got these shoes in the mail and wow I loved the cosmetics (green apple). It really stands out and I'm glad I bought these instead of the propulse 3's since so many people are buying those... If you don't like a snug tight fit get a half size up because I got my normal size and it was very snug. Also the shoe is narrow at the top but the things I liked were how stable it felt and it seems to be very durable! To me the shoes feel great and I prefer this over my barricades any day I give it a 8/10. =)
From: Scott. 7/11

Comments: I have a been a big fan of the 2.3s and was very reluctant to try the 3.3s because of the reviews, but I bit the bullet and went for a pair. I have to say, out of the box they feel terrible, very high arch and some general discomfort throughout the footbed of the shoe. I placed my Superfeet insole in from my 2.3s and it made a difference. Here's the lowdown on these shoes from someone who has worn its predecessors since Agassi came out with them. Weight: not lightweight feeling, which based on the actual weight is about right, Nike could improve in this area but not like wearing clogs out there. Comfort: at first not comfortable, after 25 minutes of play time I was actually surprised how comfortable they were - the high arch feeling wasn't a problem after the very short initial break in period, I felt there was more room in the toe box than the 2.3s but I did notice a little digging into my lower inside part of my ankle from the stiff rubber where the top eyelets were. Fit: I took the same size as the 2.3's and they were fine, this shoe sits differently than the 2.3's, it's rockered on the bottom which mean that it's angled like a banana on the sole but obviously not as dramatic, this is in stark contrast to the 2.3s which sit flat on the ground, this rockering actually makes you a little quicker on the start/stops and turns without giving up traction. Traction was very good and stability was excellent, I think that is due to the higher arch which stabilizes your foot and keeps it in a proper position instead of canting inward. Durability seems great, but haven't used them enough yet to give a true review on this. To sum it up, great looking shoe, a little heavier than the 2.3s but not too noticeable, very uncomfortable out of the box but doesn't take too long to break in, my feet felt a little warmer than in the 2.3s so maybe there isn't as much breathability in these or maybe a warm day? A little discomfort in the ankle area (hopefully this goes away), improved rockered sole makes for better movement. Hopefully the next version will be a little lighter and more comfortable in certain areas out of the box, but I think I like these shoes and am liking them more every time I play in them. Don't be scared off by the bad reviews, they're worth a try, and did I mention that they come in great colors and look great.
From: Jason A. 7/11

Comments: If you are a fan of the previous incarnations, you should still try before you buy. I loved the 2.3s but found these to be painfully narrow and stiff. I had to adjust the laces many times to even out the pressure around my foot, and they still pinch during certain transitions. I also find that the ankle cutout is set too far back on the inside; my ankle rubs a bit in the front. I have played at least 10 times in them now, and they have barely loosened up. The durability and traction are good, but I'm already looking for replacements.
From: Dan. 6/11

Comments: I have used 2k10's for a few years and I love them but the durability just isn't there. I got these 3.3's the other day and I love them. Slightly stiff first time on but took and hour or two on the court and they were perfect. I had to order a half size up as they are a narrow shoe but with the half size extra they are a perfect fit. I drag my toe when I serve and can see some wear happening already but lets see. Playing a tournament this weekend so it will be the ultimate test.
From: Matthew. 6/11

Comments: Well I was a big fan of the previous 2.3s right out of the box (bought 4 different colorways) last year. They actually feel like slippers when you slide into them. The 3.3s are a bit of a different creature. Like the TW playtesters mention, they are stiff out of the box and the inner footbed feels a bit aggressive in the arch area. When I put them on, I had to make a good amount of adjustments to even the pressure around the top of the foot. Lace them a bit wide in the middle section of the laces and cinch them close towards the top. The first 4 sets of doubles I played, I'd say they were still in breaking in mode, but they started to loosen up a bit. Today, I played 3 pretty hard core sets of singles and then they started to find their stride, I got that slipper like comfort that I got with the 2.3s. These are a tiny bit wider in the forefoot than the 2.3s. I'd say definitely give them a chance and you'll be rewarded with a solidly structured shoe with good comfort and a really nice design.
From: Curtis. 6/11

Comments: This shoe gave me blisters on both my pinkie toes. I love the snugness and support but I guess you have to have a pretty narrow feet to enjoy this shoe.
From: Hernan. 6/11

