MSV Focus Hex 17L (1.18) Red String Customer feedback

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Comments: Great string overall. As most have said it is good in all areas and the best tension maintenance that I have ever had, and I have tried a lot over the last 20 years. I recommend that everybody give these inexpensive strings a try.
From: Gary, 5/15

Comments: Perfectly agree with TW reviews. This is a great string which is good at everything but exceptional at nothing. Ok spin, good control, Ok power, ok feel, good durability, good tension maintenance. I have been using it in a Wilson Juice 100 BLX at 53 lbs for the last 2.5 weeks (5 days a week, 2 hours a day) and it has just started to loose tension a bit. Until now it performed uniformly. I am not the strongest of players though, but am a 4.5 NTRP.
From: Vishal, 11/14

Comments: This string combines the best attributes of many other strings I have tried (spin, power, control, feel) without exceeding them in any single area, and at an affordable price. It is my Goldilocks string -- just right.
From: Sean, 10/14

Comments: I like the pop and spin on this string when it is new. After 5 hours of play, the spin drops a lot but the pop is still there. I string myself and this string is cheap, so I don't mind restringing when I need to.
From: John, 1/14

Comments: I agree with comment from Bill below. I have tried 16L MSV Focus Hex and it really plays good, above others very reknown, to my opinion. It doesn't feel dead, but still the control is fine.
From: Haris, 1/14

Comments: These are the best textured poly strings on the market. I have tried most of the popular brands out there, but this is my favorite. Great ball pocketing, spin, and control. I just ordered another reel. I was surprised TW gave it an average rating. I tried TWs highly rated Volkl Cyclone, and I felt Focus Hex outplayed Cyclone by a long shot.
From: Bill, 12/13

Comments: These are quality strings with at a winning price. When fresh the edges are quite sharp and the bite is ridiculous but they have always worn off. Short term spin production is very high but once worn down they stop having the snap back effect which I think is slightly hindered at that point from the sharp edge notches. I have a hunch that the round poly profile is superior for big tospin late into the strings life. I have never strung higher than 54lbs in a full bed and only popped once (I play them at 52) because at the price you might as well keep them fresh. Not a perfect string, probably 8/10, but it's great to have in the inventory though.
From: Tommy, 2/13

Comments: These strings are truly amazing. Good control, spin and power. Can barely notice the loss of string tension and the durability is through the roof! I strung my Head Radical Microgel MP at 46/44 lbs and performance has never been better. Highly recommend it to all level players.
From: Barry, 1/13

Comments: I gave these a try about a year ago and love these strings. I have the full bed done in them. I had them put in at 53 lbs and it feels great with no noticeable loss of tension even after several hours of play over hot summer and indoor winter play. Initially I had to use a little more power, which takes some adjustment to keep in bounds. Now that I am used to them they are very consistent and I can count on them to put the ball right on the line. The hex shape provides wicked spin effortlessly. My only two slightly negative comments would be the fact that the strings lose their hex shape long before the strings need replacing. The strings transmit a fair amount of shock and vibration down to wrist and elbow. I slapped on a good dampener which solved the problem. Overall, it's an amazing string and one I have recommended and will continue to use. Give them a try at this price. You have nothing to lose.
From: H., 12/12

Comments: Played with the 17L and all I got to say it's got very good combination of spin, control and power. It maintains tension very well and does not see a big drop in performance compared to other co-polys. What impressed me most was the durability. You get more than what you pay with these strings. That's for sure!
From: Chew, 10/12

Comments: I finally finished my reel of MSV after about a year and this thing is so hard to pop! It is great for frequent string poppers who are looking for a decent string with crazy spin. Me gusta.
From: Chris, 10/12

Comments: This string is amazing. It's much cheaper than Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour and Babolat RPM Blast, and much better than Babolat RPM Blast. It plays similar to Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, but with even more spin potential and at a fraction of the cost. You can generate a ton of spin with it, it is easy to serve and volley with, and it's not overly painful on your arm. This is without exaggeration the best string I've ever tried so far. Better than any of the Luxilons too.
From: David, 9/12

Comments: This string is excellent. It's just firm enough to give great control but softer than other polys for a plush feel. This string gives great spin in the full setup I've just strung it with or in a hybrid with various synthetic guts I've used in the crosses. I definitely recommend it, especially for dense string patterns like my 18x20 Pure Storm Ltd. You will have to lower the tension a bit in a full setup, as you shouldn't go higher than 53 lbs like it says on the package. Also, it's a bargain for this price, and it's an excellent reel price too. It's definitely worth a try. I'm also considering Tecnifibre RuffCode and Kirschbaum Spiky Shark, but MSV definitely does the trick here.
From: Roman, 8/12

Comments: I've been trying to switch to poly from kevlar (trying to save the body). I've tried 5 different poly strings, and The MSV Focus Hex 1.18 (which was the softest) was my least liked because it felt too soft and I just hated the feel. However, my opponents disagreed because they felt I was getting more pop and spin compared to the other strings. They were right of course, it just takes time to get used to the feel.
From: Greg, 8/12

Comments: Great String! I use it with Kirschbaum synthetic gut and am currently trying to figure out whether I prefer it on the mains or crosses. Others have said and I'm here just to add to the positive. This is a great string, you have to pay significantly more in order to get a real benefit from the increased price.
From: Andre, 5/12

Comments: This is a great string. It does everything you want from a high end string, it's soft, little crisp, good spin and good control. From a scale of 1-10 it scores between a 7-8.
From: E.K, 4/12

Comments: After reading many positive comments, I was keen to try the Focus-Hex. I strung up my Dunlop 200 tour with the red 1.18 at 52 lbs. I played 2 hours of doubles indoors (winter time). The string bed felt very stiff and board-like and by the end of the session my arm was getting sore. The next day both my elbow and wrist were in severe pain -- never had a sore wrist before. After going through the comments I noticed a couple of people saying that these are warm weather strings. My guess is their playing characteristics are temperature dependent. As an aside I had no problem playing indoors in the winter with Proline II or Black Widow at 57 lbs. Out of curiosity I may try these again in the summer to see how they play.
From: John, 2/12

