MSV Focus Hex 17L (1.18) String Reel Black Customer feedback

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Comments: Great string overall. As most have said it is good in all areas and the best tension maintenance that I have ever had, and I have tried a lot over the last 20 years. I recommend that everybody give these inexpensive strings a try.
From: Gary, 5/15

Comments: These strings are great at everything! The best poly strings I have ever used with an unbelievable price. Use them.
From: Jordan, 4/15

Comments: Perfectly agree with TW reviews. This is a great string which is good at everything but exceptional at nothing. Ok spin, good control, Ok power, ok feel, good durability, good tension maintenance. I have been using it in a Wilson Juice 100 BLX at 53 lbs for the last 2.5 weeks (5 days a week, 2 hours a day) and it has just started to loose tension a bit. Until now it performed uniformly. I am not the strongest of players though, but am a 4.5 NTRP.
From: Vishal, 11/14

Comments: I love it! I used these as my main strings (at 50 lbs) and crossed them with Kirscbaum Multifiber Touch 17 (at 52 lbs). The result was superb in terms feel, pop, control, ball bites, power and comfort. I have long strokes and hit semi- flat with topspin sometimes. I usually use Gosen synthetic and polylon but these are way better.
From: Anon, 10/14

Comments: These are the best textured poly strings on the market. I have tried most of the popular brands out there, but this is my favorite. Great ball pocketing, spin, and control. I just ordered another reel. I was surprised TW gave it an average rating. I tried TWs highly rated Volkl Cyclone, and I felt Focus Hex outplayed Cyclone by a long shot.
From: Bill, 12/13

Comments: These strings are truly amazing. Good control, spin and power. Can barely notice the loss of string tension and the durability is through the roof! I strung my Head Radical Microgel MP at 46/44 lbs and performance has never been better. Highly recommend it to all level players.
From: Barry, 1/13

Comments: Played with the 17L and all I got to say it's got very good combination of spin, control and power. It maintains tension very well and does not see a big drop in performance compared to other co-polys. What impressed me most was the durability. You get more than what you pay with these strings. That's for sure!
From: Chew, 10/12

Comments: I finally finished my reel of MSV after about a year and this thing is so hard to pop! It is great for frequent string poppers who are looking for a decent string with crazy spin. Me gusta.
From: Chris, 10/12

Comments: This string is excellent. It's just firm enough to give great control but softer than other polys for a plush feel. This string gives great spin in the full setup I've just strung it with or in a hybrid with various synthetic guts I've used in the crosses. I definitely recommend it, especially for dense string patterns like my 18x20 Pure Storm Ltd. You will have to lower the tension a bit in a full setup, as you shouldn't go higher than 53 lbs like it says on the package. Also, it's a bargain for this price, and it's an excellent reel price too. It's definitely worth a try. I'm also considering Tecnifibre RuffCode and Kirschbaum Spiky Shark, but MSV definitely does the trick here.
From: Roman, 8/12

Comments: This is a great string. It does everything you want from a high end string, it's soft, little crisp, good spin and good control. From a scale of 1-10 it scores between a 7-8.
From: E.K, 4/12

Comments: This string is far better than RPM blast. It actually holds tension, and doesn't go dead in a week. When strung at lower tension (53 lbs or lower by the manufacturer's recommendation), this string outperforms ALL the so called best polys, in every way. Spin is amazing, even with a closed pattern. Spin is ridiculous in an open pattern. I actually hybrid this with Gosen Polyquest 17. The softness of the Gosen adds to the overall feel, plus I don't have to deal with any string movement in my open patterned frames, as multi's and syn guts eventually lose their hold. A full bed of focus hex is great, too, but it eventually slides a bit after 10 hours in an open pattern frame. The Gosen hybrid does not, ever.
From: Brian, USA, 12/11

Comments: I have a reel of this that I use to string for myself and friends. Great string for the money. It plays like a cheaper feeling version of Babolat RPM Blast. Some people I string for can't tell the difference. There are for sure better strings out there but you get a serious bang for your buck from this reel. Two thumbs up.
From: Fritz, 10/11

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