Babolat Xcel 16 String Reel Natural Customer feedback

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Comments: I generally play with a full bed of polyester and tried this in a hybrid with Head Hawk Touch in the Pure Aero Tour. I have to say, it is a very muted and comfortable feeling string. Although due to the muted feel, I felt pretty distant on my slices and dropshots, but the Pure Aero series isn't designed for feel to begin with. Not necessarily very powerful as many multifilament tend to be, but it is pretty elastic feeling. The ball pocketing was pretty excellent and tension maintenance wasn't an issue. Unfortunately, due to the spin nature of my shots, Xcel 16 didn't last very long in my racquet. This is as expected as it is a softer string, but three hours definitely isn't enough for me to purchase this string again. Overall, very nice comfort and if you don't break strings, then I would highly recommend this.
From: SN, 11/16

Comments: Strung at 53 lbs. Very happy with this string. My shoulder problems have now gone and my touch and control have greatly improved without any noticeable lack of power either. I can't get the spin I did using RPM Blast but given the better touch/control and just how forgiving this string is I am very pleased so far. No more poly for me thanks.
From: Alan, 11/14

Comments: Nothing remarkable, just a normal multi with poor durability. Decent power, good control, poor spin potential. But is pretty good on the arm.
From: Anon, 11/13

Comments: I bought this string for arm relief. Broke in about 5-6 hours. Mushy and too soft. Get some decent gut for better performance and it will still help your arm.
From: Jeff, 9/13

Comments: Pros: Great multi string, very soft on the arm, keeps tension fairly well (as opposed to other multifilament strings, not to mention polyester strings which lose tension at a greater rate). Cons: it wears out pretty fast (if used in hybrid combination with a rougher polyester, such as PHT or RPM). Tension: please keep in mind to keep the tension when stringing between a maximum of 66 lbs (the maximum recommended by the producer) and a minimum of 57 lbs, but nothing lower. Hybrid combination: I use the XCel in the crosses (which I generally preffer to have them strung by 2 lbs more than the mains) and the PHT in the mains. I string at 57 lbs for PHT in the mains and 59 lbs for XCel in the crosses and it is a wonderful combination between power, control and finesse. Not recommended: I have previously tried to keep the 57 lbs tension for the PHT in teh mains and dropped the XCel tension fore the crosses at 55 lbs and it plays weird. Therefore, I strongly recommend not to string the XCel at a lower tension than 57 lbs.
From: Florin

Comments: Great hitting string. I like the comfort, feel and control this string offers. I strung my racquet about 3 lbs tighter than usual (63 lbs) to compensate for any quick tension loss. This string plays equal to or better than other top multifilaments that I've played with to include the NXT's, X-ONE Biphase and Micronite. I did notice a little wear (roughness) on the coating after two hours of play. I highly recommend this string. However, the durability (as with most multifilaments) could be an issue for string breakers.
From: James, 12/11

Comments: I played with this string for the first time at 65 lbs main and 63 lbs cross on my ProKennex Ionic 15 PSE. I became a "new" player. I hit heavier and with greater control. My coach just keep on praising my practice session with him. This string is very soft on my arm (of course, the racquet helps a lot too!). I really encourage anyone playing tennis to really give it a try.
From: MD, 12/11

Comments: I use the Xcel strings in a hybrid mix of RPM Blast 17g (at about 58 lbs)(mains) and Xcel 16g (at about 64 lbs)(crosses) in a Babolat AeroDrive Cortex. I like the mix when it starts off. Good control, good power. The Xcel is a lot softer than the RPM blast and gentler on the arm. However, once the outer coating on the Xcel starts to chew away, and you can see the inner core start to fray, there is next to no time before they go. I chew through the hybrid mix probably once a month at the rate I have been playing lately. Nice string but goes quickly.
From: Joel. 5/11

Comments: Played one match so far with this Babolat Xcel string at the cross @ 60lbs with hurricane @ 55lbs in the mains. Feel really good. We'll see how well the xcels hold up. Never had an issue with the hurricanes breaking at the mains so that's why I put them there. Can serve harder without the elbow killing me like I used to have with all hurricane strung at 60lbs.
From: Mitch, Jerseyville, IL, USA, 09/10

Comments: I have used the Xcel 16 as a cross in my Wilson BLX with ProHTour mains: 50m/57c. Basically the hybrid is good for about 15 hours of play. At that time the poly PHT losses too much resiliency for me and feels like wire and Xcel loses too much tension about the same time. I carry three similar racquets with different strings all within my range of acceptability (2 hybrids and 1 full gut). That helps me know when its time to restring one of the racquets as the strings feel like wire or too mushy.
From: Rodger, Vallejo, CA, USA, 09/10
3.5 Level heading for 4.0, Spin Meister, Counter-puncher.

Comments: What I find very un-useful about some comments is the over critique of a product. Be simple and concise. After reading all these comments, I still let the TW rep talk me into trying them in my Aero 112. Forget all the bull below, the strings hit great. Good feel, good power and control, just find the tension that's right for you. I finally got tired of trying the hybrid maze and this in full bed is fine for me.
From: Dave, Sumter, SC. 09/10

Comments: I tried this string even with some of the negative reviews. I guess is really just preference. I loved them and I have played better since I went from the Babolat Revenge to the Xcel. I am already a heavy hitter so this string gave me the perfect amount of control. I am on a two match win streak with these strings. I am a 3.0 player in ultimate tennis.
From: Barry, Stockbridge, GA, USA, 07/10

Comments: Most people have no idea what they are talking about. I have played with full excel and a hurricane/excel hybrid. These strings play amazing if you are a good player. But they have NO DURABILITY AT ALL. I break full excel in 40 minutes and excel crosses in 1 day. Only buy these if you can afford to string three times a week.
From: Sean, CA, USA, 06/10

