New Balance WC 851 White B Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I have worn NB wide fit for many years. I tried this new style only to find that the toe box was just not generous enough. The fit is poor. I will go back to wearing the 1004 pair that I already have and will try the new 1005 Wide when I need a new pair.
From: Yolanda, 1/13

Comments: An extremely lightweight shoe that works well for my very narrow flat feet. No break-in required. The only downside is that it is not very durable, and thus will not hold up long if you play tennis a lot. I play about 12 hours a week. I sent in my shoe for the NDurance guarantee within 2 months of purchase.
From: Emily, 1/13

Comments: This shoe was fine when I first tried it on, then, about three days later, it started to make this squeaky sound every time I walked. The noise came from the back sole of the shoe and it is extremely distracting when I am playing tennis. I wish I could return the shoe because it is defective but since I wore it about three times before the defect started, I can't return it.
From: Rose, 8/12

Comments: A great shoe for an intermediate player like me who plays a couple of times a week on both clay and hard courts. Comfortable right out of the box and a real step up from my old clunky shoes.
From: Annie, 7/12

Comments: I love this shoe. Being used to training in NB's Minimus shoe line and wearing Nike Free Shoes for walking around in, this shoe gives your feet the freedom of feeling the court and being able to move freely around the court without a clunky shoe weighing you down. Good lateral support as well for change of direction. I currently average 3-4 times a week on hard courts and the shoes have held up well. I'm glad they are starting to make shoes lighter again!
From: Bonnie, 3/12

Comments: I am a runner, and I love this shoe. It is for people who are very light on their feet, do not pronate or supinate (i.e., don't need a "control" shoe).
From: Meredith, 3/12

Comments: Did not like the way this fit at all. I am a New Balance fan and will have to order the good ol' white leather, tried and true.
From: Judy, 2/12

Comments: I tried this shoe because I had worn the New Balance 1004; I love them and they work great, but I'm tired of how fast they wore out for me because I'm out on the court a lot. I'm flat-footed and overpronate which gives me knee problems and I'm pretty picky about shoes. The arch support was off and my feet felt awkward and clunky and heavy in these shoes. They sure look good and they've got good cushions, but they need to be broken in. My feet hurt just walking around in the grocery store in these so I could break them in before I got on court.
From: Natalie, 10/11

Comments: Nothing wrong with this shoes except it is not for an aggressive player. The pros for this shoe is that it is super light, very comfortable, very attractive shoe, true to size, and medium width in toebox and heel. The cons are the cushion around ankle is minimal, and the rubber bottom of shoe is not wide enough to support rugged play.
From: Anon, 7/11

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