MSV Focus Hex 16L (1.23) String Reel Black Customer feedback

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Comments: I strung this at 56 lbs on my Head Speed Pro (2013 model) 18x20. The racquet's recommended tension range is 48 to 57, so this is on the high range. I'm a 4.5-5.0 player playing a great all around game with a strong foundation on groundstrokes. I found this string to be incredible on durability. Although the 18x20 pattern is largely responsible for the lack of string notching also, I played over 20 hours on one set, and the notches were only beginning to form. I'm normally a chronic string breaker with softer polyesters on 16x19 (open) string patterns, so this is nothing short of nearly miracle work. Also, tension maintenance is fantastic. After 20 hours of play, no notches were present, but are the strings still playable? Oh yea, the tension had barely dropped. Only on a hot day did the balls fly just a bit more than I could control on a full swing. I'm very impressed with this string, especially given its durability and tension maintenance. However, regarding its stiffness, this string is actually quite powerful in my opinion. I played with Gosen Polylon Premium (black; 16g, 1.30mm) right before this, and that string happened to be way more crisp and lower powered (might be due to thicker gauge, but difference was immense). The Gosen Polylon Premium string, also strung at 56lb, was much lower powered. For a poly, this string stretches quite a bit while stringing. Despite what most say, I think this plays like a much softer string, despite its stiffness rating.
From: James, 4/16

Comments: Strung at 52 lbs in Head Speed Pro (315g) 18x20 pattern with Prince Syn Gut 16 in the crosses. Ball control, speed, and spin were all very good. Feel was not much, as to be expected with a stiff poly. Played doubles for 2 hours and my wrist was pretty sore. I'm coming from playing 2 years with Babolat Aero Storm (discontinued) and I never had any wrist or arm problems. I prefer softer strings. But if you like a stiff textured poly, this is probably a decent choice.
From: Lance, 2/16

Comments: Still one of the best string on the market. It's rated the best at stringforum for a reason. For starters, the string spin potential is terrific; you can whip heavy topspin balls as if you are Rafael Nadal. After that, the spin died a bit, but it's still better than a freshly strung AL Power or RPM Blast, etc. The tension maintenance is definitely one of the best. The cons of this string is it might be a bit stiff for play but still less stiff than ALU Power; you might try to string hybrid it with a softer string or softer spin poly such as Solinco Tour Bite Soft. I strung at 61/59 lbs in the mains in my RF97 with Tour Bite Soft as cross. I tried 55/53 lbs full bed previously.
From: James, 11/14

Comments: Excellent string, I've been using this for me and my team mates for the last year and we've got nothing but good things. Spin and control were superb, power was moderate, ball feel was also moderate but it's poly so you can't expect the touch of gut. But what you really get out of this is the durability. For a thin 1.23mm string, the durability is through the rough, I've broken lesser strings with clean hitting after a week or so, but this, this outlasts those by a hefty margin.
From: JP, 8/14

Comments: Amazing, incredible, epic string! Few words can explain everything.
From: StringKing, 6/14

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