Head Microgel Prestige Mid Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: I've been playing with this racquet for a couple of years. It felt heavy at the beginning, but got better after a few weeks. It has excellent control and ok power, but the spin suffers a bit. It's good for precise serves and shots. I dropped my tension from 55 lbs to around 53 for added power. Overall, it's a good racquet to try out.
From: Yan, 12/12
String type and tension: Wilson hybrid @ 53 lbs

Comments: All around a very nice racquet. Groundstrokes feel solid at contact. Only thing I am not fully satisfied with are the slices. I feel that they do not have the same bite as my previous racquet, nor do they remain as low.
From: Anon, Irvine, CA, USA, 08/10
Headsize: 93

Comments: I've had this racquet for two years now. I keep it strung at 57lbs with tnt16 strings. I personally think this is a great racquet. It does everything you tell it to do. I don't think this racquet is for beginners who don't understand the dynamics of the ball and a racquet's relationship. I also teach tennis with this beauty and it's a great racquet for feeding balls as well. Can't go wrong with this racquet if you are an experienced player. If you are on the not-so-strong side I recommended getting stronger before using it.
From: Mere, New York, NY, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Gamma TNT16, 57
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I've had this for two years, and it's a fantastic racquet. Nice rock-solid feel with good control. A little hard to manage though.
From: Anon. 06/10

Comments: Nice stick. I played with it for 2 years. Best for players that hit a mainly flat ball. Good control and feel. I think I'm going to switch to the speed mps for the extra spin though.
From: okdude1992 from ttw, CA 02/10
String type and tension: Luxilon alu power 57lbs
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5-5.0

Comments: I loved this racquet, despite its lack of power it is a very comfortable stick especially for shotmakers. I switched to this racquet from the K blade tour, looking for another control oriented racquet and this stick did the job.
From: Michael, Jamaica 02/10
String type and tension: Luxilon Alu power and control, and HEAD syn gut at 52 lbs
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I had used Aero Pro Drive, however it was not enough control, so I had change MG Prestige mid 93". Amazing. I play this racket 3 times then it can make perfect control and feel and stable. I never find other racket, it is my best choice.
From: Allen, Hong Kong, China, 02/10
String type and tension: Luxilon Alu power 16L 54lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This is by far the worst Prestige ever made. It actually doesn't feel like a Prestige at all. I owned all generations of Prestige starting with the Intelligence and this is the ONLY Prestige I have ever bought and sold back because the feel is not Prestige. It feels like a board. Everything is muted and yea...everything is muted. There is absolutely no feel whatsoever. My favorite Prestige is the i. Prestige because of the feel. The Microgel looks cool though.
From: Derrick, La Jolla, CA, USA. 02/10
String type and tension: Gosen Polylon 17
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: Open

Comments: This is the closest racquet I can find to the Head Intelligence I.Prestige. For some reason, the newer racquet lines all sport bigger head size, it's hard to find 93sq.in. rackets now. I still prefer the I.Prestige better since the Microgel Prestige is a bit too muted and doesn't offer as much feel. However, it still performs extremely well!
From: Eric, SD, CA, USA. 12/09
String type and tension: Luxilon M2 @ 56lbs
Headsize: 93sq.in.
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Let me tell you I've tried so many different tennis rackets but this one is the one of the best I used. The control, placement, precision, and accuracy is crazy. If you have good technique this is the racket for you. Serving is a plus, again if you have the proper technique. Initially when I used the racket it was extremely heavy. But I went to the gym and did some work on my forearms and now the racket feels like a feather. I really liked the racket so I did some work to make sure I was fit enough or strong enough to use it. If your not gonna purchase it at least demo it. Also the look of this racket is hot. lol
From: Walker, USA 12/09
String type and tension: Luxilon mains/Gut Crosses
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This racket has the perfect weight and balance. It is also one of the few rackets that let you do everything well; it has no weakness. Basically, if you can't do something with this racket, it is your fault. The response from this racket is very consistent. Overall, you really can't ask more from your racket. Control/accuracy is really the best out there. The dense string pattern makes it a little tough to put topspin on, but with the right swing and speed, you can put lots of spin. Slice is also really easy to come by. I have played with many different rackets in the past, but I have played some of my best tennis with this racket. Because it requires precise timing and good technique, if you are not sharp or play tentative, you may find yourself hitting short balls and your balls tend to sit up perfectly for your opponent. Of course, it happens with any racket, but the effect may be more pronounce with this one. In that sense, it is not the most forgiving racket. I have also used all flavors of Prestige Mid rackets including the original ones, but I think this one is the best. It has a little less feel than the original PC600, but it is a little more powerful, which helps you keep us with player that use powerful rackets nowadays. It is also a little easier on your arm as well. Overall, IMHO, this is one of the best rackets ever. This racket should be on top of your list if you like a classic players style rackets.
From: Sunny, Richmond, VA, USA, 11/09
String type and tension: Unique Big Hitter 52/50lb
Headsize: 93

