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Comments: These are the worst "high end" tennis shoes I've ever had. I wore them out in 2.5 months. They are comfortable and that's the only good thing about them. The fit is good on the ankle but on the toes they are too roomy; and never mind tight the laces because the rubber "cage" will keep its oh so round shape. So when moving laterally, your toes are sliding inside the shoes. The outsole doesn't grip when new and it wears off like crazy. It took only 2 months until I drilled a hole in the outsole (the least durable outsole out there). The air pockets popped also, so goodbye cushioning. If you sometimes play on clay, forget them. It's like driving with slick tires on rain. Bottom line, if you're looking for sturdy durable shoes -- these are not it. If you favor faster, lighter shoes you'll find much better options and more durable too.
From: LC, 1/15

Comments: Not a recommended shoe. The sole of shoe was worn out in 1 1/2 months. Never getting this shoe again. The positive part is that it was comfortable.
From: Sarah, 1/15

Comments: After two hours on the court with these new shoes, I felt pain inside my right foot arch. Then I realized it has rubbed off my foot skin because there is a bump. I have worn a few pairs of this shoe before and they all are a good fit and comfortable except this one with the manufacturing defect. I am sending them back to TW and hopefully will receive a good replacement. The Max Cage is good all-around but not as durable as the Ballistec. The price is worth it but not when it came defective and made a hole on my foot arch!
From: James, 1/15

Comments: Yikes, I should have listened to the little man inside me that said don't buy these based on the reviews. I've never rolled an ankle on the tennis court until I wore these. Rolled one ankle, bought a brace for it, then rolled the other ankle and had to do the same. Not only that, the outsole is already wearing off on one heel after just weeks of play, and today one of the air pockets popped and now sounds squishy. The quality and durability of these shoes are terrible.
From: MonkeyBoy, 12/14

Comments: This is the best shoe I have ever used for tennis and I have tried the last 3 Barricades, the Head Speed Pro Lite, the the Speed Pro and K-Swiss Bigshot. These shoes have been the most comfortable by far and since they aren't as heavy as the other shoes I mentioned, the shoes lasted me almost 3 months which is more than any other shoes I have used. I play around 15-20 hours a week so 3 months is a lot. Also Nike by far has the best 6 month warranty ever by quality, assurance and speed. Instead of just receiving the shoe Nike gives you a voucher for the original price of the shoes when they first came out and you can use that money however you want. So I was able to replace my shoes with the exact pair and buy three pairs of Nike elite socks since the shoes were no longer the original price. I'm an aggressive baseliner at 4.5 in high school.
From: Isaiah, 11/14

Comments: I normally wear a men's size 9 in all shoes (including my current 4 pairs of Nike Tennis shoes). As instructed in the product sizing trend, I ordered mens 8.5 vs 9.0 size that I normally wear. The shoes did not fit and I eded up ordering my 'correct' size 9.0.
From: Jeff, 11/14

Comments: Very durable but has little arch support and is pretty uncomfortable. The front synthetic cover cuts right behind the big toe when the shoe is bent or you are moving side to side.
From: Anon, 10/14

Comments: Love these shoes for a couple of reasons. Super comfy and priced perfectly. The warranty process with Nike is awesome! I'm glad they offer 6 month guarantee -- it makes it totally worth it!
From: Steve, 11/14

Comments: I totally disagree with the sizing. I wear 11 and ordered 11, perfect fit. Love this shoe.
From: Paul, 9/14

Comments: I have had these shoes for a little over a week. Took a couple days to break them in, but since then they have felt comfortable. Traction and support are great.
From: Jim, 9/14

Comments: I have wide feet and I still had to tie these pretty tight to get them to fit properly. The durability was excellent, I'm a toe dragger/slider and these shoes, while completely bald after 7 months, did not get a hole in the outsole. This is the first pair I did not manage to put a hole in. I tore through New Balance in 3 months, Babolat Propulse 3 in 4 months, and Asics GR5 in two months but was able to wear them for 2 more months before the hole got too big. These shoes to me, are the best durability shoes that I have found. They don't wear out and they don't feel super clunky on my feet.
From: David, 9/14

Comments: For me, these had a terrible fit, ankle slippage, no stability and not great on lateral movements.
From: James, 9/14

Comments: I'm a 3.5 player, play 2-3 times a week. The shoes wore out after 8 months usage. Overall satisfactory, half size larger as everyone said.
From: Bruce, 8/14

Comments: I had to drop down 1/2 size to get a proper fit lengthwise, but the squishy foam interior packs down after one wearing which results in lots of wiggle room and instability. I now have to move carefully on court so I don't turn my ankle. I can't call this a quick-feeling shoe, but it is comfortable and durable. It just doesn't fit well.
From: Anon, 8/14

