New Balance MC 1187 2E Silver/Orange Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: This was my first pair of New Balance shoe. Had heel pain previously. Using this shoe pain went away in my left heel and slightly remained in my right heel. Usually a size 12 but for this model 11 1/2 2E worked well. I play about 10+ hours a week on hard courts. The only issue is the shoe lasted only 4 months and recently sent the pair back to company for a replacement. Also, I noticed that the 1 year outsole guarantee is one per customer, not per shoe which is bogus. However, at this time I am sticking with New Balance since they catering to the my wide feet better than other shoe companies and the cushioning and support seem to be working for me.
From: Jim, 2/12

Comments: Great looking shoes as New Balance has finally developed a stylish shoe. Unfortunately 5 months in I've worn through the toe. I am awaiting a replacement.
From: Dale, 10/11

Comments: I've gotten other 2E shoes from New Balance but these were too narrow and it is a shame they don't make them in 4E as I was really looking forward to a light weight but durable shoe. I have to stick with the 1004's.
From: Tom, 10/11

Comments: These 1187's fit more snugly than the 655's, but the extra cushioning actually makes them more comfortable in my opinion. They also feel lighter and more "low" to the court. Definitely an improvement on the 655, but I wouldn't call it night and day. They wear out just as quickly though, so the cheaper 655's are a better value as far as durability. I had four pairs of 655's and the stitching in the leather above or to the side of the toe box always came loose before the soles wore out. The soles of the 655's were done in about two months (I play maybe 8 hours a week or so). The soles of my first pair of 1187's (I'm now on my 2nd) also wore out in 2 months but the wear was really prominent around the big toes on both sides, with the sole wearing straight through to the softer white foamy stuff. No problems with the stitching. These shoes definitely get soaked inside after an hour or so of play - and that's in dry Las Vegas.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: This is the best shoe that New Balance has made yet for tennis, except for the insoles. The insoles are terrible in an extreme humidity/perspiration environment.
From: Anon, 8/11

Comments: I have a wide foot and a very low arch. I've tried all big brand shoes and these are they only one's that have relieved my chronic knee pain (patella chondromalacia). Unlike the Barricade, Court Ballistec, and even the Gel Resolution, these needed no break and the fit was amazing right out of the box. Because of the width and the low arch, I think any insole would work perfect. With insoles they are extremely comfortable. Lower to the ground feel. Durability wasn't the biggest issue but they did not last as long as Barricade or Court Ballistec. A little on the noisy side but that bothered my opponents more than it did me. Like the other reviewer, the top eyelight seemed a little low, but when they were all laced and tight, support and stability never an issue. Hands down my favorite tennis shoe and I will be very sad when these get discontinued.
From: Dennis, 8/11

Comments: I have a wide foot and had the New Balance CT 1004 2E width that fit well. Thought I'd try these New Balance MC 1187 2E. They look great but surprisingly the fit is much narrower in the toe box than the CT 1004 2E and had to return them.
From: Anon, 8/11

Comments: Like the previous reviewer, I think theses are a worthy successor to my dearly departed Asics Gel Resolution 2. Certainly more comfortable than the GelRes3. The 1187 had a great fit from the moment I tried them on and I have had no comfort issues through about 20 hours of play on clay & hard courts. The heel does feel like it's cut a little lower than the Asics, and they are missing a top offset eyelet, but I haven't felt any heel slippage during play. They are supportive laterally, sit low to the ground--which I like--but have more cushioning & support than the Nike Air Vapor V. I am on clay primarily in the summer so can't speak yet to durability (which was an issue on hard courts with the Asics). Have even gotten nice comments on the silver/orange design, and just ordered two more pairs.
From: Nathaniel, 4.0 player, 185lbs. 6/11

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