Comments: Lovin' these strings so far. Holds tension and playability well, with lots of spin and power. Spin and power are very similar to the noticeably more expensive Solinco Tour Bite 18, the flight and bounce of the ball after it leaves my string bed seem pretty much same. The difference is in the feel, with the Tour Bite feeling more firm, crisp, and lively and the Focus Hex feeling softer, more comfortable, and seems to pocket better. They are quite soft as far as polys go, I would say "medium-soft." The only thing softer I've tried is Polystar Energy, I am going to try Polyfibre TCS next as I heard its even softer. Many ppl nowadays talk about "firm," or "crisp," well Focus-Hex is not when compared to most other polys but compared to syn gut it is still quite firm and crisp. A full bed can still give me slight arm pain but in a hybrid with a soft syn gut like Forten Sweet there is no pain at all. It plays very well throughout a solid 10-12 hours before going dead. Price is good and drops significantly in a reel.
From: Anon, USA, 1/12

Comments: I have a reel of this that I use to string for myself and friends. Great string for the money. It plays like a cheaper feeling version of Babolat RPM Blast. Some people I string for can't tell the difference. There are for sure better strings out there but you get a serious bang for your buck. Two thumbs up.
From: Fritz, 10/11

Comments: This is the best combination of price, control, spin, and comfort of all the co-poly/poly strings I have tried: Kirschbaum Proline II, Unique Blue, Luxilon TIMO, and Luxilon ALU (Rough/Power). A little under-powered, and not quite crisp, but works well for me.
From: SK, 8/11

Comments: I love MSV Focus Hex. I string my own racquets and therefore test out lots of different strings and hybrid combinations. For the last couple of years I've been experimenting with different hybrids using poly or co-poly on the mains and gut or synthetic gut on the crosses. For the last several months I've been using Focus Hex 1.18 (I like the red) with Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex on the crosses and the racquet (Head Microgel Radical OS) has never played better. I get great spin, good control and pop, and it provides decent touch, plus it this a very economical hybrid--great bang for the buck.
From: Bob. 07/11

Comments: Call me crazy, but I play this string at 33lbs. Good bite, decent control, low power. Holds tension pretty well. Nothing wow for me but reliable and a predictable work horse. Every player demands different types of string due to their style. I slice, dice, flat, high kick. Basically all kinds of variety to frustrate my opponents. I don't murder the ball so if you are a ball striker this may not give you the crisp feel. This is somewhat dull feel type of string. Nothing wow but dependable and good for the price.
From: Anonymous. 6/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I string my own racquets so I test a fair amount of strings. The MSV strings give me a little more power than the RPM Blast. You need to play a couple hours with them and let them sit overnight. After the break-in they are the best strings out there for me. I've tried Topsin, Pro-line II, RPM Blast, Black Magic... you name it. Good bite, great power, decent pocketing and excellent price. It's no accident that this was named string of the year in 2008 and still going strong three years later.
From: David. 6/11

Comments: I have been playing with these strings now for about 2 weeks. I am really impressed with the softness, spin, ball pocketing, and tension retention. I would say, it is similar to RPM Blast, but with a little more spin and better tension retention. I am volleying better with these strings and am more consistent. If there is a negative, is that the strings are relatively low powered compared to what I usually use (Tecnifibre Black Code). I plan on using these strings for doubles for sure, and probably the Black Code for singles. For the money, these are one of the best values out there.
From: Jon. 5/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I compared these 17g $8 strings full-bed side by side with the 16g $30 Pacific Tough Gut on identical BLX 6.1s (Fed's racket) and guess what? This thing blew away the gut in terms of control and spin. Great ball-pocketing and thus spin. It played great all the way until it popped (16-20 hours). I cut out the gut after 3 weeks because the Hex play so much better and is really arm-friendly at 53/51 lbs. I then hybrided the Hex the main(53 lbs) with Prince Synthetic DF gut and Technifbre X1 Bi-Phase as crosses (51 lbs)and the result is the Hex/Prince combo has more effortless power, which I don't need and seems to cause my ball to sail long. For now the winner(s)is clear, Hex on a full bed is great for $8, and Hex/Bi-Phase is awesome at $12, plus 1/3 set of Babalot sting savers to protect the Bi-Phase. At the toal price of $14.50 for Hex/Bi-Phase/String savers, I think I just found my perfect price/performance/durability combo. This is similar but more arm-friendly than Fed's ALU/Gut combo($40) but at 1/3rd the price.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: I've been play testing MSV Focus Hex, Weiss Cannon Silver string, and Signum Poly Pro Plasma, and the MSV Focus Hex is by far my favorite. I have it in the mains at 52 lbs crossed with Gosen OG Sheep Micro at 56 lb. on my KSix-One 95 16x18. It has excellent spin and control, but also with decent power. It has a much livelier feel than SPPP and reacts well when I flatten out my strokes. It seemed a little harsh at first, but really settled in nicely after about 1.5 hours of play and became quite arm friendly. Volleys were good for a poly too, but not amazing. Overall a great string, especially at under $8 a set.
From: Jason, Chicago, IL, USA. 4/11

Comments: We (three in our family) have played with this string for two seasons. It is comparable to the Pro Hurricane Tour that we had been using. The Pro Hurricane was expensive and would shear off at the grommets quite often. That did annoy me. The MSV Focus Hex strings have not had this problem. We string them at 52. My son uses the 16 (1.28), my daughter and I use 17 (1.23). I just bought more for this season.
From: Mike, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, 03/11