Comments: For the women ordering this shoe: The shoe sizing recommendations for this shoe were off for me. I wear a 9.5 ladies (in every shoe) and if I decide to go with a man's show, I'm an 8 (consistently). The recommendation of going 2 sizes lower for women put me in a shoe that was too small. I'd recommend going with whatever size you wear in a man's shoe as the European sizing for this shoe are off as well. Style, color, fit -- can't be matched for the sale price.
From: Shannon, 8/14

Comments: I went half a size down but the fit is too narrow and a little to short, but the problem with going up half size is that I will have too much ankle slippage. It already has this problem with half a size down. Nike really messed up the fit for these shoes. These shoes were categorized under wide shoes yet I only have slightly wide feet and these are too narrow. I dont know what to do now.
From: D, 8/14

Comments: I'm a 4.3 Courtballistec fan. When Nike stopped making those, I had to go a cheaper route because the Lunar Ballistecs are too expensive for me. The Cage was the next best for price. I definitely have to go a 1/2 size smaller than my regular fit. It is not a bad shoe, doesn't require break-in time. But one thing I noticed about this shoes is that I have already semi rolled (inversion) my ankles on a few occasions and it has only been 1 week since I got these. I don't know if it's me assuming, but I feel these are not as good for lateral movement. But these are very comfortable!
From: Yash, 7/14

Comments: I typically wear a size 11 and found the 10.5 to fit. These shoes are more comfortable and lighter than my Barricades 5 and 7; no surprise there. Now, durability-wise they don't compare. Even when rotating between three different shoes while playing 3-4 times a week the sole of the Air Max Cage was done at the 5 month mark. Nike was fast with no questions asked about my warranty claim. My voucher was received approximately two weeks after my claim. Will definitely purchase again.
From: Matt, 6/14

Comments: I tried these shoes after wearing through my adidas Barricade 7s and that was a mistake. These shoes feel very clunky and never have broken in to feel comfortable. Not to mention they have rubbed the inside of my right ankle raw. I tried tying them without lacing through the top eyelet and I lost all stability. I re-laced it through the top eyelet again and it immediately reopened my wound. I play twice a week and have been wearing them for 6 weeks, so any break-in period should have ended long ago. I'm going back to the Barricade 7s before they are gone for good.
From: Blake, 5/14

Comments: Let me first start off by saying I have never been a Nike shoe kind of guy. This shoe is the epitome of all I think is wrong with Nike. This shoe is advertised to be durable and with good traction; I found neither. My shoes have went bald in less than half of a season and even with the grip they had in the beginning they were slick as ice. They have also worn down almost to the air unit! My doubles partner has the same shoe and his actually have worn into the air unit. I don't know if we just got two bad pairs but from mine and my doubles partner's experiences I can honestly say that this shoe is just terrible. I will never buy another Nike tennis shoe for as long as I can possibly keep from it. Tempting because their good looks, only good thing about this shoe.
From: Cole, 4/14

Comments: These are my personal favorite shoes. They are extremely comfortable and I hope Nike keeps these around for a while. They are more comfortable than Nadal's shoes and the most comfortable shoes I have tried right out of the box. Dont know about durability yet. Get a half size smaller like recommended. They dont cinch up around ankles that well like the reviews stated. Good shoe!
From: CF, 4/14

Comments: Terrible durability. I wore them for five weeks, only on the courts to play (not anywhere else) and there are holes in them already. adidas has good durability, I'm changing to adidas from now on.
From: Nathan, 3/14

Comments: I am 5'10, 165 lbs and an aggressive 4.0 player. These are very comfortable and stable and need very little break-in. I agree with advise to order 1/2 size smaller. I have worn out about 6 or 7 pairs of Prince T22s. These are more stable and for me they last about the same 80-90 hours as the T22. My replacement pair using the 6 month warranty is on the way and I have bought a second pair. These are my new shoes of choice.
From: Dale, 3/14

Comments: If you get a size too big for these shoes, they are imposssible to deal with. They will feel extremely uncomfortable. OK shoe though with lots of durability. Does feel a little heavy on one side. The toe cage definitely was too big. Not very comfortable compared to other Nike products and definitely not as good as the Vapor Tour.
From: Jeff, 3/14

Comments: Great pair of shoes. One size smaller was very good advice -- thank you.
From: Scott, 3/14

Comments: This shoe is great. A bit on the heavy side and it takes a while to break in, but the durability is good. Overall, a great tennis shoe for a not too bad price.
From: Thomas, 11/13

