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Comments: I typically wear a size 11 and found the 10.5 to fit. These shoes are more comfortable and lighter than my Barricades 5 and 7; no surprise there. Now, durability-wise they don't compare. Even when rotating between three different shoes while playing 3-4 times a week the sole of the Air Max Cage was done at the 5 month mark. Nike was fast with no questions asked about my warranty claim. My voucher was received approximately two weeks after my claim. Will definitely purchase again.
From: Matt, 6/14

Comments: I have wide feet and I usually have a hard time finding the right shoes, but these were perfect! They do require some break-in time and are not the most durable, but they do have a 6 month guarantee. Buy them!
From: Buble, 4/14

Comments: After about two weeks of playing, I wore through the back of the heels all the way down to the air bubble. I found this shoe is durable everywhere except the heels. Although, it can handle toe dragging very well. If you want a durable shoe, I suggest the Courtballistecs. Another thing was that once I first got the shoe, it took me at least a week to break it in for some reason. In addition, if your foot is narrower than other people's, than you should order a size smaller. My foot is a little wide so I ordered my regular size (9). I just started wearing two pairs of socks to take up space. Other than that, these shoes are stable, but I would not buy another pair.
From: Nick, 4/14

Comments: The bubble popped under the heel of both feet in about 10 hours of use. Not sure how much that effects the comfort of the shoes but now they make a squeaky noise. These are good, lighter alternatives to the Courtballistec 4.3, but I get pain around and under the burions when using either the Air Max or Courtballistecs. Even though Nike's 6-month warranty program is excellent, I'm moving to Asics and Yonex.
From: Anon, 3/14

Comments: I am a normal size 9 with medium arch have a wide feet with shorter toes and a thicker fifth toe. I bought size 9 and size 10. I am coming from a Barricade 7 size 9. I found the fit on the size 10 to fit be better for me. The fit around the heel secures better than size 9 although I do feel slippage if i get on my toes. Hopefully a break in will help. I have yet to test these shoes on the court. Size 9 fits perfect, I didn't need to size down. I have tried the 8.5 and found it tighter in the forefoot because of my wide feet. My only concern is that shoes do stretch so i hope the forefoot area in size 10 doesn't get bigger.
From: Frank, 3/14

Comments: I never write reviews on products, but feel I should as there seems to be a design flaw with this shoe. This is my second pair of the Air Max Cage and both suffer from the same defect. The eyelets are made of hard plastic and end up cutting through the laces. I love the fit and comfort of the shoe so I was willing to deal with buying laces every 3 weeks or so. Well, the laces in my brand new pair lasted all of 2 matches! Great shoe but be prepared to stock up on replacement laces.
From: Phil, 2/14

Comments: I've had the air bubble break in mine as well, and fixed it. Here is how. Buy the product known as Shoe Goo, and insert the nozzle of the product into the air bubble where it broke. Squeeze the product into the bubble, and let it dry in a position so that all of the Shoe Goo rests on the inside of the bubble, against the crack/hole. Once this is dry, you can add extra protection by then applying a thin coat on the outside of the bubble, over the crack/hole. The product is clear, so it doesn't effect the cosmetics much.
From: Darren, 2/14

Comments: I've had the air bubble break in mine as well, and fixed it. Here is how. Buy the product known as Shoe Goo, and insert the nozzle of the product into the air bubble where it broke. Squeeze the product into the bubble, and let it dry in a position so that all of the Shoe Goo rests on the inside of the bubble, against the crack/hole. Once this is dry, you can add extra protection by then applying a thin coat on the outside of the bubble, over the crack/hole. The product is clear, so it doesn't effect the cosmetics much.
From: Darren, 2/14

Comments: These shoes are comfortable, but the the air bubble in my right heel popped on the fifth time I wore these. It isn't covered under the warranty, and TW will not take the shoe back. I'll just stick to Barricades or Asics.
From: Tony, 1/14

Comments: Nike has really messed up going to this "cage" model and away from the Air Max Breathe Free which was the most popular and best tennis shoe ever! I had not ever seen such large population of people loving one shoe like they did the Breathe Free model. I think it was close to perfect! The Air Max Cage, on the other hand, runs bigger and looser in fitting and does not hug your feet like its predecessor. It requires a break-in and is just not as comfortable. All I can say, Nike please bring back the Air Max Breathe shoes. Trash this Cage model and add your color schemes to the Air Max Breathe models. Why ruin a good thing!
From: LD, 1/14

