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Comments: I have used the Wilson BLX PS 90 and the Yonex VCore 89 and loved their thin beam/low power quick swing speed feel, but wanted a wider racket with a greater spin window with more margin. Because I use thick gut mains and Solinco Outlast 16g poly crosses, I wanted a less dense pattern on a 95 inch frame that could be customized. The Mantis 305 fits my needs perfectly - in stock form it has a perfect platform to customize to the player specs I like. I added lead tape to tip and at 3 and 9 o clock and brought the swing weight up to 330ish. Adding a leather grip and overgrip and a little lead in under the butt cap to bring balance to around 8 points head light and I have a quick-swinging-spin-producing stable gem of a racquet. Feels so solid and can handle a very heavy ball from opponents while still maintaining nice feel and touch. Very happy with the results so far.
From: John, 2/13

Comments: This racquet should be considered before you purchase any advanced player's frame that are on the lighter, more maneuverable side of the spectrum. It truly delivers speed, stability and good enough power for an 11 oz. racquet. The Mantis is considerably better than the very similar (spec-wise) Wilson Six One Team 95 16x18. I used the Wilson Team 95 and it came up short on performance. The Mantis' thin beam is a real plus because other manufacturers simply increase the thickness in the beam in order to create more stability. Assuming that you have sound, developed strokes, and you need a little more power, I would strongly suggest using a 17 or an 18 gauge multi string at 54 to 56 lbs. Many players will customize the frame by adding weight, but it's possible that by doing so it could sacrifice the great mobility that it possesses. Mantis is a good company that has been endorsed by several ex-professional players.
From: Mark, 2/13

Comments: Great racquet with an unbelievable platform for customization! For me, it was too light stock but I spent the time and effort to dial it in with additional weight and now it is, without question, the best overall performer I've hit in years. I've used every players frame from every major brand over the last few years and this one sits on top. QC was excellent as well. I have a few frames and they were all within a couple grams of each other off the shelf.
From: JC, 2/13

Comments: If there is a racquet with more control, comfort and stability in this weight class, then I haven't seen it. I call it my little Uncle Tony because it is the thing that takes my raw talent and molds it into something beautiful.
From: Sam, 11/12
String type: Tourna Big Hitter Black 7

Comments: I've been playing with my new customized Mantis 305 for about a month. I have tried many racquets over the last 5 years. My preferences that I built up my new Mantis to are; weight about 340g, strung balance 12.2", and a swing weight of 320. I'm a clean 4.5 player and my impression of this racquet is absolutely positive. On the forehand, it's the sweetest racquet I have ever played with. It reminds me of the BLX 90 but sweeter and more maneuverable. The strokes are clean and the spin is impressive. The 95 sq. inch head makes it easy to find the lines or crush cross court shots. It's the perfect racquet for my one handed backhand. It's easy to create spin and find targets. The angles are impressive on serve, and it's easy to generate slice, kick or flat serves with power and comfort. This racquet made me confident. My second serve got better because of the super spin and controllable power I can create. More than everything, this racquet surprised me on volleys. The passing shots that my opponents trying crashed on a wall. It's the most stable racquet at the net I have ever used. I could place the ball anywhere with angles or deep volleys with such a confidence that surprised both me and my opponents. Finally the racquet is super sweet, stable, and rock solid. My advise is to string it with a poly at a low tension because it's a player's racquet so you have to be able create your own power. The poly gives you the plow throught in low tension without sacrificing the control. Thank you Mantis, and special thanks to my friend that built up this racquet to my preferences.
From: Chris, 9/12

Comments: I hit with a Mantis 305 this past week and have been extremely impressed. The racquet is not as heavy as some of the players racquets but I believe this was done on purpose, allowing you to add some lead tape to customize to your requirements. Without adding any tape, the racquet felt great in my hands, powerful yet controlled. I was able to swing hard and generate a great amount of spin if needed. At the net, the racquet felt solid and had a nice touch allowing me to place the balls deep in the corners. I probably served as well as I ever have using this racquet. I was able to generate spin to hit the wide serves and power to hit the ball up the "T". All in all, a great racquet. I highly recommend this stick to anyone looking for a new racquet.
From: Michael, 8/12
String type: Mantis Poly

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