KSwiss Hypercourt Express 50th Red/Gold Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: Very good cushioning for a lighter shoe and sufficient stability although less that the Asics Speed 3. Uppers are reasonable comfortable too, they feel firm but seem to be comfortable enough. Fit is very wide and roomy for a standard shoe, needs to be laced up tightly even for my medium high arch feet.
From: Wayne, 12/16

Comments: This is my first pair of K-Swiss shoes and I like them! Very lightweight and comfortable from the first steps. Above average heel strike cushioning as I have lower back issues but these keep it at bay. Didn't even need an insert or pad. I have tweener sized feet that take either 11 or 11.5 depending on the shoe. I bought these in 11 and they are the slightest bit snug. Not uncomfortable and no blisters to after 20 plus sets, but perhaps my next pair will be 11.5 to compare. Great deal at the closeout price!
From: Roman, 12/16

Comments: Great comfortable shoes. With good stability. It's my best KSwiss. I started using it right out of the box. Bottom sole durability was ok. I am just a recreational player and play once or twice a week. Overall it was a great shoe -- no tears or issues. I recommend this shoe.
From: Tennis, 12/16

Comments: Very comfortable shoes. Lasted less than a month on the hard courts before I had worn off all the tread from the ball of the foot area.
From: Brian, 6/16

Comments: Great fit (I have a 2 EE foot) and way less clunky than the original Babolat SFX. The whole shoe is relatively wide and the lacing is flexible to fit. Far lighter also. The jury is still out on durability.
From: Jeff, 5/16

Comments: Best tennis shoes ever for my D/E foot. Been playing for over 60 years so that is saying something. Cushioned. Supportive. Lightweight. They are wide the length of the sole, not just across the ball of the foot. So far, I've worn them for 3 months on clay and hardcourts.
From: Gerry, 5/16

Comments: I was hoping these would be wide shoes like they claimed to be in the video review, but they were too narrow for my feet. I usually wear Wide New Balance shoes, but I wanted to add some color and style to my shoes. I'm bored of my whiter tennis shoes!
From: Jason, 2/16

Comments: Great shoe! Extremely comfortable and cushioned. Nice color as well. I tried the Asics Gel Resolution 6 (size 11) and it was narrow for me. I have a slight wide foot and this KSwiss size: 11 fits me perfect (with little space in front of the toe which is comfortable while I slide on the court so there is some space).
From: Anonymous, 1/16

Comments: Great shoe! Extremely comfortable and cushioned. Highly recommended!
From: Al, 1/16

Comments: I have a wide foot and most of the regular width shoes don't work for me. I tried this one after reading a lot of reviews. They fit me perfectly fine and I just had my first outing with them yesterday. Great traction and I love the colors.
From: Anonymous, 10/15

Comments: Follow-up from my comments below from the beginning of October -- I have played 6 sets in my new Hypercourt Express shoes and I am very impressed with my new shoes. They are a lot lighter than the Babolat SFX and as good as the Asics Gel Resolution 4s. As previously stated, I have a high instep and I'm a 9E. These shoes will work very well for me. Good cushioning in the heel and the forefoot area. Arch support is good but could be a tad better. Hope this helps all you guys out there with wide feet.
From: Tony, 10/15

Comments: Ordered a pair on 10/2 and received them today. I also ordered a pair of the Lotto Viper Ultras. I am a size 9E with a high instep. The KSwiss shoes are staying on my feet and the Lottos are being returned. While the Vipers have more cushioning, I could barely tie them. Definitely not wide enough. So, all you guys out there with wide feet take note. Unless you're a EEE, these K-Swiss Hypercourt Express should work for you. And, why not make a "fashion" statement as they are sharp! I will follow up in 2 weeks after playing in them a few times. My 2 previous shoe purchases were the Babolat SFX which are very comfortable but a bit clunk /heavy and the Asics Gel Resolution 4 which are also great shoes but are old and need to be replaced.
From: Tony, 10/15

Comments: Great shoe. I just wish that KSwiss made it with the same fit as the original Ultra Express -- which was a bit narrower in the mid section. I have, and have had, nearly all KSwiss models; the Hypercourt Express comes with a much more cushioned insole than the other models, yet it still doesn't take up enough room in the mid section for me (I've always worn D width). I replaced the insole with a thicker one and began wearing Thorlo (thick) socks and the tongue still slips to the side during play. While this is frustrating for me, I still think the Hypercourt Express is a great performance shoe and will continue to wear it. If you're looking for a stable, durable, great performing shoe that might fit a bit more snug, don't forget the Big Shot 2.5. It has the support and durability of the adidas Barricade 5 but I find it to be more comfortable with better performance. The Big Shot Lights are great but I destroyed them from the inside within 10 wears. I also wish that K-Swiss would bring back the original Big Shot. I had three pairs that lasted forever and performed extremely well.
From: Scott, 9/15

