Nike Air Courtballistec 4.3 Grey/Peach Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: If you have any width to your foot I don't recommend even trying these, but if you do decide to take a chance take the insoles out and try them on. I've tried all kinds of shoes and if you have any weight to you or width, try the Asics Gel Resolution 4 or 5. I'm 6'5 and weigh 210lbs with a size 12 foot, high arch, and narrow to medium foot.
From: John, 5/13

Comments: I loved these shoes more than any other shoe I've ever played in. I love the line of Courtballistecs in general, but my only problem has been the tongue, which is a uni-tongue and with ankle braces it is difficult to put them on all the time. Also, the shoe lace loops always break on mine.
From: AA, 5/13

Comments: I bought a pair of the 4.3's about 6 months ago. I play 4 days a week, 2 hours at a time and these things have held up beautifully. I slipped up and bought a pair of the new Nike Cage shoes, and sold them to my coach 3 weeks later. They just didn't have the same feel at all. I haven't had any problems with my feet since I've switched the to the Courtballistecs, but the cage were giving me blisters within a couple days of wearing them. I just recently got my second pair of 4.3's and I love them. I couldn't ask for a better shoe; they're extremely durable, quick, and aesthetically pleasing to top it off. They feel like they're molded to my feet. Plus, I haven't broken a lacing loop in 6 months of wear.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: I was drawn to these shoes because of the looks and the 6 month guarantee. These are a pair of really amazing shoes. The lacing system problem that everyone has been talking about is not a problem for me. I just wish the tongue would be slightly softer. It is a bit stiff so it kinda digs into your ankle. Other than that it fits true to size and feels amazing after the break in period.
From: Ivan, 4/13

Comments: My favorite shoe I must part with. I love these shoes, they fit me and my foot issues perfectly. I have been playing lots of tennis for the past year and found these on sale at TW. My first pair went three months before the first lace loops broke. After several more broke and two trips to the shoe shop, I thought the shoes might be defective. Instead of sending them to Nike, I bought a new pair instead a few months ago. Now two months in. I've broken my first loop. I probably lace tighter than most and do lots of lateral movement, but seriously, they should handle it fine. Any recommendations?
From: Jon, 4/13
Note from TW - yes, this shoe has been known to have that issue, we recommend checking with Nike to see if they can help!

Comments: These shoes are quite good actually.
From: Gary, 3/13

Comments: Do not buy this shoe. I ordered these shoes and used them about 20 times. The lacing system is poorly designed and when I went to the Nike store to try to return them, I had the worst customer service. In this years version, it looks like they have improved.
From: Eran, 3/13

Comments: I ordered this shoe in late December and had to use the warranty on it after two weeks. When I bought them, I was under the impression that it was a very durable shoe, because Nadal wears them. In the comfort aspect, I experienced high arch pains and discomfort in the heel. Excellent support, but the shoe lacks lateral stability and lateral durability. I would not recommend this shoe for a very aggressive player.
From: Jon, 3/13

Comments: I was looking to replace my Nike Zoom 2K shoes because the new Zooms felt like I was walking too far off the ground. The 4.3 is a much better shoe and I'm glad I bought them. Very good stability and my foot stays firmly in without moving around.
From: Kennel, 2/13

Comments: Best shoes for me yet. These were made for my feet. Amazing! Traction is great, and even though the weight indicates them as a durability shoe, they feel fast. As for breaking them in, I am not sure where some of those complaints are coming from. I have worn my current pair 6 times and they feel soft all around, but not too soft like Vapors. I have tried some barricades and they seem to never break in, as they have good durability but they are constantly stiff. As long as Nike is selling these I will be buying them.
From: J.C., 1/13

Comments: I've had three pairs of these shoes (one on clay and three for hard) and all I can say is that I am hooked. I can't switch, as they are basically my feet. I play in them 2 hours a day, and I have broken 1 lace hoop but other than that it's a great shoe. 4.5 stars
From: Nicholas, 1/13

Comments: I've had these shoes for 4 months now, and I don't like them, however this shoes are incredibly durable. I have stopped playing for about 2 months due to weather but I've broken through the Adidas's barricades 7.0 in a month. Playing non-stop tennis for 2 months with these shoes and I am barely getting through the sole. The shoes are crazy good when it comes to durability and feel pretty good. The only flaw is the toe space in the front. I read the reviews and was advised to get a shoe size 1/2 higher than my original, which I did. But even then, running a lot in these shoes causes your pinky toe to swell up due to the lack of toe space in the front. But other than that, this shoe is great.
From: Gary, 12/12

Comments: An update from my 11/12 review: I still like the shoes a lot, but one of the shoe lace loops on my right shoe broke. It broke while playing, not while lacing. One of the lower loops across my forefoot. It's very annoying.
From: Dan, 12/12

Comments: It's a good shoe, however for some reason whenever I play on hard court the laces give out and break out from the side. I have to bring them to the repair shop after tournaments.
From: Andy, 12/12

Comments: Heavy stability shoes are not my cup of tea, so it took TWs sale on the blue version to get me to try this shoe. At first I thought I had made a mistake because it took me more than a month to break my pair in. But I have nothing but good things to say about the Ballistics. This is a shoe that you can trust when running for a drop shot or planting your foot hard to change directions. And after three sets your feet and legs feel great. It's still not my type of shoe (it's slightly too heavy) but I would buy them again, and recommend them to anyone who doesn't mind the weight.
From: J.T., 12/12

Comments: I just got these shoes, finally in the right size, and I absolutely love them. They are great for making quick cuts on the court. Pretty much no break in. After 20 minutes of my first try with them I forgot I was wearing shoes. That's how awesome they felt!
From: Jacob, 12/12

Comments: These shoes are the best. I have two pairs, and they have excellent traction, which is my primary concern as I usually destroy that. The support and stability is superb, and the shoes cannot be beat looks-wise. I can do extreme direction changes and slides very well in these. After lengthy tournaments, my feet do not ache. I play varsity high school tennis tournaments and play every day of the week. My first pair are in peak condition after 5 months.
From: Pantoya, 12/12

Comments: These shoes feel light and fast but are in fact a bit narrow up front. The cushion is pretty good but not as soft a ride as expected. The Asics Gel Res still have them beat in that department. I think the support is good, in fact one of the few shoes I don't have to use Superfeet in. No issues to date with quality and they seem to be wearing well, but I play less this time of year than in the summer. I've played with Prince, New Balance, ProPulse, Barricades, Gel Res, etc., and none feel as "fast" as these for some reason, I just wish they had more width in the forefoot.
From: Dan, 11/12

Comments: It fits tight in the forefoot. The pains so unbearable. I returned them and traded them in for 2 pairs of Vapors. No need to type an essay. Kept it simple and to the point.
From: Tommy, 11/12

Comments: These are not the best pair of N

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