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for over a year now. I have no trouble generating power with any racquet. The only problem I had with other racquets was that they would give me an uncontrollable amount of power. With this racquet I don't have as much of this problem. I can consistently serve around 110 mph with accuracy. I play junior tennis with USTA and this racquet allows me to compete. Also a note to those demoing... The strings they use are terrible so do not judge on that.
From: Ray, Northern Virginia, USA. 11/09
String type and tension: Forten Kevlar mains, Pro Supex synthetic gut crosses
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: I've been using this racquet for about 5 months now. Great racquet if you have enough power to use it. If you wipe the ball and spin it a lot, you can hit as hard as you want. The control is phenomenal; ball goes exactly where I want it to go. My forehand couldn't be better, I hit the ball fairly hard and this racquet fits perfectly with that. Ever since I got this racquet about 90% of my approach shots off my forehand are winners. My one handed backhand feels smoother than ever and my slice has been fantastic. This racquet's very dense so it may be a little hard to generate spin but you get used to it. The serve is great and the volleys are crisp as well. It's a high chance you won't like it the first time you use it, but in the long run it'll be great. It has a little too much ring/vibration to it, but other than that it's perfect.
From: Peter, San Marino, CA, USA, 09/09
String type and tension: Natural gut mains, Luxilon alu rough cross @ 56 pounds
Headsize: 93

Comments: I bought this racquet after a recommendation from my coach because it would be a good fit to my game. It was only all right. SERVE: my first and second serves were very solid the racquet had enough plow to really hammer the ball with a good amount of spin. Great targeting from side to side. FOREHAND: lacked some power compared to my Wilson kblade tour 93, with out the same court penetration. BACKHAND: had the same problems as my forehand but much less backspin on the slice. I would not recommend this racquet to anyone. Buy a Babolat or Wilson or just another head; they do make quality racquets.
From: Nate, USA, 09/09
String type and tension: Babolat VS natural 17g gut. 55lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I demoed this from Tennis Warehouse next to two Wilson's -- a KBlade Tour and the K6.1 95 (18x20). The KBlade felt a little deader and less solid. The K95 was the most solid of the three, but slightly to heavy and the balance didn't benefit me. The Prestige Mid felt solid and well balanced, but had too much spring. Maybe it was a tension issue. TW strings its demos at mid-tension plus 2, meaning it would have been 59 lbs., but it still felt awfully bouncy and I saw a lot of shots fly long that ordinarily would have dropped in. That being said, I'm sure I could have adapted to it in a couple weeks, but another racquet from a previous demo group seemed perfect out of the box -- the Pro Kennex Black Ace 93. But all in all, the Head Microgel Prestige Mid was up there with the Black Ace and K95 as my favorites that I tried. If you like the Head grip shape and need a little extra oomph from the string bed, this Head might be perfect for you.
From: John, Chicago, IL, USA, 09/09

