Nike Air Max Courtballistec 4.3 Wh/Bk Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I found these shoes very comfortable right out of the box but after a few months they do become a bit too soft in the uppers and lose some stability. The shoe fits quite snug in the forefoot but has too much room in the ankle area, probably from having not enough material/padding. The tongue is also very short (barely long enough for the laces) but I got used to it after a while. If you notice the shoes Nadal is wearing the tongue is quite a bit longer, so it's obvious his are custom made. The toe area wears out quite fast in the shoe and overall not as durable as my previous Adidas Barricades and not as stable either. However, the CBs seem lighter and feel quicker and are better ventilated for the summer. I haven't had the lacing system break on me yet, but I can see that happening down the road as I can see the laces creating stress against the loops. Overall, I think Nike makes nice looking shoes but the quality has much to be desired. The Barricade has much better quality and is better suited for players who move aggressively around the court. The CBs are probably better suited for the casual player who isn't as hard on their shoes due to the design flaws and poor quality. I will most likely stay away from Nike and go for the quality and value of Adidas or Asics from now on.
From: Nathan, 7/13

Comments: Extremely dissatisfied with this shoe. Took over a month to break in, and thought that was the only issue. After break in they became noticeably 'softer' overall, but started hurting my foot so badly just in front of my arch on the inner side that I literally thought I had broken my foot after a tough 3-set match (left foot only). My foot swelled up like a balloon when I removed the shoe, but luckily healed after just over a week of R.I.C.E. These shoes are also significantly heavier and less maneuverable than new Air Cages (current shoe) or New Balance 851s. Returning to TW as defective per representative feedback, as only the left shoe caused the pain.
From: Dom, 7/13

Comments: These shoes are great if you have normal or narrow feet. They are very snug and offer a lot of cushion. On the flip side to that they are a bit heavier than other shoes I have worn. It isn't bad, just worth mentioning if you are looking to add some extra speed to your game. I'm a female collegiate player and really like these shoes. I switch between these and the Babolat Propulse. I do like to wear these to practice for the extra cushion and stability, but prefer the lighter Babolats for matches. Hope this helps. They are definitely worth trying, but just be aware of the foot width.
From: Anon, 7/13

Comments: I have always been a Barricade wearer, but these may have converted me. Out of the box playable, and very comfortable.
From: Brian, 7/13

Comments: I've always been a Nike user in tennis, way back to the 1.3's. The 4.3's are out to the box ready to go. Great support and fits ortho's well. The lacing system needs to change though. Within 3 months of using these shoes (playing twice a week) the eyelet broke free and basically makes the shoe useless. A return back to TW gave me another pair. Same issue now developing with this pair again around month 3.
From: Mike, 6/13

Comments: Great shoe but the loop/ribbon lacing system sucks. I own three pairs of the 4.3's (so I obviously love the other components of the shoe) and the loops/ribbons have frayed and snapped on each of the pairs. The great guys at Shoe Hospital right in the Chicago loop have fixed my shoes several times by sewing up a piece of ribbon to the edge, so the shoes look great from the outside but they don't hug my feet as well as they use to. Bottom line, these are good shoes but the cost of fixing an obvious engineering flaw is adding to the cost of an already expensive shoe (some brainiac over at Nike probably tested the lacing system for tension resistance but not abrasion resistance, which when it comes to tennis it should be obvious). Big fan of Nike and Nadal, but lack of quality on the lacing system and quickly adding up repair costs might have me looking at another brand for my next shoe.
From: Francisco, 5/13

Comments: Wore them right out of the box to a match (literally) and no concerns whatsoever. Super comfortable with tons of lateral support and durability on the outsole. I'm on my third pair and I've never had any concerns. Playing about 10 hours a week they last me about 3 months.
From: Anon, 5/13

