New Balance MC 851 White/Red D Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I have used the 851 since August of this year. It's the best and lightest tennis shoe I've yet owned. The wide toe box fits my feet perfectly. I am lighter on my feet than with any shoe I've yet tried. I've used them exclusively on clay, so I can't address its durability on hard courts.
From: Tim, 12/12

Comments: Usually the durability guarantee for NB shoes are legitimate, but my pair was a dud. I wore a hole into the bottom of my shoe just three months after wearing them. So, I can't recommend this model for durability.
From: Dave, 11/12

Comments: These shoes are great, but I wore through them in 3 months, thank goodness for the guarantee.
From: Chris, 10/12

Comments: I'm exclusively a clay courter and these shoes are almost incredible. I say "almost" because I have a very wide foot and the max width on these is 2E. I need a 4E. But I love the shoe so much that I order it, put it in shoe trees for a week to force widening, and then put them to work. I play five or six times a week, on average two hours a session, all on clay, and they last about 6 to 7 months before the plastic slit on the left side of my right shoe begins to split. Otherwise, there is no discernible wear on the heel, toe or anywhere else. I might add that I threw them in the washing machine a few days ago with a little liquid bleach and they came out looking as if they just came out of the box. And, no, the bleach had nothing to do with the splitting on the side. It's my feet! I'm resigned to buying a new pair every 6 or 7 months and I will continue to. However, if you execs at NB are tuning in here, please start making this shoe in a 4E. Merci beaucoup.
From: Charlie, 10/12

Comments: These shoes are very light and fast, but the durability is not good. I play about 10-15 hours per week on hard courts and it took me about 3 weeks to wear through the sole into the black foamy portion in the toe section. They're still wearable but won't be for long, and would certainly qualify for a warranty replacement in their current state. Having said all that, you can't beat the price, and they do have a 1 year warranty. They look nice, and they feel nimble. I bought two pair because the total cost was still comparable to one pair of many of the warranty shoes from other manufacturers.
From: Justin, 10/12

Comments: Very light, but my pair feels narrower (I ordered a size D) than they should.
From: Dave, 10/12

Comments: I just ordered them and got the shoes in two days. Thanks to TW for their prompt shipping. These shoes are light as many mentioned. They are also tight compared to my other NB shoes for some reason. I just played a few times in them and already noticed some sign of wearing out. I hope they last. Overall, they've been good. Especially with the new sale price from TW, you can't beat it.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: These are excellent mid-width shoes. They are much lighter than the Court Ballistics and there's more room in the footbed. There's less ankle support so you need to adjust your approach which takes a few minutes. They are much more comfortable due to extra range of motion in the ankle for me. The wear doesn't appear to be much worse than the Court Ballistics but I'm not particularly hard on soles or a big toe dragger. I love these for light practice and just hitting balls.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: Comfortable, light, and good looking. I play both tennis and squash, and I like this shoe better on the wood squash courts than the hard courts. It does not have enough cushioning for me when playing serious tennis. I like the price and will them buy again for squash and casual wear.
From: Jon, 9/12

Comments: This is my first pair of NB 851's. They fit well and were quite comfortable right out of the box. They are definitely the lightest shoes I have yet used and they enhance my ability to move. I play mostly on clay and the sole holds up as well as any shoe before. I am pleased with the quality and price.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: What a perfect shoe out of the box. It's nice and low feeling with great support. I am a size 8 and love this shoe. I can't speak much yet for durability since I have only had the shoe for a week, but I would definitely buy this shoe again. Great price. For under 90 dollars, I don't think you will find a better shoe.
From: Bobby, 9/12

Comments: I purchased these shoes because I have had success with other New Balance shoes in the past, and they had good reviews (comfort and cushioned, etc.) What a mistake. I wore them to work out for a couple weeks in hopes of breaking them in. They felt tight and lacked cushioning out of the box. Yesterday I played tennis in them for the first time. Not only do my feet hurt after playing on soft courts, my knees feel like I played all day on concrete. I wear a size 14, and I cannot go into most stores to try on shoes, so I depend on reviews. What a mistake in this case.
From: Dennis, 9/12

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