Nike Air Max Cage White/Navy Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I really like these shoes. Good cushioning and support in a fairly fast-feeling shoe. Plenty of colors to choose from too, which is always a plus. Traction is adequate while the outsole lasts, which is, sadly, not very long. I wore it smooth under my toes in 3 weeks (12 hours) and under the balls of my feet in 4 weeks (17 hours). I will be exercising the durability guarantee on these shortly. Other than the durability, though, no problems. It is a bit of a generous fit, but I haven't experienced any problems, likely because I wear thicker socks like the Nike Tennis Crews and Elites. I recommend these to anybody who is looking for a high-performance shoe with more comfort than the Vapor series and a little less court feel.
From: Anon, 7/13

Comments: I usually wear a 2E shoe, which requires that I purchase New Balance tennis shoes. For me 2E is a little on the large size but Ds are far too small. I have both a high arch and wider than average foot. This shoe is the best fitting tennis shoe I have ever worn. I have only worn them about half a dozen times so I cannot speak to durability. However, they are really comfortable and grip hard courts like no other (in my experience). So far I am really happy with my purchase and hope that these shoes stick around for a while. I would recommend these shoes to those that do not quite fit into a D and are looking for a change from New Balance.
From: Rory, 7/13

Comments: The air max bubble cracked on my pair and then again on the next replacement pair. I wanted to love these shoes but the heel does not have enough support and therefore the air max will pop with and force put on it. Purchase them knowing you will most likely have to return/exchange them!
From: Spinko, 7/13

Comments: This shoe, for me, was really good, I liked how they fit and they also seem to be more durable and have more cushion than the Nike Court Ballistec 4.1 I also used to have. However, I have the same issue as KK - the back air cells keep breaking on me. The first pair I had replaced with the sole warranty, now the new shoes have the same issue. Let's see if they can do something about it, apart from that the shoe is still in good condition.
From: Thomas, 7/13

Comments: It is no where near as similar to the Breathe Cages and the shoe itself feels clunky. Now although it is comfortable out of the box, the shoe did not last me very long (less than 2 months). I nearly rolled my ankle a numerous amount of times. The sole was not wide enough compared to the part that covered my feet. Vapors are much more stable, feel lighter, and they are still comfortable
From: JL, 6/13

Comments: Had it for 4 weeks and both rear foot air cells broke at the seem. Otherwise great shoes, very comfortable.
From: KK< 6/13

Comments: This shoe is wide everywhere. I had to go down a 1/2 size smaller and wear thicker socks. The length is not that much longer than usual, so it probably would be impossible for me to size down further. The shoe is ok, my only complaint is that it is a little bit loose on the heel. I tried lacing up to the last eyelet near the ankles. Other than that, the shoe feels light and very flexible. It took a while for me to get used to the loose heel. Now I can run well in them.
From: Neil, 6/13

Comments: Comfortable right out of the box. Unlike the Courtballistic, the forefoot is roomy. Typically, I wear a US 9 but I am wearing 8.5 in these. I highly recommended them! It is good to see Nike finally coming out with good shoes again.
From: KK< 5/13

Comments: Comfortable out of the box, which was my main reason for buying them. Enormous difference with respect to the Barricade 7. Today I had my first play test with these shoes. Lightweight. I felt confident moving around, good plush feeling on the heel. A little high off the ground, but I like it that way. The only downside was a couple of times my foot almost slipped outside of the shoe but after stretching the lace system problem solved. I ordered my usual size and it fit well. I do not think a half size smaller would work. They also seem durable.
From: JC, 5/13

Comments: This is an awesome shoe. I appreciate the wider toe box, stability, support, comfort, durability, and great cosmetics. It is a game- enhancement shoe that fits my wider forefoot and has room for my orthotics. Sweet. Thank you TW and Nike.
From: Robert, 5/13

Comments: I have been a long time buyer of Ballistics but the toe box is too narrow these days. I have just come off 2 pairs of the Vapor 9, which are so comfy but the sole is thin. These shoes are my new favorite. Roomy and a great air sole. Just the right amount of arch too. A tad more than the flat footed Vapors. I would recommend these shoes to anyone. Enjoy!
From: Danny, 5/13

Comments:I wanted to share my thoughts about what a good tennis shoe this has proved to be. I have been wearing Price and Head tennis shoes over the last four years and decided to try these based on my son's recommendation. He wears and swears by the Nike Air Courtballistec 4.3 which are far too narrow for my foot. I read reviews that stated the Nike Cage provided more room in the toe box so I gave them a try. I'm a 4.0 doubles player in my early fifties and comfort and stability are my major concerns in a high quality shoe. These shoes are incredibly comfortable, you forget you even have shoes on during the match which is the highest compliment possible. For my really wide foot, these are perfect and I hope they continue to make them for a very long time. I've been wearing them for two months and they seem very durable also. I ordered my regular 9.5 USA size and they fit fine. The six month warranty is a thing of beauty if they break down before then. Great Work Nike and thank you for such a great all-around tennis shoe.
From: Paul, 4/13

Comments: Out of the box comfort. Great stability and cushioning on court. Perfect blend of what I love about the Vapors and the CBs. With a great look and a six month warranty you can't go wrong. Regarding going down a half size: I am a true 12, so I bought a 12. I wear two pairs of socks and they fit good. If you already wear your shoes a little bigger, I would go down a half size per TW's recommendation.
From: Rob, 4/13

Comments: I have had these shoes for about a week now and they are amazing. Right out of the box they were extremely comfortable with almost no break in time. The shoes are also insanely light, I was just wearing the Babolat Propulse 3's and they are even lighter than those. Durability wise, I drag my toes heavily on both feet, but the shoe is performing just as the CourtBallistec 4.3's, but with a lighter frame, so I would definitely recommend trying these out.
From: Ethan, 4/13

Comments: I hugely miss the 2k12 shoes. It happens over and over again with Nike; they change the design of a great shoe. Over the years I wore the Vapors and they changed it, then the Ballistecs and they changed it, then I wore the 2k10 through 2k12 and now they eliminated them completely and the replacement (Cage) is junk. I didn't want to go to another brand, but I had to. For those of you who are looking for a replacement for the 2k12, try the Asics Gel Resolution 5. For me they have worked out great.
From: Chris, 4/13

Comments: I actually bought these shoes at Dicks and it turns out they are alot cheaper on this site. It pissed me off to see the price difference but you know you gotta learn your lessons. Anyway, these shoes are really comfy. Especially after wearing Adidas barricade for so long. The bottom of my foot would rot of because those adidas shoes were so bad. Now that I have these they are like house shoes on the tennis court, but I do slide in them alot and I've had them for about 2 weeks, but other than that they are great so far.
From: Jayden, 3/13

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