Comments: If you have any width to your foot I don't recommend even trying these, but if you do decide to take a chance take the insoles out and try them on. I've tried all kinds of shoes and if you have any weight to you or width, try the Asics Gel Resolution 4 or 5. I'm 6'5 and weigh 210lbs with a size 12 foot, high arch, and narrow to medium foot.
From: John, 5/13

Comments: I loved these shoes more than any other shoe I've ever played in. I love the line of Courtballistecs in general, but my only problem has been the tongue, which is a uni-tongue and with ankle braces it is difficult to put them on all the time. Also, the shoe lace loops always break on mine.
From: AA, 5/13

Comments: I bought a pair of the 4.3's about 6 months ago. I play 4 days a week, 2 hours at a time and these things have held up beautifully. I slipped up and bought a pair of the new Nike Cage shoes, and sold them to my coach 3 weeks later. They just didn't have the same feel at all. I haven't had any problems with my feet since I've switched the to the Courtballistecs, but the cage were giving me blisters within a couple days of wearing them. I just recently got my second pair of 4.3's and I love them. I couldn't ask for a better shoe; they're extremely durable, quick, and aesthetically pleasing to top it off. They feel like they're molded to my feet. Plus, I haven't broken a lacing loop in 6 months of wear.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: I was drawn to these shoes because of the looks and the 6 month guarantee. These are a pair of really amazing shoes. The lacing system problem that everyone has been talking about is not a problem for me. I just wish the tongue would be slightly softer. It is a bit stiff so it kinda digs into your ankle. Other than that it fits true to size and feels amazing after the break in period.
From: Ivan, 4/13

Comments: My favorite shoe I must part with. I love these shoes, they fit me and my foot issues perfectly. I have been playing lots of tennis for the past year and found these on sale at TW. My first pair went three months before the first lace loops broke. After several more broke and two trips to the shoe shop, I thought the shoes might be defective. Instead of sending them to Nike, I bought a new pair instead a few months ago. Now two months in. I've broken my first loop. I probably lace tighter than most and do lots of lateral movement, but seriously, they should handle it fine. Any recommendations?
From: Jon, 4/13
Note from TW - yes, this shoe has been known to have that issue, we recommend checking with Nike to see if they can help!

Comments: I recently switched from using many generations of Vapors to the 4.3 Courtballistecs and have only been completely satisfied with this great shoe. The TW product description is very accurate and overall this shoe performs with great court feel and nice stability without feeling weighty. Would advise any previous loyal Vapor users who want a little more arch and width and slightly more toe room to use the 4.3's. You won't be being giving up any speed using these. One very important comment for Nike, please do not change these shoes except for the need to increase the lacing pad at the top where the user ties laces! Also the 6 month wear warranty is an excellent product improvement.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: These shoes are quite good actually.
From: Gary, 3/13

Comments: The lacing system is terrible, I have two pairs and have broken through almost all the loops on both pairs. When they break, I drill a hole and loop in a small zip tie to replace the broken loop, permanent fix but your shoes look ghetto. That being said, they are the best shoes I have ever played in so I just wish they would fix such an obvious flaw that is so easy to fix.
From: Sam, 3/13

Comments: Do not buy this shoe. I ordered these shoes and used them about 20 times. The lacing system is poorly designed and when I went to the Nike store to try to return them, I had the worst customer service. In this years version, it looks like they have improved.
From: Eran, 3/13

Comments: I ordered this shoe in late December and had to use the warranty on it after two weeks. When I bought them, I was under the impression that it was a very durable shoe, because Nadal wears them. In the comfort aspect, I experienced high arch pains and discomfort in the heel. Excellent support, but the shoe lacks lateral stability and lateral durability. I would not recommend this shoe for a very aggressive player.
From: Jon, 3/13

Comments: Nice shoes, lighter than the 3.3 which had too much plastic in it and better ventilated as well. The lacing system seems to be flawed however, most of the lace loops on my 3.3s (they are the same as those in the 4.3) broke after a few months of moderate use. On my current shoes I replaced the Nike laces with new softer and flat ones, so far so good, but I would like to know if anybody else has tried this trick?
From: Georgi, 3/13

