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Comments: I have owned a Neos 1000 for over 5 years without a problem. I could use some new rubber on the throat risers. This is a great machine. I took it apart and put it in my car daily since I teach tennis quite far from where I live. I put the tension head in a separate case but everything else just in the back. It is rugged and dependable. After tiring of this practice I bought a Babolat 5 Star for at home. I like the 5 Star better, especially the swivel clamps, but it is 4k. My glide bars do not move as easily as when it was new but consider what I put it through. You can not go wrong with the Neos. I will post again when I get the parts I need.
From: Pat, 4/14

Comments: I have had this machine for about 5 years now and I have never had a problem with it until today. When I am pulling back the tension for my specific tension, it never locks and just keeps going until the clamps eventually fail. I am stringing at 62 pounds and this problem is occuring. If i was to string at 40 pounds this problem doesnt happen. This is very frustrating to me. Does anybody know what the problem is and can help me out?
From: Ian, 8/13

Comments: My friend taught me how to string on a Prince Neos 1000 and it is a great machine. It's easy to learn on and very accurate with its tension settings. Prince makes quality stringers, as the one I learned on is at least 10 years old and will easily string for another 10 years without a problem. Cheaper stringers will not be as durable, and this classic is hard to beat.
From: Joplin, 10/12

Comments: I've had my Neos 1000 over 4 years with no problems, strings great, its a hoot and life is good!
From: Kacy, 3/12

Comments: I have never strung a tennis racquet before and I felt like I now have a good grasp of it. This machine is very solid and easy to use and I just think it would be a great choice if you were looking for a solid stringing machine.
From: Anon, 10/11

Comments: This type machine has been around for ages. I have an old Wynn stringer that is what I call an Ekta- clone like this one. They are great and durable. You can get the electric ones for tons more but why bother. These are accurate and don't need juice.
From: Kim, Stuart, FL, USA, 01/11

Comments: I have strung on several platforms including drop-weight and electric, and this is by far the best. I am a high volume racquet technician (stringing 10+ racquets per day) and I wouldn't have any other machine. Don't be fooled by the expensive bells and whistles of the electric machines!
From: Patrick, Minneapolis, MN, USA. 6/09

Comments: The exact same stringer that strung my racquets in high school back in 1988 is still in service at the tennis club I play at. It is labeled as the Ektelon H model, but it is the same stringer as this new Prince model. For 20 years that machine has endured and it is still accurate!
From: David, NH, USA, 12/08

Comments: Excellent machine, so easy to string with; sometimes I have to do 2 frames just to get my fix. Unless you string 12 or more frames a day I recommend getting this baby. Easy, accurate,very durable. To tell you the truth I miss my other machine, this one is too easy, 20-25 min per job without even trying. Cheers.
From: M.Algarin, Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 9/08

Comments: Stringing does not get simpler than this. Professional results are easy to obtain. The price is fair and the machine is virtually indestructible. After a few years, I added an electronic tensioning device from Wise, but that mainly adds convenience and makes it easier to match tension when a customer has been getting his stick strung on an electronic machine. You cannot go wrong with this machine, because if you decide to re-sell it, it will sell very quickly. Unless you string for a living, you will not outgrow this machine.
From: Anonymous, 12/06

Comments: The comments listed on this page are 100% correct! This machine is nothing but great. It's easy to clamp the racquet. It's easy to pull the string. It's possible to string a racquet in 15 minutes with minimal effort. If you have any ideas about stringing, please don't buy anything else but this machine. I've strung on tabletop models for about 10 years. Tabletop models are slower, much slower, and arduous. Plus, you never real know if you are pulling the string at the correct tension every time. With the prince you'll not have that problem. This machine is the best. It's a joy to string a racquet. Make sure to buy a calibrator with it. It's very necessary and worth it. Every time you move the machine, or just every so often, calibrate just to make sure the tension is correct. Mine was off by about 5lbs, which is normal, glad I had a calibrator. This machine is perfect, absolutely perfect.
From: Brian, New Jersey 06/06

Comments: This is the best manual machine you can buy. Much better than the alpha/gamma machines, the clamping system is very secure and doesn't get in the way like the 6 point systems. Accurate to the core! This is a pro/shop quality machine. Don't waste money on other inferior models.
From: Tip M., L.A, U.S.A 04/06

Comments: This is the best stringer in the world. It works so easily. I am a professional string and now I can string in about 12 minutes.
From: Annonymous, India 04/06

Comments: I love this machine! The clamps hold the racquet very nicely and always keep my stick secure. I have nothing but compliments for this device because it works a lot better than the previous ones I have.

