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Comments: I was surprise. Good hitting paired with ample feel.
From: joe, 5/12

Comments: I had been playing for a long time with a Wilson Pro Staff 85 custom at 375 grams and 358 swingweight. I also played a Wilson K Factor 88 and Wilson K Factor 90 and decided it is time to change to something with equivalent feeling but larger headsize and I demoed the Mantis 315. I was surprised that even without customization it could stand up to my other racquets. I gave my custom racquets to my friend and for one week I played and didn't notice any problem returning balls. This ended up in me buying 2 frames. It has a classic frame feeling and superb touch.
From: Paris, 5/12
String type and tension: Mantis Power Polyester 1.25, 25 KG

Comments: I did not know much about Mantis before making this purchase. The specs looked close to what I usually play with so I decided to give it a try. So far I have been pleasantly surprised. First off, it is a good looking frame. The head shape looks and feels larger than the actual 95 square inch spec. The frame swings fast through the air and that in part may be due to the thinner beam size. The contact with the ball on ground strokes feels solid with crisp feedback. I felt confident swinging through my ground strokes on both sides and loved the feel of cracking the ball and how the ball came off the frame. The feedback through the handle is analogous to the Volkl Organix or the new Babolat Pure Drive series (both of which have excellent feel in my opinion). The sweet spot feels larger for the head size and I did not notice any jarring with off center hits. Serving was harder with this frame than I expected. I had to work harder to generate my usual pace and spin.I think adding a small amount of weight to the handle to make the frame slightly more head light may fix this issue. Returns felt great, but I did notice that the timing on these had to be perfect or they would land short. Volleys felt solid with good feel although I prefer a slightly heavier frame at the net. Overall, I think this is a great frame for someone with a good baseline game and swinging ground strokes who occasionally may have to venture to the net to finish off a point.
From: Steve, 5/12
String type and tension: RPM Blast, 62lbs
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This is a very good. There is nice pop, though it did feel a bit too lively when I first started to hit with it. After an hour, things started to click and I could rip my cross court forehand and down the line backhands in ease. The serve got some more speed too, especially the kick. This did not feel like an 11.5+ ounce racquet, though. I really liked the grip that came with it in the demo for comfortable. For the price, this stick is worth it I think. Nice pop, solid feel, not overly muted in feeling either. Verdict: 4/5.
From: Brian, 4/12

Comments: I bought this racquet for a change. I'm using Head Extreme Pro and Babolat AeroPro Drive GT for the last three years. I developed tear muscles or tendons on both of my armpits. My Head racquet is 11.7 ounces and it's low power. It felt heavy for me, I need to swing hard to generate power. I'm 52 years young now, I feel I'm getting older and getting weaker. My body doesn't have enough strength and stamina to swing for two hours or more; my strength and stamina is getting lower every year. I decided I needed a high power and light racquet for my aging body. This racquet gives me a lot of power without muscling the ball. I just need to control my swing and get use to it. Overall it's great racquet, it's easy on my aching armpits.
From: Tom, 4/12

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