Comments: I'm an aggressive 4.0 player, 165 lbs and wear a size 11 shoe. I have worn out 10-12 pairs of Prince T22s. These Nikes fit about the same, but lighter weight. Hopefully more durable. They are a comfortable shoe. I'm disappointed that the bubble in the right heel broke after 20 hours of use. It makes an annoying noise.
From: Dale, 1/14

Comments: Good stability, with short break-in period. However, I bought two pairs and the air pocket in the heel of my right show has popped on both shoes after a few weeks of wear (very annoying). I previously wore the Barricade 3,5,6 and 7. Think, I'll go back to the Barricade 7.
From: Luc, 1/14

Comments: After switching from the Courtballistec 4.3s to these, they are a little stiff in the toe area. They do require a break-in period and the heel feels a little loose and not planted in the shoe. Other than that, it is a good shoe!
From: Ryan, 1/14

Comments: All three pairs of these that I bought, the Air Max heel cushion popped open! Decent shoe, relatively lightweight, not too durable, not the best support, but very breathable. I hope Nike can fix that problem for 2014, but by then I'm switching over to the new Vapors!
From: Dario, 1/14

Comments: I loved the Nike Air Cage Courts. The Nike Air Max Cage is totally different! It's much more narrow in the heel/arch area. I got blisters from this shoe, because the arch is extremely narrow! When you lift the insert, you see the width is only 2 inches!
From: Ben, 12/13

Comments: Very narrow shoes, especially in the heel to arch area. I only recommend this shoe to people who have very narrow feet. I got blisters on both feet from this shoe after 30 minutes because the arch support is so narrow and pokes you on the side. The video review from TW also touches on this. Andy and Chris also didn't like how the heel sat in the shoe. I think it's because, of the narrow and high arch support.
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: For me, if you want a snug fit in these shoes, you should really consider sizing down, even 1 whole size down. I wear a size 8 for the Vapor 9s and tried size 7 for these. They felt great though the length is a little bit short, but fine. I laced the shoes up to the last eyelet to completely lock down my foot. They look really good. I'm happy.
From: Neil, 11/13

Comments: These shoes are very very comfortable, supportive, and definitely a "sexier" Nike tennis shoe. They are built to last. Just a little to much rubber for me -- 14.1 ounces for a shoe is just too heavy for me. Typical Nike tennis shoe -- decent look, great stability and comfort, but bulky and heavy. A good teaching shoe.
From: Luke, 11/13

Comments: These shoes are great -- though the support and stability aren't as great as the Barricades. Also, when the shoes are broken in, they flex in too much so when you're running to get a ball, you might slip. On the other hand, everything else is great. However, I'd stick to the Barricades (7 not 8).
From: Sairam, 11/13

Comments: These are awesome shoes. Comfort is better than the Ballistics, durability is better than the Vapor 9. It's a good medium ground. However, I'm on my second pair and the air bubble popped in both. I've only had my current pair for about a month, which is bad because now I have to listen to a squishing noise from the right shoe for the next month while I'm playing. I really like these shoes and wouldn't want to have to stop buying them just because of a minor design flaw. I hope Nike can fix this problem in 2014.
From: Sasha, 11/13

Comments: Really disappointed in this shoe coming from the Ballistecs. This is a light weight shoe but not so stable. In the first wear the midsole started separating from the cage in the left foot, then the same thing in the right foot. Then a week later, the right shoe started to sound like a "scquick" in the shoe, so by reading other comments, sounds like the air bubble broke. This is the last time I buy this shoe and recommend the Courtballistecs instead of the Cages.
From: Andres, 11/13

Comments: Pros: They are very comfortable, stable, and light shoes despite the bulky look. Little break-in period (one session). Cons: the outsole durability. I am 6'3'' and 210 lbs, a 4.0 player, play twice a week on hard courts, bought these shoes at the beginning of August (now it's the beginning of November) and the outsole is already worn out, badly, both on the toes and one the edges. True, there is a 6-month warranty, but I find it virtually useless as you are supposed to see your toes through the outer sole before you can submit a claim. I am not waiting to see my big toe before I buy a new pair of tennis shoes. Will go back to Wilson or adidas.
From: Gio, 11/13

