Prince NEOS 1000 Stringing Machine w/ USRSA Customer feedback

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Comments: My friend taught me how to string on a Prince Neos 1000 and it is a great machine. It's easy to learn on and very accurate with its tension settings. Prince makes quality stringers, as the one I learned on is at least 10 years old and will easily string for another 10 years without a problem. Cheaper stringers will not be as durable, and this classic is hard to beat.
From: Joplin, 10/12

Comments: I've had my Neos 1000 over 4 years with no problems, strings great, its a hoot and life is good!
From: Kacy, 3/12

Comments: Well I love this Prince machine. I'm only 14 and use this at the club I string my racquet (head youtek at 63lb) It's the best!
From: Emanuel Rafai, Portland, Oregon, USA. 06/09

Comments: I bought a Gamma Progression ES II+ back in May. I also had a Gamma X-Stringer drop weight and a Eagnas Crank. I like electric better than a crank and drop weight. Started using the Neos the last several days at the club to fill in. And it's like night and day. Trying to release the tension after a pull is a pain compared to the easy foot pedal I use on mine. The glide clamps are annoying especially after finishing the mains. You have to take the whole thing out and switch it the other direction. Under the racquet while weaving its tight and cumbersome. The racquet while clamped cant make a full 360 degree turn. Another pain. The swivel base gets in the cranks way while pulling. The positives i have are 1)very easy way to set the racquet on the machine(2 points & mine has 6) and 2) the turn table brake(wish i had this feature). Maybe I've gotten used to mine. But first impressions are so so. Plus mine was $200 cheaper. Don't think I'll ever buy a non-electronic stringer again.
From: Joel, West NY, NJ, USA. 9/08

Comments: Stringing does not get simpler than this. Professional results are easy to obtain. The price is fair and the machine is virtually indestructible. After a few years, I added an electronic tensioning device from Wise, but that mainly adds convenience and makes it easier to match tension when a customer has been getting his stick strung on an electronic machine. You cannot go wrong with this machine, because if you decide to re-sell it, it will sell very quickly for $850 or so. Unless you string for a living, you will not outgrow this machine.
From: Anonymous, 12/06

Comments: This machine is nothing but great. It's easy to clamp the racquet. It's easy to pull the string. It's possible to string a racquet in 15 minutes with minimal effort. If you have any ideas about stringing, please don't buy anything else but this machine. I've strung on tabletop models for about 10 years. Tabletop models are slower, much slower, and arduous. Plus, you never real know if you are pulling the string at the correct tension every time. With the prince you'll not have that problem. This machine is the best. It's a joy to string a racquet. Make sure to buy a calibrator with it. It's about 50 bucks, and is very necessary. Every time you move the machine, or just every so often, calibrate just to make sure the tension is correct. Mine was off by about 5lbs, which is normal, glad I had a calibrator. This machine is perfect, absolutely perfect.
From: Brian, New Jersey 06/06

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