Comments: Not nearly as good as the 2k12s or old Breathe Frees. The toe box is way too roomy and shoe is too stiff for good lateral movement. I also find the cushioning to be inferior to the 2k12s. Nike, listen to your customers and bring back the Breathe Free type shoe design to augment the Cage line!
From: Michael, 11/13

Comments: These take longer to wear out than Nadal's shoes. It takes me about two months. Good support. However, if you're a toe dragger, expect a hole in the upper before the sole wears out. Also, as noted by other review, the "air" bladder busted in the back so I had no more cushion on one shoe. I weigh 140 lbs so that makes no sense. This is my second pair and the same thing happened to my first pair. For this reason alone, I would not recommend this shoe.
From: Anon, 10/13

Comments: One of the better pairs of shoes I have had. But the cushioning unit in the heel cracked after a couple of months. Same issue with the replacement pair. I only weigh 155 lbs, so I hate to think how these would be for someone larger. The only other issues I have had are the really stiff feeling soles and the tread being completely gone well before the soles wear out.
From: Will, 10/13

Comments: I am always looking for a shoe with a slightly larger toe box area, but not wider in the heel. These shoes seem to fit that bill. I have not worm them long, but I like the feel of a running type shoe when it comes to tennis shoes.
From: Glenn, 9/13

Comments: This shoe is much more comfortable out of the box than the Courtballistecs. Lighter as well. Compared to the Zoom Vapors, these are more cushiony and stable. That's exactly what I wanted and what I was expecting based on what Nike told me. However, the toebox is much more open. It's square and less tapered than those other shoes resulting in my feet sliding back to front on quick stops. Pretty painful on the toes. Overall, I regret buying them and I do not recommend these kicks.
From: Jaroslaw, 9/13

Comments: I got these shoes about 2 months ago. Then the air block on the right side heel was cracked after I wore them for 4 weeks. I asked Nike to replace them and I got the new pair today and played with them for 2 hours. My first advice is to order 1/2 size smaller as TW recommended. I had US 8.5 before and have US 8.0 now. The smaller size is perfectly fitted for me and comfortable. When I had the 8.5 size, it caused a huge blister on my right foot.
From: Ryan, 7/13

Comments: They're heavy (especially on the toe end) and really unstable for lateral movement. They're super stiff and do not breath well. Very disappointed and not worth my money.
From: Muriel, 7/13

Comments: Terrible shoe. Within 2 months I noticed wear and tear on the soles and my feet were hurting. I'm a big fan of the original Air Max Cage Breathe II which provided great arch support. This Air Max does not provide arch support at all. I play on hard court 3-5x week. Nike stop messing with a good product when you have one.
From: Henri, 7/13

Comments: This is an amazing shoe. The Air Max addition to the sole gave me unbelievable power today on the courts. I will be bying them in multiple colors. I did buy 'true to size' and in the past have always gone up 1/2 size in my tennis shoes. No problems with the toe box wearing my true shoe size of 8. Thanks Nike! Love this shoe!
From: Rodger, 6/13

Comments: Ankle roller is what this shoe should be called. The upper mesh is not sturdy enough to take fast direction changes. Especially when you are on your toes, the mesh will stretch forcing your outer foot outside the edge of the sole causing a roll. It happened to me probably 6 times before I decided not to wear them again. I never rolled hard luckily. I hope they bring back the Breath Cage. I was excited about this shoe but it is not good. Even tried wearing 2 pairs of socks with the same result. Sorry Nike, fix it!
From: Jim, 5/13

Comments: Finally a shoe from Nike that is really like the Breathe Free 2 and the original Cage in the fit and feel department. It looks like the durability will be fine also and the guarantee is a plus. The arch is not too high and it is not too wide or too narrow. The length is fine and I ordered my normal size. It has normal holes for the laces and the traction is fine. The air max heel cushion is good. These are as good as the Asics GR5. This is the best Nike shoe in quite a few years.
From: Jeff, 5/13

Comments: I like this shoe a lot! They are not the lightest, but 2 weeks into them and they feel great! Very comfortable material at the top which helps protect against blisters. Good traction as well, great sole for hard courts, and like every shoe, it will wear out eventually but that depends on the player.
From: Alejandro, 4/13

Comments: I recently purchased this Nike shoe fully expecting the same comfort and performance that I have always had with their high end shoes. The Cage has literally torn up my knees. The shoe feels like cement blocks. You feel every step. There should be a warning from Nike stating that if you have had surgically repaired knees, you would be better off playing in your bare feet. The shoe and its warranty will outlast the player.
From: Paul, 3/13