Comments: NOT BAD! A solid stringing machine with good features. Sadly it only has 2 point mounting which was ok when these machines were first manufactured but if you plan on stringing any of today's lighter weight frames that are known to be brittle, a 6 point mounting system would be a better choice. The actual mounting system in place is easy to use but after time it doesn't seem to hold the frames down as securely, if you don't replace the dog kits often enough.
From: Erik, Dalton GA USA 07/05

Comments: I've been stringing with the Neos for 4 years now, and never once has it let me down, by far the best machine for a small business, or just to have and use for recreation.
From: Drew, Wheaton, Il, US 06/05

Comments: After studying each stringer and reading reviews, I went with the Prince NEOS 1000. This machine and the previous model (H) have developed a great reputation over the decades. The thing I like is that it does not have electronics that could potentially go bad down the road. Another huge positive is that the NEOS 1000 is as solid as a tank. This is a professional stringer not a toy like other stringers. So far, I have strung about 30 racquets and I don't regret my decision at all.
From: Timothy Robins, Boston, MA, USA. 01/05

Comments: This is an excellent stringer. I used to use a drop weight table top model, and it wasn't accurate, and it took me almost an hour to string a frame. Since I've been using this machine, my stringing has been much more accurate, and I can string a frame in 20 or less minutes! An excellent stringer
From: Curt, Macon, GA, USA. 7/04

Comments: I have had this machine for a year and it is been the best stringer. You will not regret buying this. All of the components are so easy to access that it will act as if you are stringing with an automatic stringer. When I first started I wanted something easy and that is what I got. You will essentially never have to check the calibration, because it is always on the dot. If I were to be looking in this range of stringing machines I would most definitely choose this one over any others.
From: Addison, Charlotte, NC, USA. 1/04

Comments: I've had this machine for four years now, and it still works as well as it did when I got it (and I got it used). I've strung over 200 racquets, and couldn't be happier with the purchase. It is more accurate than any table top, and is very easy to use. Stringing a racquet in under 20 minutes is now no problem. It is definitely worth the money. DO NOT BUY A TABLE TOP MACHINE. This is the second best stringer on the market today, the other being the more expensive, electric Neos machine.
From: Luke, Spokane, WA, USA. 10/03

Comments: This is one great value. Very sturdy machine built to last. Speed is the key and mounting and stringing go fast. I check the calibration every six months or so and it is dead on.
From: Greg, Fresno, CA, USA. 9/03

Comments: If you're serious about your tennis, do not mess around with a table top - buy a NEOS 1000. The greatest asset of the machine is consistent stringing tension _ same result every time. This is ideal for the player with multiple frames.
From: Mark, Seattle, WA, USA. 8/03

Comments: I'm a tennis coach and recently bought this machine so that I could string racquets for both myself and my clients. After one week of use and 10 strung racquets, I to, highly recommend this stringing machine. It is very easy to use, very accurate out of the box, and is a sturdy, high quality piece of equipment. If you intend on stringing at least 30 racquets a year, I would invest the money into this machine. You won't be disappointed.
From: Marcus, Edison, NJ, USA. 7/03

Comments: I have the machine and it's the best. I can get the job done easily and it's easy to change the clamps so you can do the cross strings.
From: Max, Andover, MA, USA. 5/03

Comments: I thought the machine was great. I've had it for four years and it still strings great. I hope you will try it.
From: Nick, Knoxville, TN, USA. 4/03

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