Comments: Perfect tennis shoe! Played with Barricade IV, Babolat, Nike Breathe and so far, this is the best feeling shoe. Great stability, very light and also a great design. I ordered half a size down and it fits as stated in the description.
From: Damir, 10/13

Comments: By far the most comfortable shoe I've played in. I love everything about it, except the sole wears out in a matter of months and then the air pockets pop.
From: Elliot, 10/13

Comments: Returned these before I played with them because the sole is too thick. I need to be closer to the ground. They sit higher than the Barricade 7s and Ballistic 4.3s.
From: Chris, 10/13

Comments: I got some knee soreness from these shoes. I wore them for a match that lasted 2 sets, and hours later I had severe knee pain (below the patella) and before this did not have a knee pain.
From: Mike, 9/13

Comments: I love these shoes. Having recently used both the Vapor 9s and the Courtballistec 4.3s, I can confidently say the Air Max Cages really are a perfect cross between the two shoes. They are just about as light and comfortable as the Vapors, and are actually more durable than the Courtballistecs. I wore through my Courtballistecs after about two months and I have yet to see any wear on the soles of my cages after two weeks. A couple knocks are that they are a bit roomy, but tying them as tight as possible fixes this well enough and prevents your foot from moving around inside. Also, they could use a bit more lateral support on the outer side, I've noticed a couple times when making very hard cuts that my footing doesn't feel as stable as I'd like. Overall, a great mix of lightweight comfort and durability. I'll definitely be buying more pairs of this shoe.
From: Isaiah, 9/13

Comments: These are my second pair of shoes. I got a replacement pair a month ago because of the broken air tube. It happened again.
From: Ryan, 8/13

Comments: Checking back in after having these shoes for 4 months, and all I can say is wow. I'm still working on trying to get through the outsole 4 months later, playing at least 5 hours a week, which is saying a lot because I would burn through the Courtballistecs in a matter of weeks. The shoe is still holding together well and is, at this point the most comfortable shoe I've ever played with. I would definitely recommend these shoes to players that are hard on outsoles and are searching for something more durable.
From: Ethan, 8/13

Comments: These are great shoes overall. Very stable, comfortable, and excellent durability. Took me 3 months to wear out playing twice a week. That's twice as long as it took me to wear out Big Shot IIs. The sole and upper really are super durable and well made. They fit about 1/4 size big for me. Tried a half size smaller and had to return them for my standard 10.5s. To make the 10.5s work I took some thin insoles from old shoes and put them under the nice insoles that Nike includes with these shoes. Minor issues -- I also experienced the heel movement mentioned by others. I fixed this by using the top eyelets as they are designed and really cranking them tight. A bit uncomfortable at first bit it does the trick and makes them ultra stable anyway. Second the foam and leather exposed at the end of the top eyelets get frayed from rubbing against the opposite shoe.
From: Mason, 8/13

Comments: Worst in every way compared to the 2K12s. Less comfortable, higher off the ground feel, uglier. They may be more durable but at the sacrifice of comfort and speed -- no thanks!
From: Louis, 8/13

Comments: I usually wear a 2E shoe, which requires that I purchase New Balance tennis shoes. For me 2E is a little on the large size but Ds are far too small. I have both a high arch and wider than average foot. This shoe is the best fitting tennis shoe I have ever worn. I have only worn them about half a dozen times so I cannot speak to durability. However, they are really comfortable and grip hard courts like no other (in my experience). So far I am really happy with my purchase and hope that these shoes stick around for a while. I would recommend these shoes to those that do not quite fit into a D and are looking for a change from New Balance.
From: Rory, 7/13

Comments: The air max bubble cracked on my pair and then again on the next replacement pair. I wanted to love these shoes but the heel does not have enough support and therefore the air max will pop with and force put on it. Purchase them knowing you will most likely have to return/exchange them!
From: Spinko, 7/13

