Nike Zoom Breathe 2K10 Wh/Grey Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: These shoes are amazing, great traction and weight. Not as good as the vapor tour 9s, but close second.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: Order half a size down if you have narrow feet. The durability of these shoes is pretty awful if you play competitively. Other than the less than stellar durability and improper sizing, the 2K10 is a pretty great shoe. Low to the ground, decent cushioning, great traction when you still have tread left over.
From: Patrick, 5/12

Comments: These shoes fit comfortably enough, but the soles just dont hold up very long. I play on hard court five times per week and the traction started disappearing in a couple weeks. Now there is a large hole in the sole. I will be sticking with a shoe with a durability guarantee from now on...
From: TJ, 4/12 \

Comments: I've been a breath cage user for a long time, but when I use the 2k11, I think it is not as good as the 2k10, because it gave me a blister for the first time in 20year of playing. I'm glad to know the 2k10 is available again.
From: JoJo, 4/12

Comments: These shoes fit comfortably enough, but the soles just dont hold up very long. I play on hard court five times per week and the traction started disappearing in a couple weeks. Now there is a large hole in the sole. I will be sticking with a shoe with a durability guarantee from now on...
From: TJ, 4/12

Comments: I really like these shoes. There is no break in period so I enjoyed them right out of the box. The arch support is OK so I put my own arch support in them and they feel great. They have great grip on the court so I can change directions on a dime. I would definitely recommend them. I also tried the Nike Zoom Breathe 2k11 Black but I thought they weren't as comfortable. Tennis Warehouse was great and the shipping was really fast. The return was equally fast. The best place to get tennis equipment.
From: Bobby, 1/12
Thank you Bobby! We're glad we can please our customers, TW

Comments: I recently purchased these shoes and have worn them one time. I believe I have an extremely wide foot and this shoe doesn't accommodate that very well. But as for design and breath-ability, its excellent. Please try a different shoe if you have a wide foot. But if you have a medium to narrow foot; it is a must buy.
From: Zev, USA, 12/11

Comments: I got these a month ago and have been regretting it ever since. Yes, they look cool and aren't terrible but not as comfortable as I find Asics or New Balance shoes. I'm hard on my feet and need a lot of cushion all around and these don't give it.
From: Anon, 11/11

Comments: I got this a month before tennis season at my high school. I got to say, that these shoes help up very well. During practices we do a lot of running lines on the courts because our school is all about conditioning (seriously), so that fact they still have traction left is quite something. I have medium-wide feet, and this shoe can be a tiny bit smaller on the toe area, but whatever. I actually like the roomy feeling. The shoes are also light weight, and have a great ventilation. Totally worth the money, for whatever price you buy it for. Just don't where these around in public, only on the courts because they wear easily when not on courts. Can't wait to buy another pair in a different color. I'm sticking with these.
From: Edward, 11/11

Comments: Great breathable shoe overall except outsole durability. It has a lightweight, breathability, stability, and low-profile. It is a half size larger than a normal size.
From: Steven, 10/11

Comments: If you wear 10, buy 9.5. There's way too much room in the toe and I've been forced to wear two socks. Still, I'm getting awful blisters on the balls of my feet. They're too big - fact.
From: Mike. 10/11

Comments: They are indeed lightweight and pretty nice right out of the box. The only problem with these shoes is the fit. They feel as if they are run a half size large. I had the Nike Court Ballistec 3.3's before and the fit in the 2K10's is much wider and much looser around my foot. Really nice low to the ground feel. The support around the ankle leaves some to be desired. The sides of the shoe aren't stiff enough to hold up against quick movements side to side. I need to wear two pairs of socks to make the shoe feel stable. Order a half a size smaller than you would I you were ordering the Nike Court Ballistec 3.3's. Nice shoe overall though. It looks great too.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: These shoes fit my wide feet well although I had to go 2 sizes up. The shoes felt a little stuffy and I felt my feet needed ventilation. My biggest disappointment was that a ridge was created inside the shoe by the Nike logo. This ridge was only on the outsides of the feet and it was poking in causing a lot of discomfort. I was surprised that this design flaw was not noticed or corrected. I couldn't use the shoe due to this.
From: Jai, 9/11

