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Comments: This is a great string for the price. I strung with a full bed. The main thing is to get the right tension. Don't go down in tension because it's a polyester, and instead string it at normal tension and let it break-in. It has a good soft feel for those of you with tennis elbow, with good pocketing of the ball. The spin generation is better than average. This is not a power string so look to other strings for that. Durability is what you expect from a polyester unless you're a heavy spinner. It's reasonably priced, so give it a try.
From: Steve, 10/12

Comments: You honestly can't beat it's price. Good spin and power. I personally just don't like the "squeak" sound it makes when you move the string back into place.
From: Kevin, 3/12

Comments: Obviously it's not going to play like luxilon. It's $4!! lol but for the price, this string is awesome. highly recommended!!
From: Josh, Austin, TX, USA. 5/10

Comments: Not all that crazy about this string. I like the feel and tension maintenance, but it doesn't last that long. First off the feel of pop is very pingy, especially in a full string job. In a hybrid as mains it is better, but I found it doesn't last as long as SPPP or Topspin CyberBlue, but more importantly I didn't find that it played as well. Compared to Pro Hurricane or Luxilon it doesn't really compare in my opinion in performance, durability, or even feel, although it is a fine string. I tried 14 sets before my verdict and wanted it to be as good as it would have saved me a great deal of $$. Not up to the high-end or high end competition strings.
From: George, Medford, MA, USA 03/10

Comments: This string is a very good all around string. It has very good feel especially for a mono, good durability so far, and decent power and spin. The string bed does move a little no matter the tension but that's ok bc it still seems to bite the ball well. It also seems to be maintaining tension better than most polys. Ive been hitting with it for around twelve to fifteen hours and I'm about to cut it out but its about to break, we'll see what happens first. That is much better than any poly i have tried to date. Very good for the money, haven't found anything better so far I've tried bab tour hurr, enduro pro, many luxilon strings, cyberflash and SPPP. the only one thats comparable is cyberflash but monogut is so reasonably priced. hard to beat! 4.5 aggressive baseliner, heavy topspin forehand and backhand. (PTM program @ FSU)
From: Colton, Big Rapids, MI, USA, 09/09

Comments: Excellent! I've got it strung as mains @ 57lbs in my hybrid setup with Klip 17g Legend gut in the crosses @ 58lbs. Wow! Power: check! Feel: check! It really seems to improve my spinny serve as well! I'm not feeling harshness in my shots either. Until now, I was using Babolat Hurricane Pro in the mains, but have found an affordable, better-playing string in the Monogut 17. I highly recommend!
From: Mike, Bay Area, CA, USA, 04/08

Comments: My first time using it today... I played the best tennis of my life, by far! It felt perfect from the start, and was consistent through 5 hours of hard hitting. I never hit so many winners before. I felt like I could hit almost any shot. Superb spin and control from these strings. They seem powerful, but power is more a result of tension, the racquet and swing speed. When I realized it's only $4 a set my jaw dropped. I am simply blown away that a string can be this good at this bargain price. It ranks up there as one of the best performing strings I've ever used, and it's easily the best value. 55lbs on a Dunlop M-Fil 400 (lead tape at 3 and 9).
From: Dan, Beaverton, OR, USA, 11/07

Comments: FINALLY!! Iíve been testing polyesters for the past two years and up until now my favorite has been Signum Pro Poly Plasma that I used as a hybrid. Ashaway Monogut strung full racquet feels even better in my opinion. I have this strung at 59lbs in a Head Liquidmetal Prestige. The string has excellent pop (string 3 pounds tighter if you're thinking there's too much power), great control, amazing feel, and with such a tight string pattern Iím getting excellent spin with little to no string movement at all. strings up easier than other polys as well. Definitely underrated, Iíll be getting my coach to get me another 30 sets before Ashaway sees they have a winner and ups the price. I'm a 2nd year college tennis player, played tennis since 7yrs old and I have a power heavy spin baseline game with serve and volley thrown in every now and then and this string compliments beautifully. Whether Iím 5.0, 5.5 or whatever Iím not sure, but Iíve beaten 5.0's pretty easily and 5.5's as well, if that helps with matching this string to my game.
From: Lee, Chattanooga, TN, USA. 6/07

Comments: I really didn't get the "CRAZYSPIN" type of playability from this string... I guess that I may have strung it too loose or that I used it as a hybrid Main string instead of stringing it straight.. The durability is there & it doesn't really move even after long hard hitting rallies... overall I guess that It is a pretty good durable string.
From: Marc, Joplin, MO, USA. 11/06