Comments: One of the best co-poly's when it comes to performance and price. Great spin, nice control and touch, and nice power. The 1.18 (black) lasts me roughly 3 days of hard singles rallying (roughly 7hours). After adding Tourna String Savers on the 4th and 6th cross string (5 on each) in conjunction with power pads in throat, they last twice as long on my K90's (I get six days almost 14 hours out of the set). This works out great for someone who strings their own racquet. Buy a reel and they're an even better deal!
From: Michael, Boston, MA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Great string, I read great reviews on this and got it. Very happy with it, it has great spin and durability. I love how stable the Poly string on my string bed, so great with spin and control. Not to mention great value. Price has gone up since I last get, but still a great value.
From: Frank, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Durability is excellent and spin and control are very good even at low tension, which helps for a more comfortable hit and enlargement of the racquet sweetspot. The price is very decent. I will compare it with Volkl cyclone in the future, which is even cheaper and have similar characteristics. Using Babolat Pure Storm Ltd. at 57 pounds.
From: Eric, San Juan, PR, USA, 01/11

Comments: This is a follow up to my original review in December of last year. I am still a believer in the merits of this string and since my original review based on MSV HEX (1.18) in White, I have had the opportunity to try the string in Black (1.18) and white (1.23). The string in the 1.23 version is definitely stiffer than the 1.18 and strings up tighter (at least for me). IMHO, the 1.23 version lost a lot of the magic for me in terms of the extra spin I got from the 1.18 gauge. They seemed dead in comparison to the 1.18, with little pop to speak of. While I think the 1.18 is the clear winner in the HEX family, you'll have to compare for yourself. I find the HEX string to be inconsistent overall in terms of spin, pop, tension maintenance and control. And that's what is precisely so maddening, because I think, if nothing else, we are all looking for consistent results. We all make compromises in terms of equipment, but when we play the same product and ultimately it is inconsistent from batch to batch, its hard to be confident in terms of what you are going to face from one hit to the next.
In contrast to the HEX, I also played tested (and will be ordering more) Signum Pro Poly Plasma (SPPP) in 1.18. Without the best tension maintenance of any poly I've tried. Decent spin - not equal to HEX, but great control, pop and most importantly for me, consistency from hit to hit. Played several time with this string and every time felt identical to the time before with virtually no tension loss.
Wanted to love the HEX and still do when i'ts at its best. I just don't know when that will be all the time. SPPP it is for now.
From: Anon, Oakton, VA, USA, 01/11

Comments:I have tried this string in both a hybrid and a full string bed in my Prince EXO3 Ignite Team 95. In the hybrid form I used one of the synthetic gut strings MSV recommends (Forten Sweet 16) as the main @58# and Focus Hex on the crosses @53#. I did not like this combination because I felt neither the comfort of the syn gut nor the extra spin of a poly. I think that may be due to Forten Sweet 16 actually being stiffer than the Focus Hex. In the future, I might try a softer syn gut (such as Klip-another MSV recommendation) to see if that makes a difference.
As a full poly string bed (53# Ms&Xs), I noticed significant improvement in spin on my forehand and serve-with a lot of action on the kick serve. I was also pleased with my slice backhand while using these strings. Not surprisingly with a full bed poly, I did notice a drop in pace and if I ever had to make a defensive shot on my heels, the ball had nothing on it.
From: Jeff, Saint Paul, MN, USA, 01/11

Comments: I put this string in my Tour 90 at 52 lbs (both mains and cross). These strings were a little stiff at first, then after about 2 hrs of hitting they were fairly soft with low power. I normally play with NRG2 at 60lbs. The MSV string played great from the baseline, especially when feeling less than confident on forehands, but my one handed backhand lost a lot of pop and I found myself overswinging a lot. At net these strings were very hard to get used to, I had a hard time with hard hitters at net and off center volleys were very unforgiving. Once these strings got a little dead (after about 20 hours of play) I continued to use them and injured my wrist (TFCC) during league play. I still liked the strings though, so after wrist healed (6 weeks later) I put in hybrid as the cross string with Pacific Natural 16 in mains @56 lbs and Hex 17L @53lbs. I have now found my favorite string setup. So far I have yet to find any weakness in this setup. I always install string savers with this hybrid after a couple of sets to keep the gut from fraying so soon. I am a 4.0 level player with a semi-western forehand, eastern 1 handed backhand, and huge serve and volley game.
From: Jesse, 12/10

Comments: I tried this string, because my brother kept singing its praises. I've always been a multifilament or synthetic gut player. I had recently switched to a Pure Drive Roddick and wanted something that wouldn't fray and break in a couple of sessions on court. I normally string on the higher end of the tension range, but read the packaging before stringing this up, which recommended tension no higher than 53 lbs. That is heresy where I come from and in a racquet of 100 square inches no less! Absurd. Well I did some additional research before taking the plunge and found that most of the guys on tour play with tension in the 50-58lb range and most (not all) are playing some kind of poly string. Well no wonder they don't experience arm problems like the rest of the free world - they go super low on the tension scale. I couldn't bring myself to string at 53, so I added two pounds for safe measure. First time out with the racquet was a little bit of a yawn. Sure, this string was very good in the spin department, but nothing else seemed to jump out at me. After losing a few pounds between stringing and first play, the string bed blossomed and seemed to open up completely. I was absolutely amazed at the level of confidence I had with this string and the types of shots I started hitting routinely - we're talking about crazy angles and the ability to hit really penetrating slice backhands and topspin forehands close to the baseline and sidelines. Truly amazing performance, control all leading to off the chart confidence. I just broke my first set yesterday, after 10.5 hours of play. Not bad in absolute terms, but certainly much better than NXT in 16 or 17 gauge and at half the price. I have tried more strings than I can remember over the last 6 months. Nothing, and I mean nothing comes anywhere close to MSV Hex at three times the price. As for the lower tension, I should have been doing that all along. Even though I felt the strings lost more than 8% (quoted) of their original tension, there was no corresponding loss of control. Must try - what have you got to lose.
From: Anon, Oakton, VA. 12/10

Comments: These strings are awesome! They let you crush the ball with spin and know your shots will land in. They grip the ball extremely well - better than any string that I've tried. They're still a poly; they may be softer than other polys, but your arm is going to take more abuse than natural gut or a synthetic. However, if your arm is healthy, and you like to hit with topspin, look no further. I also agree with the reviewers below that exposing the string to extreme temperatures might cause it to go dead sooner...
From: Joe, Estero, FL, USA, 11/10