Comments: These are slightly wider and with slightly higher arches than Nike Vapor Tours. Perfect for my wide mid-arch feet. Also, they're very light and comfy.My only complaint is that the soles didn't last more than 2 months (now each shoe has a hole in the thumb area). But that's as much as I get from most shoes anyway. These are very recommendable.
From: Sergio, 9/11

Comments: I am very pleased with how well these shoes perform. There was great comfort, looks, grip, and price.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: This is the worst shoe ever. I was sliding and slipping uncontrollably in this shoe. Plus, it started to wear out in two to three weeks. If you don't want to end up doing the splits in a match then don't buy these. I play four to five times a week.
From: Ryan, 9/11

Comments: I love this shoe. I have worn this for the past year and the support and comfort is the best. I had problems with jamming my big toes, but not with this shoe. There is zero break-in time. This is for a slender to medium size foot, wide feet need not try. I am looking forward to the 2K11.
From: Ken, 8/11

Comments: These were very disappointing. I had a previous version of this shoe and loved it. These were the same size (11.5) but felt much much bigger on my feet. I had 2 pairs of socks on which felt ok but kept sliding out of the shoe when walking. I had to tie them as tight as I could to prevent it, but then it was way too tight to be comfortable. I liked the previous Breathes with the no tongue which fit much more snug.
From: Adam, 8/11

Comments: First impressions are a great looking design. The size 10 shoe felt quite long almost too much space in the toe area. I don't like too much room in a shoe and wearing two socks. Well, my feet get hot that's why I brought the Breathe. I bought a 9.5 size and it fits really nice and not tight at all. It is easy to wear and did not need to break in. After a few hours of playing singles and doubles, I didn't even notice the shoes, unlike the Adidas Barricade 6 which had my feet burning. The Breathe also looks like a nicely constructed shoe unlike previous Nike models. Still not on par with adidas in terms of quality of workmanship, design detail and depth of tread but nevertheless an easy to wear shoe, great looking. I for one will be sticking with Nike and in particular this shoe.
From: Ganz, 8/11

Comments: I loved this shoe. It is amazing, just amazing. I cant believe how fantastic these are in weight.
From: Philip, 8/11

Comments: This is a great tennis shoe! I normally get dreadful blisters from many tennis shoes especially after playing in tournaments. With these shoes, I don't. These seem to be the ones for me!
From: Chad, 7/11

Comments: This is the best tennis shoe on the market! It fits well, especially for wider feet, and is comfortable right out of the box. I feel like my speed increased after slipping these on. I definitely recommend!
From: John. 06/11

Comments: My second pair of these is wearing out now. Don't know if I should go with these again. Although they are super lightweight, they aren't very durable. I tried on the adiZero Ace and it felt a lot like this one. But then again I heard durability isn't the greatest. Don't know what to do. TW Staff, what would a good choice of shoe for my needs: comfort and durability.
From: Nick. 7/11
(Nick, Please email for detailed help. -- TW Staff)

Comments: I do like these shoes although mine seem to be about a 1/2 size larger than the Nike CB 2.3s I had been using. The CB 2.3 fit very snug in a 10.5 but the Zoom Breathe 2K10s I need to wear a couple pair of socks to get the same feeling. The only other issue I've had with them is the grip is not as good as the CB 2.3s, but the weight and maneuverability of the shoes outweigh the downsides.
From: Phil. 7/11

Comments: Most comfortable shoe ever but FELL APART after 6 or 7 times on court. I play medium club level on weekends. I bought these shoes about 8 months ago but have only actually played with them about 6 or 7 times. During winter I was using a different shoe for indoor and hard court. I have been using these new 2K10 (McEnroe color) on an Omni court surface. They were so comfortable that I actually bought a second pair to use when these ones are worn out and the model is no longer available (as always). THE PROBLEM - Today the tongue on the left shoe became completely detached from the upper. I could see some frayed stitching and assume it was bad workmanship. Over the last 8 years I have had 8 different Nike tennis shoes and they never had any defect like this. This manufacturing defect was a real surprise for me. I am currently investigating the returns policy.
From: David. 6/11