Comments: Now, I've been playing with the Prestige racquet series for a while. I played with the Liquidmetal when it was almost new, and have been using the Flexpoint (FXP) for about two years. Here's my breakdown of this new Prestige. First off, this one was considerably lighter than the past two. The Liquidmetal weighs in at 12.3oz strung, and the FXP and Microgel both come in at 12.2oz. It was the first thing I noticed because a few of the things that other people seem to dislike but I love about Prestige frames is the stiffness, lack of power, and weight. I felt when holding a Prestige, unlike other racquets, that this wasn't going to break on me. Picking up the Microgel was odd, then, because it felt as if it could have been less than 12oz. While the specs say it is just as heavy as my beloved FXP, while actually playing it feels like less. Also, it felt less stiff and more fluid, for lack of a better word. At first, these changes were unsettling, and I swung with some apprehension. After a few minutes, however, I realized that I was still getting the same Prestige feel I got out of my older models, it just hit differently. This speaks highly of the Microgel technology. It let me swing faster, and with greater conviction during actual games. Also, my arm felt great after I was done, because the way the vibration is distributed throughout the frame reduces stress on the arm. And since I was pushing myself quite hard that day to better test the racquet, my arm should have felt worse than it did. All in all, this is a great addition to, if not an improvement on, the older Prestige generations.
From: Anon. 8/09

Comments: The first racquet that really feels like I can pound the ball with all my strength and not be afraid to miss long. Feels very smooth on contact. It's soft and supple and feels like a pillow. The "pop" that comes off the strings speaks for itself. It's really something you have to hit with to understand, merely reading reviews doesn't do it justice.
From: Gary, LA, CA 08/09
String type and tension: Head Ultratour 16 gauge 58 lbs
Headsize: mid...duh

Comments: I demoed this racquet and I totally loved. Groundstrokes are awesome and volleys are like a piece of cake. The only problem I had with this racquet was that I had a lot of trouble with my serve. The racquet is slightly too heavy for me and all of my serves were going long because of the extra weight. Also in the third set of a tough match, this was about the last racquet I wanted in my hands. If you think you can handle the extra weight, go for it, get this racquet.
From: anon. 08/09
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Just bought this racquet yesterday and played with it for about 3 hours. Very low powered compared to most racquets I have used previously. The racquet has a great serve with nice feel. Volleys are crisp. The ball goes where you want it to, a very nice racquet, if you can generate your own power.
From: Andy, US. 7/09
String type and tension: Babolat natural gut @ 54 lbs
NTRP Rating:4.5

Comments: I have a 4.5 NTRP Rating and this is the best racquet I have ever used. The control is awesome and the topspin is fabulous.
From: Charles, San Diego, CA. 7/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X ONE BIPHASE
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I sold my other racquets just to buy 2 more Microgel prestige mids. All I own now are these mids. A modern, classic frame. Some days you go out and play and everything clicks, other days not...but the headsize, comfortable flex, ability to cut through the air, dense pattern and amazingly accommodating sweetspot, which makes for surprisingly easy access to spin, will make your off-days a little more bearable; building confidence and allowing you to become more comfortable. This frame wants to move fast, it truly shines at high swing speeds, when you can put weight behind your shots. I don't presume that any racquet will improve your game and anyone who says so... is full of it! But the two words I closely associate with this stick are COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENCE. Period.
From: A.L., Washington D.C., USA, 07/09
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18g at 58lbs.
Headsize: 93 mid
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I had more of a chance to play with the stick this week. I think the best plus of this stick is service. I don't know why, but your serves' speed is increasing at least 10-15 miles if you have a good serve technique. Maybe because of balance or heft, not sure. Net play is very good. I hit some volleys better than ever. Racquet has very crisp feel. It's not hard to give direction. When you hit at the net, balls stay very low and this is a big advantage for you. Really great racquet, very rewarding, but also very challenging. If you do the things (position, swing) right, you get the big prize. But if you don't, you face unforced errors and ball at the net very quickly. I personally buy racquets that will improve my game and teach me more, not the ones, which make everything easier for me. I believe I'll learn a lot from this racquet and it'll help me improve my game a lot.
From: Ozan, Kocaeli, Turkey, 06/09
String type and tension: Gamma Livewire XP 17 @59.5
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I strongly disagree with the review score of this racquet. Overall score 75 is really ridiculous. I think they mistyped it, it should have been 85. I'm an ex-owner of an Head Extreme Pro and also hit with a lot of good racquets of various brands including Wilson K6.1 90, Head Liquidmetal Prestige, etc. I fell in love with Microgel Prestige Mid the first second I took it in my hands. This racquet has perfect weight and balance. I came to this racquet from a 100 Head Extreme Pro and thought it would take a long time to get used to head size 93. But I was proved wrong after the first hit. The head of the racquet may be small but sweet spot is so large that it can be said almost all of the head is a sweetspot. It is very maneuverable and you'll like it at the net. Ground strokes are also great. It is not an Extreme Pro which you can get topspin effortlessly. But it's not hard to get a good amount of topspin with the right technique. If you have a good swing and technique, this racquet is THE ONE. This is the best racquet I hit with so far. Great feel, control and power. I plan to play with this stick (at least) next 4-5 years.
From: Ozan, Kocaeli, Turkey 06/09
String type and tension: Gamma Livewire XP 17 @59,5 lbs.
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating:4.5