Comments: Like everyone else, I was excited to get these shoes since many touted that they are similar to the Breathe Free II's. Other than the Breathe Cage II's, those were my favorites. This shoe is somewhat like it. I've been using the Courtballistec 4.3's and 3.3's because I actually utilize the 6 month sole guarantee. I will say that those shoes were absolutely clunkers and had varying sizes. I had blue and white 3.3's that have probably messed up my feet and knees forever. But then I had the peach and grey version of that shoe as well which were the absolute most comfortable thing I've ever worn. And those suffered from those horrible lace designs. This shoe is so not like that at all. I would say it's a cross between the 4.3 and Zoom Breathe 2k12 being closer to the 3.3's/4.3's. As I have a wider foot, these were much better for me. All other Nike's were too narrow in the toe box like everyone else says. The plastic part that makes the cage of the shoe somewhat bends in such a particular fashion that it hurt the top of my foot the first few times. After more uses, it straightened itself out and doesn't hurt anymore. Additionally, the tongue of the shoe is a traditional tongue instead of being a one piece construction. It definitely runs big as others say. Overall, I would say that these are the best Nike shoes in a while because they are light, normal (no weird lacing system that breaks), comfy for wider feet, and especially the 6 month sole guarantee. I highly recommend them.
From: Ian, 3/13

Comments: I must say I'm very disappointed in these shoes. Even though these shoes are light weight, the Air Max Cage makes me feel like I'm wearing a pair of concrete blocks. This shoe has no flex at all! In fact, these shoes scare me. The outsole is so stff and grippy I can't move on the court with any confidence. I feel like I'm going to fall. For years I was unable to find a Nike Tennis Shoe that fit correctly until I tried the Nike Zoom Breathe 2K10. For me, the Zoom Breathe 2K10 was the ultimate Tennis Shoe. Nike, please bring the 2K10 back in its original form. While I like the looks of the Air Max Cage Grey/Black I won't play in them.
From: Jim, 2/13

Comments: I have to agree with Matt. Definitely not a fan. Really disappointing, especially it was said to be 'like the Breathe Free II'. NOT even close. The original Breathe Free II was THE BEST! Everything that Nike has produced to follow the Breathe Free II has been either horrible or mediocre ar best. I still have a pair of Breathe 2K12's in my closet that I wore 3 times. They are stiff and uncomfortable. It amazes me that they were still making the Breathe Free II's for the women for years but stopped production for the Men. Li Na is still wearing that shoe. I know I am not the only fan of the original BF2's. Bring'em back Nike!
From: Doug, 2/13

Comments: These shoes were amazing. I could get to all of the balls and slide a lot in them. 6 out of 5 for me.
From: Stefan, 2/13

Comments: So far not a big fan of this shoe. I have owned previous versions. Though lighter, the shoe is wider and feels unstable. The size 14 feels a bit bigger than normal and I just don't feel that my foot fits in the shoe properly. I've worn them for about 8 hours and still just not a huge fan.
From: Matt, 1/13

Comments: I like my tennis shoes tight and so I ordered a 9.5 instead of my usual 10. The length is barely enough, and it feels like the ball of my foot doesn't line up quite right. Hopefully my orthodics and a couple more hours of break-in will fix that. Other than that I do like the shoe a lot, as it fits and feels like the old legendary Breathe Cage, especially in the toe box. Improvements would be the uppers which are very similar to the Breath Free 2K10's, they are extremely light like the Vapor, and the traction is deep with some give like the Ballistics. These shoes have sweet cosmetics and the pictures don't do them justice as they look really sporty on the foot, and the Air Max across the back makes them very unique. I agree with Rye that these shoes feel like a hybrid of previous Nike models. Great shoe.
From: Rizza, 1/13

Comments: Very comfortable shoes with about a 15 minute break in period. I've had many pairs of Vapors and Court Ballistecs and these almost seem like a hybrid of those two shoes. They do run a tad large but I bought the size I usually do and they fit fine. I don't think it would be possible for me to go down a half size.
From: Rye, 1/13

Comments: This is a great shoe. It's an exact cross of my favorite shoe, the Vapor 9 Tours, and the Ballistec 4.3's, meaning it has a comfy running shoe feel, but it's also very sturdy and durable. The Vapors lack a little bit of sturdiness and maybe don't last as long as I'd like being a club player, and the CB 4.3 are too bulky and sturdy. So this shoe is a perfect compromise. A perfect morph of the two best selling Nike shoes. Great job. Ventilation is nice as well. This is my new shoe of choice. And mind you I love the Vapors, but the soles are not durable or as cushioned as these. But the Vapors have the most comfy feel all around. So I'm going to rate these the same as the Vapors. They both get a 4 out of 5 stars from me. Great job Nike.
From: Dan, 1/13

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