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Comments: This grip in my opinion has a good feel to it and has good tackiness. Though it does tend to get slippery fast once dried, the tackiness comes right back. But one of the downsides of this grip is that after constantly hitting the same shot, the grip begins to slowly rip where your hand and fingers are. All in all I'e been using this grip for a year now and if you stay well supplied, it will do you good.
From: Gary. 10/11

Comments: I am fed up with this grip. It's the worst grip ever. It slips like crazy, and gives blisters.
From: Will. 07/11

Comments: Good overgrip. It can be washed to get the dirt off, and when it dries, the tackiness comes back. Use dish soap and any cloth, or scrubber, with some texture. I play 4 times a week. Each overgrip usually lasts for 2 weeks. I use white and have never tried the other colors.
From: Jeff. 7/11

Comments: Just applied my Prince microzorb overgrip today and went out to play at 6:30 while it was 62 degrees Fahrenheit with no wind. I have moderately sweaty hands that work the best with the original tournagrip. I love prince, I own a hybrid hornet, but this grip sucks. Sweat absorbing qualities are very poor to nonexistent. The tackiness is okay (= to tournagrip) but it gets slippery fast, 15 minutes tops. Bottom line if you want sweat absorbing qualities pick tournagrip, for tackiness pick Wilson pro end of story.
From: Trent, Cedar Falls, IA, USA, 10/10

Comments: I don't know why this grip is getting negative feedback, but I think this is a great grip. Most grips getting A LOT worse from the first day of sweating on it, but this grip does not. This grip stays at about the same amount of tackiness even after 2 weeks of play (five times a week).
From: Anon. 5/10

Comments: My hands don't sweat and I typically play indoors. This has got to be the worst overgrip I have ever used. There is no grip whatsoever. My racquet was slipping out of my hand on every groundstroke and serve. I don't understand why people say its tacky. Yonex Super Grap is far, far better. I am a big fan of Prince racquets but this is a very disappointing product from Prince.
From: Ron, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 12/09

Comments: Awful grip. My hands don't sweat that much and this had no feel. I loved Dura Pro. What happened to that?
From: natalie, IL. 11/09
(There is a Prince Dura Pro+ replacement grip available. -- TW)

Comments: This grip offers great tack and good durability if. . . and stay with me here. . . you use the black. I've used the black, and I've used the white. My experience is that the black is more durable. The white can get small rips in it due to the excellent tack. The black, in my experience, does not get these rips while maintaining the same excellent tack.
From: Gabe, Ridgeland, MS, USA 07/09

Comments: Awesome grip! My hands sweat a lot and for a while I used Babolat Syntec Grip, which was ok. It wasn't the best but I'd continuely use it- but since my hands sweat too much it didn't absorb as much. So I decided to buy the Prince Microzorb and am so glad I did. I play tennis for 3 hours, 6 days a week and got away with keeping this overgrip on for about 2 weeks! Great grip ; )
From: Jackie, CT, USA. 4/09

Comments: This grip lasts for about two weeks. I play 3 hours a day, 7 days a week. It gives me blisters and makes my hands red. Sometimes the black shows up on my hand. Very very Tacky. It is very thick and absorbent. Great for players who sweat a lot.
From: Dave. 1/09

Comments: I do not like this overgrip at all even when I first tried this grip. I do not recommend this grip. I recommend the prince dura-tred overgrip over the microzorb.
From: Danny, Mountain View, CA, USA, 11/08

Comments: Let's start by saying that my hands don't sweat at all. This grip actually provides better traction when wet, very true, my dad uses it cause of his sweating issues. This grip lasts me 20 sets or there about. Believe me, it is slightly thicker than other overgrips. I use a 4 3/8 handle with a single overgrip on top(preferably the Tecnifibre players wrap). My groundstrokes with the Tecnifibre grip and the 4 3/8 handle are great, but my serve used to suffer cause sometimes it used to prove a tad small, and the racquet used to twist after the serve impact. I decided to put one more overgrip onto the Tecnifibre grip, way too thick, with this Prince grip, being slightly thicker, it was perfect. I now just use the 4 3/8 handle with the rip grip and the Prince grip on top- perfect thickness for me, great serving now!
From: Ajit, Urbana, Illinois, USA. 7/08