Comments: Everything about this racket is awesome. Nice feel, power, control, everything. Just make sure you don't use a dampener with it. It'll feel like plank
From: Jae, Canada, 04/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-1 Biphase 17 mains at 53 and Luxilon Alu Power Rough crosses at 50
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This racket is great. Do not, however, string a full poly like I did. That is wasting this racket's full potential.
From: Brandon, Honolulu, Hawaii. 3/09
NTRP Rating: 10

Comments: I can only use this racquet and be happy. A lot of control swing out and get so much spin. Power is easy on everything. Volleys are great. Feel is incredible. Returns are great with the stick. First time with the stick I missed but a week later everything is on spot. I LOVE this racquet. I might marry it.
From: Eric, Dallas. 3/09
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane 54
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: This is a truly great racquet. It works perfect overall, incredible stability nice power, perfect weight, for me it's definitely one of the best racquets in market. I wish, though, the racquet was a little stiffer. It's also a very sweet looking frame. Trust me I have used Babolat Aero Pro Drive, Pure Drive Roddick, Wilson K Six 95, Head Microgel Extreme Pro and many others, and I have found the right one with this.
From: Mario, Mexico. 3/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre pro red code 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I really liked the control and stability of this complete player's frame!
From: Zeke. 2/09

Comments: First of all, I am pretty sure that if you weigh less than 130 pounds, you cannot serve the ball 130+ mph. Especially if you say you are 5'11 (that's my size; I weigh 40 lbs heavier) I can't come close to serving that fast, and I can really hit the ball. So this really is a pointless argument. I think that if you want to become a better player, than you need to be honest with yourself and realize that a person your size is not serving that fast. If you do have a great serve, that is a huge benefit, don't get me wrong. If you are having difficulty hitting shots in, maybe you need to get with a local pro and work out the kinks in your game. And if you are looking for some more weight but like your racket, modify your racket. Regardless, you're not going to find a racket that serves the exact same and magically helps keep every other shot in as well. So, from my perspective, you have a few options. 1) You can demo a bunch of different rackets from TW; they have an excellent program. This is how I determined what racket I currently use (kblade tour). 2) You could always just work on your game, and all of the trouble areas that are hurting your game (trust me; I have a terrible backhand. just get in there and fix it), Lastly, you could just go and add some weight without changing your balance. This is the riskiest, just because the extra weight can change your game. TW also have guides to adjusting weight to your racket. In my opinion, just get out there and work on your game! Sorry to be blunt, but it's just the logical thing to do. Good luck!
From: Anon. 1/09

Comments: A great racquet for baseliners who take big cuts at the ball. Solid, offers more plow through than the i.prestige tour in my opinion, although does tend to feel a bit heftier when wielding. Worthy of the title "Prestige."
From: Jimmy, San Jose, CA, USA, 01/09
String type and tension: Topspin Cyberflash/Babolat Superfineplay
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0-4.5

Comments: Great frame overall. Tried it first with a few different polyesters such as Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, as well as Topspin Cyberflash before finally settling on Prince Synthetic Gut. With Prince Synthetic it still allows you to hit out from the baseline, but makes volleys much more firm and less demanding than with poly's. Make no mistake, the L6 swing rating on it is right on the money. Players with slow head speed should avoid this frame. This was much better playing than the Flexpoint Mid in my opinion, seeing as how it generated more spin on groundies and serves, and demanded less at the net. A great product by Head. This frame is very comparable to the Wilson Kblade Tour, however I give this the slightest advantage because it performed better at the net and serving. Groundstrokes were a pinch better with the Kblade Tour, but just a pinch, nothing really noticeable.
From: Alexander, Midwest. 1/09
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex @ 59 lbs.
Headsize: 93 square inches
NTRP Rating: 4.0-4.5

