New Balance WC 996 White/Pink B Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: The toebox is more narrow than other New Balance models and gave me blisters on my little toe. Looks cool though, I got lost of compliments.
From: Gayle, 3/14

Comments: Pro: I get lots of compliments on the pretty design. Plus they are light. Con: the shoe laces are too short and not able to lace through the last hole, cheap construction inside shoe because the material is ripping after I only wearing shoes 2 times.
From: Gayle, 2/14

Comments: I just bought these shoes, and they feel great so far. I'm concerned, though, after coming across these reviews, about their durability. Did any of the below reviewers have success in returning the shoes to New Balance under the year-long guarantee that they offer?
From: Marion, 1/14

Comments: I loved these shoes, however like others have said, they wear through way too fast! I wore a hole down to my sock twice during tennis season, which is only two months! Seriously, these shoes need to be made so they last longer. The colors are awesome though and they were super comfortable and fit my foot great.
From: Brynne, 10/13

Comments: I thought these shoes would last me at least 6 months considering the warranty said one year. Sadly the shoes broke in one week. I was very unsatisfyed. If you are a person that doesn't play a lot and doesn't wear through shoes too fast. The shoes would be ok for you. They look cool and are comfortable especially because they offer a wider size.
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: I bought these shoes because I love my New Balance running shoes. I am an aggressive player and play 4-5 times a week. These shoes couldn't keep up with me. The toes were completely worn through within a month and I was sliding all over the court. New Balance, you let me down.
From: Amanda, 7/13

Comments: I wore through the front toe within 6 weeks. The sole and top part of the shoe are completely coming apart.
From: Katie, 5/13

Comments: I purchased this shoe as I wore out my discontinued adidas and needed to find new shoes. The former model of this shoe was much shorter in the toe, as they've expanded the toe box without making the heel too wide. I drag my toe and I'm a little concerned that I will wear through the toe much quicker than my other shoes. After playing for two weeks in the shoe I've worn through the little nubbly front part. It says there is a warranty but not sure if it will cover the toe wearing. The cushioning is fantastic and the shoe is extra light which I love.
From: Lisa, 1/13

Comments: This shoe description reads fits true to size, however I had to send my normal size back for 1/2 size larger. The description reads "B" width, but if you are looking for a wide toe panel, these would not be for you. They are lightweight.
From: Judi, 1/13

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