Comments: I ordered these last week and I've played in them 3 times. They are very comfortable with a lot of padding. There was zero break in. They were very comfortable from the start. Some other reviewers have mentioned slipping, but I've not had that problem. I do play mostly doubles so I've not played a hard singles match in them yet. I've been wearing the Nike Vapor 9.5 (Federer model) and so far I prefer the KSwiss Hypercourt. There does seem to be just a bit more room in the toe box of the KSwiss which is great for me. Also, every time I've worn them, people have commented on how good they look. That certainly isn't the most important thing to me but I think they look great and it's always nice to be validated. I'm a 50 year old 4.0, male and I mostly play doubles. I normally play 2-3 hours, 3+ times per week.
From: Michael, 9/15

Comments: I purchased these KSwiss shoes after wearing the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour for several years. I play intense tournament and do drills. The only reason I switched was because the color combinations in the Nike shoe had become so hideous that I was ashamed to wear any. So I tried the KSwiss. Overall, a good shoe, easy to get used to, broke in fast; a bit heavier than the Zoom Vapor Tour. Durability of the entire shoe, uppers and sole, has been great. My only complaint is the heel box (or counter and counter collar) are too wide and not tall enough, hence they give mediocre support for the heel. The cushioning seems to be good but I have noticed since wearing them that my feet really hurt. So, after Nike decided to introduce a white version of the Zoom Vapor Tour, I have returned to them and my sore feet disappeared.
From: James, 8/15

Comments: Worst tennis shoes I have ever purchased. I am 17 years old and play 3 times a week at a high level. These shoes have given me arch pain and I have cracked my heels from wearing these shoes. The shoes are light up until the heel part which is heavy and bulky and causes the severe arch pain. My foot slips and slides in the shoes, I can't find a secure fit. Would definitely not recommend this product to anyone.
From: David, 8/15

Comments: I'm 69 years old. I play competitive singles in the Maine tennis association. It took months to break in the Big Shot with crunched toes. Surprise, the Hypercourt Express arrived and fits so naturally that I forgot about crunched toes. I have a 13EE foot amd these shoes are comfortable and responsive. The slight extra room in the toe box is what makes the difference. I feel I can compete again without the vise agony of the Big Shot. There are plenty of shoes for skinny feet, very few for wider feet. Let's keep the Hypercourt Express!
From: John, 7/15

Comments: Great performance shoe! First thing to consider is, as advertised, it is wider in the forefoot than other KSwiss styles. While it suits my foot shape, it may not be for those with narrower feet. Even with my wider foot there are occasional radical direction changes where I can feel movement/sliding inside the shoe. That's the only negative I can report. The positives are many: 1) well cushioned, 2) good lateral and arch support (not too high) 3) very cool/well ventilated, 4) seamless technology is awesome - many shoes are designed with irritating seams running across the balls of the feet, which can generate blisters. As much as I liked the Ultra Express and BigShot Lights before these, that was always an issue. In fact, I just received a pair of the slightly more expensive Hypercourt and it has the same bad seam placement (it isn't seamless). Wear Comments: Just average, no warranty. I play almost 4.5 singles almost every day (though I alternate shoes). I've worn through to the midsole (white) area in about 2 months.
From: Steve, 5/15

Comments: This shoe is awesome. Due to having a wider toe box, it was adventurous finding a performance shoe that fit me comfortably. I tried the Nike Lunar Ballistic, Head Sprint Pro, Asics Gel Resolution 6, and KSwiss Hypercourt. All but the Head shoes were too snug in the toe box and the Head was too stiff and clunky. The Hypercourt Express fits comfortably in the toe box while fitting snugly throughout the shoe to provide excellent support. The cushioning and ventilation are excellent. Although there is no sole guarantee, the sole seems durable and provides good traction. I am grooving on the blue/red color ways. Thank you, KSwiss and TW.
From: Robert, 3/15

Comments: Update to my 1/15 review: I have now been wearing the shoes for almost two months and I have no regrets with my choice to get these shoes. The shoes are showing essentially zero wear after more than 16 hours on the court. They are as comfortable as the first day I wore them and I never think about my shoes or my feet when playing. In fact, several of the issues with my feet and achilles tendon are gone. I highly recommend this shoe.
From: Mark, 2/15

Comments: I purchased the shoes based on the specifications of support and lightweight. I have worn Asics Gel Resolution 4, Lotto, and New Balance 996 recently. Most recently I compared the Asics Gel Resolution 5, Asics Gel Resolution 6, Yonex Power Cushion, adidas Barricade 2015, and this KSwiss Hypercourt Express. I picked the KSwiss Hypercourt Express because of the comfort. It was very close between the Asics Gel Resolution 6 but the KSwiss won on comfort. After playing in them for the first time, they did not disappoint. For a shoe that is light and extremely comfortable, they had all of the needed support. I played two hours without ever thinking about my feet or the shoes on them. It was a great experience. Ventilation, grip, support, comfort, and arch support were all fine. The specs say that the shoe is a slightly wider than D width but it did not change how the shoe felt. I have always worn D width shoes. Great shoe and it has performed flawlessly. I am a 5.0 player.
From: Mark, 1/15

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