Comments: These shoes are underrated. For big guys, or smaller guys who like stability, these truly fit the bill. I used to play in Nike Vapors and while they may have been more comfortable on the feet, I feel more comfortable playing in the Ballistecs because they feel so stable (I'm 6'5 220lbs). A couple of drawbacks, the first being the lacing system which I haven't had a problem with yet but I don't doubt that it could be a problem in the future since that seems to be the consensus on these shoes. Lastly, I would recommend using extra heel cushioning or heel raisers with these shoes because the air max cushioning does not give your heel enough support, and If you've ever had tendonitis then you know what I'm talking about. Overall, they are good, comfortable shoes with excellent stability and durability, but I would add a heel insert if you buy them.
From: Isaiah, 3/13

Comments: I would not recommend buying these shoes. The lace hoops are a big flaw and about 4 of mine broke within 2 months. I didn't buy them from TW and the place I bought them from won't take them back. I now wear the Asics Spped and the lace holes are superb.
From: Stefan, 2/13

Comments: I'm a high school varsity player and I play every day inside and outside of school. Normally, I wear shoes out completely in two months, so I always got barricade 7s. I decided to try these Nikes because they have the 6 month guarantee. When I put the shoe on, it was very comfortable and I liked the shoe. However, it's been about a week since I first played with them, and they have been hurting my feet on the side opposite from the arch. There is almost no traction on the shoes and I find myself slipping while sprinting in laterally. I don't recommend these shoes to anyone who plays a lot or anyone that does not have flat feet..
From: Branden, 2/13

Comments: Best shoes for me yet. These were made for my feet. Amazing! Traction is great, and even though the weight indicates them as a durability shoe, they feel fast. As for breaking them in, I am not sure where some of those complaints are coming from. I have worn my current pair 6 times and they feel soft all around, but not too soft like Vapors. I have tried some barricades and they seem to never break in, as they have good durability but they are constantly stiff. As long as Nike is selling these I will be buying them.
From: J.C., 1/13

Comments: I've had three pairs of these shoes (one on clay and three for hard) and all I can say is that I am hooked. I can't switch, as they are basically my feet. I play in them 2 hours a day, and I have broken 1 lace hoop but other than that it's a great shoe. 4.5 stars
From: Nicholas, 1/13

Comments: I've had these shoes for 4 months now, and I don't like them, however this shoes are incredibly durable. I have stopped playing for about 2 months due to weather but I've broken through the Adidas's barricades 7.0 in a month. Playing non-stop tennis for 2 months with these shoes and I am barely getting through the sole. The shoes are crazy good when it comes to durability and feel pretty good. The only flaw is the toe space in the front. I read the reviews and was advised to get a shoe size 1/2 higher than my original, which I did. But even then, running a lot in these shoes causes your pinky toe to swell up due to the lack of toe space in the front. But other than that, this shoe is great.
From: Gary, 12/12

Comments: An update from my 11/12 review: I still like the shoes a lot, but one of the shoe lace loops on my right shoe broke. It broke while playing, not while lacing. One of the lower loops across my forefoot. It's very annoying.
From: Dan, 12/12

Comments: It's a good shoe, however for some reason whenever I play on hard court the laces give out and break out from the side. I have to bring them to the repair shop after tournaments.
From: Andy, 12/12

Comments: Heavy stability shoes are not my cup of tea, so it took TWs sale on the blue version to get me to try this shoe. At first I thought I had made a mistake because it took me more than a month to break my pair in. But I have nothing but good things to say about the Ballistics. This is a shoe that you can trust when running for a drop shot or planting your foot hard to change directions. And after three sets your feet and legs feel great. It's still not my type of shoe (it's slightly too heavy) but I would buy them again, and recommend them to anyone who doesn't mind the weight.
From: J.T., 12/12