Comments: I've had these shoes about a week and have never experienced any of the pain that many other users are experiencing. I actually found these shoes to be more comfortable for me out of the box than the previous versions. These shoes have great traction, but allow me to slide as well, and they feel a lot lighter than the 17 ounces they supposedly weigh. Overall these shoes are fantastic, and they look amazing! Good job Nike!
From: Wes. 6/11

Comments: When I ordered the shoes I looked at the reviews and wondered why I saw so many bad things about this shoe. When I put them on I knew why so many tennis players didn't like them. They fit like soccer shoes. Narrow toe, fit to foot kinda feeling. they are a bit slimmer than the 2.3 so depending on how you like your shoe to fit they may or may not be right for you.
From: Pete. 6/11

Comments: I was definitely scared when I ordered these shoes seeing how many people bash them. They are my first tennis shoes (I'm a beginner), and I spent so much time reading reviews for all sorts of shoes; I ended up hesitating between these and the Barricades 6. I have narrow feet and tend to overpronate. A lot of people complain about how narrow these shoes are, however, for me, the fit is great. I was a bit scared I wouldn't get enough support on the arch, so I ordered Superfeet insoles as well. As it turns out, I did not need them at all! The fit is great, my feet feel well enveloped by the shoe, and the more I wear them, the more natural and comfortable they become. The ortho-lite insoles that are already inside do provide great support. The shoes are indeed stiff at first, but I didn't need a lot of walking around before they started to feel good. Overall, I'm really happy about my choice.
From: Joki. 6/11

Comments: I bought these shoes around mid-April, and I absolutely hated them for the first few weeks. They had the worst break-in period I have ever had in a tennis shoe. My feet were hurting terribly, and I couldn't wait to take them off. That being said, after about three weeks of break in, these shoes were as comfortable of a tennis shoe as I have ever worn before. Before you write these shoes off as soon as you buy them, you need to wear them for a couple of weeks and let them break in.
From: Faiz. 5/11

Comments: HORRIBLE FIT... Way too Narrow in the Toe Box area. I'm returning them as I type this. The shoe is soooo narrow and my feet felt like needles pushing the sides of feet. Going back to Adidas Barricades. Love the style but after teaching 5-10 on the court for the first day I was in tears. My feet now hurt even when the shoes are not on.
From: Johnny B Good Tonight. 5/11

Comments: Incredible shoe. It is solid and locks your feet in, has a nice response to the ground with good traction and seemingly durable. I went through three pairs of shoes so far this year. Break in is required but if you wear it around for two days around the house and then play two hours on it it lightens up.
From: CRC. 5/11

Comments: Durability on these shoes is not very good. I play at least 10 hours a week and they were completely worn out on the bottom. Other than that I think that they feel pretty good but you definitely need a break in period. I think it might have been the insole that was hurting the outside part of my foot. It felt kind of like a foot cramp. Very uncomfortable but it went away after about 2 weeks.
From: Alex. 5/11

Comments: These shoes remind me of Barricades. They're stiff out of the box, a little tight, but after a couple of hours on court (yes, there's a price to pay), they molded to my foot and became like a part of me on the court. They're not as cushioned as the 2.3, but they feel a little more stable and maneuverable. Anyhow, I'm a strong, fairly big guy (4.5 player), and I play an aggressive all court style of tennis, singles and doubles. Shoes that are too soft or light tend to not have nearly enough lateral stability for me, so I'm happy to break in a pair that will last a long time without breaking down and becoming too soft. They don't feel heavy to me, they feel solid. Traction is good. I fit into a half size smaller than I did in the 2.3. I like them.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: These were pretty uncomfortable. Too narrow and very misleading fit compared to the other CB's. They actually gave me a blister on my toe, this has never happened to me before in a tennis shoe. Also, durability isn't as good as the 2.3 or 1.3. The only thing I liked about this shoe is the colorway and the stability. For now, I'm going back to the 2k10's, those are an awesome shoe! Also, a recommendation to TW, you guys really should put narrow fit in the description, its really misleading because i have an average width fit, and it was just way too tight.
From: Grant. 5/11

Comments: Wow the break in sucks. Then it starts to get better. I like the fact it's snug to my foot but is uncomfortable almost. I have played on it for 3 weeks 6 hours a week and can't even tell I've worn the shoes, so durability is great.
From: Mark. 5/11