Comments: I have had two pairs of these so far and the first time they lasted three months and for me this shoe is the most comfortable shoe on the market. But I have been working a lot on my footwork lately and in just two weeks I have almost completely worn through my outsole.
From: Rafa. 6/11

Comments: Great shoe! Absolutely no break-in period, comfortable right out of the box. The outsole has lasted longer than what I had expected, but I had an issue with the traction. I slipped a lot while playing, but other than that, great shoe! It was worth buying!
From: Dario. 6/11

Comments: Have worn these for a couple of months and I love them. I previously wore T-22s for a few years but wanted something a little lighter and less bulky. These fit great- comfortable right out of box- and very roomy, which is great because I have a fairly wide foot. The sole seems to have started wearing down- I play about 3 times a week- but not so much that I wouldn't buy another pair- it's a really nice shoe.
From: Tim. 6/11

Comments: Got a pair about three months ago. They are a great tennis shoe but today while I was playing I felt my feet getting blisters on court. Turns out I ripped through the insole. I have never had trouble with a Nike shoe so I am not worried at all. It was probably a freak of nature.
From: Steve. 6/11

Comments: Comfort Kings! After the new Air Court Ballistecs 3.3 failed to fit me it was suggested that I try these out. 2k10s. Wow, what a difference and it's incredible that they are made by the same company. I couldn't fit my foot into an 11 ACB 3.3 but yet the same size in the 2K10 is ROOMY and even dare I say slightly large. I wear a D that really flirts with EE so this is fantastic. No break in - just comfort from the start. The insole was actually decent but I yanked it for my ortho inserts which fit correctly. I've been wearing them a month at 4x week so if they wear well I'll have to stock up.
From: Ron. 5/11

Comments: I got these shoes at the beginning of my high school season and immediatley I noticed the sole wearing out. Besides that they are a great shoe that looks great! Also the stability and quickness are great! I would recommend this shoe to anyone who is willing to buy another pair after 2 months.
From: Jacob. 5/11

Comments: These shoes are amazing. I am on my second pair of them now. Really breathable and super lightweight. I felt like I could to every ball on the court. The problem is that I play six days a week, so three weeks after I got them the soles are already starting to wear out. Otherwise, a great shoe from Nike.
From: Nick. 5/11

Comments: I have mixed feelings about these. On one hand, they are comfortable right out of the box. No time needed for break in. I got a half size bigger because of the ankle braces I wear, but could have went with my normal size. I've only worn these a couple of times on outside courts and they provide pretty decent traction (so far). On the other hand, they scuff up pretty easily on the toe. I do a lot of movement on the court, but I haven't had shoes scuff up like this so fast. I'm waiting to see how long they hold up with my style of play. I have the Courtballistec 2.3 and they have held up better than these. I've had those since December and used them a lot more. They remind me of how the Zoom Breathe Cage II shoes I had scuffed up from the first use.
From: Vince, Chicago, IL, USA. 5/11

Comments: They were good overall. The shoe felt light and low to the ground, yet relatively comfortable and supportive. They look great too. The only problem was the awful durability.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: Very Comfortable, lightweight and a bit wide (which fits my feet perfectly). If I had been writing this review a week ago I would have told you these were the best shoes I have ever purchased, however, after having them for a week I couldn't disagree more. These are the least durable shoes I have ever had. Five days in and I'm slipping around the court and have holes on the outsoles. If your a player of a relatively high level, don't waste your money on these.
From: John, Charleston, SC, USA. 4/11

Comments: Extremely comfortable dream shoe except soles are wearing out very fast.
From: Mark, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: These were one of the widest Nikes I have found in size 10. I had to sell them as there was too much room in the forefoot. Have used Vapors, Cages, Breathes in the past. It's a shame because they were very comfy and also very light feeling, but too wide.
From: Jason. 4/11

Comments: Really comfortable but not really durable. I had these for about 3 days and the soles are already wearing out.
From: Anon, 03/11

Comments: Most comfortable shoe I've worn in a long time! However, I'm a D1 college player so am training every day. I wore holes through to my socks in both soles in 13 days. If you have the money to replace them then definitely the best shoes around!
From: Ben, Norfolk, VA. 3/11