Comments: I just got these shoes, finally in the right size, and I absolutely love them. They are great for making quick cuts on the court. Pretty much no break in. After 20 minutes of my first try with them I forgot I was wearing shoes. That's how awesome they felt!
From: Jacob, 12/12

Comments: These shoes are the best. I have two pairs, and they have excellent traction, which is my primary concern as I usually destroy that. The support and stability is superb, and the shoes cannot be beat looks-wise. I can do extreme direction changes and slides very well in these. After lengthy tournaments, my feet do not ache. I play varsity high school tennis tournaments and play every day of the week. My first pair are in peak condition after 5 months.
From: Pantoya, 12/12

Comments: These shoes feel light and fast but are in fact a bit narrow up front. The cushion is pretty good but not as soft a ride as expected. The Asics Gel Res still have them beat in that department. I think the support is good, in fact one of the few shoes I don't have to use Superfeet in. No issues to date with quality and they seem to be wearing well, but I play less this time of year than in the summer. I've played with Prince, New Balance, ProPulse, Barricades, Gel Res, etc., and none feel as "fast" as these for some reason, I just wish they had more width in the forefoot.
From: Dan, 11/12

Comments: It fits tight in the forefoot. The pains so unbearable. I returned them and traded them in for 2 pairs of Vapors. No need to type an essay. Kept it simple and to the point.
From: Tommy, 11/12

Comments: These are not the best pair of Nike's I've worn. They get extremely hot and it is taking a little more than usual to break into them!
From: Arsha, 11/12

Comments: These shoes are very narrow. If your feet are wide don't go for these. I could';t use them, as they were pressing my side and making my big toe numb.
From: Luis, 11/12

Comments: I have worn and loved these shoes ever since they came out. However, my last two pair have highlighted the major flaw in the lacing system that others have mentioned. Most reviews say the lace loops will outlast the sole so it's not a problem. Not in my case. My last pair had two loops bust before I went through the sole and my current pair that I've had for three weeks already shows signs of fraying on one loop. I don't see it lasting for another 3 or 4 weeks. Unfortunately TW is not able to cover this problem and I will need to go through Nike to try and get a replacement. I'm probably going to look at another shoe which is unfortunate because all else considered these are great shoes and they fit my feet perfectly. I just don't want to spend that kind of money on shoes that have such an obvious design flaw.
From: Mark, 10/12

Comments: My frustration with Nike is this: the CB 1.3/2.3 both fit me perfectly at 9.5 US. The 3.3 was way too narrow, so I had to get a 10. I ordered the Breathe 2K12 in a 10 and it was way too large, so I got it in a 9.5 and the toe box is still kinda wide (if you don't wear shoes out quickly, I highly recommend this shoe, as they are the best tennis shoes I've ever worn) and then I got the CB 4.3 in a 9.5 and it is again too narrow, so I had to return and get them in 10s (they're still pretty narrow). Although these shoes are not "out of box ready" I warmed up and played 3 sets in them anyway. After the warm-up and 4 games into the first set of doubles, the narrow shoe finally expanded a bit and formed to my foot. I wore 2 socks to prevent blisters, and it seemed to work partially. These are a huge step up from the 3.3s in terms of breathe-ability and overall fit, but fall short of the comfort found in the 2.3s and Breathe 2K12s.
From: Marc, 10/12

Comments: These run narrow. I tried to make these work as I'm a standard width but there's too much lateral pressure on my little toes. I'm going to either try a half size larger, go to Vapors, or just enjoy the NB 851's I also got which are surprisingly good. Stability and support are great, the sole and toe pads look like they'll wear well like all the previous CB's. The tongue can be a little uncomfortable w/ "zero" socks as it puts pressure up to the ankle to achieve the extra stability. They look awesome too.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: I've worn CB 2.3, 3.3, and now on my second pair of 4.3's. I always swap out the insoles to match my medium arch for the better fit, and I wear Thorlos for the impact and blister protection. The 4.3 doesn't have the plush comfort that the 2.3 has, and it has lacing durability issues that the others didn't have, but it has the best stability of the bunch. While the grip is very good, it has the uncanny ability to break traction in a slow and progressive way so that you have a chance to maintain balance on the full stretch, I never experienced that in any other shoe and that's why I love these.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: These shoes are just brilliant! I purchased the blue and green shoes for $99 and they fit me perfectly. The shoes are also very comfortable. The only problem is durability. I have had this shoe for just 3 months and the sole has worn off in the center of the shoe. I play for about 18 hours a week and these shoes are really good. I hope Nike comes out with better shoes with higher durability and better looks (although the present looks are very good).
From: Guhan, 9/12

