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Comments: I'm an overpronator and these shoes are the best at providing motion control. The only trade off is that the heel area is super stiff and uncomfortable. Practically no heel cushioning but decent forefoot cushioning. Quality seems good so far but durability isn't as good as expected. After just 2 months I'm already wearing the heel area down to the plastic which is disappointing considering they have a 1 year guarantee. I hope NB is good about providing replacements.
From: Sam, 12/16

Comments: Shoes are very wide, foot was slipping in them. Too bad I wore them on court so I won't be able to return them. I would pass on these as the size was much larger when I ordered the same size I always do.
From: Tony, 9/16

Comments: I will never buy New Balance shoes again. After 4 months the soles started delaminating. I play twice a week on indoor clay courts. I was advised to buy a new pair, really?
From: Ron, 1/16

Comments: I like these shoes except for the heel cushioning. There is no break-in required. There is no pinching or toe jamming. These shoes are very stable on the court. I tried several insoles but so far none provided the heel cushioning that I want. If I cannot find a good replacement insole for additional heel cushioning, I won't buy these shoes again.
From: Charles, 11/15

Comments: I am a size 13, regular fit. These shoes are almost like flippers and not very safe in my view as there is too much play in them. They are reasonably comfortable (I have knee issues) but there is not much arch support. I wish manufacturers would simply redesign their products and enhance the comfort of their products. Then put them in the hands of active players at all levels and go from there. After reading about all the issues with tennis shoes I might take golf up instead.
From: Graham, 2/15

Comments: I want to first start by saying everyone's foot anatomy is different. There are also other simple and complex factors that determine if a shoe is a good fit for you, as well such as height and weight; playing level and style and amount of weekly play. I purchased the 806s after trying them on in a store, so I knew I would love the shoes before I ordered them. They fit like a glove for my foot and require no break-in. At the time of purchase, I was healing from Achilles tendonitis in my right foot caused by improper sizing and anatomy of my previous tennis shoes (Babolat Propulse 4s). These solved the major problem I was having and improved my footwork on both clay and hard surfaces! I thought I had found my dream shoe. Fast forward to months later: The outside part of the heel's outsoles are evenly worn down to the hard-plastic beneath them on both sides -- rendering the shoes unusable for serious play. They now pose a slip and fall hazard especially for returning serves out wide. These shoes do come with a 1-year warranty, so I promptly called NB Customer service to file a claim. They don't have a rolling voucher system in place. Instead, the customer needs to ship the shoes and proof of purchase while they process your claim leaving you potentially shoe-less for a given period of time. All in all, I was very happy with the performance and fit of this shoe when they were brand new -- 9 out of 10. The shoes only lasted about 4 months which brings my overall rating down to a 5 out of 10. As a serious 3.5 that plays about twice per week; only consider buying these shoes if you are willing to replace them after about 4 months of play.
From: Steve, 1/15

Comments: I have been wearing New Balance Tennis Shoes since the days of the 800, and the last pair of 804s I got, which was the second or third pair were terrible. They did something to the tongue construction so it was never long enough. They skipped the 805 and brought out the 806 and this shoe addresses any of the niggles I have had with the older shoes, including that last 804. The tongue is longer, the re-engineered the lacing of the last two eyelets making them more comfortable and providing more heel support. This is an A+ job.
From: Charles, 12/14

Comments: I have been using the 806 in a D width, and have found them to be too narrow, especially when I use my new full length orthotics. Obviously I was getting depressed, since the 800 line and its predecessors, have been my shoes of choice fo many many years. On a whim, I tried the EE width -- and perfection. Bottom line, the 806 is a great shoe. It is all leather, a rarity in today's market. And it does not have the hard flange that many of the manufacturers, including New Balance, are adding to their shoes -- these flanges do not break in.
From: Stephen, 10/14

Comments: This is a huge improvement over the 804, of which I had 4 pairs of. Each pair seemed to have more and more quality problems. The last had a very short tongue and each successive pair felt loser in the heel. The new 806 has a different laceup system and fits much better. The short tongue has been remedied. The fit and comfort are improved.
From: Charles, 6/14