Comments: This shoe, for me, was really good, I liked how they fit and they also seem to be more durable and have more cushion than the Nike Court Ballistec 4.1 I also used to have. However, I have the same issue as KK - the back air cells keep breaking on me. The first pair I had replaced with the sole warranty, now the new shoes have the same issue. Let's see if they can do something about it, apart from that the shoe is still in good condition.
From: Thomas, 7/13

Comments: It is no where near as similar to the Breathe Cages and the shoe itself feels clunky. Now although it is comfortable out of the box, the shoe did not last me very long (less than 2 months). I nearly rolled my ankle a numerous amount of times. The sole was not wide enough compared to the part that covered my feet. Vapors are much more stable, feel lighter, and they are still comfortable
From: JL, 6/13

Comments: Had it for 4 weeks and both rear foot air cells broke at the seem. Otherwise great shoes, very comfortable.
From: KK< 6/13

Comments: This shoe is wide everywhere. I had to go down a 1/2 size smaller and wear thicker socks. The length is not that much longer than usual, so it probably would be impossible for me to size down further. The shoe is ok, my only complaint is that it is a little bit loose on the heel. I tried lacing up to the last eyelet near the ankles. Other than that, the shoe feels light and very flexible. It took a while for me to get used to the loose heel. Now I can run well in them.
From: Neil, 6/13

Comments: Comfortable right out of the box. Unlike the Courtballistic, the forefoot is roomy. Typically, I wear a US 9 but I am wearing 8.5 in these. I highly recommended them! It is good to see Nike finally coming out with good shoes again.
From: KK< 5/13

Comments: Comfortable out of the box, which was my main reason for buying them. Enormous difference with respect to the Barricade 7. Today I had my first play test with these shoes. Lightweight. I felt confident moving around, good plush feeling on the heel. A little high off the ground, but I like it that way. The only downside was a couple of times my foot almost slipped outside of the shoe but after stretching the lace system problem solved. I ordered my usual size and it fit well. I do not think a half size smaller would work. They also seem durable.
From: JC, 5/13

Comments: This is an awesome shoe. I appreciate the wider toe box, stability, support, comfort, durability, and great cosmetics. It is a game- enhancement shoe that fits my wider forefoot and has room for my orthotics. It was very cool that my favorite color combo was on sale. Sweet. Thank you TW and Nike.
From: Robert, 5/13

Comments: I have been a long time buyer of Ballistics but the toe box is too narrow these days. I have just come off 2 pairs of the Vapor 9, which are so comfy but the sole is thin. These shoes are my new favorite. Roomy and a great air sole. Just the right amount of arch too. A tad more than the flat footed Vapors. I would recommend these shoes to anyone. Enjoy!
From: Danny, 5/13

Comments:I wanted to share my thoughts about what a good tennis shoe this has proved to be. I have been wearing Price and Head tennis shoes over the last four years and decided to try these based on my son's recommendation. He wears and swears by the Nike Air Courtballistec 4.3 which are far too narrow for my foot. I read reviews that stated the Nike Cage provided more room in the toe box so I gave them a try. I'm a 4.0 doubles player in my early fifties and comfort and stability are my major concerns in a high quality shoe. These shoes are incredibly comfortable, you forget you even have shoes on during the match which is the highest compliment possible. For my really wide foot, these are perfect and I hope they continue to make them for a very long time. I've been wearing them for two months and they seem very durable also. I ordered my regular 9.5 USA size and they fit fine. The six month warranty is a thing of beauty if they break down before then. Great Work Nike and thank you for such a great all-around tennis shoe.
From: Paul, 4/13

Comments: Out of the box comfort. Great stability and cushioning on court. Perfect blend of what I love about the Vapors and the CBs. With a great look and a six month warranty you can't go wrong. Regarding going down a half size: I am a true 12, so I bought a 12. I wear two pairs of socks and they fit good. If you already wear your shoes a little bigger, I would go down a half size per TW's recommendation.
From: Rob, 4/13

Comments: I have had these shoes for about a week now and they are amazing. Right out of the box they were extremely comfortable with almost no break in time. The shoes are also insanely light, I was just wearing the Babolat Propulse 3's and they are even lighter than those. Durability wise, I drag my toes heavily on both feet, but the shoe is performing just as the CourtBallistec 4.3's, but with a lighter frame, so I would definitely recommend trying these out.
From: Ethan, 4/13