Comments: I have had these shoes for two weeks and I have almost blown out the sole on these shoes. I wanted to try them to see if they were nicer than the barricades and I am going back to the barricades now. The durability just did not match up to my standards. The sad fact about these shoes is that I am not playing tennis but am running drills and they aren't holding up. I play competitive tennis and these wouldn't make it a week if they were used for games and practice. They may be comfortable, but if you are looking for durability I would look elsewhere.
From: Trevor, 8/12

Comments: This is without a doubt one of the best shoes on the market right now. I have played in barricades, the Asics, and Propulse, and this shoe offers the best feel. The torsion system and arch support are a huge plus. I play tennis 4-6 days a week,and these shoes have held up very nicely. I definitely recommend them.
From: Dimitri, 8/12

Comments: I used these shoes on hard court, in very hot tropical weather. I have narrow feet and play about three times per week, and I am a fast player that likes to run all over the court. All in all these are great shoes, with amazing cushioning and great feel compared to running shoes. These shoes offer improved stability and speed on hard court, and you only need one session to break them in. These are great looking shoes. I agree the tongue is very very short and the design is narrow, however you become used to this. I had no problem with the lacing system, however the soles did not last very long with my intense running. One disadvantage for me was the quick wearing on the soles. I put a hole on the right foot (serve side) at the toe in exaclty three months, and they completely lost the traction. The other disadvantage these shoes have, in extreme hot weather and wearing dri-fit socks, the sweat and moisture stays in the shoes and feels like you stepped in a bucket of water. It doesn't feel well-ventilated at the toes. Not sure if this a problem for other players...
From: Ilias, 8/12

Comments: Ok, I've been through several pairs of 3.3's, and they are sturdier than the 4.3's. The 4.3 is lighter, but that's about the only improvement. The toe box is too mushy, and the straps are way to movable and appear to be susceptible to breaking. I'd like Nike to go back to the 3.3 but make them lighter. Disappointed.
From: Lin, 8/12

Comments: I play 4 times per week and I have had these shoes for 3 months and have broken one strap. The lacing system is working fine. You will wear out the soles before you break the lace straps enough to cause actual problems. The main problem with these shoes is that they are narrow. Durability is excellent though. Highly recommended if you have narrow feet!
From: Eric, 8/12

Comments: Good durability on the soles but very narrow. Yeah, the lacing system does break eventually but it doesn't start to affect play until several have gone. If they offered these in E width I'd buy them again hands down.
From: Eric, 8/12

Comments: Buy them if you like Rafa, don't buy them if your a serious tennis player that plays a lot. The lacing system is poorly designed and the loops will dry rot and break well before you will wear out the soles. The shoes do feel nice but when the lace system fails during a match you're going to be more than pissed off. Nike needs to fix this disaster of a design. They may look cool, but they don't perform! Try the new barricades if you want a shoe that is durable.
From: Randy, 8/12

Comments: They needed a little break-in and they felt a bit snug at times on my one wider foot. I totally agree about the short tongue thing, but I like the shoe.
From: Lee, 7/12

