Nike Air Vapor Advantage Wh/Night Factor Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Played about 3 hours on court after purchasing these on the way to the courts. I wouldn't exactly say "no break-in required." They played much better and were more comfortable in the 3rd set than the first. They definitely have a wider than expected toe area, and I thought for a while I was developing a blister because my relatively narrow feet were sliding around a bit. However, no blister at all and these things are light and fast. I always wear two pairs of socks to play anyway, but these absolutely require 2 pairs. All in all, I'd buy these again, although I can already see a bit of loss on the outsole. Certainly not the most durable shoes, but I only play twice a week at most so that's not my main concern.
From: Scott, 6/14

Comments: Great value in a shoe. Since the Vapor Tours can be pricey for the lack of durability, get this shoe for similar durability and stability, but at a reasonable price, and even lighter than the Vapor Tour! I've used both, and can say this shoe is about as good. For half the price it makes it a better shoe so you don't have to worry about the durability. In fact, the toe drag area is a little better on this one. The outsoles are identical in every way: grip, durability and feel. It is just as low to the ground, with a slightly roomier toebox.
From: James, 5/14

Comments: Fast feeling, not extremely durable but it's light and worth the price. Had a little pain in the arch after about an hour of play, haven't had that with any other shoe. Great choice if you need a cheap pair and can't afford the Vapors, which have the same traction and light feel.
From: Shahriyar, 4/14

Comments: Liked the Vapor Tour 9 but wish it was cheaper and a bit wider? Boom! Done! Get yourself some Advantages right now. You'd think 12 ounce shoe would feel flimsy, but these feel solid. Light, low to the ground feel with some comfortable flex in the upper and good lateral stability. I have size 9 2E width feet with high arch and fit is great in these, my feet aren't cramped or sliding around and I never felt any hints of toes running into the bumper on hard stops. Keep in mind, these are not meant to be pillow top shoes, they are a fast, light, low to the ground shoe and are not going to have tons of shock absorption from the sole if thats what you are looking for.
From: Anton, 4/14

Comments: These shoes are awesome! The traction, stability, ventilation and weight is excellent. I have the CB 4.3 and prefer the Advantage. The only problem is that the tongue moves to the side. If Nike had put adaptive fit or zoom midsole in, then this shoe would be the best.
From: Mike, 2/14

Comments: This is like running shoes + modern cross trainers and they worked out pretty good. It's not a traditional tennis shoes design, but Nike got away with it. Everything is good about it, but the durability. Since it has be light, so the materials are not designed to take a lot of punishment. It's wide, lightweight, and flexible. It has the near performance of the Vapor, and a more reasonable price tag. Glad the Advantage line is back.
From: Jack, 10/13

Comments: For those of us who need a wider toe box, this sneaker is the answer. In addition, the support is excellent, as is the durability. Hope Nike continues this line.
From: Peter, 9/13

Comments: I'm always looking for quality at a good price and this shoe delivers. I first purchased the Courtballistec 4.1s, but they didn't have the quality of the 3.1s and are fine for walking in, but not playing in. I took a shot on the Vapor Advantage and they have good achilles padding and good comfort. Good quality and, as listed, more room in the toe area than the normal Vapors (maybe a little too much room?). Good sneakers, I might get a second pair.
From: Steve, 9/13

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