Nike Zoom Breathe 2k12 Wh/Electric Grn Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: When Nike no longer offered my favorite Zoom Breathe 2k10s, I tried the Nike Air Max Cage Grey/Black hoping to find an adequate replacement. That shoe didn't work for me, so I ordered one of the last pairs of Red/Black Zoom Breathe 2k12s from TW. I have a normal width foot and the 2k12s seemed a bit tight at first. After 2 weeks of play, they fit much better. I can fly in these things and have since come to like them. Sure, I still would prefer the 2k10s because they fit my foot perfectly, but at this point I was just glad to find something close and the 2k12s were fairly close. I have learned my lesson; when you find a shoe you love, you better stock up. It won't be long before that model is gone, re-designed and not always for the better.
From: Jim, 9/13

Comments: I got these shoes about three or four months ago because I liked the style and colors. They run a little long and the initial break-in took about 3 or 4 hitting sessions. At first they felt horrible, I was ready to abandon them, as they absolutely hurt my feet, but after 3 or 4 sessions they were extremely comfortable. Cushioning is adequate, not overly soft but not overly firm. They are very low to the ground and very stable. I have not turned an ankle in them yet. The tongue is a little small/short so you have to watch how you tie the laces or they might slip off the tongue and contact your foot. After wearing these for three/four months, I am just starting to see small holes in the sole. These shoes don't have a durability guarantee so I was not expecting 6 months life out of them. I am 6'2", 230#, I play about 6 hours per week.
From: Rich, 3/13

Comments: I've had these shoes going on 3 months and after playing 4 times a week over that period, I've just about worn through the soles. This is a great shoe, but I'd definitely recommend skipping these if you're looking for durability. Additionally, I'd skip these if you have a foot you would consider even remotely thin. This is a very wide shoe and you'll definitely come off the court with some blisters if you have a thin foot. I would recommend ordering a half size smaller than you regularly would due to this. It's a great lightweight, stable shoe, but it's no good if you're a grinder with a thin foot.
From: Zach, 12/12

Comments: I wore these 3 times. They do run about a 1/2 size big, but I don't know that I would order a size smaller. The biggest issue is that on the third time I wore them, one of the fluorescent loops holding the laces tore out from where it was attached to the bottom of the shoe. It looks pretty, but I don't really think it's a good design for running side-to- side and stopping and starting on a dime. I'm a serve and volleyer and run all over the court. The shoes are completely non- functional, so I'm returning them.
From: Derek, 12/12

Comments: I've had these shoes for about 2 months now and they are still working great with about 20 hours a week on the courts. The drag cage is stronger than the competition and that helps me a lot. The outsole will last you depending on your style of play, whether you slide or take smaller steps to slow down. I use these in practice and matches, and they have held up great. They are great for the price, but without the guarantee it won't be the shoe of choice for you grinders out there.
From: Bryce, 11/12

Comments: I love this shoe! I have been wearing this model for a long time (previous versions for over 6 years) and this is the best yet, in my opinion. I found the 2k11 to be a little too roomy and sloppy. The 2k12's have a new lacing system which gives the shoe the tight, snug feel that the Breathe Free's used to have (I have an average foot width with a little higher than average arch, 6'1", 195 lbs). I typically wear a size 10.5, but dropped down to a 10 in these shoes and the fit is perfect! Durability is an issue. I play about 12 hours a week and they'll typically last 3-4 months before the sole gets a large hole in it, but the shoes perform like no other I have tried. Light, supportive and no issues with slippage. If you can get your head around the durability problems, I highly recommend the 2k12's.
From: Michael, 10/12

Comments: I bought this shoes for my son, and they only lasted 8 weeks. There was a huge hole by the big toe on his serving foot. We were very disappointed.
From: Julie, 9/12

Comments: I'm a huge fan of the 2k11. The fit was right on for me. I need shoes that are slightly wider than normal, especially near the toes. The 2k11s were by far the most comfortable shoes I've played in. I just bought the 2k12s thinking it will feel the same as the 2k11s, but it was not a good assumption. Immediately, the new model feels tight at the toe box. After nearly 4 hours of play, my feet were tired and hurting a bit. The 2k12s feel very different than the 2k11s. I don't like the shorter tongue and the lacing sytem. The cosmetics are cool, but looks don't help you win games.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: My son wore a new pair of these shoes to practice for a week, then played one high school match and a bullfrog tournament. The tread portion of the sole has already come off the heel. This was the second pair of these shoes I have purchased in the last 6 weeks and will be the last. If Nike can't build a shoe that lasts more than a couple weeks of moderate use, then I'm done with them. They don't even have the decency to provide a durability guarantee and it's clear why. These shoes are total crap for the serious junior player who spends more than a couple hours a week on the court.
From: David, 9/12

Comments: Jason summed it up pretty well. This shoe needs a little break in so it can conform to your foot. Then, it's pretty much a "match day" shoe. I usually wear a 9.5 US in Nike, but had to get a size 10 for the CourtBallistec 3.3s because of how narrow they were. Then I found that I'm a size 9.5 in the Zoom Breathe 2K12s and, honestly, it's still pretty wide for my foot. You will have to lace them up pretty tight if you have a normal width foot. Aesthetically, the black with blue sole looks great, and the feel and traction of the court is also superb. For now, I like them better than the 3.3s, but after one day of use the toe box is taking some damage. Hopefully they hold up until I get a pair of 4.3s.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: I found the tongue too short and does not cover the laces when fully tied. The laces actually cut into the arch of my foot.
From: John, 8/12

Comments: I've found that the innersoles of these shoes move around within the shoes and scrunch up as I'm playing. Very annoying. Maybe the sizing is a half size too large as per above reviewer's comments - the forefoot does feel wide. I've never had this problem in Vapors or Ballistecs. Disappointing, as otherwise hits a sweet spot between the light/not-durable Vapors and the heavy/durable Ballistecs.
From: Chris, 8/12

Comments: I found the sizing on these shoes to be a half size too large. I have a wide forefoot and I normally wear a 10.5, sometimes having to go up to an 11 due to my wide foot. I bought the 10.5 and already have to cinch the laces so tight that the eyelets from each side are nearly touching. I do use replacement insoles which only made the shoe "bigger" for me. Otherwise the shoes are clearly more of a game day shoe. They ventilate well but the cushioning isn't what you'll find in the Ballistec or Barricade. Despite being too large, the shoes were still really stable and gripped the court well.
From: Jason, 8/12

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