Comments: They are one of the most comfortable shoes I have worn. HOWEVER the soles are garbage. I wore through them in less than 3 months. I am a teaching professional and I had a pair of Prince shoes that lasted double or triple the time. These look cool and feel good but the durability is crap!
From: Ryan, Jensen Beach, FL, 02/11

Comments: I'm on to my second pair of these (had the Mac color before) I continue to believe that these shoes are the best since cavemen walked out of the jungle with bamboo strapped to their feet. An awesome, lightweight, soft, and great shoe and on sale? Wow!
From: Tom, Villa Park, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Great shoe except for the outsoles barely hold up. I got these shoes a month ago, December 27, if I remember right, and now a hole is developing on the heel January 27. These shoes are a good choice if you have money to replace them when they wear out. Comfortable, low to the ground, and lightweight. Also very nice-looking to say the least.
From: Ryan, Seattle, WA, USA, 01/11

Comments: These shoes have great comfort but the outsole wears out way too fast. It took me about two months to start sliding around on hard courts due to the loss of traction (rubber completely worn through on the toe area of right shoe).
From: Matt, Charlotte, NC, USA, 01/11

Comments: The best shoe I have switched from the Adidas brand to the Nike line and this was my first Nike tennis shoe. It is excellent I have severe flat feet and put custom orthotics in my shoes. This shoe gives me support and stability. I have extremely wide feet and these were perfect, if it is too wide just wear two socks. Overall if you buy it you won't regret buying it.
From: John, GA, USA, 01/11

Comments: The comments above are all over the place, yet strangely they are all true. The outsole is not very durable. But then again the BF2 (the shoe this one is updating) didn't have a very durable outsole either, so this should not be a surprise.
The ride is low and without extreme cushioning (just like the BF2). If you want cushioning you would have hated the BF2.
Opinions on the Uni-tongue of the BF2 vary but Nike must have thought it was a detriment (which I don't disagree with).
All in all, it is very similar to the BF2 (not an exact match, nor an "improvement"). IMO it is less extreme, but unless you make your living playing tennis the differences should be minimal.
From: Pierre, Portland, OR, USA, 01/11

Comments: These shoes were a great fit for my wide feet. I have never developed any pain or blisters while wearing them. However, the sole of this shoe is not made to last at all. In fact, I have worn them for only a few months while playing 3 times a week before discovering a hole in the right sole. I'm disappointed because I thought I had found a shoe that I would stick with for a while.
From: Tim, Seattle, WA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Don't buy the Breathe 2K10. I bought them for my son and the entire sole was worn through in less than 6 weeks. Come on a shoe that cost this much should last more than 6 weeks.
From: Kim, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, 01/11

Comments: I am with Jack from Arlington, VA. NIKE... You need to bring back the original Breathe Free 2's. Everything that has come out to replace these has been mediocre at best. Including these. I was initially excited to hear about the Breathe Free 2K10, but although they are 'close' to the originals, they are not. I agree with some of the other reviews with these black ones. I have a pair of the yellow ones and they feel and fit different than these black ones. BRING back the original BREATHE FREE 2!!
From: Jeff, Chicago, IL, USA, 12/10

Comments: My new favorite shoes. I like the low to the ground feel of the zoom unit in the heel and TPU shank that gives this model a lot more torsional support than the current Federer shoes.
From: Joe, Santa Cruz, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: This shoe's sole disintegrated in one week. It didn't even make it through one tournament. 5 days of tennis and a hole was worn through the bottom. Do not buy if you are a tournament player.
From: L, San Francisco, CA, USA, 11/10

Comments: These shoes are great so far; they're light, comfortable, and pretty durable. My only complaint is that they don't have the best traction. I love sliding to get to my shot, but these slide too much where I slip when I push off to sprint to the ball. But other then that, great shoe.
From: Dylan, Kaufman, TX, USA, 11/10

Comments: Great shoes, great design, great comfort. But I had blister at the end of the day near the last shoelace eyelet at the end of the matches every time I wear the shoes. I'm not sure what gone wrong with the tongue of the shoes that's different from other model, this is the very first time I experience this.
From: Dave, 11/10

