Mantis Comfort Synthetic 16 String 660 Black Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I love it as a cross hybrid with Tourna's big hitter rough as main. The combination provides excellent feel, control, pocketing and power. By lowering the tension by 2-3 lbs for Mantis comfort (cross) you'll achieve durability. Unfortunately, the string seems only comes in a reel, not single sets.
From: Kai, 4/13

Comments: Might be good in a hybrid, but in a full string bed it moves more than a traveling circus! It is comfortable but I found the control and power to be just average at best. I prefer Volkl powerfibre or Technifibre X1 over this string even though they are more expensive.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: I hybrid on my Donnay X-Blue 94 18x20 with only this string. MCS is super soft feeling, with amazing control that allows you to enable those ridiculous drop shots and slice volleys, as well as point your serve anywhere. Depending on your other string in your hybrid, you can tweak your level of power and spin. Like many have stated though, this string does typically break first when matched with a poly, but it is arm friendly. Definitely worth trying in a hybrid if you want control.
From: Jacob, 2/13

Comments: I don't like this string at all as a cross for natural gut mains because of high string friction. Head RIP Control is a significantly better string for use as a cross for natural gut mains.
From: Charles, 7/12

Comments: This string is great. Good control and power. I use it poly as a hybrid (poly cross) and it works. The only downside is durability. The poly string cuts through every time.
From: Kim, 5/12

Comments: Very unique and welcomed multi - excellent ball pocketing, strings up very nicely tight, superb feel, control and lively bed when tight. In a 18X20 smaller, flexier frame, the durability and playability are superb for this flattish hitter. Sorta a firm but still very responsive tight feel in a 18 X 20 - unique for me and top setup.
From: Frank, 2/12

Comments: I bought a reel of these strings a while ago after reading some rave reviews online. I needed a soft string as I am experiencing some elbow inflammation. These strings are indeed the softest strings I have ever played with, and have been great on the arm. The downside is that the strings break extremely easily and move like no other. Today I played for only 30 minutes on a fresh full set before it broke! Use it with a soft poly on the mains and your arm will thank you.
From: Fabio, 1/12

Comments: This string is pretty good. The positives would be there is a great amount of power and control for a multi. It's got a nice balance between the two while being a bit more on the power side. Feel wise, it's pretty soft. There are some softer strings out there, but those tend to be a bit muted unlike this one. It's a solid all around string.
From: Brian, 9/11

Comments: This is the best string on the market. I just had to put this down because of the string. There is plenty of pop and durable. It is perfect for a hybrid with one of Mantis' polys.
From: John, 9/11

Comments: I read all the hype but wow this string was nothing special. I found it to have no power, no control, and very little spin. It is very soft but I think there are much better choices like Babolat Xcel and Tecnifibre NRG.
From: Gsuede, 9/11

Comments: This is by far the softest synthetic string I've ever felt on my elbow. It proves that you can't just look at the RSI stiffness ratings when looking for a soft string. My serve has never been better. I have pinpoint control and can get some decent kick on my 2nd serve. The string is very low powered allowing me great control on my ground strokes especially my big swinging forehand. The only negative with this string is durability. I can only get about 5 hours out of it. Once the coating comes off and you can see the multi fibers, this string will snap within a few points. Not a big deal if you string for yourself. It is my favorite string out of 20+ I have ever used.
From: Mark, Orlando, FL, USA, 12/10

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