Comments: I have been using the 80's Head Edge for years but I finally decided to try a new racquet. I tried Nadal's and Federer's racquet and didn't like them. I wanted a racquet that hit like my old Head and I finally found it in the Head Microgel Pres. Mid. My 1st serve is dropping in hard, fast and flat. The racquets weight is just perfect but it hits like a heavy racquet, which I wanted. Spin is easy to come by and my one handed backhand is great with it. I will say YOU MUST have and keep good form on all of your strokes to make it work. If your wanting an old school racquet, this is the one you want. My yearlong search is over. Thanks head.
From: Jamie, Winston-Salem, NC, USA, 10/08
String type and tension: Head RIP Control, 58 lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0-4.5

Comments: I can't say a bad thing about this racket. It's awesome. You can really go for your shots and not worry about them going out. It still gives plenty of topspin and power for an 18x20. It's definitely my new racket.
From: Aaron, USA, 08/08
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Redcode @ 58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: This racquet is very satisfying. I find it very easy to smash, volley and serve. Although it looks a fairly similar to the Head's older model, it's really nice. Awesome racquet for advanced players looking for more control and power.
From: Yang young young, Shen Zhen. 7/08
String type and tension: Head FXP Control, 55
NTRP Rating: 10

Comments: Let me tell you that I have never bought a pair of racquet at MSRP. I always try to get them used, but the MG prestige mid is my first exception because it's astonishingly good and I don't want to wait till a deal comes around. Compared to the Flexpoint Prestige, MicroGel Prestige has more swingweight but doesn't slow down my swing. It has this amazing quality of heft and maneuverability. It feels a tad less headlight than the Pro Staff 85, which I started playing tennis with, but just as maneuverable. I love that feel of heft because it lets me know exactly what I am doing. With lighter racquets, I don't get such feedback and I won't know if my stroke get awry. With this stick I know exactly what's going on. I suspect the nice heft feel is due to the grommet system that wraps all the way around the head, which provides great protection for the frame and stability because of slightly increased mass. Hitting forehands feel butter smooth with great feedback. You can feel the heft pummeling the ball for you, and backhand is just as great, again due to the swing weight. But the real bombshell is the serve. Like I said before, it's got good swingweight but doesn't slow down the swing, so with decent technique, I am dropping bombs like Safin on flat serves. You will just know it when you nailed it: everything feels right and fluid, and the swingweight will pummel the ball for you. I am not saying this is a magical racquet that will let you or me serve at 130 mph, but it's a racquet that will let you understand the path to achieving that and how it works. Control is without saying superb, given its 18X20 string pattern and the 93 sq in. For example, when I am in trouble on the backhand and I have to slice the ball back from slightly behind me, the racquet's heft and control consistently allows me to push the ball back to within inches or on the baseline, but rarely out (less than 5%, definitely my fault) to get me out of trouble. It's really sweet. It gives you so much confidence, and in turn so much control. Finally, when I want to go all out and hit a flat forehand, the 18x20 string pattern and 93 sq in head and the heft gives me all the confidence I need to rip the ball with great result, but I usually prefer to hit a normal topspin forehand and let it drop in last second at a corner of the court to finish the point. Even if my opponent can get to it (which is rare, and I am playing people who are fit and in their 20's who can really hustle), the reply is weak and it's a easy finish at net. For those of you who are worried about the spin potential, it has not been a problem for me and my forehand is all about topspin (I rarely flatten my forehand and go for a shot), so all I can say is at least demo this stick.
From: Anon. 7/08