Comments: Great string. I've been using Prince Synthetic gut for the past year or so, and I wanted to switch to a co- poly. These strings offer lots of spin. They feel softer, and there's still a pop. (it's not too mushy) Buy these!
From: Jeremy, Stafford, VA, USA, 10/10

Comments: Wow. Just put them in with IsoSpeed Professional Classic crosses, and they seem absolutely fantastic. I immediately noticed the bite people talk about, and they really did feel softer and more elastic than either BB Alu or Sonic Pro. Definitely more spin, pop and precision. Highly recommended.
From: Noel, London, UK, 10/10

Comments: Great string, lots of spin potential (it's magic!!), cheap price. There is only one drawback: this is very thermal sensitive string. It lost tension so fast during summertime. I strung higher tension (up to 60 lb) during summer but it was not the solution for the problem. In the other seasons (spring, fall, and winter), it maintains its tension very well. Head Size: 100 sq in, Full poly job, 53 lbs (Mains)/51 lbs (Crosses).
From: Yoon, Atlanta, GA. 10/10

Comments: It's great, plus at such a cheap price, don't even bother buying RPM blast, for it's as good as, or in fact better; spin is fantastic.
From: Hamizan, Singapore, 09/10

Comments: I heard about these (actually the 18's) from a few of the tennis gurus at my club so I decided to give them a try and they were TERRIFIC and the price also TERRIFIC. I use them as a hybrid for the mains with Wilson NXT Tour 16 for the cross (the 17 has a little better feel but doesn't last as long) I play with a Prince 03 hybrid tour and I LOVE the combination and would recommend to anyone to try them. Just don't tell MSV. Let's keep the price down.
From: Hilton, LA, California USA. 09/10

Comments: Good string excellent spin used in Hybrid combo. Able to generate great spin, fantastic on slice shots, ball travels deep. Player must provide more swing and speed when contacting to ball. My racket: Babolat storm tour. 4.0 player.
From: Joge, Holden, MA, USA, 08/10

Comments: I recently strung my Dunlop Aerogel 500 Tour with these strings based on excellent reviews. I used a hybrid setup before with Luxilon's and a synth gut. I really liked my old setup, but the MSV Hex are much better. I put the tension at 50 (my racquet calls for 55-65 lbs.) so this is a lot less tension. It was very comfortable, steady, powerful, and the ball seems to dive at the last second, I'm assuming from the boost in spin.
From: Todd, Atlanta, GA, U.S. 07/10

Comments: I use this string in a hybrid setup with HEAD Ultratour. I put these strings in the mains for optimal power and spin production, and the Ultratour in the crosses b/c they are a softer feeling poly and I want to keep a full poly setup. The MSV focus Hex feels so awesome. The ball really bites similar to Babolat Pro Hurricane tour, which I used for a long time. The 2 best things about these strings is that they are CHEAP, and they maintain tension extremely well. I use this setup in my 2 Babolat Aero Pro Drive W/cortex's and they lasted me about 2-2.5 months (not bad for me) and I never lost a match with them. I won two tournaments during this time! GET THESE STRINGS!!
From: Zach B., Tampa, FL, USA. 06/10

Comments: Best poly's on the market. Little, if any, stretch when stringing. Little, if any, loss of tension. Excellent bite. Excellent control. Medium power. Massive spin. Great price. Much better than the new octagon strings from MSV.
From: Ramone, AZ, USA. 06/10
String type and tension: Prince Shark Hybrid Mid w/MSV @ 60 lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Been trying out many different strings out in the market. I want spin, control and moderate power. Strung this full bed and enjoyed the slightly lower powered feel. It give me more control and plenty of spin. I noticed that the hex tend to smooth out due to wear, but spin is still generous. Tension maintenance is pretty decent and settled nicely after about 5 hrs of play. Control is actually not too bad, but you can't have everything. It does feel stiff when strung at higher tension, and if you want a softer and comfy touch, try lowering the tension. I prefer something in the mid range between 56-59lbs. There are so many strings, different tensions and setup (hybrids) in the market, just find one that suits you. I have found mine.
From: Bryan, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 05/10

Comments: Great string! Most comfortable poly I've used I love the spin and it actually has ok power. I haven't suffered any tension loss yet and the durability is good for the thin gauge. I also like the 17. This is a great string for the money. I'm going to try some hybrid setups and post my thoughts but I would recommend this string Prince Warrior mid+ 97 @55lbs
From: Dallas, Petaluma, CA, USA. 5/10

Comments: Moved to poly from multis; am comparing MSV Focus Hex 17L to Black Code 17. Prince O3 Speedport Black Team (16X19) w/hole inserts. Was hitting multis @ 58 lbs. (mostly Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro 16). Strung both Focus Hex and Black Code @ 52 lbs. and am very pleased with both. Feel: Exceptionally good feel from both; have to give the edge to Black Code. Power: Plenty of power from both, yet easy on the arm. Serves w/Black Code sound like a high-velocity pop -- not any faster, but sounds intimidating compared to Focus Hex's "ping." Consistency: With both I'm able to hit lower, deeper, harder, flatter groundstrokes -- slight edge to Black Code's precision. Movement: I'm really annoyed by string movement; both Focus Hex and Black Code stay put -- couldn't be happier. Comfort: Both really comfortable at 52 lbs.; don't notice any arm soreness or stiffness (based on other feedback I've read, may drop tension to ~48 lbs. next round). Overall, I am truly pleased with both MSV Focus Hex 17L and Tecnifibre Black Code 17. I like the crisp yet forgiving feel of some multis like the Yonex 850 Pro and Tecnifibre TGV. I'm prone to a little arm/elbow soreness so was hesitant to try poly. But moving to a thin textured poly and dropping tension ~10% was eye-opening -- glad I tried it.
From: DH, Ventura, CA, USA. 4/10

Comments: Excellent for spin, rather poor for power, even at low tensions (< 50 lbs). Takes an awful lot of arm strength to power balls deep compared to other polys. Is a soft string. though. so there is no pain in the elbow or arm. I suggest that you use this in crosses with a multifilament string like NRG2 in the mains.
From: SK, Mission Viejo, CA, USA. 4/10