Comments: I am trying my best to like this shoe. It is very stable and has good cushioning. The shoe is by far the heaviest tennis shoe I have ever worn. My biggest complaint is with the width in the midfoot. I have seen several complaints about the toe box but have no issues there. I have worn these about 10 times and I have yet to complete a match with them on. I have to switch to another pair to finish my match because of foot pain. I keep thinking they will eventually get better but they haven't. I like for my tennis shoes to feel tight but these are just plain misery on my feet. I hope Nike makes some adjustments because it is a great looking shoe.
From: Shane. 5/11

Comments: Strange fit. I have no problem with Adidas or Asics shoes but these just didn't work. In Asics I wear an 11 but I needed a 12 in these Nike 3.3s to be able to put them on. And then there was too much shoe in the front. I would label these these as narrow with a low instep. If you need a generous D width then I'll save you some time and look elsewhere. Attractive looking in real life so it's too bad.
From: Ron. 5/11

Comments: So I have owned 1.3, 2.3, and now the 3.3. One of my pairs of 2.3 were the greatest shoe I have every owned, not just tennis shoe, but most comfortable shoe period. For some reason the two other pairs of 2.3's I have aren't the same. That being said, it took me a while to warm to the 3.3's looks and once I got them, it took a while to warm to the feel. Initially out of the box the inner side of the toe box was tight but everything else seemed okay. Once I got on the court the outer mid-sole hurt just like my non-good pairs of 2.3's. I was a bit disappointed at first, but I decided to give the shoe the benefit of the doubt and kept wearing them. I stuffed some socks into the shoe and laced them up real tight for two days, I then put them back on and got on the court. Toe box was better, but still had the mid-sole problem. However, withing 30 minutes of moving around and sweating a little the sole started to form to my foot and feel much better. I can honestly say that though I'm annoyed I had to break them in a bit, they are now number 2 on my list of shoes. It took some patience but I now have a set of flashy 'gloves' for shoes.
From: Daniel. 5/11

Comments: This shoe did not fit like a glove fresh out the box. It took me about 10 hours of serious court time to break these bad boys in. The first 2 hours did not feel good at all, but now they have loosened up they have a great solid yet comfortable fit. Don't give up on 'em - they will grow on you. The shoelace broke on the 3rd week of use which has never happened with me on a Nike sneaker before - maybe I just got a dud.
From: Marty. 5/11

Comments: The most uncomfortable shoe. Even after you break it in it still kills your feet. Among other things, it's overpriced and is heavier than most other shoes I've played with. I know it looks pretty cool and received a few complements, but it's just not worth the pain.
From: KB, Bend, OR, USA. 5/11

Comments: These are very stiff and uncomfortable out of the box compared to the previous model. I found them to be too tight in the toebox, and very uncomfortable in the heel. A huge letdown from the 2.3.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: The shoes still feel great and I have a lot of wear almost close to holes but not yet. However, I guess because I always wear these and wear them a lot due to the tennis season I have to buy new shoes because the straps that wrap around under the foot and up the side to become lace loops, two of them have broken on the right foot and 1 on the left which makes lacing the shoe awkward because now it doesn't fit as tightly as it did before. I love the shoe but am not taking chances with another pair. I'm going to another nike shoe, a previous model the Breathe Cage II.
From: Ashton, Mayslanding, NJ, U.S. 5/11

Comments: Worst shoes ever! Do not buy! I bought these shoes and they killed my feet, like to the point that I could barely walk. I have had them for three months, and gotten insoles and they still hurt. Also, they have a hole already, and I hate them. The Lunar Vapor 8s are way more worth it.
From: Rob. 5/11

Comments: I was sliding all over the court. These shoes are very comfortable, though.
From: Parker, San Antonio, Texas. 5/11

Comments: A very interesting shoe. It took a while to break in, but once it was broken in it was pretty comfortable. A month later they started hurting my feet again. Personally I don't think there is enough padding in the shoe, and after a week with it I put in a new insole. The durability isn't bad, but isn't amazing, after about 3 months with them they have completely worn through. At first they cut off the circulation in my foot, it's gotten better, but still not good. Overall a real disappointer.
From: Garrett, South Jordan, UT, USA. 5/11

Comments: At first I was wondering if I should return the shoes to Tennis Warehouse because the fit was so uncomfortable. The blood circulation in my feet would start to get cut off, and the arch of my feet would seriously ache after only a short time on the courts/walking. However, after around 2-3 weeks of constant wear (and perseverance), the shoes are amazing. Not sure about durability yet, but it definitely gets a lot more comfortable.
From: Anon. 4/11

