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Comments: Excellent string. I'm a 3.5/4.0 level seniors all court player with a 5.3 Hammer OS who turned to Ashaways multifiliment Vantage line to alleviate a tennis elbow problem. Loved that discontinued string for its feel, pop and ease on the elbow, but suffered from lack of control and placement. I started stringing some of the boomer players we have at the court with this monogut to get their durability up. They were breaking typical nylon gut about every 2 - 3 weeks. Now they are at 1-2 months of play on a set of these and like the all around playability. I finally broke down and tried a set of the monogut 16. Should have done it sooner. SUPER control, especially on miss hits, with great placement and spin. Makes the balls dance off the racquet. NO string movement. Little less power than the multi but the bed pockets balls very well with a crisp pop on volley's and ground strokes. Very good performance + durability string! A bit tingy though needs a full bottom dampener. Strung at 53#. Note: this string doesn't have ANY tension fade upon stringing. If you put it in at 60#'s that's what it will be! I've found that about 5% less gets you close to your typical nylon tensions.
From: Mike, Conroe, TX, USA, 08/10

Comments: I was not impressed with this string very much. Had a dead fee even though it was hybrid w/ prince syn gut, but still not much feel. Overall, a middle of the road low budget string. I have recently switched back to Lux Orig 16 for main w/psgo 16 in cross... THAT's a great combo!
From: Lance. 09/09

Comments: I normally use Luxilon ALU Rough, hit with a western/semi western forehand and western backhand. This string does not bite the ball even at 55lbs of tension, the ball just seems to slip on the strings and as a result the spin and pace are less. The stringer said it was an "ALU" copy but it does not measure up. I was thinking about taking sand paper to the strings to see if it helps the skid factor.
From: Mark,St Petersburg, FL, USA. 3/07

Comments: I have no idea how Paul has never broken a main with these. I'm a high school player (not D1 material), and I break one every two or three days. The string plays well and keeps its tension better than others, but it simply does not last as long as strings such as Babolat Hurricane.
From: Steven, Virginia Beach, VA, USA, 03/07

Comments: I have used 4-5 sets of this in the past year. I have never popped it in my mains, either I broke a cross (syn gut) or I cut it out because it lost tension. Very good power, spin and of course durability, but tension loss more than a syn gut but that's because it lasts so long. Great value, easy to string, and not as stiff as most polys.
From: Paul, Burbank, CA, USA. 2/07

Comments: I have tried all the hybrids, multifilaments, and synthetic guts in my Head Flexpoint Radical Tour, and none of them can compare to Monogut 17. This string has the best combination of control, power, spin, feel, and tension maintenance that I have ever used. The ball pocketing is especially incredible. I highly recommend this string.
From: Anthony, Sammamish, WA USA 04/06

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