Comments: It has too much power. Unless you have a frame that doesn't produce a lot of power, stay clear of this one!
From: John, Miami, Fl, United States 07/06

Comments: It only lasted me only 7 sets and about 3 hours of total hitting time. It is definitely not as great as Luxilon or the Touch Turbo, which I highly regard as the one of the best for crazy spin, durability, and feel. For the price it's good, but you pay what you get for in this string.
From: Adrian Temple City, CA, USA 5/11

Comments: I have tried all the hybrids, multifilaments, and synthetic guts in my Head Flexpoint Radical Tour, and none of them can compare to Monogut 17. This string has the best combination of control, power, spin, feel, and tension maintenance that I have ever used. The ball pocketing is especially incredible. I highly recommend this string.
From: Anthony, Sammamish, WA USA 04/06

Comments: I can say it is the best polyester based string I've tried. All those ALU-power, Turbo Touch, TIMO go dead in 3 days. I have played with this for several weeks and it feels 70% lively as a fresh string job. Besides, it has more bite and control. Remember to have a 20% pre-stretch for stringing polyester.
From: Brian, Macao, 7/31

Comments: This string goes well as a hybrid with any synthetic guts. I have a Wilson Hammer 6.4 and strung this string as my mains and strung the Ashaway synthetic gut 17 as my crosses. String tension is 64lbs. There couldn't be a better pairing for those of you wanting to mix your own hybrids. It has plenty of power and control. Make sure you use a vibration dampener with this combo, because there's lots of vibration from the strings. Ashaway Monogut 17 is a must try if you can't afford ALU Power.
From: Brandon, Singapore 08/05

Comments: I like this string, it offers nice spin and control, and it's more durable than synthetic gut. However, it loses tension quickly (in one week or so). So if you are a frequent string breaker, Monogut is one option you can consider.
From: Max, Baltimore, MD, USA 07/05

Comments: Got the free set from Ashaway. THANKS! I strung it in a hybrid as a cross 10% lower and it was the most amazing string I EVER hit with for the first 10 minutes on court. Winners flying everywhere. Then it loosened up and has been a solid playing string for weeks. Slightly notched up my Gosen JC17g mains which I guess helps hold the string in place. No movement at all! I HIGHLY recommend this string, especially for the price.
From: Darrick, Arlington, VA, USA. 02/05

Comments: Comments: This is basically a baseline playerís string. If you hit with lots of power and spin, it gives you a pretty good feel. The soft shots and volleys feel dead and non-responsive. So, you need to know what kind game you play before you get too excited about this string.
From: Don, Memphis, TN, USA. 10/04

Comments: Surprising string for the price. The Mono held its tension w/ no string movement in the 6 hrs of play. The string pocketed the ball similar to gut, the control was certainly there. I highly recommend this string for polyester users/string breakers - the price for the playability cannot be beat.
From: Stephen, Bellevue, WA, USA. 08/04

Comments: This string is absolutely amazing. I am a 5.0+ college player that values durability above all. This is the best polyester I have tried (I have already tested 20). The power generation is an added bonus. If you are a player that needs durability without losing playability, this string is for you.
From: Patrick, Arlington Heights, IL, USA. 8/04

Comments: Awesome string, I played with it for 8 hours so far, and it hasnít moved. I have a Fischer pro extreme ft, and I strung it at 57 lbs. Next time, Iím going to string it higher, about 62 lbs. This string can be described as a less expensive Luxilon, and Iíve tried ALU power, and this is more impressive as an all around solid strung. Costs 1/3 as much, so thatís always a good thing, and itís much easier to string with. In all, Iím very happy with this string, and Iím going to continue to use it.
From: Mike, Dayton, NJ, USA. 08/04

Comments: I received a free set of MonoGut 17 directly from Ashaway the other day. Strung it up in a Tour 10 V Engine Mid at 56lb, 10% prestretched setting on my machine. I've hit with it for 3 hours of singles. I am quite impressed. Ball bite, power and control are exceptional with this string. The thing that surprised me is that it felt very similar to ALU, but with better bite...I looked at the strings after playing...there was very little movement of strings during play...but there was some notching, not excessive, but it is there...I think this string will last about 10 to 12 hours of serious play for me. To give a synthetic comparison, psg 16 lasts 6 hours for me before breaking. Lastly, for a poly type string, this one is fairly comfy, though the feel is firm. Similar to my current favorite string, Kirschbaum Competition. Suffice to say, that I purchased 6 more sets of this from TW to continue the testing of this string...I really like the price point and playability. If you like poly type strings, ALU's power but wish it had the bite of TIMO; this is worth a test drive.
From: Mark, Atlanta, GA, USA. 06/04

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