Comments: I just ordered the Blue/Green 4.3's in a 10.5 because they were cheap, only $79! I tried them on previously at a Tennis Shop. Definitely way more generous than the 3.3's which I didn't even bother trying to slip my entire foot in. Very comfortable for the 4.3's, glove-like around the foot which is great. Can't comment on durability obviously because I don't even have them yet, but if they last like the 2.3's, they should be just fine. Might order the Peach one or even the Scarlet one later if they drop because the anthracite on the peach looks good and the scarlet when it's in the sun looks pretty dang sick. I wish Nike would do last year's 3.3 colors for the 4.3's because I have to admit, the 3.3's looked awesome. Oh well, still a great steal for $79 with free shipping and the 6 month durability guarantee!
From: Will, 7/12

Comments: I used these shoes in my most recent tournament and love them. I've always used Babolat shoes but these are for sure the most comfortable shoe I have purchased!
From: Kipper, 7/12

Comments: I got a pair of these, and had to send them back! I have slightly wide feet and I could barely get my feet in them. It felt like they were getting squeezed. I like a little wiggle room on top for the toes and these had absolutely none. I had pressure on all sides of my foot. I've tried Nike Cage 2's and Courtballistec 3.3's, and Asics Resolution 1, 2 & 3's, but the Nike Breathe Free II's are still the best tennis shoe I've ever had.
From: Ron, 7/12

Comments: This is a very good shoe, but it has some fundamental design problems. I came from the great Nike Cage II Breath Free (went through 6 pairs of these babies) and these CB 4.3s have a similar fit and similar cushioning and weight. Minimal break-in. Very sturdy sole. Great support and stability. And good looking! However, there are some design problems in my opinion. First, the tongue is too short. The laces barely stay on the toung and you cant use the last lace hole or they will fall off onto your foot. Just a 1/2 inch more please Nike. Second, there are two seams in the inside of the heel cup where there should be none! This is a no-no for all athletic shoes because of all the rubbing that occurs in this area. Also the material used in the heel area does not look as durable as the great Cage IIs. Third, as others have mentioned the lacing eyes are actually straps. These straps connect on one end to the lace opening in the shoe, and on the other end to the inside insole of the shoe so that they wrap around the sides of your forefoot. This is weird. It doesnt provide any benefit that I can see and the lace system seem vulnerable to various possible failures. Maybe Nike thinks this makes the shoe look better, but I'd prefer functionality. Have only had mine for a few weeks, so no problems with anything yet.
From: Victor, 7/12

Comments: The 4.3 is the best shoe yet. It is comfortable right out of the box. It has good support and cushioning on the heal. In my opinion it is a lot more comfortable than the 3.3. It looks great and plays great. I can't say enough about this great shoe. I highly recommend them and I just ordered my 2nd pair. Great job Nike!
From: Michael, 7/12

Comments: I like these shoes but the eyelets that hold the laces keep on breaking on me. They are just held by a piece of fabric and they are not duable at all. Once they break you can't lace your shoes. Won't buy these again until this is fixed. It didnt happen with the 3.3's.
From: Ryan, 7/12

Comments: I just got the new red colorway that Rafa wore at the French. This is not the same shoe Rafa wears. The tongue is way too short. Look at what Rafa wears. Normal length tongue. I have 2 colorways and both have short tongues. The 4.3's are good but I do like the 2k11 better. The 2k11 fits me better and has the better lacing system and needed no break in. I have not had a problem yet with the lace loops on the the 4.3's but I have over 10 pairs of shoes so they don't get worn as much as if they were my only shoe. This is a problem waiting to happen.
From: RL, 6/12

Comments: This is the best shoe so far from Nike. Good for my flat feet with "superfeet" orthopedic inserts. Great support and never seems heavy! A winner in my book.
From: Bill, 6/12

Comments: Nice looking shoe with good support but I wholeheartedly agree with the comments about the flimsy lacing system. I had one of the loops break after playing about three hours. I would expect Nike to do a better job play-testing its shoes before putting them on the market. Who wants to spend $130 for a pair of shoes and then have to drill a hole (or multiple holes) through the upper to make up for a shoddy lacing system? What is a player supposed to do when the lacing breaks during a match? Who wants the colossal hassle of sending shoes back to TW for replacement? All reasons not to buy this shoe.
From: John, 6/12