Comments: I had the yellow pair of these before they got updated a little bit but I think they are the same. And I think this is a wonderful shoe to play in. I like to run really fast to get those drop shots and I always get there. They are really light and they have pretty good padding for being so light. I'm having to get these because my dog chewed up my old ones lol. But overall they are good light weighted shoes that fit really good on my foot. I have more narrow feet and high arches
From: Anon, 11/10

Comments: I have wide feet and unlike some other Nike's I've tried these are surprisingly wide. Unfortunately I have to reiterate Jared's comments: you have to be wary of the ridges caused by the Nike swooshes. I find that they rub a lot on the foot and they eventually gave me blisters even though I've never had blisters on my feet from my Barricade 6.0s. I have a feeling it might not be as noticeable for people with narrower feet, so it's something to keep in mind for those with wide feet.
From: Joe, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 10/10

Comments: These are the best shoes I have ever worn. They are quiet and they fit perfectly just like they said. I weigh 240 and play 5.5 in Southern California.
From: Marc, Lake Forest, California. 10/10

Comments: I've worn the Nike Breathe Free 2's for almost 4-5 years now, as long as I can remember. I've tried all the off-shoots (Cage, Ballistics 2.1/2.2/2.3, Cage 2, now these Nike 2K10's). These shoes have no traction. I was squeaking all over the court and could not push off properly. I also felt that they fit too large (I tried changing the sole from an old BF2 but no good). I hope Nike makes the old BF2's again - it was their best, lightest shoe.
From: Jacky, Arlington, VA, USA, 10/10

Comments: I love this shoe. Comfortable out of the box. When I first got them, I wore them for a couple sessions of my high impact aerobics workout. It includes a lot of quick lateral movements along with advance and retreat movements and they were very supportive in all directions and comfortable. Took them out on the court and they performed just as well. I have a slightly wide foot and have found Nike shoes in general to fit a bit narrow. However, these seemed wider than typical Nike and I'm happy with the width. If anything they seem to run a bit long for me. I'm usually a perfect size 9 in most any shoe which is what I went with, but wish I had tried an 8.5 to compare.
From: Paul, Forest, VA, USA 10/10

Comments: These shoes are too tight for a wide foot. They are light and seem comfortable, but the Nike swoosh on the outside of the shoe is ridged in the inside. It will rub against your foot if you have wide feet and cause blisters. I now have 2 huge blisters after putting up with these shoes for a month because this unnecessary ridge.
From: Jared, Chicago, IL USA, 10/10

Comments: Tried them on right out of the box and ripped the tongue on one of the shoes halfway out! Seriously?! I wore the shoes out before even taking a step in them? C'mon, Nike. That's pathetic. That said, TW agreed to take them back due to the defect. I LOVE TW because of their great service. Fit felt true to size and the cushioning seemed like it would be adequate.
From: Stephen,Omaha, NE, USA, 10/10

Comments: I've stuck with the Nike Zoom shoe the past five years and have continued to get this shoe time and time again because of the snug feel that the tongue has and the inside cushion is really comfortable on your feet. Amazing shoes!
From: Trevor, Wilmington, DE, USA, 10/10

Comments: The good:
My first Nike shoe in years as I have been playing in New Balance. I must say after 2 weeks of wear, I'm very pleased. Fit was true to size. (I'm glad this shoe wasn't the old typical Nike 1/2 size too short) Short break-in period, by the 3rd set these shoes were feeling great. Nice ventilation, lightweight, Grrrrrr-8 traction! Durability? Too early to tell.
The could be better: I do agree with another comment about the tongue, this area could use some improvement. A hard tie could be uncomfortable so I just get it snug enough to do the job. I think the great traction and stability help with the loser tie.
At the end of the match? This shoe rocks my over 40 socks!
From: Jim, GA, USA, 10/10

Comments: Great lightweight shoe...but the life span of the shoe is very short; with that said I would not buy this shoe again.
From: Cory, Cleveland, OH, USA, 10/10

Comments: I wear these shoes on synthetic grass and clay because of the herringbone pattern and they are great. The looks of these shoes are fantastic and the shoe itself is very light and comfortable. The only downfall for me was the second day I had these shoes I pulled the tongue up on one of the shoes and a few of the threads came out that is why I prefer the uni-tongue.
From: Josh, 09/10