Comments: I hugely miss the 2k12 shoes. It happens over and over again with Nike; they change the design of a great shoe. Over the years I wore the Vapors and they changed it, then the Ballistecs and they changed it, then I wore the 2k10 through 2k12 and now they eliminated them completely and the replacement (Cage) is junk. I didn't want to go to another brand, but I had to. For those of you who are looking for a replacement for the 2k12, try the Asics Gel Resolution 5. For me they have worked out great.
From: Chris, 4/13

Comments: I actually bought these shoes at Dicks and it turns out they are alot cheaper on this site. It pissed me off to see the price difference but you know you gotta learn your lessons. Anyway, these shoes are really comfy. Especially after wearing Adidas barricade for so long. The bottom of my foot would rot of because those adidas shoes were so bad. Now that I have these they are like house shoes on the tennis court, but I do slide in them alot and I've had them for about 2 weeks, but other than that they are great so far.
From: Jayden, 3/13

Comments: Being a high school player, I slide a lot, but usually tear through Barricades in 3 months. I had these shoes for 2 months and the outsole wore out quickly, but the comfort is really nice. Even when the grip was gone, I don't find myself sliding as if I were to wear out other shoes.
From: Matt, 3/13

Comments: This is 100+ hour review. FYI, the tread is completely gone, smooth as a bald dude's head. And, the shoes are only 1 month old. As I said earlier, this shoe is roomy. As time passed, the plastic molding on the exterior of the forefoot seemed to stretch, which makes the shoe even wider. Maybe suitable for wider feet, but not for me. Also having to wear two pairs of socks, I have found the shoes stretched even further. Rolled my ankle a number of times. Next remedy was to wear 3 pairs of socks and ankle support. I imagine I will be calling Nike soon for the warranty replacement. Unfortunately, I would not want this pair even as a free replacement.
From: GS, 3/13

Comments: I really dislike these shoes. I would say the Ballistec 4.3 is a far superior of a shoe if comparing shoes with 6 month warranty. If you're looking for comfort and don't mind spending $130 with no return, the Zoom Vapor has superior comfort to both. As for the Air Max Cage, the heel wore out faster than the forefoot. I was very displeased with the plastic top piece. The more you break the shoes in, the fit continues to get wider. You end up having to lace the shoe tighter and the cage starts to dig into your foot. Not a big fan. My advice is to spend the extra money for the Ballistec's - better comfort, performance, and durability.
From: Jeremy, 3/13

Comments: I have to say I love this shoe. Before this shoe I had the Nike 2k10's and i thought they were the best but now there is no comparison. It is a very stable and super quick shoe for getting to the ball while keeping you comfortable. They fit to size and are again the best shoe ever!
From: Jacob, 2/13

Comments: I just bought a pair of these, coming strictly from wearing the Barricades for over three years. These Air Max Cage shoes are roomier than the Barricades, with a higher heel while tapering lower towards the toe box. I have slightly wide feet, so they happen to fit perfectly for me (though I don't understand how anyone can knock on shoes that just dont suit their feet, if the shoes don't properly fit then they aren't for your feet!) I wore them straight to the courts and played five sets of doubles. Took about half an hour or less of movement to finally break-in, and the initial discomfort was gone. After nearly 3 hours of tennis, my feet didn't ache like how they did in my broken-in Barricades. They do run a bit longer, but I stuck with my regular size. One thing that I noticed about the shoes while walking was that the support around my ankles would flex outwards and away from my ankles as I would walk forwards. It looked and felt as though the shoe was peeling/pulling away from my feet, though I didn't have any stability issues while playing. I also chose to lace up from the lowest shoe string holes at the ankles. They didn't squeak as much as the Barricades, and the lateral support was spot on without having that harsh stabbing feeling I got with the shoulders from the Barricades. I played some spirited tennis tonight and my feet don't feel beat up and in my opinion, these shoes have made me a big fan of Nike over my love for the Barricades and I've always disliked Nike shoes (especially the Vapors from 2007). I am one happy camper with these shoes and just wanted to say thank you to Nike for one-upping my favorite shoes of three long years. Good bye Barricades.
From: AlpineCadet, 2/13