Comments: These are flat out amazing strings. Don't be fooled by the off name, brand, or low price. They are high quality strings for sure. As a high caliber junior player, I play almost daily and these strings last pretty long with lots of pop in them right up until they break. I'm definitely ordering more, especially with such a great price. I string them at 53 lbs on my Yonex RDiS 300 which seems to work perfectly. Thanks MSV!
From: Sean, El Cajon, CA, USA. 04/10

Comments: For the price, it's easily one of the best strings you can buy. Much better value than Lux with similar performance and much easier to string. Great spin, control, durability, and resistance to movement. Exactly what a big-hitting all-court player wants. Also very good as the mains in a hybrid setup (w/syn gut or multi cross for softer feel and a more power).
From: Howy, 5.5, Texas, USA 03/10

Comments: This is the second post that I put about this string. Spin 70%, control 65%, feel 60%, power 70%, durability 75%, tension maintenance 80%. The percentage is relative to a very broad range of strings, all co-polys. The ratio cost-performance is one, if not the best, in the market. Similar in performance to Tecnifibre Black Code, at almost half its price. Found the tension at 55 the best. Satisfied.
From: Ric, Reading PA 03/10

Comments: This string is amazing. I bought a reel without even trying it out first because of all the good comments here. The string is very easy to string as I strung a racquet for the first time. Much softer than the Pro Hurricane Tour 16. I strung it one piece at 58 lbs with no problems. You can really feel the hex shape of the string and the comfort was great. I used it in my Head Youtek Radical MP (18x20) I think the string lacked some power because I found some of my shots were landing in the service line on the other side especially with my one-handed backhand , but I got a lot of control. The tension stability was also outstanding. (IMO it has the same tension stability as the Big Banger Alu Power) I think only one person mentioned the durability of this string... I have only played with it for some days so I will give feedback later on when it breaks for me. Overall really nice string and you cant get a better string at this price. I will try a lower tension (like the mauve sports website mentions) and see if I will get some more power or I might do a hybrid with Fluoro to get some power. Top 50 in U16 in Norway, about 4,0. Give it a try!
From: Robin, Narvik, Norway, 03/10

Comments: This is my second review of MSV Focus Hex. (See first review at bottom.) I found that this string is stiffer in cold months and it gave me minor arm discomfort several hours after playing. Overall MSV Focus Hex has been an outstanding string, but they're at their best in warm weather (70 F or more). A similar but softer string is Weiss Cannon Silverstring 1.25. Because it's more arm-friendly I'd have to say it's as good or a slightly better string.
From: Steve, Davis, CA, USA, 03/10

Comments: There are softer polys out there, and ones with better spin generation, and more powerful ones, and less expensive ones, but these are just about at the top of every one of those categories. For me, they felt a little underpowered (which I liked), pretty soft, and very comfortable. And the spin was ridiculous. Any baseline topspin ripper should try a set. If you factor in price, they're one of the best polys on the market.
From: Stephen, NTRP 4.0, Omaha, NE 02/10

Comments: This was a pretty good string. Personally I thought that there was a loss of spin production when I moved from Luxilon ALU Rough to this but with this price, I can deal with it. I am happy with the control, the control is definitely phenomenal.
From: John, USA, 01/10

Comments: This is the best string it's so good at getting the ball wherever you want it to go. And TENNIS WAREHOUSE has an awesome affordable price for it .... This is my permanent string so I'm going to buy a reel.
From: Shane Cruz, New York State, New York 01/10

Comments: I really cannot say enough about these strings because they are SO GOOD. Bite on the ball is fantastic and topspin shotes will rocket off the ground while slices curve wantonly. For a poly, these offer great feel. There is an excellent ball pocketing feeling when hitting with these strings. Third is the SOUND. These are the kinds of strings where you can hear the ball "pop!" off as the sound echoes around the court. Lovely! Finally, these are, I dare say, the BEST value for a poly you could find anywhere! Do yourself a favor and try these out!
From: Bobby, MA, USA, 01/10

Comments: Unacceptably long break-in time if you're a serious player. At least 3 hours before this string even becomes responsive. Very hollow and plastic feeling. Polyfibre TCS, Black Code, and Hyperion are all much better.
From: Bob, FL, USA, 01/10

Comments: This is a top quality string. When I switched from an oversize to a midplus, the first thing that I had to do was lower my tension to increase the sweetspot. I tried these strings in one racquet, and Big Banger TiMo in the other. These strings have excellent spin, super control, and top of the line feel. Strung at 53/50 (mains crosses), the racquet played like a synthetic gut strung @ 63/60. I was able to take huge cuts, and generate my own power for a change!! If you're looking for a soft-poly - this is the string for you!! TJ - 4.0 baseline/topspin player
From: Norcross, GA, USA 01/10

Comments: WICKED SPIN! Have this strung at 52 on a Microgel Instinct. I have a big swing, lotsa pace and so I like to put spin on everything to keep it in the court. Tried these based on reviews. I'm not used to such a low tension, so it feels like a trampoline. But I can't argue with the results. My first serve is hard - and when it's in (33%) it's tough to return. What this string does for me, though, is give me aces on my second serve (softer slice with BIG spin - I've hit *ridiculous* 15 foot breaks). That said, coming from a high control/high tension synth gut set up - it takes a lot of getting used to - it's a different game. And I can see where a club doubles player might try these, follow the instructions, and mess their game up big-time. I still have a tough time with drop shots because of the low tension. I will be buying these again, and try at a higher tension to see what that does for the feel.
From: Alex, Northern VA, USA, 01/10

Comments: I just can't say enough about these strings. They really are the best of all worlds. The spin is incredible. They have excellent feel for a poly. They are maintain tension very, very well and are also flexible so that there is no break in time! I play on average 3 times per week and it took over 2 months of playing to have to even adjust the strings a little - they just don't move. Very easy on the arm... basically more pros than the big bangers and none of the big banger drawbacks! Ask the tennis warehouse folks... they all love this string too. And last but not least they have a great price.... its a win/win all the way around! Get them, you won't be disappointed... if you are I'll buy them from you!
From: Jeff, N. Attleboro, MA 01/10