Comments: So far I have really liked these shoes. I have had them for about a month and a half now and they are insanely comfortable on my feet. I have wider feet and thought I would have problems with arch pain but did not have any pain at all. Also, they are a great looking shoe! They were also very easy to break-in. Maybe just a couple of hours before the stiffness went away. Thank you Nike!
From: Andrew, 6/12

Comments: I love these shoes and the support and stability that they offer. I use custom orthotics with them and for me they are as good as it gets and I've tried many of the most popular tennis shoes including adidas Barricades and the Babolat Propulse (I think that's the name). The one problem is the lacing system. The older version laced through the shoe and was great but the current version laces through loops that always break. It is only a question of time Fortunately, Nike has been very cool about exchanging the broken shoes for new ones so I keep wearing them. I have had this happen so often and have had so many new pairs that I feel like I'm sponsored by Nike. The last pair broke after only 3 weeks of pretty mild usage. I don't know why Nike doesn't fix the issue.
From: David, 5/12

Comments: Solid Shoe. Have been wearing Asics the past several years, but after the Gel Resolution 4 failure to widen the toe box, I had to switch brands. Much lighter in feel on court than when you pick out of the box. Very easy break-in and comfortable feel right off the bat. Well cushioned. I beat up shoes so hopefully these will have some durability. My only issue is the moronic use of cloth/fabric for the lacing grommets...what was Nike thinking??? This area will obviously be the first area that will break down thus rendering the shoe useless. Outside of the lacing, this is a solid shoe.
From: CWS, 5/12

Comments: I have been wearing Courtballistecs since the 2.3s and I must say that these are the best of the bunch. Last year I didn't feel like getting the 3.3s until they went on sale so I picked up one of the few Breath Cage IIs left. Coming from the 2.3s I was wondering why did they stop making these, the 2.3s hurt my knees and turned me into an ibuprofen junkie. Then after I destroyed them I picked up the 3.3s and they weren't on par breathing wise or comfort but a pretty good shoe(my laces didn't break so I can't complain), but anyway I got two of them and then using my product voucher I bought the 4.3s. These are really good, cushioning is excellent, breathability is closer to that of the BCIIs and it is very stable and comfortable. All in all these are going to be stocked up but, I wish that they still made the BCIIs even if they didn't have the 6 Month Outsole Guarantee.
From: Chris, 5/12

Comments: This is the first pair of Courtballistecs that I could take from the box and play a match in. Comfortable from the first moment I laced them up with just the right amount of snugness all around. Roomier than the Courtballistecs 3.3 and without the three-week break-in period that I needed with the previous model. The weight seems just right for such a supportive and durable shoe. My biggest worry is the lacing system. It uses the same ribbon loops of the Courtballistecs 3.3 and I broke 3 of those before I sent the shoe back to Nike. I don't lace tightly and the ribbons make for a quick lace-up and shoe removal but aren't tough enough for the job. My Courtballistecs 3.3s cost $125 and I was drilling holes in the shoe to run the laces through. Not cool! I like the new color; grey with peach. I've never seen that combination before and I like the subtle splash of color. Over time, I learned to love each of the Courtballistecs and this one is on pace to exceed them all. I may end up stockpiling this model because I don't know how it can get better.
From: Michael, 5/12

Comments: I am a tournament level player and enjoy the great comfort that comes with these shoes. The one problem I feel is the outsole wearing out quickly but it is ok because there is a warranty.
From: AKA, 5/12