Comments: I was skeptical about buying this shoe due to some of the negative comments about poor fits that I read on this page. When I got the shoe, it seemed they were right. However after maybe 5 hours of court time, these have become the most comfortable shoes I have ever bought. The grip is also wonderful. It gives me a great hard-court slide, and great traction as well. Pretty good looking shoes if I may say so as well! So I definitely recommend this shoe to anyone and everyone, and don't be deterred by the initial tight fit. I will be buying another pair of these when the time comes!
From: Tommy, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: By far, the best looking shoe I have had; I get SO many compliments from others. In regards to fit, it fits very well if you don't have to put in orthodics. I have been trying to break these shoes in with orthodics but they just hurt too much; I suspect the arch support is too high without them. Even though it is a heavy shoe, it really doesn't feel that way. Fits true to size.
From: Thomas, Lincoln, NE. 4/11

Comments: When I first put this pair of shoes on, I was skeptical of how long I could actually bear with them. True, they gave me a lot more support than the Vapor line, which I've worn for years. Every single edition of the Vapors have given me unmatched comfort and are extremely light, but my gripes with them were the durability. That led me to try the Courtballistecs out. The break-in period for me was around 2 weeks, or around 16 hours of use, and that was even after I'd stretched the shoes out and laced them loosely. The break-in was incredibly painful and tedious for me, and I couldn't get used to the extra weight. However, after breaking them in, I can honestly say that they exceeded most of my expectations. I feel that the comfort level is comparable to the Vapors, although nothing can beat them of course. They offer the support that was kind of lacking in the Vapors. Durability remains yet to be seen, but so far I can only see slight wear in the toe area. Overall, I've come to love these shoes, and anyone who can tolerate the break-in period should definitely get them!
From: Mark. 4/11

Comments: This shoe is just... amazing.. Stability is great, durability is great plus the six month durability warranty. I can slide slightly but not too much to actually have a negative effect. Looks good, is good; no wonder Nadal wears this shoe without complaint.
From: Johnathen Fohn, Seattle, WA, US. 4/11

Comments: I've been playing with the 2.3 for about a year now. When I tried the 3.3, my feet never felt such pain. This shoe is a lot more narrow and the arch support is too high. The only thing I like about this shoe is the way it looks.
From: Jessie, Honolulu, HI, USA. 4/11

Comments: Fit my foot like an absolute glove! Upgrading from the Nike Breathe Cage II, which in my opinion is also a very good shoe but definitely does not fit as nice as this. This shoe also has great traction I'm a very quick 5.0 level player that typically punishes my shoes pretty badly. Not sure about durability yet haven't had them that long. One semi-annoying thing I found though was inside of the shoes by the ankle is kind of stiff and comes up a little higher then I'm used to so it kind of digs into my ankle sometimes when I get really stretched out but I think that will go away over time.
From: Anon, USA, 03/11

Comments: This had to be the best tennis shoe purchase I have ever made, if you are looking for a durable, comfortable, all around well-fitting shoe, then I totally recommend this shoe.
From: Wesley, 03/11

Comments: Excellent shoe, Nike really did it this time. Best of the court ballistic series so far and best shoe out on the market for my money. This shoe required no break in for me and it's comfort is unbelievable. Absorbs impact very well and I need that, 6'3 195 frame.
From: Rick, Miami, FL, USA, 03/11

Comments: Great shoe. A narrow toe box, which keeps your feet locked into the shoe for a very direct feel. Together with a slight inward/forward leaning profile of the shoe, this makes this shoe very 'active' and just what I need for my game.
From: Richard, 03/11

Comments: The Court-Ballistec 3.3 is an excellent shoe for me due to the "explosive friendliness" style it gives me when playing. I play at the 4.0 level, and I am a Nadal-like explosive player. This shoe incorporates great traction, durability, speed, and weightlessness, not to mention it's a pretty stylin' shoe. Nike has really outdone themselves.
From: John, Gate City, VA, USA, 03/11

Comments: This shoe is all right after two weeks of break in. Its durability is awful, but it gets great slide on hard courts. For the first two weeks, it hurt my feet. I loved the 2.3 and the 3.3 isn't the same.
From: Hugh, 03/11