Comments: This is my 2nd review of these strings. After play testing nearly all of the top poly strings these may be my favorite: spin potential, comfort, durability and control are all top tier. I found these strings to also be above average in terms of power and feel. I recently tried the 1.10 gauge and found it to have slightly better playability than the 1.18 at the price of durability of course! I recommend them highly and only wish TW would carry all gauges.
From: RCA,4.5 player, NYC, NY 12/09

Comments: I don't care for these at all. I have tried many different poly's and these are middle of the pack at best for me. I currently use Black Code, or Volkl Cyclone for my poly of choice so I thought this would play similar. I was wrong, this string feels mushy compared to many poly's in it's category. I felt this to be too high powered (Even strung as high as 63lb.) I didn't find that it had any special bite on the ball compared to other strings either. Generally I am sorry to say that I just can't understand the good reviews.
From: Brian, Denver, CO, USA 12/09

Comments: Awesome strings! Tons of feel and the spinning capability is unsurpassed. The only unknown to me is durability? I played 2 matches so far with these strings and was hitting the ball better than ever with lots more spin on groundies and much more kicking serves. Strung at 55lbs using a very open 14x16 racket
From: JoeSch, Huntington Beach, CA, USA 12/09

Comments: The MSV Focus Hex 17 is my favorite string. I use it on my Pure Drive Cortex. I prefer it over Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17, because it's a lot cheaper and it has got tons of control and spin. The string needs about 2 a hour break-in time, after that it has really good feel and there is no string movement
From: Tomi, Budapest, Hungary. 11/09

Comments: I used this string @ 57 lbs. on the mains of my Aeropro Drive Cortex and Prince Syn gut orig. @ 60 lbs. crosses. First few hits there's a squeaky sound, maybe strings are settling into place. After a while it felt very good, very comfortable. Just enough power for my taste but I can generate a lot of spin. I just hope this playability would last. I like this string/tension combo.
From: Marantzbar, NJ USA 11/09

Comments: AMAZING!! Forget about Luxilon, Signum, etc. This Focus Hex poly is the best at half the price of Lux. I got amazing spin, control, power, comfort!! I felt the difference on the very 1st shot. Absolutely the best soft poly! I used to play with Lux Big Banger ALU in a full bed, but I will switch permanently to MSV Focus Hex. No need to string it less tension. Just think about it...this string won Poly of the Year award 2 yrs. straight and will most likely keep winning.
From: C-lefty 5.0, CA 11/09

Comments: Ok, at first I hate these strings. Felt too wimpy and soft. However, after a few hitting with it, it drawn to me. I was hitting hard with a ton of spin, much more than I was before. It has great control and plenty of feel. Great touch at the net. The power is on the weaker side, but experience players can draw it out. Great string for a great price. I string it at 57 pounds on a Wilson n6.1 95 (16x18). Give it a try!
From: Elk Grove, CA 10/09

Comments: Giving this string the Poly of the Year 2008 award is the least they could do for it. Holy god is this thing incredible! I never knew a string can have perfect control, power, spin, comfort and durability until I tried this. I strung my Babolat Pure Storm GT with this at 57 lbs and it feels so much more crisp and easy to whip up spins. I can get under the ball and whip it up without fear of framing the ball. I recommend this string to anybody, a MUST try for anyone!
From: Daniel, East Meadow, NY, USA 09/09

Comments: Excellent spin, good duration and power. From factory they suggest to drop 4 kilograms of tension. I did it and the racquet at the beginning felt awesome, then too powerful and had problems on controlling volleys. Next time I will string it at a standard tension. Interesting string.
From: Ric, Reading, PA USA 09/09

Comments: Very good string. Comparable to SPPP. Had a full poly setup at 60lbs on nCode nSix 95 (18X20). Worked great. Good feel, spin and not hard on the hand. New setup is hybrid with Forten Sweet 17. MSV Hex on mains at 55lbs and Forten on cross at 60lbs. The problem is, there is a lot of movement on the mains and still am getting used to the new feel. As of now, prefer a full poly job as opposed to hybrid.
From: Nikhil, NJ, USA. 9/09

Comments: Not a fan. Played with them for a couple of hours. I hit the ball pretty hard and with heavy topspin too, and at first they were OK.Low powered - dead feel. But they started to get "mushy," "spongy" after a while and balls began to land deep. Tension was clearly down a significant amount. I started at 60 lbs. Used them as mains with multi for crosses. I left them on there to see the feel the following day. Well, let's just say that after warming up for a few minutes, I put that racquet aside because they felt pretty badly. Tension loss and feel were horrible. I may give it a second shot at a bit higher tension just for the hell of it, since I have another set left, which I was considering throwing away or put it on an old racquet. Got them because of the reviews I'd read on different sites. Just don't go by hype or buy in bulk till you try them.
From: Anon. 9/09

Comments: My new favorite string. Love this stuff. The only problem I've noticed in match play is that the strings tend to strip fuzz off the balls pretty easily. If my opponent isn't hitting with much pace or they slice a lot, and I keep putting a lot of topspin on the ball, the strings have trouble biting into the ball late in the match as the fuzz wears off. It's NOT a problem with the strings losing tension, and it's not all in your head. If balls start sailing long, observe the condition of the game balls. Open a new can or modify your form accordingly. Like magic, everything will start going in again with a fresh can. Makes me chuckle seeing fuzz go all over the place after some of my serves.
From: Jason, Austin, TX 08/09

Comments: First impressions are very good, nice bite and good touch for a poly, I strung it up as a hybrid with Gosen OG Sheep 16g as the cross in my K6.1 95. I have a tough match tomorrow and we'll see how it performs then.
From: Christo, san Fran, CA. 8/09