Comments:Four major problems still exist in this shoe having not been fixed from the very similar Courtballistec 3.3: 1) There is nowhere near enough padding around the front of the ankle collar so the front inside of both ankles gets bruised. It's very painful and does not improve after break-in. 2) The "loop" lacing system is already starting to fray. Being identical to the 3.3s, then they do break the shoes become unwearable. Use proper holes like all other companies on your heavy duty tennis shoe. 3) The tongue is too short. 4) The laces are way too short. If the last two points seem petty, they are not when you are spending $130 yet Nike is nickle and diming you. Overall the shoes are solid, with lower weight than the 3.3, better ventilation and still hard wearing but I will be going with Adidas Barricade 7s for next year if these things aren't improved for the CB5.3. The CB 2.3 had none of the above 4 problems which sprout from cheapness and really do make what could have been another 5-Star Nike shoe into a 3- star one.
From: Nicko, 5/12

Comments: This shoe is a great shoe. I had upgraded from the 3.3's, and they are a major breakthrough. There is almost no break in required, and it is noticeably lighter. Like the 3.3's, the loops holding the laces still break, so try not to lace them too tight. Also, near the drag on 2X, the cloth holding the sole to the drag on 2X ripped. Got them sent in today, and getting a new pair. they are very durable, like the 3.3's, and very stylish. The part near the AirMax wears out pretty fast, so dont drag your feet. But all in all, they are very good shoes, with good durability. Just a few flaws at the part where the shoe bends (drag on 2X) and the laces. Good Work, Nike!
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: Bought these shoes after my 3.3s started wearing down and holes formed on the front toes of the shoes. 4.3s come to the rescue. The shoe is lighter and much more comfortable than the 3.3s. At first glance I was concerned about the design of the upper because it seemed somewhat flimsy compared to my 3.3s. Lo and behold after one set of playing with these shoes the upper began to split apart at the point where the laces loop into the shoe. Unbelievable! Less than an hour of playing and these shoes are already done. It is a great looking shoe and very comfortable but someone really dropped the ball with the design of the upper. It's too bad the 6 month warranty does not cover the upper because this appears to be a common problem.
From: Victor, 5/12

Comments: This is a good shoe, but there is a MAJOR FLAW. As the previous poster stated, the loops that the laces go through break which is what allows you to tighten the laces. This is very disappointing because otherwise it's a good shoe. Nike, didn't you do any testing?
From: George, 5/12

Comments: I really like these shoes, but they have one major flaw regarding durability. The loops that the laces go through are cheap fabric and they start to break after a very short period. I have a narrow foot and I pull the laces tight. After only 1 month the first lace loop broke and after 2 months, 4 had broken. I had to use a drill and make lace holes for the laces to go through. One of the reasons I bought these shoes is that Nadal is very tough on his shoes and he pulls his laces very tight. I figured they would hold up, but they don't.
From: Marcus, 4/12

Comments: I used to wear Vapors but I tried this first time tried Court Ballistecs Vapor wear out quite fast on hard court. Not really happy with the weight and slightly tight at the front. Quite long lasting though..
From: Sherry, 4/12

Comments: I also wear a size 9 and I got these today, and played with them immediately after. They were great! They felt a little tight on my feet and I definitely need to get a thinner insole, but they're great!
From: Aksel, 4/12

Comments: Great shoe. I wear a size 9 and with the insole they were way to small. The insole is very thick. I took it out and replaced it with a thinner one, and problem is solved. Other than that it's a great shoe. My new go to shoe. Very happy with my purchase.
From: Gene, 4/12

Comments: This new 4.3 fits me snug and comfortably at the same time. Now in comparison to its predecessor the 3.3, its noticeably lighter, little to no break in time and the support is phenomenal. I use sofsole fit insoles because it comes with an iffy one just like any other shoes out there. Now on to the only flaw is the sole durability. It felt like it was less than the 3.3. I have only had it for over a month and its showing a lot of wear on the toe, and some on the heel. This great shoes need to come with a more durable sole. Maybe next year?
From: Ian. D, 4/12

Comments: I have had my 4.3's for 4 weeks and I play on average 3 hours everyday and the bottom looks the same as the day I got it out of the box. It feels great but only one problem with this that my foot gets BLISTERS!!!!! My right heel is bright red.
From: Joey, 3/12

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