Comments: This frame is The Truth! This is for serious ballerz only, ladies and gents. I have not played with a racquet this demanding and rewarding since my beloved PS 85. It does exactly what you tell it to do, and if you don't swing with authority and perfect technique, it does nothing, which is exactly what I love. But unlike the 85, the Prestige Microgel has no weaknesses and it feels more solid than the 85, especially from the baseline. The biggest difference is the 18x20 stringbed. It gives the same if not more control than the 85. The only area where the PS 85 will probably remain king is on serves. Whatever this MicroGel compound is, I'm sold. And I was using a demo frame with cheap synthetic. I can't wait to buy one and string it up with my favorite poly, Signum Poly Pro Pure. Bravo Head! Keep this one around for a while.
From: Johnathan, Charleston, WV, USA. 7/08
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0 and rising

Comments: It's my first experience with headsize under 98 in 12 years. I was pretty hesitant, to say the least. To bring out the best of this racquet you need controlled long fast swings. I, for one, can get cute or lazy with this stick. As long as I'm focused finish my swings, the racquet will reward you we controllable power and accuracy. I'm playing much better tennis due to this racquet and string combination. A very welcome bonus is that I'm not breaking strings nearly as often. In fact, since purchasing the racquets I haven't broken a string yet (small headsize, dense string pattern). Conclusion: INCREDIBLE RACQUET. PERIOD.
From: Jevon, The Hague, The Netherlands. 5/08
String type and tension: MAINS: Weiscannon Scorpion 1.22 @ 54 lbs; CROSSES: Tecnifibre NRG2 16 @ 59,5 lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Played with the prestige Line for the past 4 years, Liquidmetal Mid Plus, Flexpoint Mid Plus, Microgel Prestige PRO and The King of the prestige line> THE Prestige Classic 600. Before Purchasing the MG prestige Mid I was already setting myself up for disappointment BUT I was very surprised to how well and How close this racquet plays to The PC600! Of course you need very good strokes and have to Swing away, serves were powerful, groundstrokes were deep. I will stick with this for a while and probably will keep going back and forth with the 2 sticks since they are very similar!
From: Paul, NY, USA, 05/08
String type and tension: M: Luxilon Big Banger; X: Babolat tonic
Headsize: 93sq inches
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I like this racquet better than the Flexpoint version because it doesn't have that weird tang sound that it makes due to the fact that the racquet is filled with Microgel and is not a hollow double shell. There is great power and control and it's great for flat hitters.
From: Anon. 5/08

Comments:I recently switched from a Babolat Pure Drive Roddick after playing with it for 2yrs to the Head Prestige Mid for three reasons: 1. The Babolat had too much power, which compromised accuracy for baseline rallies, passing and approach shots. 2. Volleys were difficult to control due to too much pop 3. The stiffness of the racquet led to tennis elbow when a strung at high tension. I am very glad that I switched because each of those above three points have been rectified. When I purchased the Head, I was a little concerned when the 93sq. inch might be too small for me and a stiffness of 63 might prove to be too unstable. On both counts the concern tuned out to be baseless. Due to the shape of the head, the sweetspot is relatively large and control is awesome. Due to a low stiffness, I can actually feel the ball dwell on the strings, which further gives control. I would highly recommend that you try it out.
From: MJ, New York, NY, USA, 05/08
String type and tension: Head Intellitour 17 gauge, 57lbs
Headsize: 93sqin
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I used a Liquidmetal Prestige mid and I loved that racquet. The butts started to come off it because the shaft was cracking. I wanted to find a new 93-98 head sized racquet for me. Since I already had my 2 old Liquidmetals, I gave the MP a shot. THE MP AND THE MID ARE 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT RACQUETS. The mid has the classic feel of the Prestige, and the MP is a duplicate of the Babolat Pure Drive. It is not like the older Prestiges at all. If you are looking up get a new HEAD and you played with a MID, don't switch for the MP.
From: Peter, Lake Forest, IL. 5/08
String type and tension: Wilson NXT16 58
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: The Head Prestige Mid has been my favorite racquet. The newest version, Microgel is not my choice, unfortunately. I prefer the "stiff" and "crisp" feeling. The i.prestige and the Flexpoint prestige have the stiffness and crispness I prefer. The microgel is "flex" and also has much more vibration when I hit with it. The power and control on this frame is as good as I prestige and flexpoint, however, my preference is for the stiffer feel from the previous models.
From: Herman, Riverside, CA, USA, 04/08
String type and tension: 59 lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: A great racket with absolutely huge power and control. You let them loose with this one; it is hard to believe it is 12 ozs. Best shot is the backhand topspin drive. Ivan Lendl would love this racket. This is easier to handle than the Wilson ProStaff 85, and much better feel.
From: George, Ontario, Canada. 4/08
String type and tension: Babolat XCel Premium 59 lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4