Comments: Hybrid'd it with revenge mains and xcel crosses on my APD. It felt pretty good for a while but it dies out quickly. Feel is decent, but I was expecting more feel from this multifilament. Not a whole lot of power or spin on this string either. Better off getting something else IMO.
From: Anon, 06/10

Comments: I first had this string strung at 60 lbs on my Babolat Pure Drive. It really didn't feel like I got much pop with them. Then when I got my Prince 03 Speedport Black I again strung it with the Xcel, but this time at 56. Better but no. They are extremely durable though. I have been trying to break my strings ever since I got them and noticed there's a big gash in them.
From: jason, Chicago, IL, USA. 6/10

Comments:This string is extremely soft for good touch but does not get the ball very deep so I recommend putting this string in the crosses and Babolat revenge in the mains.
From: Anon, 05/10

Comments: This is a very soft string. By itself it has no pop. I felt like I was swinging for the fences to get the ball deep. But the ball feel and the ability to make your opponent think you have soft hands is amazing. Honestly, after pairing this with Hurricane Tour, I haven't gone back to using the XCel solo.
From: Nyemike, Plano, TX 11/09

Comments: An okay string by itself, great comfort but a little too soft. This string works great for the crosses in a hybrid though!I use Tecnifibre red code on the mains and this string in the crosses on my Wilson K-blade 98 and it feels great.
From: John, France 08/09

Comments: Not too crazy about this string, very comfortable, but no feel to the string at all, no pop!
From: Kay, Indianapolis, Indiana 08/09

Comments: I absolutely loved the original version of this string and now absolutely hate this version. (btw just order up the XCel Power it is great stuff). The new premium is soft buttery mush that robs you of any pop. I hit with it for two weeks and eventually cut it out. It really lacks feel and it gets really bad about two hours into it. I would try a single set of it before buying a reel-- I could see it's attraction in maybe a super granny racquet as it is comfortable and would completely rob any innate power a racquet had, but I would highly suggest giving this one a pass.
From: Don, Chicago, Illinois. 4/09

Comments: One of the best strings ever! I bought it again after trying it out once. The last one broke in 3 months and I'm hoping this one will last longer too. Strung it in my Head MG Prestige mid+ at 55lbs and it was heaven. Very soft and comfortable.
From: Eric, Singapore. 3/09

Comments: This is my favorite string. I prefer it over NXT, to me it produces a much crisper shot, but yet it is extremely soft on the arm. I hit hard, semi western forehand, full backhand grip and hit tons of spin. This string is super soft on my arm and shoulder, and I can play longer with this string than any other without feeling any pain. I find that the serves have good pop also. I play it on 16 gauge for durability, so you do have to work to get spin out of it. It is not a string that is super spin friendly like Alu power or Alu rough.
From: Eduardod, Parkland, FL. 3/09

Comments: I liked the older formula of the XCel Premium better. The newer, more durable version is less lively and powerful. When the string gets older, it feels particularly dead. I just tried the XCel Power and so far I like it. It's significantly more powerful, but I should be able to adjust.
From: Cardinal, Mountain View, CA, U.S.A. 1/09

Comments: If you play with this string, be sure to play it with a stiff main like polyester. The string is extremely soft and the ball will fly on you if you use this on the entire string bed. Good choice for a cross string and poly main hybrid. One of the softest strings I have ever tried.
From: Albert, USA. 11/08

Comments: I was using Babolat Hurricane Pro on my Aeropro and the ball used to fly control at all..after that I switched to these and mammaaa miaaa... it's got beautiful control and very soft feel.. you just have to generate your own power but I don't mind that as long as I'm getting control..have played for about 20 hrs so far and they are still going strong! :) good job, Babolat!
From: nikhil, atlanta, ga. 11/08

Comments: Great string! It feels great from the get go. I have noticed that it tends to notch, however. I would still recommend it.
From: Aaron, Montana. 9/08

Comments:Comfortable and predictable string. I have tried a few strings including Gamma Professional/Live Wire XP/Prodigy, Wilson NXT/NXT tour. Live Wire XP very similar but Excel Premium the most stable when hitting hard and swing out. Durability fine. Great string for people with wrist/elbow/shoulder injuries. A worthwhile string to try if you're looking for a comfortable/good control string.
From: Jackson, Sydney, Australia, 09/08

Comments: Extremely comfortable and powerful but they least durable strings I have ever used. I broke the strings the first week I had them. NOT recommended.
From: Alexander, Jackson, Mississippi, USA, 08/08

Comments: The string is very predictable so I didn't feel any adjustment period was necessary. I get good control with spin or flat strokes. I wouldn't say it is lively or crisp, but more quiet and comfortable. I can swing out and feel confident with it. I tried this string after playing with gut for the last two years to save money. My game hasn't suffered from the switch, just different feel here. I recommend it to synthetic gut users wanting a little more feel and comfort.
From: Anon. 7/08

Comments: These strings are extremely soft and durable. They live up to the billing. I found a great amount of control with them. Excellent string, highly recommended.
From: Nyemike, Dallas, TX, USA, 07/08

Comments: I restring my racket three times a day, and I use this every time on my crosses. I use Hurricane on my mains. I love this string, It is very soft and feels great when you hit with it.
From: Jay, Eagle, ID, USA. 7/08

Comments: This stuff's so soft it's like playing with Jell-O that hasn't even hardened know like mayonnaise, good control, no power.
From: Anon. 6/08

Comments: This is a really good one. I use it with my AeroPro Drive racquet, 58 lbs. It's really soft and smooth, easy to control and has fair amount of power. It's one of the best strings I've ever used.
From: Mo. 4/08

Comments: Very nice comfortable string, great control however lacked power but recommended
From: Rob, New Zealand, 10/07

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