Comments: Well, I hit with this string for about a month in a pro modified iprestige midplus. I must say this is one of the best new generation German strings produced. I liked it better than Signum or Pacific. The spin is superior as is the control. I felt I could work the ball with varying degrees of depth, height and spin. The tension loss was low and after initial break in it stabilized and the frame felt the same all the time. Serves were a bomb with this string. I simply cranked on the ball and it went in. My only complaint to TW about this string is they don't carry it in 1.10 Oh, sorry guys, but topspin is highly dependent on the actual string. Anyway, great job on your #1 string MSV!
From: Bear, Pennsylvania 08/09

Comments: The msv focus hex is co poly string that I like using the 1.18m (17L ga) in liquidmetal 4 56lbs tension this has great spin and good control, spin serves work well, volleys feel good too. String does not move or loosen up like others, nice string to use and keep tension below 58lbs so you will not get a boardy feel to it. this string is worth a try.
From: Greg NJ, USA
NTRP: 4.0

Comments: These strings are great, they give me a lot of spin and a decent feel. The only problem I have with these strings are that they give me a bit of pain in my elbow and wrist from time to time and they don't have enough power to compensate for my semi-western forehand grip. They also look great on my SP Black for a all black look (though it doesn't matter)
From: Mitchell, CA 07/09

Comments: I have tried these strings in 16g strung at 58,56 on my Yonex RDS 001. They get plenty of bite on ball, decent feel, and decent control. They are a little bit tougher on your arm then the Babolat Pro Hurricane Tours. The two areas where these strings shine would be durability and tension maintenance. I usually snap the PHT in about a week or so. I have had these strings on for almost a month with little tension loss, and they haven't even moved! I was smashing forehand with the ball machine set at 90mph with heavy topspin and there still hanging in there fine. I will probably have to cut them out soon cause they are starting to feel dead. So if you are a poly man and want great durability and tension at a great price look no further.
From: Holden, Modesto, CA. 7/09

Comments: Tried these strings in 17 and 18 gauge and am going back to my mainstay strings - Wilson's NST Tour/Max and Tecnifibre X-One Biphase. I play an aggressive topspin ground game and found little additional spin on my shots (the main reason I got them) but disappointingly little ball pocketing and therefore control. Also had a hard time with touch shots such as volleys and drop shots near the net. I was hoping the hex shape would allow my to be even more aggressive from the ground and on serves but instead I started playing more passive and unable to "go for it." If you are used to the playability of upper-end gut-like strings, these might let you down.
From: Kevin, 4.5 player, Charlotte, NC, USA. 7/09

Comments: I really like these strings but I wish TW would sell all the gauges. I tried the 1.27 and its playability was comparable to the 1.18 version. I will try the 1.10 next. I would give this string very high marks in terms of durability, power, comfort and spin potential. It is above average in terms of "feel" which is good for a poly. On to Luxilon alu power spin next.
From: RCA, 4.5 player ny, ny. 7/09

Comments: Excellent string! I went to the Mauve Sports website (maker of MSV strings) and the inventor of the string states that the maximum optimal tension for these strings is 52lbs for the mains and 50lbs for the crosses. This tension is about right. I strung my racquet at 53lbs main and 51lbs cross and after 2 weeks the tension now feels perfect. Great tension maintenance, great control, great spin, and a very solid feel when hit with pace in the sweet spot. Not the most forgiving string on off center hits. The website also states that a syngut like Forten Sweet 17 is a good hybrid with this string which I may try in the future.
From: John, Riverside, Ca. USA 06/09

Comments: I tried these strings (17L @ 58lbs) out on a whim on my Donnay Pro 1 mid TW edition and absolutely loved it. My other Donnays are strung with PSGD and Isospeed Pro but this one gives me just the right amount of control and feel. I like to really hit out and know that if I make contact with correct technique the ball will stay in the court and deep. Above all, it is arm friendly, at least with my Donnay which is flexy racquet to begin with. I have had arm and shoulder trouble with my older Wilson H-Tours using any type of string, but none whatsoever with this. These are the best strings I have ever used.
From: Nik, USA 06/09

Comments: I strung the Focus Hex 17 in the crosses and Focus Evo 16 in the mains. I am not a poly fan at all. This string has pop of a natural gut, tension loss is very little and it is so smooth when in the sweet spot. The control and the spin will amaze you. If you're like me and skeptic about poly, give this an honest try and I think you too will become a customer of MSV string.
From: Phillip, west liberty, Ky. 6/09

Comments: Excellent strings. They are arm friendly, right amount of power, good control and good spin. They play very much like the PolyFibre TCS but with a little better bite on the ball ... and they are almost half the price of PolyFibre TCS. I string my Wilson HyperHammer 6.3 110 at 60 lbs and the string performs great.
From: Jethro, SC, USA, 05/09

Comments: Theses strings are simply amazing!!! I have played these strings for about 5 months now and I love them. I played around with string combination's (hybrid) and tensions until I found the perfect one for my game. The best for me is a full string job with MSV Focus Hex 1.10 (18L) as a hybrid with 2 lbs pounds less in the cross (58m 56c) this is at the high end of the range of my racquet (Tecnifibre 270 Flash) because this is the softest poly I have played with. There is no arm problems and the control and spin is excellent! Great durability and very little tension loss. DT value after stringing was 34 and after 15hrs of singles play DT is only down to 30 and still going. Amazing!!!
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA. 05/09

Comments: I like the string, but first let me explain that I am not a string breaker so I tend to prefer thinner (under 1.25mm) strings. I only get to play for a couple of hours maybe twice a week. I previously used the Wilson Super Spin to try out the "hex" shape. At first, I really liked this string too. I think the Hex shape does provide more bite and produces more spin to your shots. I also read a lot of positive reviews on the MSV Focus Hex from a lot of different websites and players so I gave it a try. Much better than the Wilson Super Spin strings because (1) it comes in thinner gauges which can give you more spin to your shots - if that's what you're looking for; and (2) it felt softer and more comfortable. I use the 1.18mm size in a Wilson K6.1 95 Team racket, strung at 54 lbs. As I said, I'm not a sting breaker (maybe because of the lower tension) nor does it sound like I play as often as some of the other reviewers so I can't comment on the durability, other than these strings have been in my rackets for months are still going great. I don't make recommendation on string tension because if you think you like the strings, then buy 2- 4 packages, experiment up or down in the tension (by 2 lbs. increments) until you get close to what you like. As you play, really take some good written notes on what you think (good and bad) about the string, movement, spin, tension, durability, etc. I won't go higher than 54 lbs. but next time, I'm thinking of trying these out at 52 lbs. Just to see if I prefer just a little lower tension.
From: Michael, Greenwood, IN, USA. 04/09
String type and tension: MSV Focus Hex @ 54lbs.
NTRP: 3.5