Comments: The best shoes ever!! My previous shoes were the vapor VI. I have had these shoes for 2 weeks and they're awesome. Ventilation: check. Comfort: check. Looks: check. Durability: no comments (2 weeks). And they match perfectly with my new apparel. If you have a medium to wide feet you won't regret these shoes. Hope I help.
From: John, Miami, USA, 09/10

Comments: These shoes are amazing but I wish they had a tighter fit. They don't last as long as the Courtballistecs but they are totally worth the money.
From: Chandler, Atlanta, GA, 09/10

Comments: Awesome ventilation great cushioning and super light the red looks more candy apple color as well all together hands down best shoe since cavemen strapped wood to their feet and walked out of the jungle.
From: Tom, Orange, CA, USA, 08/10

Comments: Well first of all they are pretty good except for 1 thing and that is that the Nike swoosh by the front of the swoosh on these shoes dip in and caused me blisters and if I would have known that I would have sent them back but I can't. So if you have a narrower foot these might be good for you but these were just okay for me. I think it is a bad design to have them dip in, and hopefully this helps people decide but if you have a medium to wide foot I don't recommend these shoes unless you want blisters.
From: Ashley, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 08/10

Comments: I was going with Nike Tennis Men's Breathe Free II for last 3 years, and it was a best shoe EVER! Now this shoe supposed to be an upgrade, and guess what? IT'S NOT! Nike for whatever reason made this shoe without a UNITONGUE, which was one of the best features. The tongue area is now horrible! Now I can't tie the shoe hard to my foot because it gives me a blisters on the top of my foot! The sole is great! Much better than the previous model, but the tongue!?!? Disaster!
From: Ivan, New York, NY, USA, 07/10

Comments: You know, Mark C. is not wrong about the sizing of these things. I have the grey, white and varsity maize pairs and all fit exactly the same in size 11. Great shoes especially when I figured out that I had to skip the top eyelet as I have a rather high instep. Once I made that adjustment I was good to go. So imagine my surprise when I tried the same size 11 in the Photo Blue pair with Lunarlon not Lunarlite and the shoe was huge by comparison. Not necessarily longer but bigger/wider up front. Two more pairs produced the exact same result. Just went out and picked up the McEnroe pair and they fit like a charm after going down a half size to 10.5. Possibly came outta a different factory. Who knows, but something has changed that is for sure.
From: Mark, Canton, OH, USA, 08/10
(Mark, as previously stated Nike simply had to change the name but the material and midsole are the same as the previous models. However we found that the inserts used to keep the shape of the shoe for the new color are wider than previous versions, this could account for the wider feel in the toebox--TW Staff)

Comments: Let me first state that I really liked the Vapor VI. The Vapor's took some time to break in, but once you did, they are very stable and I really liked the cushioning. I think they had a great blend of sufficient cushioning for a large man (6' 215lbs) and they felt light and "fast". Well the 2K10 shares the same chassis with the Vapor, so you get the same great cushioning, with the lightweight, fast feel. But these are very comfortable right out of the box. These are much more cushioned than the Vapor's. This creates a great pair of shoes! I usually wear an 11.5 and I have medium wide feet, and I ended up getting an 11.0. I wore an 11.5 in the narrower Vapor's. The 11.0's fit perfectly. The only thing that worries me is them loosening up too much as I play in them more. The Vapor's hard plastic upper provided excellent stability for a long time, and I hope the 2K10 keep their stability. Bottom line is they look great in blue, and they are the most comfortable Nike shoes in a long time. They are a perfect blend of cushioning, and lightweight feel. GREAT SHOE! Federer should switch to this one.
From: Anon, 07/10

Comments: Well to begin with I think the 2K10's are great. I had purchased 5 pair and recently bought the new colorway in blue. However, I immediately noticed that the midsole of the blue ones' was now called lunarlon and not lunarlite. Now it may be that it's only a name difference but in reality the shoe fits TOTALLY different then it did in either grey or yellow. Its much wider in the toe box and overall is much less stable and firm. Very mushy after only two hits. I don't know whether I got a lemon pair no pun intended or if the lunarlon is what's responsible but definitely not the same shoe as before.
From: Mark C., Los Angeles, CA, USA, 07/10
(Mark, the change is superficial, Nike simply had to change the name but the material and midsole are the same as the previous models--TW Staff)

