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Ashaway MonoGut ZX Pro 17 String Natural Customer feedback

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Comments: String broke after 10 minutes of play with Solinco Barb Wire 17 as mains at 46 lbs and this string as a cross at 49 lbs. It just snapped after a mishit near the frame. I'm not a big hitter and usually cut strings before they break. I use a Wilson Blade 98S and I was very careful during the stringing. While it worked, the feeling was great, lots of spin from the Barb Wire. I cannot trust this string now.
From: Nick, 10/14

Comments: My daughter had been a top 10 junior in Florida. At the age of 12, she had to drop to 6 hours a week on court due to wrist and elbow tendinitis. Her growth spurt and joint hyper-mobility worsened the tendinitis. Soft strings helped, but south Florida humidity and damp clay courts shortened the life of gut strings to about 3 hours. Having noticed that Tennis Warehouse rated Ashaway MZX Pro as the softest non-gut string, I had my daughter try it and she liked it right away. She has built up to 24 hours a week on court and has been injury-free since she began using Ashaway MZX Pro 18 months ago. In addition to being the softest non-gut, Ashaway is much more lively than any string that is of comparable durability. I string her racquets at 58 mains, 57 crosses, matching the tension I used for natural gut.
From: Geoff, 8/14

Comments: The great thing about these MonoGut strings is that they don't have a coating that wears off. I haven't playtested them, but my longtime tennis partner switched to MonoGut at my suggestion right after it came out and he always plays better with it than with his Head strings (soft polyolefin). He also has had tennis elbow in the past and never has problems with these strings, saying they play better than NRG-2 and other strings he's used. The other thing I have noticed is that they last longer for him than the other strings he's tried. I use Dynamite 16 and have a lot of packs saved up. I like the textured coating on that string, but he and other players didn't like the way it shreds. People who worry about looks will definitely prefer MonoGut because it doesn't have a coating. He is a 4.0 serve and volleyer. I am a low 4.5 baseliner.
From: Rich, 2/14

Comments: My son plays in B18s here in Texas. This is the first string I've found that he doesn't break after a few hours. He has Proline II in the mains at 54 pounds and the ZX in the crosses at 58 pounds. Says the feel is similar to the softer multifilaments we have tried in the crosses.
From: Roger, 8/13

Comments: This is a great tweener string. It is as comfortable as natural gut and as durable as polyester. The red one has a softer feel than the natural one. I think a full bed at 55-59 lbs is the ideal tension for this string.
From: Steven, 8/13

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