Comments: I have used NB for as long as I can remember. I play 3 to 4 times a week and go through at least 3 pairs a year. Always wear out in the ball and the heal. However the best in comfort was the 804 which were true to size. I went to the 806 and they just don't fit right. I thought they needed breaking in so I tried (forced) myself to play tennis with them but after five minutes or so I had to take them off. They just are not sized right.
From: Bill, 4/14

Comments: I agree with 'Anon.' I don't care if a shoe wears out so long as it is comfortable and the 806 is comfortable. I also agree that the 806 is better than the 804 because of the elimination of the seam.
From: Stephen, 4/14

Comments: I recently bought the New Balance 806 tennis shoes. I have previously bought the 804, which lasted at least 6 months. I am very disappointed in the shoe. After 6 weeks of playing, the outer sole disappeared and a hole was forming. I will never buy a New Balance product again.
From: Martin, 3/14

Comments: I agree with Phil. While one of the negative comments is that it fits slightly shorter than the 804 (which I do not find to be the case), I don't think that is a big deal since, with the exception of the 656 which I found to run true to size, I always have had to buy my NB tennis shoes one half size longer. I also believe that the 806 is a significant upgrade from the 804 because it get rid of an irritating seam in the 804 that runs across the side of the front of the shoe.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: I must say that they are very disappointing compared to the 804s. Both for playing tennis and as casual wear, the previous version (the 804) is significantly better.
From: Terry, 1/14

Comments: I strongly disagree with most of the negative reviews below. In my view, this shoe actually returns the 800 series to its roots. The shoe is stable, comfortable, durable and slightly forward leaning. It is not trying to be ultra light or a "game day" shoe or something other than what the 800 series has always been. Bravo!
From: Phil, 1/14

Comments: I have worn the 800 series for a long time. The 806 are the worst that NB has produced. They have clearly cheapened the product and changed the fit although they claim it is the same last. Compared to the 804 the shoes fit narrower and the toe box is smaller/narrower. The 806 also run slightly shorter than the 804. I'll keep these but it is probably my last New Balance purchase. Too bad NB couldn't maintain the quality they used to have.
From: Bob, 1/14

Comments: Having worn NB 800s for over 10 years I was shocked at what they have done to these shoes with the 806. No padding in the tongue, too narrow, smaller toe box. There was virtually no support. I'm done with New Balance and will try the Asics Gel Resolution 5s. Too bad the company decided to cheapen what had been a quality product. They seem to be doing this with all their shoes based on the comments on the NB website.
From: Ben, 1/14

Comments: I have always been a New Balance fan, and I'm always nervous when trying a new version of an old model. My nervousness is over. I have been planying with the 806 for several months and love them. They are comfortable and supportive. The first time I tried them on, I wasn't sure about the fit, but they immediately broke in. My caveats -- I generally play clay and grass, I use an orthodic, and I use one half size longer than my street shoe.
From: Stephen, 8/13

Comments: I have always been a New Balance fan, and I'm always nervous when trying a new version of an old model. My nervousness is over. I have been planying with the 806 for several months and love them. They are comfortable and supportive. The first time I tried them on, I wasn't sure about the fit, but they immediately broke in. My caveats -- I generally play clay and grass, I use an orthodic, and I use one half size longer than my street shoe.
From: Stephen, 8/13

Comments: These were the first pair of New Balance shoes that I had ever bought. They may well be the last. The soles feel thin, hard and quite pliant. The soles of my feet took a beating with all the stopping and starting. The tops were likewise thin and offered little support. I feel like they were trying to cut corners on this shoe.
From: Cal, 8/13

Comments: If you have used the previous models of this shoe and are expecting the support and quality of the previous models. Forget it, don't buy these shoes. I had worn the previous models 803 and 804 for years. When the new 806 came I thought I would give it a try as the older 804 was starting to become unavailable. I had to take the shoes off within ten minutes of warming up. The tops are much thinner than the previous models and the laces were cutting into the top of my foot due to lack of sufficient padding on the tongue of the shoe. The top support is almost non-existent (which you can feel right out of the box). On closer inspection, the reason for this seems that they have skimped on material on the upper part of this shoe. If you notice that the 804s (8.5) aren't available on the Internet it is because I have bought every pair I can find.
From: Bill, 6/13

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