Gosen NanoCubic Nanosilver 17 String Customer feedback

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Comments: Very nice string for the price. Good power, control, durability and spin. The more noticeable quality is its softness which made my prestige hit like butter. Consequently it lacked some pop. One thing that made me scratch my head was that the "nano-fullerene blended special coating" wore off in 30 min.
From: Ross, CA, USA 01/10

Comments: I am a 3.5 player that plays big, "too big", with flat and top-spin/slice shots. Strung on Dunlop 200g and 700g. This string is very durable. I have played 3.5-4.0 matches all summer with this string and it shows only normal signs of wear. Strung in one of my rackets @ 55lbs and another @ 60lbs and both got lots of use. These strings notch right after stringing yet this has not affected the durability or playability at all. My BIGGEST COMPLAINT is that these strings move around horribly. I would expect this on the 55lb but not so much on the 60lb, they both move just nearly the same. Also a strange note... the package states: manufacturer recommends stringing between 40lb and 50lb; stringing higher has worked out fine, except that @ 60lbs they did seem to chatter when strung leaving chatter marks on the string (this did not affect durability). Strings are very comfortable and play great, very good power and okay spin. Too much movement!
From: Chris, KC, MO USA10/09

Comments: This string provided a lot of control and nice power. It did transfer a lot of energy to my elbow and shoulder though. I'm reading here about how soft it is. I didn't feel it. Played lightly for five hours using it. I'm happy with its ability but I felt I paid for it later.
From: RonaldR, Chicago, IL. 3/09

Comments: OK string but a bit mushy and powerless. Seemed like it lost too much tension after a few hours. Kirshbaum Pro Line II works way better for me.
From: Jon, Milwaukee. 04/09

Comments:Love this string, good blend of spin and pop. Also soft enough, won't hurt my elbow and shoulder. The down side was its durability.
From: Edwin C., Indonesia, 02/09

Comments: Finally, the string is broken! I logged 10 hours of heavy duty (4.5+) level singles match play. Which is to my standards is pretty darn good, almost on par with NRG2 same gauge. But again...this is half price of NRG. Tension/Playability loss was not an issue.
From: Eugene, Thornhill, ON, Canada, 11/08

Comments: First 2 hour impression: very close to NRG2. Plenty of feel spin and power at will. For half price. I wonder, what's next: durability and tension loss.
From: Eugene, Thornhill, ON, Canada. 11/08

Comments: Good string, I have tennis Elbow and still strung this at 59 lbs and it�s still soft. Tried this before going to Natural Gut. And I see this is made in Japan, of course Japan has good quality and technology. Will be using this string on my hybrids and full job on my second racquet.
From: Paul, Boca Raton, FL, USA, 10/08

Comments: I am a 4.5 player and play three times a week religiously, I look for durability, spin, tension and feel on a good string, I tried the nanosilver 17 on my Wilson K factor 90 at 58 lbs and feels really good, the string absorbs a lot of the impact but at the same time has a nice pop at contact. Lots of spin and after several matches all I see is a few nicks on the strings from rubbing each other and a slight loss of tension but still feels nice and crisp, I loved it so I am going to keep testing the string for a while, I recommend this string to those with tennis elbow and tight budget.
From: Guillermo, El Centro, CA, USA, 08/08

Comments: Nice string. I was very pleased and surprised by the spin produced by this string. I am buying more after I finish this.
From: Clint, Annapolis, MD, USA. 12/07

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