Comments: Super tacky -- almost too tacky. I guess it's good if your hands sweat a lot, but for me it was just too sticky. Because it stuck to my hand too much, I got blisters if I swung too hard. These are way too thick and have no feel.
From: Jack, Chicago, IL, US. 12/07

Comments: This grip is very tacky and should only be used by those who sweat a lot. I am a junior who plays 10-15 hours a week who normally uses Wilson Pro Overgrip for tournaments. If you have a fast swing and or hit the ball hard, this grip causes blisters. I would not recommend this grip to a person who does not sweat a lot.
From: Gray, Tulsa, OK, USA, 05/07

Comments: It�s tacky! Then it loses the tack as the dirt gets on it, that fine. After a week or usually two weeks its time for a change. Its pretty durable. It goes for a month but loses its tack. Love this grip.
From: Anon, 03/07

Comments: This is by far the best value for money overgrip I have ever seen. I play the ITF circuit and a pack of three will last me nearly two weeks.
From: Daniel, Australia, 02/07

Comments: I agree with everyone that this grip is just too tacky. It doesn't have much feel. I would not recommend it. However, I will say that it is pretty durable.
From: Dave, Baltimore, MD, USA. 10/06

Comments: I have used a lot of different grips and I must say these are the best I have used so far. My Tennis partner tried one and wants me to order two packs for him, he fell in love with it in five minutes of play. Great design. Also, the tapered end and sticky backside (to hold and guide the start of the wrap) is a nice touch. Great buy!
From: Terry, Leominster, MA, USA 09/06

Comments: I've been using this grip for a while, since my sister got some free when she bought Prince racquets from college. The grip has a nice feel, with good tackiness and absorption. Unfortunately one of these overgrips only lasts me about 5-6 hours and then I have to replace it. I haven't found one that I like better than this, so this'll do for now until I try others. I sweat like a beast, which caused problems with these grips. I recommend them if you don�t sweat too much.
From: Drew, Columbus, Ohio, USA 06/06

Comments: Grip is too tacky. I got blisters from using this grip and I hardly ever get blisters. Only buy this grip if you�re looking for something insanely tacky.
From: Anon 05/06

Comments: I used to like these but they do not seem to be made the same way any more. The originals were rolled around a plastic tube and packaged. The most recent ones that I bought are folded flat around a piece of cardboard and packaged.
The grips on the plastic tube were tacky and durable, they got slick when sweat runs down your palm but for the most part I liked them and bought more.
The grips folded flat around a piece of cardboard are tacky but do not seem to be as durable. The tacky top layer seems to separate from the bottom layer after minimal amount of playing and wear.
From: Rich, Atlanta, GA, USA. 9/05

Comments: I don't know what happened to the "tackier when wet" that Prince advertises. I don't sweat that much, but at two tournaments I played in recently my grip started slipping after a couple hours of play because it was saturated with sweat. It does have excellent durability and feel but it's almost too tacky at first an slips when you start sweating. Not a bad deal for the price though.
From: Sean, Gladstone, MI USA 8/05

Comments: HORRIBLE GRIP! This grip is too tacky. During practice I had trouble switching from an eastern grip to a western grip and others. It's also hard and rough, which causes blisters. I going back to Wilson pro overgrip and Tourna grip.
From: Bob, Timonium, MD,USA 07/05

Comments: This grip worn off just after 3 hours of play (within the same day), exposing the inner cloth material which causes blisters. I'm switching back to the Yonex Super Grap Overgrip for sure.
From: Steven, Irving, TX, USA 05/05

Comments: This is one of the best grips I have ever played with. Although the first time you use it your hand turns the color of the grip (get white) it is an excellent grip. Super absorbent and tacky.
From: Vikash, Slidell, Louisiana, USA. 4/05