Comments: This racquet is awesome. I just upgraded my Flexpoint midplus racquet with this stick, and this is just great. I have been using a midplus, and I thought I was ready to change the weight and the headsize into a smaller and heavier one. I got this stick last week, and wow, it just feels great. The control, the power. I can control so much better with this than the midplus and a more controlled power. Of course, you use a lot more energy, but this is a lot better than my Flexpoint midplus. The look of the racquet is great too. It looks a bit similar to the old model of Head but still, it's really nice. Awesome racquet for advanced players looking for more control and power.
From: Bob, Saipan, MP, United States of America. 3/08
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Rough 16 - Mains and Gamma Synthetic Gut Wear Guard 16 - Cross. Tension at 58 on Big Banger and 62 on Gamma.
Headsize: 93

Comments: This is the best racquet ever! I'm buying it! It has so much control, and it's easy to use topspin. I find spin really easy to use, and my serve is a lot better! If you have mastered the basics and want to get more advanced, this is the racquet for you!
From: Jack, Roanoke, VA, USA. 3/08
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: BRILLIANT! I have demoed this stick along with the Bab pure storm tour plus, and the head extreme, and the mg mid plus comes out on top! It is great for the slice backhand and touch of the drop shot, grounds are good too, but the serve is huge with this stick, I love the color and the neck length is awesome, head have done a great job on this bad boy
From: H, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, 03/08
Headsize: 93

Comments: I have to say that I absolutely love this racquet just from my first 2-hour experience with it. I have had some problems with control in the past but this racquet gives off a great feeling of control and stability. Even with the small headsize, it didn't seem to bother me as much as I thought it would. Last playing season I bought a MicroGEL Extreme Pro and that turned out to be a wild racquet for me. I am very glad that I made the right racquet choice this year.
From: Chris, Upstate, NY. 3/08
String type and tension: Head Ultratour 17
Headsize: 93

Comments: Well, as someone who was looking for a modern day replacement for my Wilson Prostaff 85s I was disappointed. I demoed a number of rackets but they all came with springy string beds and 4 3/8 grips, which made it really hard to truly get a feel for them. I settled on the Prestige 93 since the frame was a high flex and a low power rating too. I guess that when my last Prostaff breaks I'll have to use these but until then I'm using my old Prostaffs. As a FYI I also leaded the Head to mirror the Prostaffs and it still fell way short, sorry Head.
From: Beejay, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 02/08
String type and tension: Luxilon original rough 16 gauge @60 lbs
Headsize: 93

Comments: Wow, this is one of best sticks that Head has made. I've been playing with the Head Prestige Classic mid (Made in Austria) for the last 11 years and didn't think there was another racquet that could top the Classic until I demoed the MicroGEL Prestige mid.The MG is almost identical racquet to the Classic only it has more pop on the groundies and serving.
From: Crisco, Silver Spring, Md. 2/08
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 16g
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Since the discontinuation of the Wilson ProStaff 85, I have been looking at the Prestige line of racquets for a couple of years. I have tried Prestige Classic 600, and Liquidmetal prestige, both of which are great racquets, different feel. The MicroGEL Prestige seems almost identical in balance to the Classic 600. I need to play a lot of tennis to feel comfortable with the Prestige, but nothing rewards good technique better than the Prestige line of racquets. (except of course the ProStaff original). After trying many, many racquets, I have narrowed choice to these two heritage frames: ProStaff and Prestige. I may like MicroGEL Prestige racquet better with the Wilson shape of grip. The Prestige puts the ball exactly where you want it..
From: Rudy, Glenwood, NM, USA. 2/08
String type and tension: Tecnifibre nrg2 17
Headsize: 93

