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Comments: This is my first "proper" racquet, as all I've had before was a junior sized Wilson racquet I used a few years ago. I was able to try a Babolat AeroPro Drive 2013 and Pure Drive 2012 that my high school team mates owned beforehand (both w/ the Cortex technology) but I disliked those two due to the excessive stiffness of the frame. Everything else has been a blind search for a racquet that I would enjoy using. Mantis caught my eye because of their reputation for not adding any gimmicks or "features" into their products and the interesting specs. After playing with my Pro 295 with a full bed of poly (Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 16L Gauge Black strung at 55 pounds), I realized how crisp and clean the response was and the control and maneuverability I was able to access. The more flexible frame didn't bother me like the stiff frame on the Babolat racquets I tried either. This racquet is definitely something everybody should demo or consider.
From: Kevin, 3/13

Comments: Wow, hard to believe I am the first to post a review for this stick, but in a way I am glad, because it makes me feel like a pioneer. I purchased this frame based on the specs alone. I was looking for something a little lighter than my current frame with a lower swing weight. When this frame came up in my search, I was surprised because I had never heard of Mantis. I did some online research and learned about the company and found they are new and the frames are well respected, but could not find much on the newest 295. Because the specs were so interesting to me and I liked that Mantis tended to use 100% graphite with no "secret additives" I made the purchase. When the frame arrived and I played with it I could not believe the quality. It far exceeded my expectations. I rationalized it as a honeymoon period. Well, two months later the same feelings are there only amplified. This is a fine stick and one that others will eventually discover. I am pleased to be the first to write what will definitely become a series of glowing reviews for the 295.
From: Jamie, 3/13

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