Comments: I have been using this grip for five months and I love it. It instantly absorbs sweat. I play so much so my mom made me take it off. So I said to my mom that that's the only grip that I'm good with. I have just ordered more three days ago and I can't wait till my new grips arrive. So, thanks Prince. You made the best grip ever!
From: Lucas, Decorah, Iowa, USA. 4/05

Comments: This is the best overgrip ever. I play junior USTA tournaments and play for my high school, so I am on the court a lot. I have used this overgrip for many years now and it is still the best. It lasts a long time and it absorbs all of the wetness.
From: Pete, Ankeny, IA. 04/05

Comments: I had a horrible experience with this grip. It lasted for about two hours; it turned my hand into the blue (I had a blue grip). It also slicked into my racquet grip, and made it blue (I have a white grip, prince shark). Unless you�re looking for thicker then usual grip, I won�t recommend it.
From: Leon, CT, USA. 01/05

Comments: This is the best overgrip of all time. The only overgrip that absorbs the sweat and still has its tack. The only problem is the color, the white and yellow grips show dirt quickly. This is still the best overgrip in years. THANKS PRINCE!
From: Rick, EHT, NJ, USA. 8/04

Comments: This overgrip was not as good as I thought it was. The grip felt really tacky and somewhat sticky at first. However, after playing with it a little, I noticed the skin on my hand getting torn and also the grip felt less tacky and very wet. I don't even sweat that much, so I was surprised that the grip was like that. Also, it got worn out within only 2.5 hrs of play. I would suggest the Yonex Super Grap or Wilson Pro Overgrip. The texture is more "hand friendly". As an advanced tennis player with a fast swing, I would not recommend this overgrip.
From: Chris, WA, USA. 8/04

Comments: I think that the Micro Zorb overgrip is the best grip I have ever used. I have just started playing on the pro tour and have been using this grip ever since I first came to play in America. The grip is great and it lasts very long.
From: Jose, Quito, Equador. 06/04

Comments: I have used the Prince Micro Zorb Overgrip for four months and it still feels like new. It is the longest lasting overgrip that I have tried to date and I don't think that will be changing soon. Even after two hours of straight tennis it still has the same tackiness and absorption. Thanks to Prince for making another great product.
From: Andrew, Topeka, KS, USA. 6/04

Comments: I loved Wilson Pro Overgrip until I tried Prince Micro Zorb.
From: Pat, Kinnelon, NJ, USA. 4/04

Comments: I have used the mirco-zorb grip in white, and with me it lasted longer than any of the other grips I�ve used. The tack was great and the absorption didn�t let me down. I am glad that Prince came out with such a good grip.
From: Stephen, TX, USA. 4/04

Comments: I would not recommend Micro Zorb because there is a certain point where a grip gets too tacky, and this is certainly it. I'm a 5.0 player, and when you have a faster swing, I've found that it gives you blisters.
From: Kyle, Westport, MA, USA. 4/04

Comments: This overgrip is by the far the best overgrip on the market. It is very tacky with a great feel. I recommend the white because the white ink stays stickier than any other colors. They are longest lasting in any weather condition and the most comfortable when it comes down to long and grueling matches.
From: Justin, Patterson, CA, USA. 3/04

Comments: I'm glad that Tennis Warehouse is finally selling these. Micro Zorb is the first overgrip I have tried that is worth using. Until a friend told me about Micro Zorb, I used to put on a new grip every time it wore out.
From: John, Surprise, AZ, USA. 1/04

Comments: I am a huge fan of Prince and all of their products, but this overgrip just completely let me down. About 5 minutes into playing, the grip began to slip immediately. There was no absorption at all. I ripped the grip off, and my normal cushion grip was more absorbent, and had better feel than the overgrip. The Prince No Sweat Overgrip beats the Micro Zorb Overgrip hands down, but I'm sorry to see that TW no longer carries it.
From: Nick, Beaver Falls, PA. 1/04

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