Comments: I demoed the Prestige along with the Wilson KBlade Tour. They were both impressive, very control oriented. I prefer the MicroGEL mid over the midpuls. Head MG Mid is so smooth and swift. Serves are superb, slice and drops easy to produce, forehand and double backhands are powerful. You can hear the racquet when you swing fast. This stick is 10 times better than Head Liquidmetal Prestige and twice as nice as the Flexpoint version. Comparing to KBlade tour, it's very close, but if you're used to Prestige's feel, this is the stick for you. It needs some lead and hybrid string.
From: M.Darius, Bethesda, MD, USA. 2/08
String type and tension: VS gut
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: The mid version is very comfortable on all shots. It's easy to find depth and power without sacrificing control. It stays stable throughout shots and feels very solid. Unlike the MP version, the mid keeps the classic Prestige frame shape. I was disappointed when I tried the MP. It seems like Head tried to modernize the frame and in doing so ruined its integrity. The Mid is still a Prestige; however, the MP is not!
From: Owen, Wisconsin. 2/08
String type and tension: Head RIP 60Lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: I love this racquet. It has helped me speed up my serves, and I feel like I can beat people who use Federer's racquet. Overall this racquet is amazing, and you should buy it as soon as possible! I had it strung with my blend of synthetic gut and Babolat Pro Hurricane at 53 lbs for maximum control, and I was hitting the corners like a pro!! This is a recommended racquet for all players.
From: Rich, Austin, TX, USA. 2/08
String type and tension: Synthetic gut / Babolat Pro Hurricane 53 lb
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 3.0-3.5

Comments: This is a real solid frame despite its light swing weight. I love how they made the frame more flexible than the flexpoint version and I also love how maneuverable it is. This is a great serving racquet and is definitely an improvement from the liquidmetal and flexpoint.
From: Peter, Temple City, CA, USA, 01/08
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 18g @ 57lbs
Headsize: 93 sq. in.

Comments: The Mid version is still a great racquet. Look at it closely and you'll see that it has kept the exact shape of the original prestige classic 600. It plays very similar too; a little bit more forgiving, comfortable, and powerful; a little bit less control. The Mid Plus version (which used to be quite good as well) is not an update, but basically an altogether new frame. Look at the pictures of the MP and MP pro and you will see. It plays very different too. Don't believe Head's swing style rating (L6). It is no longer a tour racquet, but a good racquet for intermediate player who wants something a little bit heavier than for instance the Head Instinct. For the more advanced player the Pro version is probably a better choice. But don't compare any of these racquets with the Microgel Prestige Mid. They are all called Prestige - only one of them is a Prestige.
From: Carl, Sweden, 01/08
String type and tension: Signum 57 pounds
Headsize: 93 (prestige classic)
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Like the others have been saying, this racquet is most comparable to the Liquidmetal models. On groundstrokes, there is sufficient power in the racquet for generating pop and sufficient control to place those power shots well. Volleys had nice sting on them but loads of control as well we dealing with hard volleys coming at or into the body. But, when wanting to go after the volley there was plenty of control to keep the shot in. Serves had really nice pop on them and I was able to find really nice placement. I really felt like the speed on my serves were enhanced by a good 5-10 MPH without really trying to go for anything. Not to mention, the kick on the serve was easily generated but was not fantastic. About the only knock I have were the slices, which didn't stay as low nor did they get as much knife on them as I would've liked. Nevertheless, finding depth on all my groundstrokes was nice and under such control. The MicroGEL feels so comfortable. Even on mishits and framers, I was able to get enough pace and control off the frame to make my shots. All in all, this is a very well built racquet. Try it out for yourself.
From: Tony, Baltimore. 1/08
String type and tension: Head FXP Control, 55
Headsize: 93

Comments: I came to the prestige line a little late. I have used the flexpoint prestige mids and have loved them. The best feature about them is the ability to swing out and still maintain control. It is harder to get tight. The microgel is a definite upgrade to the FXP line. It seemed more stable but also seemed to move faster through the air (even though the weight is the same). It was an easy switch and a definite plus...
From: Jimmay, Wallingford, PA, USA, 01/08
String type and tension: Stock Synthetic Gut
Headsize: 93

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