Comments: The Zoom Breathe 2K10, durable? No, not at all. After one match I could see the mesh popping through the DRAG-ON. No outsole guarantee, I mean come on, this is a tennis shoe. The shoestring set up did not help. I tore through the originals in two weeks. These shoes are not worth money, because they certainly don't play like a pricey shoe.
From: Mitchell, Clinton, Iowa, United States. 7/10

Comments: These are very comfortable. Very agile, light shoe... unlike the Courtballistec 2.2, I have not gotten blisters. It's not very durable. I got about 3 months of playing time with no warranty. Other than that they will increase the speed in which you play tennis.
From: Derek, Raleigh, North Carolina, US. 7/10

Comments: These shoes are great. Lightweight and feel amazing. The only downside on these though are the durability. Only lasted 4 months and then I was out the money I spent with no warranty.
From: Anon. 7/10

Comments: I have to agree with most of the posters below. I have a wide foot and when Reebok quit making the Rematch shoe I had to find a new model and this is it! I have EE feet in a 9.5. Love the feel and comfort. No break in required!
From: Shay, Hemet, CA, USA. 6/10

Comments: Fantastic shoe, I have decently wide feet and these fit very well. Great comfort and lightweight. However, I play the majority of my tennis on hard courts and this shoe is not built to last. After a few slides on the hard court, the left shoe (where the Drag-on is supposed to protect) already has a hole. I definitely recommend these shoes for clay court players. As for me, I need to stick to durable shoes like the Courtballistecs 2.3 and adidas Barricade 5.
From: Brendan, St. Paul, MN. 5/10

Comments: These are one of the best shoes I have ever owned, light weight, great durability, and very comfy out of the box. Best for wide feet; all Nike needs to do is come out with different colors.
From: Patrick, MI, USA, 05/10

Comments: Great shoe! Awesome for wide feet. Needs a new look, though...not too heavy but not lacking in durability. Best bang for your buck.
From: Matt, Chattanooga, TN. 5/10

Comments: These Nike "Breaths" are the best shoes I've ever played with hands down! This is my 3rd pair. They are snug without being binding or tight. They are extremely light with great support. The toe box is plush and the mid foot support has great cushioning with firm responsiveness. The heel and ball area has the optimum material for quick starts and stops. In other words, when you need to put on the breaks, you can stop on a dime and then take off the other direction with 100% confidence you can grip the court like with a low profile tire on an F1 race car. The similar version the "Cage" is too narrow on the toe box for me and I really don't have narrow feet, so I would have to go up a 1/2 size. I would have pick up a pair of "Cages" only for the 6 month sole guarantee, but the store did not have 12 1/2. The "Breaths" are more flexible than the "Cages" however either one are my recommendation for a top performance and comfort shoe. Nike need more color combinations for this model is my only suggestion.
From: Anon. 05/10

Comments: These are the best shoes I've ever purchased from Nike; the aesthetics are great, and the comfort, stability, and speed improvement on the court are incredible. I'd recommend these to anyone, and also recommend putting the Nike (Red) laces on them it adds a really cool look to the shoes.
From: Anon, Oregon, USA. 4/10

Comments: What I look for in a shoe is comfort and stability without the feeling of clunkiness. This shoe fits all that and more. It's light weight makes it very easy to change direction quickly and shuffle my feet into position to hit a shot without that clunky feeling. Hard stops are comfortable yet secure without feeling as if I'll roll my ankles. Plus the undersides of my feet do not feel as if they are being slammed barefooted. As for fit, I have slightly wider than medium width feet. Yet I like how this shoe seems to cradle the sides of my forefoot lending to its secure feeling without feeling tight and squeezed. I love how this shoe has a low-to-the-ground feel yet has excellent cushioning. I don't worry about long lasting durability. If the shoes can last at least one season while keeping its attributes without losing its performance and keep my feet happy then its cost is well worth it.
From: Harold, Bellevue, WA. 04/10

