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Comments: I've been playing in this shoe for a couple of months. They squeaked the first day, they still squeak. I feel silly walking in them. I usually keep my worn tennis shoes for off-court activities, but these are going in the trash. Also, the upper is plastic, not leather (at least the colored portion, I couldn't find a "made of" label in the shoe), and it's quite stiff. I'm going back to NB!
From: Tom, 2/12

Comments: Great looking shoe. Good fit, heel slightly higher. Inside of shoe above toes could do with slightly softer material or cushioning as I find they rub against my toes. If using insoles/insert eg. Sorbothane, consider buying a half size bigger.
From: GordonM. 6/11

Comments: Great for me with a wider / high arch foot. Most K-Swiss styles don't work for me but after reading these reviews I thought I'd give them a try. Plus: Decent insole since I normally toss the standard sole for Superfeet insoles. I'm a tad towards an 11 "E" and these feel quite comfortable. I did lace them up for wide feet / high arches the first time I played to break them in which was without incident, which is rare. These are expensive but they do deliver.
From: Ron. 6/11

Comments: I gave these a very strong A- . They fit well and are super comfortable. The downside is that they are a bit heavy and slow on your feet. That's the price one pays for comfort and stability. I play lots of tennis in the Spring, Summer and Fall and they have held up well. They are classic for a player who plays with his/her head rather than runs and hustles for each shot.
From: Craig J, Farmington, CT, USA, 02/11

Comments: Read the other reviews ... I wish I did before purchasing these expensive shoes. I wore these for 4 days and had to change to another pair of shoes for the following reasons:
1. Ankles hurt because the shoes are stiff
2. Blisters developed along the medial big toe ...has never happened to me even with cheap 40 dollars shoes.
3. Upper layer separated and that's just after 4 days of play!
Enough said. It's like they imported these from China rip offs and are selling them at real price ... because they sure do feel like it when I'm playing.
From: Tu, San Jose, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: I was very unhappy with these shoes. The upper layer on both pairs of insoles separated after about two weeks of use. The store where I bought them agreed they were defective. K-swiss would not stand by their product to replace the insoles.
From: Jeff, Seattle, WA, USA, 12/10

Comments: I have wider feet and I wear ASO ankle braces, and this shoe is great. Everything fits! I much prefer the lighter insert as the heavy duty one leaves me feeling too high off the ground. The shoes are very comfortable with the lighter insert. The only downside is the sound - they absolutely squeak�
From: Chris, Tulsa, OK, USA, 09/10

Comments: Excellent shoe for those with wider feet. It fit snug and had lots of support. I have a sore heel and this shoe provides great comfort and support. The sole is a little thicker than other shoes in exchange for better support and cushioning. The shoes are slightly stiff out of the box but with a little break-in are very comfortable. The size was right on the money for me. I will definitely buy another pair.
From: Jack, Medford, MA, USA. 5/10

Comments: KSwiss went on the cheap when they created this shoe. The build quality and fit don't come close to the old version of the Defiers (or other KSwiss shoes).
From: Jim, Louisville, KY USA. 4/10

Comments: Excellent high quality shoe. They lasted a little over 3 months with 7 hrs of play per week which relative to my old ASICS is excellent. I found the padding very good as well as the support.
From: Lenny, Short Hills, NJ USA 01/10

Comments: Worst K-Swiss shoe I've tried. I've had 3 pairs of the Ultrascendor and 4 pairs of the Defier RS--got tired of the styling so I ordered these. Out of the box, got blisters after 2 hours. Put them away. Played with Defier RS until the blisters heeled. Tried them again, same story. The changeable insoles are NOT stable-- they move. Doesn't matter which insole you use--both bad. The uppers are thin fake leather with no natural give. They pale in comparison to the Defier RS. Note to K-Swiss, dump some of these lousy models and offer MORE color combos of the Defier RS!
From: Ried, IL, USA 1/10

Comments: These shoes do pinch around my ankles a little bit, but the exterior durability so far is pretty impressive. They make a squeaking noise, but I've gotten over that pretty quickly. Love the look.
From: Jake, Western Springs, IL, USA 12/09

Comments: Bummer Warning! This is a shoe I really wanted to like. I've had many K-Swiss styles over the years with no problems. This style though has very rough inside edges from the mesh inserts that hit right over the ball of the foot. I couldn't even walk in them much less play. The gadget cushy insole/midsoles also created a squeaky effect when walking. Ironically, the cushy feel wasn't even as good as the latest Asics Gel Resolutions that I'm on my second pair of. (It is an excellent shoe!)
From: Steve, San Diego, CA, USA. 05/09

Comments: This is a high quality, top of the line, tennis shoe. Well manufactured, great traction, stability and weight. The insole options make them feel like you own two different shoes. Very comfortable and runs wide. Much better than other Kwiss models I have used recently (Glaciator and Ultrascendor). The insole has the great clean smell of the old 7.0 KSwiss. Price is high, but such is quality of materials. Highly recommended.
From: Rene, San Juan, PR. 05/09

Comments: Best shoes ever!! I've always had to take my Tennis shoes off after playing or else suffer. Not anymore. In fact there as comfortable as my Nike Air Shocks running shoes!! Definitely moving better and more on the Court.
From: Greg, Alpharetta, GA, USA. 04/09

Comments: I have had these shoes for about a week and have used them three times. Most of my other shoes are Adidas and K Swiss. These are the greatest. Very good fit and comfortable. I have not tried the light insole yet. These are the the best shoes I have had.
From: Vic, Reno, NV. 2/09

Comments: This is a great shoe for casual play. The fit is dead-on. The upper is soft and didn't pinch or poke my feet. It breathes really well thanks in part to the mesh inserts on the medial side. The cushion insert is too soft and isn't really suitable for tennis unless you're an older player. The light cushion is still a little too soft compared to my Asics Gel Resolution. The outsole has shown very little wear in the 20 plus hours of play except in the toe due to my heavy toe dragging. In summation: Good looking shoe. Very comfortable. High quality materials. Just a little too soft for match play.
From: Andy, San Francisco, CA, USA, 02/09

Comments: These shoes ran a little small for me with my usual size 10 so I had to go up to a 10 1/2. I have a slightly wider left foot so this may be unique to my situation. Once I got the sizing worked out, they were absolutely awesome with the light insoles! I played with them a couple of hours after receiving them and they required no break in for me. I think that you'll be quite happy with these shoes and they look great too!
From: Jim, Chicago, IL, USA, 02/09

Comments: Great shoe, comfortable, lightweight and look great. I have been wearing for approximately two weeks (tennis pro) and have had no problems with outsole. Best K Swiss shoe for quite some time.
From: Kent, Baltimore, MD. USA. 2/09

Comments: Excellent shoe. The soles truly sell the product. From the color to the comfort of the shoe, K Swiss has truly done a good job to perfect this model. It fits true to size and the removable soles differ this shoe from other companies. The "light" sole provides that lower feel for match play, and the "cushion" sole is great for training for long hours or just taking a walk. I would recommend this shoe to anyone especially those that have had foot/heel problems in the past. This is a must-try.
From: Robert, AZ. USA. 2/09

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