Comments: Some people say to lower the tension. I'm actually going to raise it up a couple. Good string, but it just might take some experimenting.
From: lk. 4/09

Comments: LOVE this string! I've tried all sorts of polys and was about to give up on all polys due to elbow problems. I did some research on new strings saw that this won POLY of the Year award. It had very high marks for tension maintenance as well as a reputation for being a soft co-poly, so I decided to give it a shot. I use the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Standard with lead at 3-9 and at the handles. The hybrid set up I used was MSV Hex 1.18mm at 63lbs Mains with Gosen Micro 16 at 68 lbs as the crosses. Spin is amazing. Kick serves really kick up. My western FH was able to really cause the ball to dip and drop in. Really gave me the confidence to really go all out on my shots. Worth a shot if you want more control.
From: Michael, San Francisco, CA, USA. 4/09

Comments: These strings are an amazing poly, they provide sick bite from the back of the court, yet provide enough elasticity to own the net with deep and effortless volleys. Best used in a hybrid with any monofilament type syngut, any multifilament will fray and be wrecked within a few minutes. Be warned though, strings like these (poly) are only to be used by players with very fast swing speed. If you don't accelerate into, and through the ball, these strings will make you pay! Strung in a Prince tour Diablo @ 58 mains, with laserfibre SG on the crosses @ 60.
From: Michael, Tucson, AZ, USA. 4/09

Comments: Strung my ProKennex Redondo 93 mid mains with MSV 17L @ 54 lbs and Babolat Tonic (15) Crosses @ 57 lbs. The result is very good power and comfort and whip like spin. Topspin dives like a hawk after a rabbit, and slice almost slides on the ground. And this is with an 18x20 string bed! Highly recommended.
From: Fred, Dallas, TX. 04/09

Comments: I find it hard to compare strings in general. I have used these strings for a week at 56lbs, the lowest I have ever strung, with a Head Microgel Extreme Pro. I don't know if the Hex strings create the spin or the fact they are so thin(1.18). I loved how my shots would seem to dive in on the last few feet of the court. I probably hit with average spin. Anyhow, I get the most spin I have ever had, a lot of control, and good power. You have to really swing hard with it, which may make a few people tired, but lowering tension would probably change that. It's not the most comfortable nor have the best feel for a string but there are far, far worse strings out there in these categories. Very good tension stability. Overall this is the best string I have used after price is factored in. I am trying all sorts of strings but these will probably be the winner.
From: Sean. 3/09

Comments: I switched from Big Banger to MSV Hex last year. I'm a 4.5 and 50 years old. I play 8 hours per week. These strings are fantastic. Crisp feel, great control, and the most spin of any string I have ever used. I use the 1.23 (17g) and the strings last forever. I'm usually tempted to cut them out before they break. I upped my tension from 58 to 61, it feels crisper and no loss of power. Don't store your rackets in a cold car in winter - the strings are somewhat temp sensitive. Four other guys on my 4.5 team have switched to this string.
From: David, Chatham, NJ. KZen Team. 2/09

Comments: Brought my rating up. Soft feel on striking the ball. Extra power feel after stringing. Will let you know after a month if the power n feel will still be their.
From: Tommy, Alameda, ca. 2/09

Comments: I just played this string in a hybrid with Klip Accelerator and am very impressed. I have been playing with a Blue Gear/Klip hybrid and this string seems to have much greater spin as well as a softer feel. Control felt great and not too powerful. I definitely recommend this giving this string a try.
From: Julio, Rocklin, CA, USA. 1/09

Comments: Nice string, bites the ball well, but breaks far too easily during stringing.
From: Anon. 1/09

Comments:I play with this string over a year. I am a 4.5 player and what I can say for sure that this string provides spin from 17-27 kgs the same. It is the best polyester string for 2009, that says everything. Amazing string with great durability and no tension loss!!!
From: John Prigos, Athens-Greece. 1/09

Comments: You guys need to get all the sizes for this string. Its amazing in 18L, wicked spin potential, probably the best spin string out there
From: Will, 12/08

Comments:Didn't like this string at all. I used it in a hybrid with Prince syn gut dura at 58 and it killed my elbow. I actually like the feel of a full polylon sp job over this string. Also, didn't see that much spin potential? But, what works for me may not work for everyone.
From: Tony, Indiana, USA. 12/08

Comments:I loved the string. It's a very nice, soft, co-poly, with better spin than PHT IMO. Great control. Definite must try. Strung @ 62Lbs.
From: DJ, CA, USA. 12/08

Comments:I played with the MSV focus hex 1.18g (black) 54 lbs (both mains and cross) on a Wilson racquet and in the afternoons. It's a very soft poly (compared to PHT), a dull feel, but good spin. I played in 58 deg. temps where it felt plasticky; played in 65 deg. temps and it felt great. I have also tried MSV CoFocus (1.18, gray) and didn't notice too much difference. Though I prefer a crisper feel, I will try it again in warmer temps.
From: Jami, Walnut Creek, CA. 12/08

Comments:These strings are really great. They provide a little extra bite and are softer than most polys. My volleys have improved tremendously with them. This is an excellent buy!
From: Nathan, CA. 12/08

Comments: I love this string and so do my kids. Great tension maintenance, good power, great control and excellent spin all from an arm friendly co-poly string. Almost unheard of but you have to give this stuff a try. I am a 4.0 player and my kids are 3.5 tournament players.
From: Sidney, SF Bay Area, CA. 12/08

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