Comments: Out of the box this was a great shoe. After just 3 months of use on a synthetic grass court, the outsole was fine, as expected. Inside the shoe is a different story. The shoe has lost all stability, I have to tie it up the a point where it hurts my feet just to keep traction on the court. The shoe feels like it has stretched and become a lot wider than at first which is the reason for this. I wouldn't buy another pair, only because of this durability.
From: Dave, 4/10

Comments: I got these shoes a few days ago and they are very comfortable. I have a very low arch and I find the insole to be easier on my feet than most shoes. They have great ventilation and the style is cool.
From: Jason, Stanwood, WA, USA 3/10

Comments: The shoes is very comfortable straight out from the box. It's extremely light weight but it lacks one thing compared to the Nike Breathe Cage 2. There is too much room in the toe box which makes lateral movements very unstable. Also, I wish Nike will bring out more colors.
From: Daivd. 03/10

Comments: After testing for an hour in practice, these shoes still feel comfortable and I feel as though my footwork has improved. These shoes really give you that ability to position yourself to plow through the ball. I had a pair of Asics Gel Resolution 2 and Adidas Barricades V, and from testing, Nike shoes are simply superior for me at least.
From: Michael, Tampa, FL, U.S. 03/10

Comments: These shoes are very light-weight and basically already broken in. I am able to wear these and play a match even though I just got it a couple hours ago. Very comfortable and good ventilation.
From: Michael, Tampa, Florida, U.S. 03/10

Comments: These shoes feel great. Very comfortable, light, but really tight fit. It might take some time getting used to, but it's worth it!
From: Steven, PA, USA, 02/10

Comments: I bought this shoes for my first tennis game and my coach still doesn't know why my foot work is so great. All I have to say is that it is the shoes! They are comfortable and flexible with great traction. It is easy to stop and go!!!
From: Austin, Batesville Mississippi, U.S.A 02/10

Comments: I really like this shoe!! I have no huge complaints. But I do have a couple of little minor things. I wish this shoe just had bit more snug of a fit. And I wish the Nike design team would push themselves. And go even lighter with this shoe. I totally loved the tight fit and speed of the Vapor's 09' But they we're just not comfortable. But this Breathe 2K10 is very nice. But it could be even better!!
From: Donnie, AL USA 02/10

Comments: GREAT FEEL. Great cushioning. Great look. Better than the vapors because the vapors just look girly now. I can slide in these shoes, but have control and stop when I want to.
From: Bob, 02/10

Comments: Just switched from Vapors (2009 version) to The Breathe 2K10. The vapors were so stiff that they were actually hurting my feet. The Breathe 2K10 are very comfortable, well cushioned yet close to the ground feel. The traction is great and I felt like I could play all day with these shoes and my feet would be fine. Would recommend these shoes to anyone looking for comfort and performance.
From: Faisal, 02/10

Comments: Comfortable right out of the box. I've worn 4-5 pairs of the breathe free 2 and loved them. After three sets with these, it seems like Nike has a winner for a followup. Arch support is a little higher than I prefer, but once the games got rolling I never noticed. Great stability, reasonable weight. I think I'll be wearing this model for a long time. You win points with your feet; makes sense to spend a little to take care of them.
From: Kevin, 4.0, San Jose, CA 02/10

Comments: Awesome shoe. I play very fast and run a lot so I love my shoes to be very lightweight. I played with the Vapor VIs and I loved the lightweight speed, but I didn't like the stiffness or the poor breathability. The zoom 2k10s have all of the pros of the vapors with none of the cons. Today was my first day playing with them and they required no break-in at all and I felt faster than ever. I would love it if Nike would release more colors like they did with the breathe cage IIs.
From: Burton, Memphis, Tennessee, USA 01/10

Comments: These shoes are the most comfortable, flexible, and lightweight shoes I have ever had. They are better then the original Breathe Free's, they are better then the Barricade 5's, and they are better then the Ballistecs 1.3. Plus they are a little bit wider then the ballistecs so if you have wide feet and are worried...don't be. BUY THESE!
From: Blake, Ann Arbor, MI 01/10

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