Comments: This is a 20 hour later review. My first review of the shoes states that the shoes fit wide, too roomy and lack secure footing for quick movement. After wearing two pairs of socks and adding a pair of thicker insoles, these shoes are slightly improved. Still, it does not have a quick, low to the ground feel. But it is a trade off for the cushion and durability. For now I only consider these as practice shoes and use Vapor 9s for match play. We shall see how popular this is amongst the pros in the future. But if its good enough for Delpo, it should be good enough for us mere mortals. I wonder what customization Nike has done for him? In its raw format, its not hot.
From: GS, 2/13

Comments: Comfortable. Durable. Good plush ride. Not unpleasant looking if you are playing tennis stationary or using the ball machine. But if you have to move fast, all of that goes out the window. The shoes fits wide! Too roomy for my medium width feet, despite having ordered a 1/2 size down. I find myself feeling unsure about any of my movement at all. The next remedy I will try is wearing them with 2 pairs of socks. If that doesn't work, I will go back to the Vapor 9s, the super shoes with crappy outsoles. Or maybe try the Asics Resolution 4s or 5s?
From: GS, 2/13

Comments: I must say I'm very disappointed in these shoes. Even though these shoes are light weight, the Air Max Cage makes me feel like I'm wearing a pair of concrete blocks. This shoe has no flex at all! In fact, these shoes scare me. The outsole is so stff and grippy I can't move on the court with any confidence. I feel like I'm going to fall. For years I was unable to find a Nike Tennis Shoe that fit correctly until I tried the Nike Zoom Breathe 2K10. For me, the Zoom Breathe 2K10 was the ultimate Tennis Shoe. Nike, please bring the 2K10 back in its original form. While I like the looks of the Air Max Cage Grey/Black I won't play in them.
From: Jim, 2/13

Comments: I have to agree with Matt. Definitely not a fan. Really disappointing, especially it was said to be 'like the Breathe Free II'. NOT even close. The original Breathe Free II was THE BEST! Everything that Nike has produced to follow the Breathe Free II has been either horrible or mediocre ar best. I still have a pair of Breathe 2K12's in my closet that I wore 3 times. They are stiff and uncomfortable. It amazes me that they were still making the Breathe Free II's for the women for years but stopped production for the Men. Li Na is still wearing that shoe. I know I am not the only fan of the original BF2's. Bring'em back Nike!
From: Doug, 2/13

Comments: These shoes were amazing. I could get to all of the balls and slide a lot in them. 6 out of 5 for me.
From: Stefan, 2/13

Comments: So far not a big fan of this shoe. I have owned previous versions. Though lighter, the shoe is wider and feels unstable. The size 14 feels a bit bigger than normal and I just don't feel that my foot fits in the shoe properly. I've worn them for about 8 hours and still just not a huge fan.
From: Matt, 1/13

Comments: I like my tennis shoes tight and so I ordered a 9.5 instead of my usual 10. The length is barely enough, and it feels like the ball of my foot doesn't line up quite right. Hopefully my orthodics and a couple more hours of break-in will fix that. Other than that I do like the shoe a lot, as it fits and feels like the old legendary Breathe Cage, especially in the toe box. Improvements would be the uppers which are very similar to the Breath Free 2K10's, they are extremely light like the Vapor, and the traction is deep with some give like the Ballistics. These shoes have sweet cosmetics and the pictures don't do them justice as they look really sporty on the foot, and the Air Max across the back makes them very unique. I agree with Rye that these shoes feel like a hybrid of previous Nike models. Great shoe.
From: Rizza, 1/13

Comments: Very comfortable shoes with about a 15 minute break in period. I've had many pairs of Vapors and Court Ballistecs and these almost seem like a hybrid of those two shoes. They do run a tad large but I bought the size I usually do and they fit fine. I don't think it would be possible for me to go down a half size.
From: Rye, 1/13

Comments: This is a great shoe. It's an exact cross of my favorite shoe, the Vapor 9 Tours, and the Ballistec 4.3's, meaning it has a comfy running shoe feel, but it's also very sturdy and durable. The Vapors lack a little bit of sturdiness and maybe don't last as long as I'd like being a club player, and the CB 4.3 are too bulky and sturdy. So this shoe is a perfect compromise. A perfect morph of the two best selling Nike shoes. Great job.

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