Comments: These shoes are awesome! Been using barricade VI since January 2011 and I finally sent them in for the 6 month warranty. Wanted to try something new and these shoes feel a lot better. I feel quicker on the recovery, letting me cover more ground on the court. Only bad part was that it took me 3 days to break them in though. Had to take 10 minute breaks every 30 minutes because my meaty part of my feet felt like it was on fire haha...
From: Carlo, Northridge, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: These shoes are the best shoes ever! I now get to practically every ball on the court with ease! Thanks tennis warehouse!
From: Jonathan, Erie, PA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Was a long term Adidas Barricade fan, had B 2-6. Switch to Nike CB 2.3 when Barricade 6 failed to continue its predecessors' specs. Nike CB 3.3 in many ways is better than CB 2.3 and Barricade 6. Fit, cushioning, traction, support... Down side is that it is much heavier and the break in time is significant longer than any of the previous models as it is noticeably narrower than CB 2.3. Overall it is an improvement to CB 2.3.
From: GS, 03/11

Comments: Great shoe, also a converted Barricade user. On par with the barricade V, but with better cushioning and a bit more stability on the forefoot. Only negative is the looks, a little too much, especially the inside is kind of too busy, but that's a personal taste thing!
From: Jason, NH, USA, 02/11

Comments: Couldn't have asked for better. I'm typically an adidas Barricade person but after this shoe I don't think I'll be going back. The stability and traction with this shoe allow for quick sharp movements. Love the shoe. Good job Nike
From: Jonathan, Denver, CO, USA, 02/11

Comments: I love these shoes. I upgraded from 2.1's to these and they are great. They are narrow, just how I like them. Little heavier than my 2.1's. I haven't hit the courts with them yet, but I know they will hold up. The cosmetics on this shoe rock!
From: Nes, Chicago, IL, USA, 02/11

Comments: I've used all three generations of this shoe from the 1.3, 2.3, and now 3.3. And I have to say the 2.3s greatly surpass the 3.3s on several different levels. The 2.3s are more comfortable, flexible, durable, and I feel the cosmetic is better too. Don't get me wrong the 3.3s are a good shoe and I will probably continue buying them, but they didn't update them well. I didn't like the fact they made them more like the Breathe Cage II, the shoes look very similar and feel very similar. (For me the Breathe Cages II were too stiff.) Also the tongue of the shoe has become shorter, and I already disliked the uni-tongue style they used. I'm not one to and usually don't complain about discomfort in my tennis shoes but these ones are noticeably more uncomfortable (and somewhat cut off circulation.)
From: Ace, NORCAL, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Just played a tournament match last night in these, they are terrific. Only my 2nd time wearing them, but performed very nicely. I am usually a slow guy, but last night I was sliding around and getting to every ball. These shoes definitely helped me pull out the tough win. Another keeper by Nike.
From: Robert, New York, NY, USA, 02/11

Comments: Please do a review on these shoes ASAP. Thanks.
From: Douglas, 02/11
(Our testers are currently testing the shoes, look for our review in about a month. --TW Staff)

Comments: The 3.3s take a while to break in and they cut off the circulation in your feet. After a few hours practicing in them and than playing in them for another couple they feel great. The secret to breaking them in faster is to wear them with your laces untied so all of the mesh and stuff adjusts to your foot. Overall very good shoe if you're playing tennis for extended periods of time.
From: Jack, 01/11

Comments: Coming from the CB 2.3 to the 3.3 and having no problems adjusting. Did the Nadal twist and bend routine on the shoes and immediately played a whole day (6 hours) in them. No blisters or soreness. No break-in required, at least for me. They fit my feet much better than the 2.3s.
The 3.3s are a definitely stiffer but not to any detrimental effect. The 2.3 are soft and comfortable, almost too soft, probably explains why I went through 2 pairs in 6 months.
Overall 3.3s have moved the game on for me. Lucky for me Nike has catered for my foot shape, they are the best fitting tennis shoes I ever had the pleasure to wear.
From: Anon, 01/11

Comments: Had about 2-3 hours of court time with this shoe; had both a practice session and a match with it. It is not broken in yet. The 3.3 pinches my feet and feels heavier than the 2.3 model which I also own. Finding myself switching to the old 2.3's in the middle of the match.
From: GS, 01/11

Comments: These shoes are AMAZING hands down!! They provide a great all around feel on the court and the design/cosmetics of the shoe just look fantastic. I've never felt pain when using these shoes and I have found that my enthusiasm for the sport itself has returned. It's incredible how far a good pair of shoes such as these impact your game
From: Jaleel, Fortworth, TX, USA, 01/11

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